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Even now, it still surprises me that I was able to go eighteen months with barely a thought to sex, yet in the two weeks following that “morning after” conversation with Brenda I could think of little else.  I was in a weird place, and those two weeks both clarified and confused my feelings. I know part of it was that I hadn ’ t had an orgasm in nearly two years, and the last one I had was more or less an accident.  My husband hadn ’ t really been trying at the time.  It just sort of happened.  My abbreviated attempt at masturbation after Brenda ’ s spanking was more the exception than the rule.  I ’ d never really done that on a regular basis.  Essentially, over the last few years I ’ d become asexual. Brenda awoke something in me that I ’ d forgotten.  And now that it was awake, it wouldn ’ t go back to sleep.  And this is where my mind started working overtime.  I wanted to please her so much.  I worked very hard around the house; cleaning, doing laundry, running errands.  But my desire to please was counterbalanced by the fact that the sum total of my recent sex life was a single spanking that left me constantly aroused. As the month of May drew to a close, I ’ d fallen into a comfortable routine.  I ’ d actually begun to feel halfway normal.  Well, as normal as one can be when you ’ re having fantasies about your own sister.  I suppose that the idea of an incestuous lesbian b/d affair should have bothered me.  Putting aside the facts that I wasn ’ t a lesbian and I wasn ’ t actually having an affair, I convinced myself that they were just fantasies.  I ignored the very real possibility that the basis of these fantasies would come true quite soon. And so it was that at nine o ’ clock on a Thursday evening I was in my room surfing the internet and catching up on my e-mail when I heard Brenda call me from the living room.  As I saw her sitting primly in the center of the sofa, my gut tightened.  With halting steps I walked over to stand in front of her.  I couldn ’ t even look up. “You ’ ve done very well the last couple of weeks.” I looked Escort Göztepe up, relieved, and smiled just a bit.  “Really?” “Really.  You got a lot done.  And you ’ re an excellent cook.  I never knew.”  She smiled warmly.  “I ’ m very proud of you.” My smile grew.  “Thanks.”  I almost blushed.  When I was married, I rarely cooked.  My husband and I both worked, and it was a toss-up as to which of us would wind up working later.  Of course, thinking back on how our marriage ended, Brad probably wasn ’ t working on those late nights.  Regardless, it wasn ’ t until recently that I realized how much I enjoyed cooking.  And I really enjoyed cooking for someone who appreciated it. “You only forgot one thing,” Brenda continued. My sense of relief vanished in an instant. “The coffee…”  I didn ’ t even need to hear the rest as I spun to go take care of the coffee maker.  “Come back, Gabby.  I ’ ve already done it.” I shuffled back to stand in front of her.  “I ’ m so sorry, Brenda.  I ’ ve been trying so hard.” “But…”  I cocked my head, unsure what she thought I was going to say.  “You don ’ t think this is worthy of punishment, do you?” “No, that ’ s… I mean… I do think it ’ s… um, I just screwed up.  I know I did.” “Do you want me to punish you for this?” I couldn ’ t believe that she ’ d placed the decision back in my court.  I was torn.  It was such a trivial thing, especially when examined within the context of the entire day, or week for that matter.  And yet, I screwed up.  If this didn ’ t count, at what point would it?  Where was the threshold?  If I said no now, how bad did I have to be before I would say yes?  And there was something else… simply put, I was horny. “Yes,” I whispered, finally. “You want me to punish you for forgetting to clean the coffee maker?” “Yes.”  My voice was a little stronger this time. “Then tell me so.” “I want you to punish me for forgetting to clean the coffee maker.” Brenda nodded.  Caddebostan escort “Very well.  Put yourself across my knee.” She didn ’ t grab my wrist this time.  She was essentially making me do this to myself.  I had to make the decision.  I had to get into position.  Brenda wasn ’ t making me do anything.  It was awkward, but I knelt at her side and then lifted myself into position.  I was shocked when I felt her lift the hem of my skirt and place it on my back, but I also noticed that my nipples had hardened almost immediately. “Give me your right hand,” she ordered. When I shifted my balance and lifted my hand, Brenda took me by the wrist and held it against my lower back.  I noticed that the shift in balance almost forced me to keep my feet apart.  Once my feet were spread for balance and my wrist was pinned, I felt her grab my panties with her free hand and bunch them into a T shape, pulling them into the crack of my ass.  The tugging sent a powerful energy through me and my clit began to throb. “Gabby, I think fifty-seven is a good number.  I want you to count again.” The spanking seemed to hurt a lot more this time with nothing between Brenda ’ s hand and my ass.  By the time she moved to my bare thigh I couldn ’ t keep from squirming.  I was so aroused that I was using what little leverage I could manage to grind my pelvis on Brenda ’ s thigh.  When it was over, I was short of breath but I hadn ’ t cum.  Part of me was angry.  After our discussion at the breakfast table, I thought that Brenda understood what it was that I needed.  Then I chided myself for assuming Brenda had any inclination to fulfill my fantasies.  Isn ’ t that an unreasonable expectation to have of your own sister? “Are you okay?” she asked as I eased myself back into a kneeling position. I nodded.  I wanted to run back to my room to masturbate but I stayed as I was. “I ’ m proud of you, Gabby.  I always have been.” I smiled meekly. “A coffee maker is a pretty minor thing.” “I know.” “Then why did you ask Bağdat Caddesi escort bayan for the spanking?” “Because if I didn ’ t, I ’ d then have to decide when something was too trivial to deserve punishment.  It ’ s just easier to say that if it ’ s something I should have done and didn ’ t then it ’ s worthy of punishment.”  I didn ’ t mention that I ’ d been able to think of little else since the last one. “You ’ re a good girl.  Do you want to cum?” I ’ d just finished convincing myself that it was something I was going to have to take care of on my own, and now she ’ s doing it again.  She ’ s making me make the choice.  She ’ s forcing me to admit that I ’ m… what?  A pain slut?  An exhibitionist?  No.  I ’ m not sure what it was that I was admitting to, I just knew that I had to admit it. “Yes,” I answered with a shudder. Brenda nodded.  “Perhaps we ’ ll take care of that one day.” Brenda left me kneeling there as she went to her room.  I sat in shock for a few minutes, before I too went to bed.  I thought about masturbating, but Brenda had said ‘ one day ’ . Unfortunately, that day didn ’ t arrive any time soon.  I was so intent on doing a good job around the house that there honestly wasn ’ t that much to get in trouble for.  It ’ s not as if Brenda followed me around with a white glove inspecting my work.  Even though she was home most of the time, she was usually in her office writing.  On the few occasions I did screw up, whether big or small, I always received exactly fifty-seven strokes, and invariably I was left extremely turned on but unable to get over the edge.  Oddly enough, I never masturbated again.  I never even considered it.  She never told me that I couldn ’ t take care of my needs before then, but I decided to wait for that one day .  I suppose that I assumed that Brenda would decide when it was time for me to get the orgasm I ’ d craved for so long. As May became June, and then July, my frustration level became almost unbearable.  I know that I could ’ ve simplified my life and taken matters into my own hands, but part of the thrill of it all was the fact that I had this self-imposed restriction.  I dreaded getting into trouble even as I craved it.  My biggest worry was that Brenda might be having second thoughts about helping me with my little problem.

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