Down , Dirty in the USA Ch. 01

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This story is in two parts – with Amelia’s initiation into the world of hard core fucking in her hotel room with Little Nicky and her husband Dave.

Part Two to follow…

I wouldn’t have believed Amelia if she hadn’t shown me the video and told me the story that went with it.

I mean how many women would go all the way to America to get gang-banged by six horny Black men?

Amelia did. It was, she told me her ultimate hard core fantasy, and it was her husband Dave’s fantasy too.

He wanted his pretty little blonde wife to fuck and suck black cock until she couldn’t walk and guess what, that is what happened.

Not only that but Amelia is now on the Internet, I won’t name the site but let’s put it this way, put the words “Black” and “Blondes” together and you’ll get my drift I think.

I won’t say I wasn’t shocked, I was but it was obvious by watching the video that Amelia had enjoyed herself immensely as had Dave.

She told me how she had gone about doing it. She and Dave had e-mailed the website with their “dirty hard core” fantasy and in two weeks later they had been invited over to New York to make a video.

Less than a month later they were both in New York and on their third day they met up with Little Nicky Detroit who came to meet them at their hotel.

Now Little Nicky wasn’t little in any sense of the word. He was a tall handsome black dude of about 28 years of age, with a silky limber body that a Greek God would die for; long fingers you only ever see on a musician’s hands, finely manicured nails, and in contrast to his dark even toned skin, his eyes were green. Amelia thought he was wearing contact lenses but it turned out that Little Nicky’s Great-Great Grandmother came from Ireland and she had married a freed slave and her legacy was her green eyes appearing in her descendents every now and then.

Little Nicky dressed in designer gear from head to toe, nothing he wore cost less than $100 and that included his socks!

In turn Amelia is a real good looking girl, she’s 25, tall, leggy, long wavy blonde hair and baby blue eyes that are huge and innocent looking. She looks younger than she actually is but her tits give her away, they are big, they are God’s gift to her in that they are natural, none of that silicone shit and they are TOTALLY in your face.

Amelia’s husband Dave has many little fetishes; one of them is that he likes to shave her pussy every other month.

He’s got it just the way he likes, a delicate “V” shape, and it’s not rough, it’s smooth, because he uses plenty of baby oil to get that soft slick feeling. Another of his fetishes is getting Amelia to dress up in little girl clothes, he likes that school girl look and so does Amelia!

Dave’s a good looking guy too, not as tall as Amelia but pretty fit but certainly not in Little Nicky’s league; he’s a bit geeky in that he works with computers but you can’t have everything can you?

Well Little Nicky came to Amelia and Dave’s Hotel for two reasons, firstly to see if they were really serious about making the gang bang video and also to make sure that Amelia was a willing participant.

Little Nicky wasn’t into forcing a woman to do something she didn’t want to do; she had to be a willing participant. He got his answer with regard to “willingness” by “sampling” the merchandise which was of course Amelia.

And he sampled her in front of Dave who happily watched his wife get fucked by Little Nicky on the Hotel bed.

“You’ve gotta know this,” Little Nicky told Amelia bluntly after all the introductions had been done, “That from now on until it’s over you’re just a piece of fuck flesh, you’re gonna be called some real dirty names, you’re going to have your titties sucked and felt up by several men, you’re going to suck cocks and you’re going to have those same cocks shoved up your ass, your cunt and in your mouth, and baby, when it’s over you’re gonna be a real cum queen, coz we’re going to jack our dicks all over your tits and face, so are you still up for it?”

Amelia told me that her heart was hammering in her chest and she heard herself say yes, she was up to it, not only up to it, but ready, willing and able.

Little Nicky smiled then and sat on the edge of the bed and patted it gently, “Well then, get your slutty white ass over here and lets see what you’ve got, Dave why don’t you sit on that chair over there and watch, I think you’re going to enjoy this.”

Both obeyed Little Nicky’s orders. Amelia sat beside Little Nicky and he looked her up and down.

She had dressed for the occasion. She and Dave had discussed it in detail. They both agreed she had to be both slutty and innocent, a hard combo to get but not impossible.

She choose a tight red tank top, with no bra under it; a short black and red plaid pleated skirt, no panties and a pair of white bobby socks and flat heeled Mary Jane strap over shoes. She had bunched her hair up into two pony tails and tied blue ribbons in them.

She looked cloud storage like a sweet schoolgirl, until you saw her tits, straining under the tank top and the flash of bare thigh under the extremely short skirt.

“Okay bitch, pull you top over your tits,” Little Nicky ordered Amelia and she obeyed immediately, tugging the top upward, she started to take it off but he stopped her.

“Just bunch it over your tits,” he said and then his hand reached for a large breast and he began to roughly fondle it. He was not gentle, but for Amelia it was like someone had shot electricity through her whole body, she gasped in shock as his fingers and palm squeezed, pulled and tugged on the soft flesh of her breast and the pink areole of her tit.

“Oh yeeeeeeeeeees!” she heard herself groan and she pushed her breast into his hand.

She cried out when he suddenly leaned over and his mouth was on her hard throbbing tit and he was sucking it, real hard, whilst roughly feeling up her other breast.

Little Nicky came up for air and whilst still feeling up Amelia’s tits he said suddenly to the watching Dave.

“Now what is your pretty little wife now Dave?” he asked the man whose breathing was increasing as he was aroused already by watching his wife have her jugs so roughly used by this handsome young black man, “A whore or slut, you choose, because that’s what she gets called for the video session tomorrow.”

Dave licked his lips, his eyes on his wife’s rising and falling tits, her face all strained with concentration and pleasure of the hands that were feeling her up.

“She’s a whore,” he said finally, “A dirty little whore!”

Little Nicky smiled, “I thought as much, okay whore, get on your back, it’s time for your pussy to get worked out!”

Amelia obeyed, she felt her cunt contract at his words, she was turned on, totally turned on. At home in England she was a demure respectable young woman holding down a responsible job in the City of London, but here in Manhattan she was a Black man’s willing whore.

How much better could it get?

Amelia spread her legs wide at his command, using her hands to hold them apart, and then she was bucking frantically as Little Nicky rammed his fingers up to his knuckles into her pussy, whilst sucking on her heaving tits.

Dave could see all that was going on and his cock was getting hard in his pants.

Little Nicky though wasn’t even sweating, but he made Amelia sweat some more by suddenly going down on her, burying his head between her legs and using his tongue to lick her clit in heavy hard deep strokes.

Little Nicky had the sort of tongue that could give a woman an orgasm even before she was fucked. In fact Amelia came in his face with a judder and groan seconds after he started eating her but the sensation was so amazing, her clit just kept on going and going, it just didn’t stop!

“It felt like a harp string,” she told me bluntly, “It just kept on vibrating and I was bucking his face and crying out for him not to stop!”

Little Nicky had no intention of stopping, whilst Amelia was still crying out in pleasure he pulled her up off her back, so her head was in direct line with his crotch making her sit up right and then he told it was time for the whore to suck his cock but she was to follow his instructions.

Unbuttoning his pants and pulling down his boxer shorts Amelia licked her lips in anticipation.

Her eyes went huge and at the sight that greeted her. Little Nicky’s cock was a huge thick swollen rod, with a pair of solid balls behind them that seemed to be pulsating.

“Oh my God,” she breathed out softly, “You’re going to tear me apart!”

Little Nicky’s cock sprang out of his pants and her eyes were glued to it as she waited for his instructions.

“It’s time for the bitch to be a bitch,” Little Nicky said as he stroked his rod gently with his musician’s fingers and Amelia’s cunt went into rapid spasm at his words, “Start licking, get your tongue all around the head, that’s it whore, lick it hard, don’t close your eyes! Look up at me! That’s it, now kiss it, my you are a quick learner aren’t you whore? Now start sucking the head, Hmmmmm, okay, let’s hear you are enjoying it, lap at it, smile at me whore, you’re enjoying this! Hey Dave, you think this whore can take it all the way down her throat?”

Dave moaned softly from where he was sitting.

“Sure she can,” he said in a hoarse voice, “She’ll kiss your balls for you, won’t you baby?”

“Hmmmmmmmm,” was all Amelia could say and she began to suck harder, letting her lips gain momentum over the swollen shaft and with each suck and tug Little Nicky’s cock went further and further into her mouth.

Little Nicky laughed and then let out a groan of pleasure, he bucked his hips and Amelia gagged slightly as his cock head touched the back of her throat and caused it to reflex.

“Naughty! Naughty!” Little Nicky chided Amelia and he wound one of his hands around one of her pony tails cloud file storage and pulled on her head making her gag again and her eyes bulge in her head, “No gagging allowed whore, you’re gonna lick my balls real soon, but we can’t let your rudeness be forgotten, soon as I’ve fucked your cunt, you’ll get your punishment, you won’t gag on a cock again whore, that’s for sure!”

Amelia shivered in anticipation of what her punishment would be, her cunt was dripping by now, she was so juiced up, she squirmed as she sucked, relaxing her throat and then suddenly Little Nicky’s cock was sliding all the way down and her lips were touching his balls with ease, her tongue shot out of her mouth and she lapped at him, then she pulled back, breathed through her nose and she did it again.

He smelt musky and hot with a zing of fresh lemon. He tasted good too, not salty as she expected, nor sweet, but something in between.

“Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeees!” Little Nicky groaned and he began to thrust his hips again, grinding against Amelia’s face “That’s it whore, suck my cock, oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!”

Little Nicky had stamina, any other man would have shot his load down Amelia’s luscious throat but he wanted to get rid of that load in another orifice.

By then Dave had his hand in own pants and was slowly jerking himself off as he watched Little Nicky deep throat his wife.

Little Nicky then slid out of Amelia’s mouth and she let out a moan of protest, her mouth was really juicy, from his pre-cum and her own saliva, she swallowed hard and obeyed the command to lie on her back and spread her legs as wide as she could.

“Pinch your tits whore!” he ordered her roughly, “I want them nice and hard when I suck on them, lick them whore, use your tongue, that it, get them ready for me!”

Amelia’s fingers pulled on her tits as he ordered her and she licked them too, something she had never done before but found she really liked. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of her own tongue playing with her tits, she moved from one to the other, making sure they each was well lubricated with her spittle.

Little Nicky lined his cock up with the red throbbing dripping wet slit that was Amelia’s cunt. He rubbed the cock head up and down a few times making Amelia moan louder and arch her back at the sensation.

He rammed his cock up her cunt so suddenly Amelia’s eyes shot open in shock, her whole body moved half way up the bed, her legs kicked out frantically, air exploded from her lungs and her mouth open and shut like a goldfish for at least 30 seconds.

“GRRRRUGGGGGGGHHHH!” the first sound out of Amelia’s mouth was one of strangulated pleasure as her clit was brutally assaulted by a long rippling sensation as Little Nicky’s cock ran over it in one hard thrust and then pulled back the same way.

Little Nicky lay flat on Amelia’s body and pounded into her cunt with hard brutal strokes. He sucked her tits as he fucked her, and she mewled and bucked against him with equally determined thrusts.

“Hold my ass!” he ordered her, his voice rasping but controlled and Amelia’s hands shot from his back to his well rounded undulating butt cheeks and she gripped them firmly, she couldn’t see Dave now but she could hear him moaning as he pulled at his cock frantically, totally turned on by what he was watching.

“OH YES! YES! YES! YES!” Amelia cried out over and over again as each cock stroke in her cunt brought her nearer and near to a mind blowing orgasm.

Little Nicky turned his head toward Dave as he ground his hips into Amelia’s crotch, his heavy balls slapping hard against her ass, his body slick and hot but not yet really sweating.

“Want me to come inside the whore?” he asked Dave as she strained against him and he against her. She tried to protest but secretly she wanted Little Nicky to shoot his load into her cunt, in fact she was desperate for him to come inside her, her cunt contracted harder and harder on his cock, not wanting to let it go.

Dave let out a long shudder before finally answering, “Come inside her,” he said as his hand began to bring his cock to its climax, “She’s not on the pill but who gives a fuck, she’s just a whore that needs filling up, make her beg you to come inside her, hold out as long as you can man, she’ll start crying and begging you even more, oh you’ll like that, it’s soooooooooo good, especially when you make her thank you afterward!”

The idea appealed to Little Nicky and he began to shorten his strokes inside Amelia’s cunt.

”You heard what he said whore!” he said harshly to the thrusting bucking Amelia under him, “You better start begging me real good or you don’t get anything, beg me whore, beg me real good!”

And Amelia did. She loved to be dominated in bed, she told me, she couldn’t get enough of it, and Dave, bless him, knew it!

”Come inside me!” she begged him clawing at his buttocks with eager fingers, “I want your cum inside me, all of it, please, please, please, file upload don’t come out of me, oh GOOOOOOOOD, don’t! Come inside me, I want you, I want you…..please, oh don’t stop, oh God don’t come out!”

Little Nicky made as if to withdraw from Amelia’s cunt, lifting his body off hers and she began to cry then, big tears coming welling up in her baby blue eyes, her mouth trembling as she sobbed out.

“Oh don’t! Please don’t! Please come inside me, I want you to come inside me, oh please, please, please, please!”

“Get over here Dave!” Little Nicky gasped as he began to get ready to come; “You’re going to milk your cock into this whore’s mouth!”

Dave needed no second bidding, he staggered over to the bed, holding his swollen leaking cock and he straddled Amelia’s mouth which opened at Little Nicky’s command and he began to milk it, his cum shooting out into the opening in thick creamy spurts, which she lapped up eagerly and swallowed and waited for the next lot.

Little Nicky came, hard, Amelia was swallowing her fourth lot of cum from Dave’s cock when she felt her cunt contract violently inside her, she gurgled, thrust her back hard, her head jerked and her mouth contacted with Dave’s cock and her lips wrapped around the leaking head and she began to suck on it frantically as she and Little Nicky orgasmed together on the king-size bed on the 14th Floor of the Manhattan Skyline Hotel.

Little Nicky exploded inside Amelia. He let out a long hard grunt of sheer well earned pleasure, sucking on a tit whilst pawing at the other and he flooded Amelia’s cervix in wave after wave of hot spurting spunk.

Amelia thrashed against him with equal vigour, her orgasm was quieter at first in that she was sucking on Dave’s cock but her whole body seem to curl and uncurl, contract and retract, her hands went into spasms, her belly became like jelly, violently thrown around a room in a food mixer and her lips rippled back and forth with a loud wrenching cry of “ERRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!”

Dave shot another load down Amelia’s throat; her orgasm finished him off and then collapsed onto the bed with a loud broad of absolute satisfaction beside his wife and laid on his stomach a contented look on his face.

Amelia went all floppy, her mouth dropped open, sticky cum trickled down her chin.

“Thank me whore!” Little Nicky slapped Amelia’s face, not too hard but enough to make her eyes fill again with tears.

”Thank you for coming inside me,” she gulped.

“No,” he corrected her as he lay on top of her, “You say thank you for coming inside this dirty little whore.”

“Thank you for coming inside this dirty little whore,” she repeated his words meekly, and he smiled at her and then slid out of her cunt, she felt a rush of his and her juice rush out of her and pool under her buttocks on the bed.

Dave was already beginning to snore. He had jacked himself off into a contented stupor.

“Now you get your punishment for gagging when you were sucking me off whore,” Little Nicky said and Amelia’s eyes widened, she had forgotten that, her heart began to hammer in her chest and even though she had only just orgasmed, she felt herself go hot and cold and her stomach seemed to suck in on itself.

First she had to lick Little Nicky’s cock and balls clean. He made her do it on her knees in front of him.

He had a good feel of her tits as she got on with the job, rolling the sticky hard nodules with his thumbs and forefingers, pinching and squeezing them, knowing it was making her horny again.

She licked, she lapped, she slurped, she sucked until every last bit of his spunk and her juices had been washed away by her hard working mouth.

After that was done she got the promised punishment.

Little Nicky’s hand rose and fell on Amelia’s lily white ass that was slowly turning a bright pink. She lay across his knees; he had one arm across her back to hold her down, whilst the other cracked hard against her ass, one slap after another.

After each cracking slap she had to gasp out her thanks to him.

”Thank you for punishing this whore!”

By the time he had finished her ass was bright red, she had tears running down her face but she was hot and horny all over again and he knew it.

Little Nicky fondled her tits again, he hadn’t let her pull down her top and he cupped the milky mound.

“I was only going to invite three guys to bang your whore ass tomorrow,” he said thoughtfully, “But I think you need more to satisfy you.”

Amelia stroked his muscular breast and began to lap at the soft pink pap, “I think so too,” she murmured, “Hmmmmmmmm! I can’t wait, Dave said he wants me fucked until I can’t walk, I want it more than him!”

Little Nicky chuckled, “I’ll make sure that happens,” he assured her, “You’re going to go back to England with the hottest, sorest cunt in the USA!”

“Oh yes!” Amelia groaned and she began to stroke Little Nicky’s cock which was twitching into life, “oh yes……”

The next day Amelia was more than ready for the video shoot.

It was to take place in an apartment that Little Nicky rented for such sessions.

Dave would get to watch the video afterward; he would have to wait in the next apartment until it was over.

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