Double Exposure… Part I

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Double Exposure… Part I’Double Exposure… Part I’A reality-based fiction by DizzyDFraternal twins are polar opposites… until they find a common ground.It was Friday night in the Evans household, and as young Steve Evans watched TV in the family room, his sister walked in and said, “What are you watching?” Now there was nothing new about that, but when Steve looked up he noticed something very different… she was completely naked.“Holy shit, Sarah… put some clothes on” Steve exclaimed as he turned his head.“Why… I’m becoming a nudist,” the teenage girl announced.“Right… you’re a nudist,” Steve replied sarcastically, then he said, “And last week you were a Buddhist, and before that a Taoist, a Marxist, a Scientologist, a Vegan, a Pagan a Wiccan, blah, blah, blah.”“Hey, it’s not my fault I’m spiritual… and nudity frees your spirit” Sarah said smugly.“You’re not spiritual Sarah, you’re a whack-job,” Steve retorted in an exasperated tone.“And anyway, I’m your older sister so you can’t tell me what to do,” Sarah fired back.“You’re older than me by twenty freaking minutes, Sarah,” Steve answered, shaking his head.The fact was Steve and Sarah Evans were fraternal twins… but their parents were about the only thing they had in common. Steve was a shy introvert who preferred a good book to sports or parties, while Sarah was outgoing, and fancied herself a resident of the ethereal plain who would have been a hippie back in the 60’s. They couldn’t have been more socially opposite. Another glaring difference was that while they were the same age, Sarah looked like a college student, while Steve looked much younger. Sarah got her looks from her very attractive mother… with long blond hair, green eyes, and pretty facial features that some thought made her look like another Sarah, Sarah Chalke from the TV series ‘Scrubs’. As for her body, her breasts weren’t huge, but they were perfectly shaped and capped by pale pink nipples. She also had long athletic legs, and a tight, flat tummy. But her best feature, by far, was her incredible behind. If asses were cars, hers would be a Lamborghini… if they were watches, hers would be a Rolex… if they were violins, hers would be a Stradivarius… it was that amazing. Steve was also good looking, but he hadn’t developed quite as rapidly as Sarah. Feature-wise, he more resembled his father, with curly brown hair and dark piercing eyes. But his body still hadn’t grown and matured as some of the other guys in his class had, and he had very little facial and body hair. He was also about two inches shorter than his sister… which bothered him the most. In fact, they were so different that most people said you would never even guess they were siblings, let alone twins.Now a frustrated Steve was trying to get back to watching TV, but Sarah kept parading back and forth through the family room in front of him. The teenager tried to remind himself that she was his sister, but he had never seen a real girl completely naked… and even if she was his sibling, she was just flat-out hot. So as much as he tried to avert his eyes, he couldn’t help looking at her, and getting aroused.Sarah finally left the room and Steve focused back on the TV, but it wasn’t long before she came back, plopped down on the couch next him, put a bowl of popcorn between them and asked, “Want some?”Steve turned to reach for the bowl, and that was when he saw his sister’s bare breasts only a foot from his eyes. He grabbed a handful of the warm popcorn and said, “Seriously Sarah… are you going to walk around naked all weekend while mom and dad are gone?”“Yes I am,” she answered defiantly, then she said, “I’d go to a nudist colony but I can’t go by myself until I’m twenty-one, and mom and dad would freak if I asked them… so when they’re gone, I’m naked.”“Great,” Steve groaned sarcastically, and then he said, “Well at least I know it’s probably just another weird phase you’re going through.”“Why don’t you try it… it really does make you feel free,” Sarah said as she crunched some popcorn.“No way,” Steve exclaimed, “I’m not taking my clothes off!”“Why, are you chicken,” Sarah asked laughing.“No, I’m not chicken,” the teen boy answered indignantly.Sarah giggled, and in a mock baby voice said, “What’s wong wittle bwover, is your wittle dickie hard?”Now Steve’s face flushed with anger and embarrassment as he said, “I’m not your ‘wittle’ brother… and I don’t have a ‘WITTLE’ dickie, and besides, it’s none of your business!”“Oh my god, that’s it,” Sarah exclaimed, “you have a hard on… don’t you, you perv!”“You’re the one prancing around naked in front of your brother… so who’s the perv,” Steve retorted.“I’m not a perv, I’m a nudist… and I’m not the one sitting here with an erection,” his sister fired back.“What the hell Sarah,” Steve exclaimed in a frustrated tone, “I know you’re my sister, but you’re still a girl, and really pretty…” And as soon as the words left his mouth, he was sorry he said it.Steve was fully prepared to be mercilessly ridiculed by Sarah after what he had just said, so he was surprised when she quietly asked, “Do you really think I’m pretty Steve?”“Jeez Sarah, I don’t think of you that way because you’re my sister,” Steve said, trying to explain his statement, then he added, “But just looking at you as a girl, you’re really pretty… as a matter of fact, all the guys think you’re one of the hottest girls in school.”“Wow, thanks Steve, that’s really flattering,” Sarah said sincerely, suddenly feeling a little different about being naked in front of her brother. It wasn’t that she felt uncomfortable, but she had never realized Steve had looked at her as anything other than his flighty sibling. Then as she reached for some more popcorn, she asked, “Steve, have you seen a naked girl… I mean before me?”“Of course I have,” her brother answered indignantly.“I mean a real girl… not the ones in those skin mags you hide in your computer desk.” Sarah laughed.“SARAH!” Steve exclaimed, “What the fuck were you doing snooping through my computer desk?”“I wasn’t snooping,” she answered rolling her eyes… “I was looking for a printer cartridge.” Then she giggled and said, “Besides, do you think you’re the only person our age that looks at porn and masturbates… I get myself off almost every day, sometimes more!”Steve was really surprised by, and a little intrigued at Sarah’s candor about masturbating. Then he thought that since she had been so honest, he owed it to her to do the same, so as he looked down sheepishly he said, “No I’ve never seen a real girl completely naked… except for you.”“That’s nothing to be embarrassed about Steve,” Sarah said reassuringly, “I’ll bet a lot of guys our age who say they have are probably lying… or they have a sister that’s a nudist!”The twins laughed, and then Steve asked, “So what about you?”“Yeah I’ve seen lots of girls naked, it’s called the girl’s locker room, dumbass,” Sarah replied sarcastically.“Not girls, asshole… have you ever seen a boy naked,” Steve asked, shaking his head. “I know, I was just messing with you,” Sarah answered laughing at her own sarcasm, and continued with, “Yes, I’ve seen boys naked.” Then she thought for a moment, and said, “So I’m guessing if I’m the first real girl you’ve seen naked, you’re probably still a virgin.”Steve just nodded and quietly said, “Yeah.”“Wow,” his sister said in a surprised tone, “I figured for sure that you and Becca had done it.”Steve just shook his head and quietly said, “Nope.” He and Becca had met when he started high school, and soon they were boyfriend and girlfriend. But just as Steve thought that they were at the point where they were going to have sex, she dumped him for an upper classman.“So how far did you get,” Sarah asked bluntly.By now Steve figured no subjects were off limits, especially since Sarah was still sitting next to him stark naked, so he said, “I saw her boobs once, and she gave me, you know… a hand job.”“Holy shit… she never even gave you a blowjob!” Sarah exclaimed.“No,” Steve answered, finding it interesting that his sister didn’t see giving blow jobs as a big deal. The fact was that Becca had talked a good game, but was actually a prude. Even the hand job she had given him was filled with drama. When he ejaculated, and some of his sperm landed on her hand, she squealed and quickly wiped it on his shirt like it was nuclear waste. She didn’t even continue stroking him until he was finished. It was more embarrassing than it was sexual, and she went home as soon as he had his pants zipped up.Suddenly Steve felt very strange confiding in his sister, but Sarah made him feel much better when she said, “I never thought she was good enough for you… I know a lot of girls who are way prettier and nicer than her who think you’re cute.”“Thanks s*s,” Steve said gratefully. “No problem b*o… just telling the truth,” Sarah said, then she giggled and added, “besides, judging by the size of that bulge in your pants, you’re going to make some girl very happy when you do get laid!”It was then that Steve realized the quick glances he had taken at his naked sister had his teenage cock fully engorged, and he said, “Jeez Sarah, I’m really sorry, it just kind of happened.”Sarah quickly recognized his embarrassment and said, “It’s ok Steve… I’m really not sitting here naked to make you feel uncomfortable, but I do think it’s kind of cool that you think I’m hot enough to give you a boner… even if we are related.”The fact was Steve wasn’t the only one aroused. Sarah’s body was having a similar reaction. Her nipples had grown and hardened, and she could also feel tiny tremors of excitement deep in her groin as her young pussy began to moisten. And it wasn’t just because she was nude and they were talking about sex. Like Steve had said, even though they were siblings, Sarah thought her brother was one of the cutest guys in their school… even if he still looked younger than most of the others.There was a momentary pause in the conversation, and then Steve said, “Ok, so judging by what you’ve said… I’m guessing you’re not a virgin.”Sarah smiled and said, “Guilty as charged.”“Was it Tommy,” Steve asked, referencing her former boyfriend.“Yes, he was my first,” the teenage girl answered with a big sigh. She and Tommy had dated for about a year, but then he turned out to be a real douche, and Sarah finally dumped him.“Was he the only one,” Steve asked, suddenly curious about his sibling’s sex life and not even attempting to hide his raging erection now.“No, there was another guy I dated, but I never brought him over ‘cause he was in college and mom and dad would have freaked,” Sarah answered, glancing again at the prominent bulge in Steve’s shorts.For a minute there was silence, and Steve was doing his best not to look at his sister’s naked body, then out of the clear blue he said, “Sarah, you asked if I ever got a blowjob… do you give blowjobs?”Sarah laughed at the sudden bluntness of her brother, and then she said, “Well I don’t stand on the corner offering them to any guy that walks by, but yes, I gave both Tommy and the college guy blowjobs,” and then she added, “But not because they wanted me to… I enjoy it.”“Really,” Steve asked, believing that girls only did that to keep their boyfriends from complaining.“Yeah, there’s something kind of cool about it… it’s like, when I’m doing that to a guy, he’ll do anything I want… and that really turns me on.” Then as Sarah stared off contemplatively, she added, “And I love that moment right before he has an orgasm, and his dick starts jumping and twitching in my mouth.”“You mean you let them… you know…,” Steve replied, not being able to say the exact words.Sarah finished his thought when she said, “Cum in my mouth… yes. And yes I swallow it, and yes I like it… not so much the taste, but the feeling I get from doing it to a guy.” “Wow,” Steve blurted out, and then he looked at his sister again and he could see her face was flushed, her nipples were jutting out, and she seemed to be breathing harder.Suddenly Sarah got up from the couch and walked towards the kitchen saying, “I’ll be back in a sec,” and as she did, Steve took the opportunity to watch her perfectly shaped ass. He had seen it in the tight jeans and short shorts she often wore, but seeing it in its naked glory was amazing… it was round, firm and succulent… and it had his teenage cock harder than Chinese algebra.When she disappeared into the kitchen, Steve took a moment to adjust his erection, but she returned almost immediately, saw him and said, “You getting a grip on yourself, b*o?”Even though she was naked, Steve was the one who blushed as he said, “Sorry, I just had to make an adjustment.” Then as he watched her lay a towel on the couch, he said, “What’s that for?”Now it was Sarah who blushed as she said, “Well, if you must know, all this talk about sex, and knowing I gave you a boner has made me a little wet down there… and I don’t want mom and dad asking what the spot on the microfiber cushion is.”Even though he had never had sex, Steve knew that when a girl got ‘wet down there,’ she was sexually excited, and for some reason, the thought of Sarah’s pussy being wet had him ready to explode in his pants.Now the two of them sat side by side on the couch in silence, with Steve stealing glimpses of his naked sister, and Sarah checking out her brother’s bulge. Then, out of the clear blue, she said, “Can I see it?”“See what,” the teenage boy asked, pretty sure he already knew the answer.Sarah turned towards him, looked him straight in the eye and said, “Your erection… can I see it, please?”Steve looked at his sister, now facing him. He could see that her nipples were erect, and a darker shade of pink now, and even though she was sitting, he could still see how taut and flat her tummy was… and her smooth shaven pubic mound did nothing to hide her swollen, wet pussy lips. Then without saying a word, he stood up and reached for the buckle of his belt.Sarah watched intently as her brother loosened his belt and then unbuttoned his shorts. Her eyes never left his crotch as his shorts fell around his ankles before he kicked them aside. Now she could see the tent in the front of his cotton boxers pointing straight at her. She watched it as he hooked his thumbs in the waistband, and as he pushed them down his hard young prick sprung into view.“Oooooh,” Sarah whispered as her eyes took in the site. She had seen her brother’s penis before, but they were much younger, and it looked nothing like the hard column of male flesh bobbing in front of her now. It was pretty impressive for his age… at least six inches long as it arched up from a sparse patch of light brown pubic hair, with a nearly hairless sack holding his young balls underneath. The shaft was medium thickness, with veins running along its length, and the head was a swollen purple mushroom, with what appeared to be a small drop of pre-cum clinging to the tip.The two of them were silent as Sarah visually examined her brother’s equipment. At the same time she could feel a familiar quivering starting to build deep inside her own crotch. Then, with her eyes still fixed on Steve’s erect penis, she said, “I have to do this.”“Do what,” Steve asked, but before she answered, Sarah reached towards his crotch and wrapped her fingers around his twitching cock. “Oh Gaaawd,” Steve moaned as his sister’s hand circled his erect penis. For a second she just held it, feeling the heat radiating from it… feeling how incredibly hard it was… and then she tightened her grip slightly and began sliding her hand back and forth. The teenage boy let out a loud groan as his pretty twin began giving him a hand job. He had never even fantasized, let alone imagined that something like this would ever happen… but it was. And as his sister stroked his hard prick, he could feel the muscles deep in his groin beginning to tighten.Sarah loved how Steve’s cock felt in her hand. The skin covering the rock hard shaft felt like silk as she manipulated it back and forth, and the head actually swelled more and turned a darker shade of purple as she stroked him. The small pearl of pre-cum at the tip had gotten larger, and the sight was making her pussy drool and her mouth water. That was when she looked into his eyes and said, “Steve, can I give you your first blowjob?”Steve was so overcome with lust that there was no way he was going to refuse, even if she was his twin, but bahis şirketleri he couldn’t utter a word so he just nodded vigorously. Sarah smiled at his approval, and then leaned forward, parted her lips and gently sucked her brother’s throbbing cock deep into her mouth.“Oh Saraaahhhh,” Steve groaned as his erect penis was surrounded by a warmth and wetness that he had never even imagine in his wildest dreams. She took about half of his hard shaft in her mouth and then sealed her soft lips tightly around it. Then after wrapping her hand around what wasn’t in her mouth, she began slowly moving her head back and forth.Steve couldn’t believe his beautiful sibling was sucking his cock. The sensations she was creating with her mouth and hand were indescribable. But just as he was feeling the full effect of what she was doing, Sarah took her mouth from his swollen penis and said, “Why don’t you sit down so I can do this right.”Sarah stood up and turned Steve so he was sitting on the towel she had laid down on the couch. Then after pulling his shirt over his head, she knelt between his knees and took his throbbing shaft in her hand again. Once she was in position, she looked up at him and said, “Are you ready?” Steve just nodded, and then Sarah lowered her head and sucked him deep into her mouth again.“Oh jeez Sarah,” Steve exclaimed as his twin continued giving him his first blowjob. He could feel the swollen head of his cock bumping the back of her throat as she pushed her head down until she could feel the few wisps of his curly brown pubic hair tickling her nose. Then she retracted her mouth slightly, wrapped her right hand around the base of his shaft, and used the two in unison as she began slowly bobbing her head up and down. Sarah was actually making slurping noises as she sucked his cock, and Steve could already feel the pressure building at the base of his burgeoning prick and knew it wouldn’t be long before he exploded. She could sense it too, and to increase her brother’s pleasure, she began swirling her tongue along the underside of his shaft, right behind the crown, as she increased the tempo of her sucking and stroking.Steve was groaning incoherently now as his twin coaxed him towards climax. He had jerked off almost daily, and there was the hand job his ex-girlfriend had given him, but he had never felt anything as intense as what Sarah was doing. He didn’t know if it was because it was his first blowjob, or who was giving it to him, but he could already tell that this orgasm was going to be different from any other… and just when he thought it couldn’t get any better, his sister’s free hand slipped between his legs and began gently massaging his testicles.Sarah was using every trick she had learned in her limited experience to give Steve the best blowjob he would ever have. While one hand moved in perfect harmony with her soft lips on his hard shaft, the other cradled his full balls. At the same time, her tongue teased the nerve-filled spot just underneath the swollen head of his bloated cock. The combined sensations had Steve at the point of overload, and when he looked down to see his sister’s mouth filled with his penis, and her beautiful green eyes looking up at him… the dam burst.“Oh shit Sarah… I’m gonna cum,” Steve cried out, and almost before the words reached her ears, Sarah felt her brother’s cock shaft lurch between her lips, and a rush of thick semen filled her mouth. “Unngghh… unngghh… ungghh…,” he grunted over and over as his penis came alive in his sister’s mouth. Her lips and hand could feel his shaft pulse again and again, and with each spasm, another spurt of rich young cum splattered against the roof of her mouth. Steve’s orgasm was so powerful, and his jizz so copious that Sarah sputtered for a moment, but she quickly swallowed the first mouthful and then continued sucking her brother’s spewing prick.Steve had never experienced anything as incredible as cumming in his twin sister’s mouth. It was so forceful that it felt like every ounce of fluid in his body was leaving through his penis. He looked down to see Sarah still sucking him, and he was amazed that somehow she didn’t seem to have spilled a drop. Now as the intense spasms at the base of Steve’s cock were easing, Sarah used her lips and hand to milk the remainder of his load from his swollen balls. When the twitching finally ceased, she held the last of his sperm in her mouth and sat back on her heels, letting his spent penis slip from her lips. Then as he looked at her, she opened her lips slightly to show him the pool of opaque fluid in her mouth, and with a wink, she closed her lips and swallowed the last of his thick juice.Steve collapsed back onto the couch and said, “Wow… I can’t believe I just got my first blowjob.”Sarah laughed and sarcastically smacked her lips, and then she said, “And I can’t believe I swallowed it all… damn Steve, do you always cum that much?”“I’m sorry Sarah, I guess I was a little over-excited,” he replied, and then he added, “And I never felt anything as amazing as what you did.”Sarah smiled gratefully as she said, “I’m glad you liked it… I wanted to make your first one special.” Then out of the clear blue she added, “I know we fight sometimes, but you know I love you… right?”Steve couldn’t remember the last time Sarah had said that she loved him, but he did know he felt exactly the same, and said, “I know Sarah… and I love you too.”Suddenly there was an awkward sort of pause, so Steve broke the silence by saying, “So what does it taste like… you know, my, ummm… stuff?”“Your ‘STUFF’,” Sarah cried out as she broke into uproarious laughter. “After what I just did to you, you can’t call it your cum, or sperm, or semen, or even jizz… but your ‘STUFF’?”“C’mon Sarah, it still feels a little weird to talk to you about this, even after what just happened,” Steve replied, still feeling a little embarrassed.“I know, I’m just playing with you,” the teenage girl laughed, and then she said, “Well I won’t lie and say it tastes like cotton candy, it’s usually salty and it can be slimy and bitter… but I can tell you that yours tasted a lot better than Tommy’s or the other guy’s… it was really creamy and not bitter at all.”“Really,” Steve asked, a little intrigued at the comparison.“Yeah, Tommy’s tasted almost metallic, and sometimes it was really bitter,” Sarah replied in a reflective way, and then she added, “I guess it was because of what he ate… his mom was Italian and cooked with a lot of onions and garlic, and I read once that a guy’s diet affects the taste of his sperm.”“So then, why do you let a guy, you know… cum in your mouth,” Steve asked, finally building up the courage to use the words.“I don’t know… I guess it’s because I love knowing that I made it happen, and that really turns me on, plus I know how much the guy likes it,” then she looked at Steve and said, “Haven’t you even tasted your cum after you masturbate… just out of curiosity?”“I never really thought of it til now,” the teenage boy answered, and then he asked, “Have you ever tasted, you know, your pussy after you masturbate.”“Wow, you actually said ‘pussy’,” Sarah giggled, poking a little fun at her shy sibling, and then she said, “Yes I have licked my fingers after masturbating, and strictly for comparison purposes, pussy juice tastes much better than a guy’s jizz.”“Well I wouldn’t know since I’ve never tasted either,” Steve replied.Suddenly a nervous smile came across Sarah’s face, and as she looked into her brother’s eyes she said, “Steve, would you like to find out what pussy tastes like?”Steve was taken aback by the question at first, but then he said, “Ummm, sure… are you gonna like, get some on your fingers?”With that Sarah lifted herself from the floor, sat next to her twin on the couch, and as she looked deep into his eyes she said, “No Steve, I’m asking you if you would like to try licking my pussy.”For a moment the teenage boy was stunned, and then he said, “You mean actually lick… I mean sure, I guess I can… do you really want me to lick it?”Sarah looked at him, and in a very matter-of-fact way she said, “I just finished giving you your first blowjob, and it made me so horny I’m ready to explode… so yes Steve, I am dying for you to lick my pussy.”Sarah was never one to be shy, so Steve wasn’t surprised at all by her directness, but he was still a little concerned and said, “Well I’ve never done it before… so I don’t know if I’ll do it right. I mean I really want to try it, but I’m worried that you won’t like it.”The pretty teenager put her arm around her twin’s shoulder and said, “Look Steve, I am more turned on than I’ve ever been in my life, and I love having my pussy licked more than just about anything, so I don’t think you have to worry,” and then she added, “And besides, if you are doing something wrong I’ll coach you… better to hear it from me than an unsatisfied girlfriend, right?”There was some logic that Steve couldn’t dispute, so he agreed. Then he said, “Well, I just hope I can do it as good as the other two did.”“Three,” Sarah said with a wicked little smile on her face.“Three… I thought you said you had only been with two guys,” Steve said, a bit confused.“I have only been with two guys,” Sarah said as her grin widened, then she added, “But three people have licked my pussy.”A blank look came over Steve’s face for a moment, but as the proverbial light bulb went off above his head, he looked at Sarah and exclaimed, “You mean another girl has licked your pussy?”“Wow, nothing gets by you Sherlock,” Sarah replied, laughing at the shock of his sudden realization.“Who was it,” Steve asked with sudden interest.“Never mind,” Sarah replied, withholding that information for the moment. But she did notice that her bisexual revelation had her sibling’s softened penis beginning to swell and grow longer again.Steve was disappointed that Sarah wouldn’t tell him who the girl that had licked her pussy was, but he was afraid if he pushed the issue it might ruin the moment, so he just said, “Okay, so I’m ready.”With that Sarah leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the lips and said, “Great,” but then she pressed her lips against Steve’s again in a long, deep kiss. At first his lips were tight from surprise and uncertainty, but as he felt his sister’s tongue brush against them, he relaxed and allowed them to part, and their tongues met.As the two kissed, Sarah began to lean back, pulling Steve down with her until she was lying with her back on the couch, and her brother was on top of her. Steve could feel her hard nipples pressing into his smooth chest as they kissed. Their tongues danced and swirled together as Sarah ground her inflamed pussy against Steve’s hip, causing tiny tremors to erupt deep in her crotch… almost like a mini-orgasm.Finally their lips parted and Sarah said, “Wow Steve… you’re a really good kisser.”“Thanks Sarah, you are too.” Steve replied, feeling proud of the assessment from his more experienced sibling.Sarah could feel Steve’s hard cock pressing against her thigh, and for a moment she thought about shifting her body slightly and stuffing it into her overheated cunt, but she wasn’t quite sure if things should go that far yet… and besides, what she really wanted was a tongue licking her dripping gash. Sarah hadn’t lied to Steve… she loved having her pussy eaten more than anything. In fact, cunnilingus had been her first sexual experience other than masturbation… both giving and receiving, but that was a story for another time. At that moment her drooling slit needed a tongue, and the thought of it being Steve’s tongue was adding to her excitement. So after another brief kiss, she looked into her sibling’s eyes and said, “Are you ready to lick your first pussy?” Steve nodded and then began gently kissing his sister’s neck and collarbone. This took Sarah a little by surprise, and she said, “Well someone is a little more experienced than he let on.”Now gaining some confidence, Steve lifted his face from his sister’s neck and said, “I said I’ve never licked pussy before, I didn’t say I never made out with a girl.”Sarah giggled at Steve’s answer, and then softly moaned “Ohhh yessss,” as his lips and tongue began teasing the sensitive flesh just below her jaw line. She could already tell that her brother, like her, was a very oral person, and this intensified the tingling that was quickly spreading throughout her groin. But this was only the beginning as he began to move his mouth lower, towards the swell of her breasts and her jutting nipples.Steve was amazed at how soft his sister’s skin felt on his lips and tongue. He could feel the rising and falling of her chest becoming more rapid as he kissed downward from her neck, over her collarbone, and finally to her young, firm breasts. Becca had allowed him to feel her breasts, but he had never sucked on a girl’s tits… but that was about to change as he drew Sarah’s left nipple into his mouth.“Oh God Steve…” Sarah gasped as her brother’s lips encircled her hard nipple and his tongue fluttered over the excited nub of flesh. Her hips pushed upwards and her pubic mound pressed against Steve’s hipbone as an electric charge raced from her breast to her groin. The teenage girl almost had an orgasm as her brother’s lips and tongue teased her sensitive nipple, and his hip ground against her throbbing young pussy. Then he moved to the other nipple and sucked it deep into his mouth, eliciting the same response. Even with his limited experience, Steve could tell that what he was doing was having the desired effect on his beautiful sibling, and his confidence grew.Sarah was writhing and moaning as he used his fingers, lips and tongue to tease her erect nipples. Despite just receiving a blowjob, his cock had become hard as stone again, and he could feel his sister grinding against it as he teased and tormented her, but his own excitement was an afterthought, because at that moment he had only one goal… making her cum.After paying homage to her breasts, he began to kiss down Sarah’s body. Her stomach muscles were tight and taut as he teased her tummy with his tongue… even dipping it into her belly button and causing her to squeal with surprise and pleasure before moving lower, towards his final destination.Sarah’s body was squirming uncontrollably now as Steve kissed and licked his way towards her smooth shaven mound. Already the musky aroma of her dripping pussy was permeating his nostrils, and he found the smell to be intoxicating. As he moved lower, he shifted his body until he was laying between her legs, with her soft thighs resting on his shoulders… and that was when he got his first close-up look at the source of life, and man’s pleasure… a woman’s cunt.Steve was fascinated at what he saw. Sure, he had seen hundreds of pictures and videos showing women’s vaginas… usually while stroking his teenage cock as he imagined what it would feel like to touch, taste, or fuck one of them. But now here he was, gazing at one in real life… and even though it was his sister’s, he thought it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.Sarah was so excited that her outer lips were already swollen, and covered with a thin film of slippery lubricant. They were turning from pink to a darker shade of red and gaping slightly, and Steve could see more of her syrupy pussy juice collecting at the bottom of her gash. That was when he decided he wanted a taste… and without warning he leaned forward and took a long lick at Sarah’s drooling cunt.“HOLY FUCK STEVE!” Sarah cried out as her brother’s tongue dipped inside her wet slit. Instinctively she arched her back and her hands grabbed the back of his head as he began lapping away at the sweet nectar that coated her womanhood. As clumsy as he might have been at first, Steve’s tongue on her pussy was the most amazing thing the teenage girl had ever felt in her life.Steve put his hands behind his sister’s knees and pushed them outward, spreading her legs wider as his tongue began fucking in and out of her cunt like a slippery little dick. Sarah was moaning out loud as her brother licked and sucked every inch of her pussy… except for her clit. She didn’t know if it was instinct or something he had read about, but she could tell he was purposely teasing her by ignoring the swollen nub… and it was driving her wild.Pussy juice coated his lips, cheeks and chin as it poured youwin from Sarah’s slit like warm honey, and Steve couldn’t get enough of it. And with each new stroke of his tongue, he moved closer and closer to his final destination… a destination he knew of from all the porn he had read and watched… her clitoris. Sarah knew where Steve was headed too, and as his tongue slid just below her clit, she prepared herself for the exquisite contact she was aching for, and hoped she didn’t cum right away… but just as Steve’s tongue was about to make contact with her pleasure button and set off the fireworks, he lifted his face.“Oh God Steve… don’t fucking stop now!” she cried out as she looked down at his face, glistening with her juices and hovering just above her pubic mound.He just smiled a wicked smile for a moment, and then said, “If you want me to lick your pussy some more, then tell me who the girl was that licked you.”Sarah couldn’t believe how her shy, passive twin was turning the tables on her and becoming the aggressor… and it actually turned her on even more. But still, she tried to maintain her upper hand when she said, “I’ll tell you if you can make me cum.”But it was too late to try to regain control, because Steve just smiled at her, shook his head and said, “Oh, I’ll make you cum… but I don’t take another lick until you tell me who it was.”“I really hate you,” Sarah groaned in mock anger, and then she sighed and said, “It was Leah Benjamin.”“Leah Benjamin licked your pussy… you’ve got to be shitting me!” Steve exclaimed in a shocked tone.Leah Benjamin was one of Sarah’s closest friends, and someone that everyone thought of as a ‘good girl’. She was really cute, only about five feet-two inches tall, but still with a curvy little body. She was also a 4.0 student, one of the nicest, most polite girls in the entire school, and all the parents loved her, including Steve and Sarah’s. In fact, it had always puzzled Steve and his parents as to why a seemingly straight-laced girl like Leah hung around with someone as flighty as Sarah. And there was one other reason why Steve was surprised and intrigued… he had a major crush on Leah, and Sarah knew it. “Steve, you have to promise me you won’t tell anyone, including Leah… ever,” Sarah begged, suddenly sorry that her overwhelming lust had driven her to give up a secret she had sworn to keep forever.“Sarah, I would never tell a secret you told me… you know that,” Steve said in a reassuring tone.Sarah knew Steve would never lie to her, and as she looked down at him she said, “Thanks Steve, I know I can trust you,” and then she became her old sarcastic self when she added, “But it is kind of hard to take you seriously when half your face covered in my pussy juice!”Both siblings laughed, and then Steve said, “Well if you want me to get more on it, you have to tell me one more thing… have you licked Leah’s pussy?”“Yes I have, a lot… and we still do it,” Sarah answered with a wicked grin, and then she added, “Now you owe me some more licking, buddy.”“Okay, but when I’m done you have to tell me how you and Leah got together… and I want details!” he said before lowering his face back to his sister’s pussy and finally pressing his tongue against her clit.“It’s a DEEEEEEEAL,” Sarah cried out as Steve’s tongue made contact with her pleasure button for the first time. Almost immediately the muscles deep in the teenage girl’s groin tightened as her brother began rhythmically strumming his tongue over the hard little organ. Even the tight ring of Sarah’s anus began twitching as the nerves in her groin sent impulses of pleasure surging through her body. Steve had her on the verge of the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced… and he wasn’t done.Remembering something he had seen on the internet, Steve slid a hand between Sarah’s legs, and as he vibrated his tongue on her clit he pushed a finger into her soaked pussy. “Oh FUCK,” she cried out as he began plunging the invading digit in and out as he licked her. She was so wet that his finger met little resistance, so he added another, and at the same time sucked her clit between his lips, causing her shoulders to lift from the couch as her muscles tensed with pleasure.“Oh God Steve, please don’t’ stop,” Sarah moaned as her brother sucked on her clitoris while finger fucking her. Steve could feel her whole body beginning to go rigid, and instinctively knew something was going to happen. Her head rolled back and forth and she was moaning steadily as he sucked the hard little button, and as he began swirling his tongue like a little tornado and plunged his fingers deep inside her tightening cunt, Sarah crashed over the edge.“Ohhhhhh fuck… I’m CUMMMMIIINNNNGGGG,” Sarah screamed as her orgasm exploded from deep in her groin and radiated outward. Every muscle deep in her pussy and ass began violently contracting as she climaxed. Steve could feel the spasms on his face as he continued his assault on her clit. The inner walls of her cunt gripped and released his fingers over and over as he fucked them in and out of her, and a new rush of pussy juice coated his lips and tongue as her body writhed uncontrollably.Sarah was almost sobbing from the intense pleasure her brother was providing. She had never had an orgasm that strong, or one that had lasted that long. Her pussy was actually pulsating, and the tiny nerves in her clit were stimulated beyond their limits. That was when she finally pushed Steve’s face away and groaned, “No more… please, no more.”Steve could feel Sarah’s pussy still clenching and releasing his fingers as her climax subsided. He understood that there is a thin line between pleasure and pain, and kept his tongue away from her over-stimulated clit as her orgasm began to come down. Still, he could feel her body jerking and twitching as the last waves rippled through her. Then with one last, loud groan, she went limp. Slowly and carefully Steve pulled his fingers from inside his sister. She laid completely still, her chest heaving up and down as she tried to catch her breath, and this gave him a minute to look at her pussy. The lips were deep red and swollen, and pussy juice oozed from her gaping slit down to her puckered asshole. Then finally he felt her stir, and she looked up to see him looking back at her.“Well, how did I do,” the teenager asked as he looked deep into his twin’s beautiful green eyes.“Oh my God Steve, that was amazing… are you sure you’ve never done that,” Sarah answered, still trying to catch her breath.“Nope, first time, I guess I’m a natural,” he answered with a proud smile, his face still covered in his sister’s sweet nectar. Then he added, “And I’m really glad the first time I did it was with you.”“Me too,” Sarah replied with a satisfied sigh, and then she surprised Steve when she asked, “Is your dick still hard?” “Uh huh,” he answered, and then he said, “Why?”If he was surprised when she asked if he was still hard, he was shocked when she said, “Because I want you to fuck me.”“Sarah… are you sure?” he asked, not wanting to take advantage of her current condition.“Yes I’m sure… I love the feeling of a cock inside me right after a guy licks me til I cum,“ she answered bluntly, and then she added, “And that might have been the best orgasm I’ve ever had.”Once again Steve’s pride soared as his sister told him that he had given her one of the best orgasm she ever had, but he was still a little unsure about having sex with her, and said, “Sarah, are you sure things won’t be weird between us if we, you know, do it?”“It won’t bother me, but we all know I’m a little different,” she said, then she added, “But if it makes you uncomfortable, or you want to wait for a girlfriend to be your first, then we won’t.”“It’s not that I don’t want you to be my first, it would be amazing,” Steve answered quietly, and then he said, “I just don’t want to make things weird between us, because I really love having you as my sister.”Sarah felt a lump in her throat as she said, “That’s probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, and I love having you as my brother,” but then she returned to her sarcastic self when she added, “But Steve, I just sucked your cock, and you licked my pussy, so I’m not sure things could get any weirder!”“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” he answered laughing, and as his prick throbbed against the couch cushion at the thought of fucking his beautiful sister, he suddenly said, “Shit Sarah, I don’t have any condoms.”Sarah looked down at her brother, still laying with his head between her thighs and said, “We don’t need one Steve, I’ve been on birth control pills for almost two years.”“Really, for two years” Steve said, “But didn’t you need a parent to get them back then?”“Mom took me to get them,” Sarah said to her shocked brother, and then she added, “She said that she got pregnant with us before she had a chance to go to college, and just wanted to make sure nothing like that happened to me.”“Wow… I didn’t think Mom was that cool,” Steve said in a surprised tone.“Yeah, me neither,” Sarah replied, then she said, “But she did make sure to tell me that just because she was letting me get on the pill, it wasn’t a license to screw every boy in school.”“Now THAT sounds like Mom!” Steve exclaimed with a laugh.Sarah giggled too, and then she got a very serious and said, “Now that we’ve settled that, why don’t you get up here and fuck me while I’m still in the mood.”That was all the encouragement her virgin brother needed as he got up on his knees and moved forward until his erect cock was aimed at her beckoning cunt, but before the inexperienced teenager could thrust it inside her, Sarah reached down and grasped his throbbing organ, stopping him cold.Steve looked down at his sister’s beautiful face and said, “Why did you stop me, I thought you wanted me to do it.”Sarah smiled at him and said, “Right now there is nothing I want more than this thing inside me, but I want you to take it slow… I just want you to remember everything about your first time.”With that, Sarah lined his twitching erection up perfectly with her opening. Once he was in position, she began pulling him forward by his dick until the spongy pressed against her still swollen pussy lips, causing them both to let out a low groan. Then, as she released her grip on his shaft, Steve slowly pushed forward, and his bloated cock began entering his sister sister’s aching cunt.“Oh yes… that’s it, just go slow,” Sarah groaned as the head of her brother’s penis began parting her wet labia and stretching her vaginal walls.Steve was actually feeding his hard cock into Sarah’s pussy centimeter by centimeter, wanting to burn the feeling of losing his virginity into his brain just as she had suggested. As he slowly pushed forward, he could feel her cunt enveloping first the swollen head, and then every inch of his hard shaft. Then finally his sister’s clean shaven pubic mound pressed against his, and he knew he was as deep inside her as he could get.For a moment the two siblings just looked into the other’s eyes, each of them enjoying the sensation of being physically connected to the other. Then Sarah broke the silence when she groaned, “So how does it feel to have your dick in a pussy for the first time?”“It feels amazing,” Steve answered, trying not to move for fear he might explode in his sister’s cunt on the first stroke.“Yeah, it feels pretty fucking amazing to me too,” Sarah replied, feeling her own passion rising at the knowledge that it was her twin’s cock that was filling her pussy. Then after keeping himself still so he could calm his twitching penis down a bit, Steve began slowly moving his hips up and down, and both siblings let out a moan as he began fucking his rampant cock in and out of her. “Oh God Steve… that feels so good,” Sarah groaned as her brother’s hard shaft began plunging in and out of her tight teenage pussy. Even though she wasn’t a virgin, she couldn’t remember when having a boy’s dick deep inside her had excited her this much. But Steve was a virgin, and the feeling of his sister’s vagina clutching his erect penis had him on the fast track to his second orgasm of the day. Sarah could feel her brother’s fucking motion begin to accelerate, and she slid her hands down his back and cupped his tight buttocks, feeling them clench with each downward thrust. At the same time she began pushing her hips upward to meet his movements, driving his rock hard cock deeper into her trembling cunt.The twins quickly developed a perfectly synchronized motion as their fucking became faster and harder. Even though each of them had just experienced an orgasm from the other’s talented tongue, both teenagers were on the verge of another climax, and that was when Sarah said, “Steve, can you hold back from cumming a little longer?”“I don’t think so, you feel so good Sarah,” Steve groaned, both flattering and disappointing his sister.“Then do me a favor,” she said, her voice cracking with passion, “let me roll over.”“Roll over?” Steve asked as he momentarily stopped fucking her.“Yes,” Sarah answered enthusiastically, “Doggy style is my favorite position because I like to play with my clit while I get fucked.”Steve hated the thought of pulling his twitching prick from his sister’s tight pussy, but the blatant way she described what she liked was turning him on even more. He had always been a little intimidated by the fact that she could be so direct, but in this case, he found it incredibly arousing, so he slowly extracted his hard manhood from her dripping slit and let her roll over. Then as she lifted herself to her knees, Steve was confronted with the incredible sight of her perfect behind pointing straight up at him.“My God Sarah, you have an amazing ass,” Steve blurted out, temporarily losing his shyness.But if he thought he his comment may have offended his sister, that thought was quickly dismissed when she said, “Awww, thanks Steve, you know, my ass is my favorite body part.”Once she was in position, Steve looked down between Sarah’s round ass cheeks and saw her tiny, pink puckered asshole, and just below it, her swollen, wet pussy lips. After admiring the sight for a few seconds, he wrapped his hand around his hard shaft, aimed the puffy head at the gaping slit, and pushed his hips forward until it was firmly lodged inside her.“Oh yessss… feels so fucking good,” Sarah hissed as she felt Steve’s dick plunge into her cunt yet again. From this position she was able to arch her back, and this allowed him to penetrate her even deeper… and when she felt his hips press against her ass cheeks, and her pussy completely stuffed with his hard teenage prick, Sarah reached back between her legs and began massaging her clit.A loud groan escaped Sarah’s lips as her fingers found her hard love button, and she began rubbing it in a circular motion as Steve began fucking her again. It didn’t take long for the teenage boy to get back up to speed, and as his hips slapped against her ass with each hard, deep thrust, Sarah’s fingers began frigging her clit faster and faster.“Oh fuck, fuck me Steve… fuck me hard,” Sarah cried out as her orgasm began to build. Steve could also feel the tightness of impending climax deep in his groin as his sister’s unbridled sexual comments spurred him on. He could feel his balls beginning to pull up, and the muscles in the base of his prick beginning to knot as Sarah’s pussy gripped him even tighter. Both siblings were on the verge of climax when Steve took his middle finger and pushed it into his sister’s tight asshole.“Oh fuck Steve… YESSSSSS,” Sarah screamed as her brother’s finger penetrated the elastic ring of flesh, still lubricated from his earlier pussy licking and fucking. Sarah could feel her brother’s finger deep in her rectum, and that feeling combined with his cock in her pussy, and her own finger on her clit had the teenage girl teetering on the edge of orgasm. The only other people who had ever touched her asshole during sex was herself when she masturbated, and Leah, who liked to tickle it while licking her pussy… and Sarah loved the sensation.Now Steve began slamming his thick rod into her harder and faster. He could feel the dam at the base of his prick getting ready to burst as her pussy muscles squeezed him tightly, and he groaned, “Oh fuck Sarah, I can’t hold back… I’m gonna cum.”“Do it Steve… fill my cunt with your youwin giriş hot load,” Sarah screamed as her finger became a blur on her clit. She was determined to cum with her brother, and Steve was so aroused by her expletive-laced encouragement that he had reached the boiling point… and then his cock exploded.“I’m cumming Sarahhhhhhh,” Steve cried out as a thousand tiny nerve endings overloaded, and ignited a series of wild muscle contractions at the base of his erection. Spasm after spasm sent thick wads of sperm rocketing through his shaft and exploding deep into his sister’s waiting cunt, and each powerful spurt was accompanied by a rush of pure pleasure deep in his groin.“Cum in me… cum in me motherfucker,” Sarah cried out as she felt her brother’s hot spunk splashing against her cervix and painting her vaginal walls, and as the sensation of Steve’s orgasm combined with all the other stimulations, her own orgasmic walls collapsed.“STEVE I’M GONNA… OH FUCK… AHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Sarah cried out as her cunt melted down. Her brother could actually feel the walls of her vagina gripping his spurting cock, and the tight ring of her asshole clamp down on his invading finger as she climaxed. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…” Sarah groaned in rhythm with each orgasmic convulsion deep in her pussy. Steve was less vocal, but also experiencing his own orgasmic bliss as his pulsating cock continued to pump the remaining sperm up from his swollen balls, and deep into his sister’s belly.Finally both of their orgasms subsided, and Sarah collapsed onto the towel-covered couch, pulling her brother down by the penis with her. The two of them lay in silence for a few minutes, with Steve still lying on top of her. Then as his spent erection began to soften, it slipped out of his sister’s well-fucked pussy, leaving a trail of cum to ooze from her opening onto the terrycloth towel below. Sarah was the first to speak when she said, “So how did you like losing your virginity?”“It was pretty good,” Steve said with a sigh, his words downplaying how thrilled he really was.“Pretty good… that’s all I get, pretty-fucking good,” Sarah said, pretending to sound insulted.“I’m just k**ding Sarah, it was even more amazing than I ever imagined,” Steve replied more honestly.“Now that’s more like it,” his sibling retorted in a somewhat victorious tone.Steve laughed, and then he said, “Oh, and are you always that vocal during sex or was that for my benefit… I was worried the neighbors were going to hear you screaming about fucking and cumming!”Now it was Sarah who began laughing hysterically when she said, “Yeah, I do tend to get a little carried away with the play-by-play during sex… what can I tell you, it motivates me, and I hope my partner too,”Once again the two lay together for a moment, their breathing beginning to return to normal, and then Steve said, “Sarah, are you sure things are going to be okay between us now that we’ve done it?”Sarah slid out from under her brother and then turned on her side to face him, and as she looked him in the eye she said, “Steve, if anything I think this will bring us closer… we finally have something more between us than just the same parents,” and then she added, “And besides, just because we did this doesn’t mean it’s going to happen every time we’re alone… for the most part we’re going to be a regular brother and sister, and I’m still going to think you’re an asshole and you’re going to think I’m a bitch.”“So we’re going to be a regular brother and sister who just happened to have sex,” Steve said ironically.“Exactly… all we have to remember is that we love each other, but as siblings… there is no romance. You date people, I date people, you fall in love with someone, I fall in love with someone… but until then, if something like this happens, it’s no big deal as long as we keep it discrete and keep it in perspective,” Sarah replied.“Okay, I think I can do that,” Steve said with a smile.“Good,” Sarah replied, and then she took Steve’s face in her hands, leaned forward and planted a long, soft kiss on his lips, and then as she pulled back she said, “Okay, REALLY close siblings.”Both of them laughed and then Sarah felt something bump against her thigh, and when she looked down and saw her brother’s recently shriveled penis back to full erection she said, “Jeez dude, is that thing always hard?”“What can I say, you’re naked and hot so you made it that way,” he replied with a smirk.“Well that’s flattering, but I got news for you buddy,” Sarah said smugly, “I’m worn out so if you want to get rid of that thing you better start jerking away.”Steve just laughed and said, “Nah, it will go away on its own.” And then he said, “Oh by the way, I think you owe me something.”Sarah got a contemplative look and said, “Well I just sucked your dick off, and then I fucked you, so what could I possibly owe you?”“For the record, I fucked you,” Steve said, and then he asked, “Leah Benjamin… what’s that story?”“Oh shit, I was hoping you forgot about that,” Sarah replied with a sigh.“Not a chance,” Steve replied with a laugh, and then he added, “Why do you think I have this erection, I’ve been thinking about the two of you licking each other’s pussy since we finished fucking.”Sarah reached down between them and gripped his shaft, still sticky from the mixture of his sperm and her pussy juice, and as she stroked it she said, “It’s a nice erection too… and you use it very well.”Steve just looked at Sarah and said, “Forget it, you’re only doing that to distract me from the subject.”Sarah knew she had been busted, and as she released her grip on Steve’s stiff rod, she sighed and said, “Okay, what do you want to know?”“Well, when and how did it start?” Steve asked, his ears perking up.“Well, it was a almost three years ago, and I was sleeping over at Leah’s,” Sarah said as closed her eyes and reflected back, “We had put our pajamas on and we were getting in bed when she reached underneath the mattress and pulled out a porn magazine she found in her older brother’s room.”“So then what happened,” Steve asked as his hand slid down and wrapped around his re-inflated cock.Sarah looked down to see her brother stroking himself and said, “Wow, the whole girl-on-girl thing really turns you on, doesn’t it?”“Yep,” Steve replied, and then he said, “Go on.”“Well we started looking through the magazine, and that was when Leah just pulled off her pajama bottoms and started rubbing her pussy… right in front of me,” Sarah said, feeling her own pussy twitching again as she relayed the story.“Wow, so the nicest girl in the school was the one that started the whole thing,” Steve said in a surprised tone.“Yeah,” Sarah replied, “I mean we had both admitted to each other that we masturbated, but we had never done anything together, but suddenly there’s Leah playing with her pussy right in front of me.”“So what did you do,” Steve asked, his hand beginning to move faster on his hard organ.“Well I figured, ‘why not’, so I pulled my bottoms off and started playing with myself too,” Sarah answered very matter-of-factly.“So who licked who first,” Steve asked impatiently, feeling his third orgasm of the day starting to build with the pace of the story.“I’m getting there,” Sarah answered, taking control again, and then she said, “So we’re leafing through the pictures and playing with ourselves, and then Leah turns to a page where one really hot girl is licking another really hot girl, and suddenly she just starts cumming like mad.”“Wow,” Steve blurted out, almost cumming himself at the thought of the extremely cute Leah Benjamin getting herself off.“Yeah, she was shaking and trembling so much I thought she was having a seizure,” Sarah continued, “and when her orgasm was finally over I said, ‘did that picture turn you on that much?’ and she just nodded. Then she asked me if I was ready to cum, and when I told her I was getting close, she pointed at the picture and said, ‘Sarah, can I do that to you?’”“Holy shit, so it was Leah’s idea?” Steve asked, still amazed that the seemingly prim and proper Leah had such a naughty side.“Yeah it was her idea, but I certainly had no problem with it, so I just laid back and spread my legs, and she dove into my pussy like it was a pudding cup,” Sarah said, looking down and seeing her brother’s hand jerking his cock even faster.“So then what happened,” Steve asked enthusiastically.“Well I guess between the porn magazine and the fact that I had been playing with myself, I was already on the edge, so I think it only took about a minute of Leah’s tongue on my clit before she made me cum,” Sarah replied.“Wow,” Steve said again as he rolled on his back and began blatantly jerking himself off, so turned on at the thought of Leah licking his sister’s pussy that his usual shyness had melted away. Then as he felt the familiar tightness at the base of his prick building, he said, “So did you lick her pussy that night?”“Of course I did… it would have been rude to not return the favor,” Sarah answered in a mock-sarcastic tone. Then as she began sliding her body downward she said, “And Steve… Leah’s pussy tastes like warm honey,” and as her brother groaned at her analogy, she pulled his hand from his cock and sucked it into her mouth again.“Oh fuck Sarah,” Steve croaked as his sister began to fellate him for a second time that day. Even though he had already cum twice, the combination of hearing about Sarah and Leah’s first time, and his sister’s expert oral skills had him approaching his third orgasm.Sarah could still taste the mixture of Steve’s sperm and her own pussy juice as she sucked her brother’s cock, and she could tell it wouldn’t be long before he was shooting another load of cum into her warm, sucking mouth, and that was when she lifted her face from his crotch and whispered, “Steve, how would you like to watch Leah and I lick each other’s pussies?”Before he even had a chance to reply, Sarah plunged her mouth back down onto his hard shaft, and as the thought of watching them lick each other registered in his brain, he cried out, “Oh God Sarah, yes… I’m cummminnnggg!!!”Sarah felt his shaft jerk once, then twice, and then the third contraction sent a spurt of warm, sweet cum splashing over her tongue. Since he had already cum twice, the payload he delivered wasn’t nearly as big as the first one she had sucked from him, but the feeling was every bit intense.Now Steve’s moans were almost in agony, and the fact was he did feel a little bit of discomfort as the overworked muscles at the base of his penis pumped out their third load in less than two hours. But the pain took nothing away from the incredible pleasure his sister’s mouth was delivering to his spurting cock.When Steve had cum in her mouth the first time, there was so much thick spunk that Sarah had to swallow numerous times to get it all down. But with this being his third orgasm in such a short period of time, his young balls hadn’t had time to replenish the fluids he had already expelled, so Sarah was able to let his entire load collect in her mouth, and when she felt the twitching in his hard shaft stop, she swallowed the whole thing in one loud gulp.Sarah sat up, licking any remnants of her brother’s sperm from her lips, and then she laughed as she looked down to see him lying motionless on the couch, almost as if he were in a c***. When his eyes finally fluttered open, she smiled and said, “What’s wrong b*o… did I wear you out?”“Uh huh,” was all he could groan.Then with a laugh, Sarah said, “Well just think, a couple of hours ago you had never even seen a live girl naked, and now you’ve licked pussy, gotten two blowjobs, and lost your virginity… I’d say it’s been a good day for you.”“What about you Sarah,” Steve asked.“I’ve loved every minute of it,” she replied, leaning over and giving him a peck on the lips.As he began regaining his strength, Steve said, “Sarah, were you serious when you asked if I would like to see you and Leah together, or was that just put out there to get me to cum?”“No, I was serious,” Sarah replied, and then she said, “I’ll just have to think of how to go about it… maybe I’ll see if she wants to come over and stay the night, and then we’ll go from there.”“Tonight,” Steve asked, surprised and overjoyed that Sarah really wanted to make it happen.“Sure,” she replied, and then she added, “Leah knows I’m becoming a nudist, so it might not completely freak her out if I’m naked in front of you… that might get the ball rolling.”“Are you sure my being here won’t make her uncomfortable?” Steve asked, suddenly concerned about how Leah might react.“Dude, I already told you that Leah’s a little bit of a freak when it comes to sex, so let’s just see what happens.” she replied.Steve nodded his approval, and then he asked, “Sarah… is Leah, you know, a lesbian?”Sarah laughed and said, “No… bi maybe, like me, but not a lesbian… in fact, she has a major crush on you b*o.”“A crush on me… why the fuck didn’t you tell me that Sarah,” Steve asked in an annoyed tone, and then he said, “You know I’ve liked her for over a year.”“I know… and I didn’t tell her you had a crush on her either,” Sarah replied.“So if you knew we both had a crush on each other, why didn’t you tell us,” Steve asked, suddenly confused.“Because if I did, and things didn’t work out, then either one or both of you might blame me for hooking you two up, and I didn’t want to hurt my relationship with my brother or my best friend,” Sarah explained, and then she added, “So I figured I’d just let you two figure it out on your own.”“I guess that makes sense… sorry I got pissed at you s*s,” Steve said apologetically.“It’s okay,” Sarah replied, and then she said, ”but you have to promise me that you won’t tell her that I said anything… please.”“I promise,” he replied, and then he said, “Sarah, if you do invite Leah over, and something does happen, aren’t you worried she might tell someone… I mean we are brother and sister, so something like that getting around school might not be good.”Sarah just laughed and said, “First of all, Leah is my best friend so I trust her, and second, she’s been licking my pussy for the last few years, do you think she wants THAT going around the school?”“Ahhh, good point,” Steve said with a laugh, and then he said, “Well, go ahead and see if she wants to come over.”With that, Sarah picked up her cell phone and called Leah. Steve sat next to her as she waited, and then suddenly she said, “Hey Leah, what are you up to?” After a pause while her friend answered her question, Sarah said, “Hey, I wanted to see if you wanted to sleep over tonight… my folks are out of town so I’ll be hanging out.”Steve could feel his heart racing as he waited to hear what Leah’s reply would be, and then he smiled when Sarah said, “Cool, c’mon over whenever you want,” and then she added, “And remember I’m doing the whole nudist thing, so don’t freak out if I’m naked.”Once again there was another pause, and then Sarah said, “Yeah, Steve will be here but he’s cool with it.” Then Sarah held up her index finger in the ‘pause’ motion as Leah said something, and then she winked at Steve and said, “Yeah, I think he got a hard on, but he didn’t say anything.”Steve’s eyes got as big as saucers when he heard Sarah tell Leah she had given him an erection, but then Sarah smiled and said, “Yeah, it looked pretty big,” and then she added, “Leah, is the fact that I gave my brother a hard on turning you on?”Suddenly Sarah got an ‘OMG’ look on her face, and as she gave Steve a thumbs up she said, “Well don’t masturbate now… let me take care of that problem when you get here.” And then she added, “I can’t believe everyone thinks you’re such a goody two-shoes, you horny bitch.”Sarah began laughing hysterically, and Steve imagined Leah was doing the same, and then Sarah finally said, “Okay, I’ll see you when you get here.”As Sarah hung up the phone, she felt her pussy tingling at the prospect of what might happen that night. At the same time, she was amazed to see Steve’s penis actually swelling again at the same thought, and she said, “You better let that thing recharge… she’s coming over.”Steve just smiled ear to ear and nodded.FIN – Part IDisclaimer: As always, this copyrighted story is physical and intellectual property of the author. It is a work of fantasy, is protected by law, and meets all federal and state statutes involving written erotica. It also conforms to all legal restrictions on written erotica and the Byrne Convention, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only. Any attempt to reproduce this story in its original, or altered form will be met with legal action.

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