Doubled Stuffed Weekend

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If these walls could talk, I would surely be homeless tonight. It’s Sunday evening. I’m sitting on the overstuffed sofa my mom thought was the epitome of good taste and designer fashion on a rent-a-center budget. This couch isn’t the only thing that’s been overstuffed in the room.

Last night was a night I’ll never forget. It’s also a night I want to remain hidden from the normal world that only knows the exterior of the good girl I seem to be. My parents would die of embarrassment and shame if they knew the deeds that took place in this very room less than 12 hours ago.

They will be home from their weekend vacation soon. I am hung over, slightly sore, filled with a tinge of guilt. But, I’m also filled with the most satisfying memories of the best sexual escapade of my life, so far.

My parents left Friday evening to spend the weekend at a cabin rental in the mountains. I had to work Friday and Saturday morning and would have the house to myself for the weekend. My father still worries about me being home alone. I think it’s sweet. I also think he is too trusting of me. But, I guess that’s a good thing.

I left work Saturday at 2:00 and went straight to my boyfriend, Jake’s, house. We don’t get to see each other much during the week because we both work, so the weekends are allows reserved for quality time together. Everything was going as usual, until he got a call from his old high school friend Seth.

I’d met Seth a few times, but wasn’t really sure of his character. He was loud; a bit obnoxious really. Yet, there was something about him. He had a nice smile and was always very flirty. Definitely a ladies man.

Seth wanted to come hang out with us for awhile and bring his niece, Heather with him. Heather is 18, a bubbly spirit, with a subtle charm about her. She’s a quite person, but I can attest she wasn’t so quiet last night.

Jake told Seth to meet us at my parents house; as I needed to shower and get ready for the evening. We were planning on a nice dinner out, then back to my place for a movie and snuggle time.

Seth and Heather were waiting for us when we pulled into the driveway. I greeted them both and invited them inside as I went about my task of showering and changing into the new low cut dress I’d bought a few days before. I decided to skip the donning of panties this time; Jake and I hadn’t been intimate all week and I figured I could tease him a little in the car.

When I came down stairs to the living room, I noticed a large bottle of tequila on the coffee table. I eyeballed Jake with my “what the hell is this” glare and he gave me one of his “I’m sorry” looks.

Seth was on the phone placing an order for pizzas. I will admit, I was furious. I motioned for Jake to come into the kitchen with me. I wasn’t about to let his friend ruin our date night like this.

Jake whispered he was very sorry, but to be understanding, since Seth’s girlfriend had just broken up with him. He told me to let Seth eat his pizza, have a few drinks, then he’d drive Seth and Heather home and we could go out.

I agreed to those terms. I wasn’t too happy about it at the time. Now, I’m glad I gave in. I thought Seth was ruining my evening. I had no idea he was actually making it one of the best nights of my life.

When the pizza arrived, I decided adana escort I might as well have a slice. He’d ordered four larges and I was starving. We sat and listened to him go on about how his girlfriend had met someone else and sent him a video of herself having sex with the new guy in an attempt to truly break his heart. I sincerely felt bad for the guy.

After everyone had indulged in pizza slice after pizza slice, Heather popped the top on the tequila and asked if I had a shot glass. I obliged as I knew it wouldn’t be too much longer after that and Jake could get them the hell out of here so we could do something, since dinner was pretty much taken care of at this point.

I brought two shot glasses back to the living room and both Seth and Heather knocked down two shots, back to back. Seth handed Jake the glass and proceeded to grab his phone from the table.

Jake took a shot and handed the glass to me. I wanted to flick him in the nose, but took a deep breath and poured myself a drink as well. There was no use getting mad at this point.

Seth handed Jake his phone and sighed. “Just look at this bitch. Can you believe this shit?”

There was his ex girlfriend, Samantha, lying naked on her bed. She began talking and her first words were, “Hello, Seth, you asshole. I hope you enjoy this, fucker. It’s over.” A much older man proceeded to wave at the camera as she placed it on a table and started sucking his dick. We watched the video as the man lifted her up, turned her around, and started having sex with her, doggy style, on a bed. This went on several minutes before she flipped the camera the bird, blew a kiss and turned the camera off.

I didn’t know what to say. I knew Samantha, but never dreamed she’d do a thing like this. The fact is, the video actually turned me on. She had a nice body and listening to her moan made me a bit tingly between my legs.

We all sat in silence a moment before Seth took his phone back and flung it on the table. “Fuck that whore,” he mumbled while taking another shot. “I don’t give a damn about her anyway.”

Heather got up and stood behind Seth. She placed her hands on his neck and started massaging his shoulders. I took another shot of tequila because, frankly, I just didn’t know what to say and the video had aroused me.

I watched Heather for a moment when I noticed something wasn’t quite right. She was touching her uncle in, what I deemed, a very intimate way. I watched her long fingers caress his neck and ears, then she proceeded to shock me. She leaned over and began kissing him directly on the lips. I could tell they were using their tongues.

I looked at Jake and he turned his head to me with a slight grin on his face. “Holy shit!,” he mouthed as we both turned back to stare at this West Virginia peep show happening before our very eyes.

I was already sexually stimulated by the tequila and the video. I wasn’t sure what to do at this point. They were consenting adults, even if they were close family. Did they do this often, I wondered. I took one more shot, then placed my hand in Jake’s lap. He took my hand and put it on his hard dick. I will admit, it turned me on even further.

I started rubbing Jake through his jeans and spread my legs just a bit. eskişehir escort He placed his hand under my dress, then smiled at me when he realized I wasn’t wearing panties. I was so wet, I could feel my moisture flowing into the creases between my thighs.

By this time, Heather was sitting on Seth’s lap and he was fondling her breasts under her shirt. As Jake and I sat there touch each other, Seth pulled her shirt over her head and began sucking her breasts.

I was so turned on at this point, I unzipped Jake’s pants and took his dick into my mouth. He moaned with pleasure as I softly, yet eagerly, took every inch of him down my throat. I devoured him fully and could feel him grow even harder.

I sucked on him only a minute before I felt a set of hands caress my hips and trail down my ass. I turned my head to see Heather standing behind me, naked. Seth was standing to her left staring at my ass while stroking himself. He had a look of want in his eyes.

For a split second I wanted to protest. What the hell was going on?! What the fuck were they planning on doing? But, looking at Heather’s beautiful, curvy body and voluptuous breasts, nipples hard, long hair flowing down her shoulders, I couldn’t speak. She truly was a gorgeous girl.

Heather bent down and kissed me. It was a hard, passionate kiss. I don’t think I’ve ever been kissed quite like that before. It took my breath away. It also took any last doubts I had about the whole taboo nature of events away.

I turned towards her, my back against the couch, legs spread open, and pulled the hem of my dress to my waist. She took her hand and ran it across my throbbing wet pussy, juices covering her fingers. She put her fingers to her mouth and licked the wetness from the tips. “You taste nice,” she said and placed her head between my legs.

I’ve had oral sex many times in my life, but her tongue was like no other. She knew exactly how hard to lick my clit and even swirled her tongue as she placed several fingers inside me.

Seth got on his knees and squeezed his niece’s ass, then slowly thrust his long, thick cock inside her. She gasped a moment, then went on licking me. The idea he was actually screwing his niece was such a turn on, yet so awkward at the same time. I was so horny I didn’t care. I was aching. I needed release and Heather’s mouth felt like just the thing to get me there.

I could feel myself getting close to cumming. She had only been licking me a couple of minutes. Suddenly, she raised her head up and I could tell she was feeling the pleasure her uncle was giving her. Seth pulled out of her and she crawled over to Jake where she started sucking him.

I will admit, I had a brief moment of jealousy wash over me, but that went away the moment Seth slid himself inside me. His dick was thick and long. Much larger than Jake’s. I could feel the difference as he filled my walls more than they’d ever been before. It felt excellent. The tip of his penis was hitting the roof of my snatched, right at the g spot. I didn’t know how much longer I could last like this, but I didn’t want it to stop.

Seth pounded me fast, then slow, then fast again. I knew this time I would cum. I could feel it building. I was almost ready. I wanted to cum all over sakarya escort him. That’s when he pulled out. I know I must have given him the most pitiful look imaginable as he smiled at me and said, “not yet baby.”

By this time, Heather was already on Jake’s lap, rocking her hips back and forth , grinding her pussy on his shaft while saying dirty things to him. I could tell he was enjoying the hell out of it. I’ve never been one to talk dirty to him.

“Do you like my tight wet pussy. I know you’ve wanted this a long time. I’ve wanted to taste your girl a long time too. She tastes delicious,” she said to him through short breaths of air.

Seth touched her at the small of her back and she stopped riding Jake and stood up. Seth sat down on the couch and leaned back. “Come and sit on me,” he said to me. I was going to straddle him, but he motioned for me to turn around, facing away from him.

I slid down gently on his shaft and he grabbed my hips and started thrusting me again. I heard him say, “double stuff.” That’s when he pulled me back onto his chest and Jake got on his knees in front of me.

Jake began easing his cock into my pussy that was already filled with Seth’s enormous dick. It hurt for a brief moment. I wanted to protest, but then, the most amazing thing happened. Jake’s hard cock glided inside me and the pressure was instant pleasure inducing.

Here I was, on my parent’s couch, two men had their dicks buried inside me and I could not have been enjoying myself more. I’ve never felt anything like that.

As Jake and Seth slowly pumped their rods inside me I could feel more wetness being produced. Heather stood on the couch and sat her wet pussy on Seth’s face, her ass just inches away from me.

I was so caught up in the moment that I grabbed her and pulled her towards me and started eating her out. This was the first time I’d ever had another woman’s pussy in my mouth. It was warm and juicy. I didn’t even mind the taste. In fact, I kind of enjoyed it.

As I ran my tongue all over her hole and clit I could feel myself getting ready to cum. I moaned loudly and began quivering slightly. I’d never felt a buildup like this before. It felt like I was going to explode with pleasure. That’s when the tingling wave of orgasm radiated through my entire body. It started inside me, then worked its way down my legs and into my toes. Even my face felt like euphoria was touching it, placing hands over my cheeks and kissing them with sweet flutters of butterfly wings. No, more like butterflies were having their own orgasms all over my face.

I felt myself getting wetter than before. Liquid was pouring out of me. I heard Jake say, “yeah baby, squirt all over this dick.” Hearing his voice sound so sultry, so demanding, made me cum again. I’d never had dual orgasms back to back.

My body was twitching, shaking from the powerful force spewing from between my legs. I knew someone was cumming inside me. I felt the warm, rhythmic shots go off inside me. It was Jake. His face was wrinkled with intense pleasure.

I couldn’t move. My entire body felt like jello, almost like I’d been swimming for hours and had just gotten out of the water.

Seth pulled out of me and gently rolled me over to the side and Heather climbed on top of him. They were both finished within a minute. All I could do was lay there, trying to get my body to cooperate long enough for me to stand up so I could go clean up. What had just happened was a little weird, but damn if it wasn’t the best lay I’ve ever had.

Oh crap, if you’ll excuse me, I just heard a car door shut. I think my parents are home.

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