Double Dare! Part3

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Double Dare! Part3″So, what’s dare?” asked the young redheaded Katie staring at us.”Err?” me, my blonde haired cousin Josie, and her hot ebony friend Emily, replied not sure how to reply.Then our college professor Mr Mane stood up and said “Okay, people. We’re nearly at the farm. So, make sure you’ve got all your belongings, because the coach isn’t stopping with us, it’ll be back later to pick us up!””Oh thank god!” exclaimed my cousin, and quickly the three of us got properly dressed again, and as the coach pulled into the farm yard, we joined the others to get off.As we climbed out our professor gestured to an old grey haired man near the main farm house, and said “Okay, if you go over there, and say hello to Mr Hall, he owns the farm and will be talking to us today about sustainable management diversity, as part of your course work!”As the others all trudged across the farm yard to the owner, the young innocent Katie stepped up beside us and asked again “So, what is the game of dare?””You don’t know what dare is?” asked Emily back.”No” replied KatieIt wasn’t surprising Katie didn’t know, she was after all one of the A stars of the college, always did her college work, always got A’s, and didn’t really join in with the parties or other things the rest of us got up to.”Well…” Emily then said “It’s basically, we dare each other to do things!””Like what?” asked Katie”Like…” replied Emily quickly trying to think of something “I dare you to… hop across the yard to the others!”Katie looked over at the rest of the group gathered around the farmer already and replied “Oh, okay” and then on one foot began hopping across the yard towards them.As she did, Emily grinned and then said “This is going to be fun!””Oh no” my cousin sighed unhappily.We then strolled over to join the others, and as we reached the others Katie glanced at us and smiled.”Did it!” she whispered triumphantly.”Yes” replied Emily “But from here on in, the dare’s get harder!””Oh” Katie replied.”You ready for it?” Emily then asked”I think so?” replied Katie.”Okay” Emily then said, before glancing at Josie and smiling.”This is a bad idea” whispered my cousin back, but Emily was already thinking of the game.”I dare you stand next to the professor… and then bend over for 30 seconds!” Emily then said looking at my cousin.”Really?” asked my cousin unhappily.”I double dare you!” replied Emily.My cousin sighed unhappily, as she did a lot during these games, then stepped casually over to the professor, who was busy listening to what the farmer was talking about, before she then bent over, as if tying up her shoe, and showed off her slim legs and little round arse in her tight grey leggings that didn’t leave much to the imagination.As she stood bent over, we noticed the professor glance down at her and his eyes widen at the sight of her little round arse protected by just a thin layer of nylon, before finally my cousin stood up, adjusted her long blonde hair, and then casually stepped back to us.”Done” she then whispered.”So, I dare you… to do the same!” she then said.”But i’m wearing a skirt, and no knickers!” replied Emily, sounding a little worried for the first time.”Double dare you!” retorted my cousin “Or do I have to tell the others why you wouldn’t do it?”Emily then sighed, before casually stepping over to the professor, and then after a moment of clearly building herself up to go for it, she bent over and stayed like it.Now from where I was stood, I could clearly see her short black skirt had risen up, showing off her little ebony legs and most of her little round ebony arse, and as she remained bent over, the professor glanced down at her, and his eyes widen even more as he stared at Emily’s little naked arse cheeks.Then Emily stood up, adjusted her long black hair, glanced at the professor with a smile, and then casually stepped back to us.”There!” she whispered.”So, Ron” she then said looking at me “I dare you to… stand in front of Katie and flash your arse!””What?” I asked, because that just sounded a little weird.”Just do it!” replied Emily.So, I casually as I could, stepped in front of Katie, and then loosened my jeans, before quickly pushing them down a little a flashing her my arse cheeks.Katie, according to Emily later, looked very shocked on seeing my white arse cheeks directly in front of her, like she was worried they would smack her in the face, before she looked around at the others and asked “Why did Ron, just flash his arse at me?””It was his dare!” replied Emily “And now its your turn again””Oh okay” Katie said, sounding a little nervous.”So, I dare you to… flash your arse at us!” Emily then said.”Oh, okay” Katie muttered, before she then stepped in front of the three of us, and glancing around to make sure no one else would see, she then reached down, took hold of her long flowery summer dress, and quickly lifted the back of it up.We all then stared at her little white legs, and her little round arse covered in a pair of aqua blue knickers, and I instantly felt my cock twitch a little, as I did.Katie then lowered her dress, and glanced nervously at us with a smile, and Emily grinned and stuck her thumbs up in approval.Then the farmer suddenly said we should go to the barn to see what he was talking about, which of course we hadn’t been listening too, and slowly we all trudged around the farmhouse to the old breeze block barn beside it, and as we stood inside and he continued his talk, Emily glanced at my cousin and said “Your turn again! I dare you to… flash some side boob to Katie!””Fine” sighed my cousin, because it wasn’t that bad a dare.Then my cousin stepped up beside Katie, before casually lifting her white t-shirt up a little revealing the side of one of her small white boobs, and for a moment stood there, however Katie didn’t seem to notice, so then my cousin lowered it again.”Your niğde escort bayan go!” my cousin then whispered back to Emily, who looked a little annoyed she had got away with it so easily.”I dare you to… flash your boobs at Katie!” Josie then said, grinning.Emily just shrugged, then slowly stepped in front of Katie, before turning towards her, and lifting up her t-shirt and flashing her little ebony tits with their hard little black nipples, and Katie instantly looked very shocked as she stared at them.Then Emily lowered her top and re-joined us.”Ron’s go!” she then said “I dare you Ron to… rub yourself up against Katie!””What?” I exclaimed a little too loudly, making everyone glance at me, before they turned back around again to listen to the farmer.”I can’t do that! It’s weird!” I then whispered to Emily.”Do it! or i’ll double dare you!” replied Emily.So, reluctantly, I moved up behind Katie, and then whispered into her ear “Katie, just stand still, I’ve got to rub myself up against you””What?” Katie asked looking confused over shoulder at me.Then I stepped up against her, pushing my semi hard bulge into her soft covered arse cheeks, and began gently grinding against her.”Oh!” Katie gasped with a look of surprise, as she felt my now growing bulge pushing into her soft warm covered arse cheeks.For about a minute I gently ground myself against her, and nervously she stood there letting me do it, until finally I stopped and whispered “Sorry. and err… thank you!”As I stepped back to Emily and Josie, they could see the bulge in my jeans, and Emily had to hide her giggles as she stared at me.Then once she had stopped laughing, she stepped over to Katie and whispered “I dare you to… take off your panties, and wrap it around the boner you just gave Ron!””What?” Katie replied looking even more shocked than she ever had until now.”Go on, I double dare you! Which means you can’t get out of it, or I tell everyone in our class why!” Emily then said, and Katie glanced around and then replied “Oh okay”The little petite teen girl, with her big bushy red hair, then as casually as she could reached down and under her long summer dress, before with a little wriggling, actually managed to pull down her little blue panties, and then stepped out of them.She then picked them up, and casually stepped towards me, before whispering “Ron. I’ve got to… err… wrap my panties around your… err… penis””Okay” I replied, before as casually as I could, I undid my jeans a little and released my now fairly hard member, and Katie stared at it with amazement, and I got the feeling it might have been the first real hard cock she had ever seen.Then she gently took hold of it with her little fingers before wrapping her aqua blue panties around it, and then looking up at me with a nervous smile, she then stepped away again.”Your turn!” Emily whispered to my cousin “I dare you to… jerk Ron’s cock with her panties!” Josie sighed, and then casually reached over to my hard member, wrapped in Katie’s aqua blue panties, and taking hold of it, began to gently massage my cock.I instantly had to fight the urge to moan out loud, the thought of my hot blonde cousin jerking my hard member right there surrounded by our class mates and professor was amazing, and the fact I had Katie’s knickers wrapped around my cock, was so hot as well.For about a minute my cousin stood beside me, gently stroking my cock in those panties, and as I glanced around I saw Emily watching and grinning, and Katie staring in disbelief, then my cousin stopped stroking my length and glancing down I saw I had made a small wet patch in the material.Josie was then about to say something to Emily, when our professor then exclaimed “Okay. Well that sounded all good didn’t it? Now, I think we should take a break, its been a long morning!”So, then farmer Hall then led us to his back garden, a huge nicely cut lawn with big bushes and trees surrounding it, and eagerly we all sat on the grass for a break.Emily however made sure the four of us were sat a little further away from the others, and as we sat down in a circle, with Josie to my left, Emily to my right and Katie opposite me, my cousin then said “Right, its your turn Emily!””Okay, bring it on!” grinned Emily.”Fine!” replied my cousin “I dare you to… suck on Ron’s pantie covered cock!””Okay” grinned her hot ebony friend.Then Emily leaned over towards me, undid my jeans, and my hard panty covered cock popped out, and then she took hold of it, wrapping her warm soft hand around it, before she lowered her mouth and engulfed my panty covered member.As her lips clamped onto the soft cotton material, and began moving up and down my hard length, I glanced over at Katie, and she stared in wide eyed amazement as she watched two of her classmates getting it on.For the next minute or so, Emily bobbed her head on my meat pole, and I could feel her warm breath and wet saliva through the material, until finally she lifted her head back off, and revealed Katie’s now fairly wet panties clinging to my hard length.Emily then licked her lips, glanced at Katie and said “Mmmm… I could taste you too!”Katie just stared back, looking a little shocked, before Emily then said “Hey Ron, I dare you to… rub your big hard panty covered cock over Katie’s lips!””What?” Katie exclaimed “Urgh! no!” she then said.”If you don’t let Ron do it, i’ll have to tell everyone why!” replied Emily firmly “So, I double dare him!”Katie looked at me, and I shrugged back at her hoping she would say yes, and then finally she nodded in agreement, and I shuffled over to her on my knees, before lifting my hard panty covered cock to her soft red lips and then placed it against them.For the next minute I rubbed my stiff hard cock back and forth against her mouth, and she wrinkled up her nose in disgust as I did, until finally escort niğde I stopped and sat back.Emily giggled again, as Katie began licking her lips with a grimace, clearly tasting Emily’s saliva, her own musk and probably a bit pf pre cum from my cock.Then Emily said “So, Katie, I dare you to… flash us your pussy!””No!” replied Katie “That would be… wrong!””Go on, or i’ll double dare you!” replied Emily.Katie looked at me and Josie, and we both stared at her back with blank looks wondering if she would or not, until finally she sighed and then took hold of the bottom of her dress, and quickly lifted it up, and we all saw her furry red pussy, clearly never had had a razor near it, in all its glory.Then after a few seconds she quickly lowered her dress and looked very red face and embarrassed.”Well done!” grinned Emily “And I like the bush! very 80’s!” she then said cheekily.”Right, Josie’s turn!” Emily then said “I dare you to… take Katie’s panties off Ron’s dick, and masturbate with them!””Fine!” my cousin sighed.She then pushed down her skin tight leggings, to reveal her slim pale legs and perfectly smooth bald pussy, before she reached over and pulled the aqua blue wet panties off my hard cock, stuffed them between her legs, and began rubbing herself with them.My cock twitched several times as my hot blonde cousin, in front of the three of us, began rubbing those already wet panties against her pussy lips, and even stuffed a bit inside, and for the next minute or so she moaned softly with her eyes closed as she rubbed herself off, and eagerly the three of us watched her.Then after a bit my cousin sighed, opened her eyes and looked over at Emily “I dare you to do the same!”and then she tossed Emily the now very wet aqua panties, and Emily caught them and replied “okay”She then lifted up her short skirt to reveal her little moist ebony bald pussy, before she pushed those panties up against them and began rubbing herself eagerly.As she did she grinned at all of us as we watched, and for the next minute or more Emily happily masturbated herself with those panties.Then finally she stopped, before she then tossed them to me and said “I dare you Ron to… suck on those panties while jerking yourself off!”I glanced at those now soaked little aqua blue panties in my hand, soaked in both Josie’s and Emily’s pussy juices, and had once been on Katie’s little furry pussy too, and replied “Okay” and after taking a deep breath, I quickly stuffed those panties into my mouth, and then taking hold of my hard cock began jerking myself, in front of three very hot teen girls.For another minute or so I stroke my hard cock while chewing on those pussy flavoured panties, and with all three women watching me as well, I was kind of excited and could have happily cum then.But then Emily suddenly said “I dare Katie to… suck on Ron’s cock!””What? No, someone might see!” she replied looking very worried.”That’s the point. its part of the game, now do it, or i’ll double dare you!” replied Emily back.Katie was hesitant, but then slowly moved towards me, before she opened her mouth, and then lowered it, and I groaned into her wet panties in my mouth, as her soft little lips clamped around my bare hard meat pole and began sucking on it.I glanced down to be sure, and yes, the redheaded, innocent A student was now sucking on my cock, and as she did, she got more and more into I think, because her mouth soon slipped down my length and was eagerly sucking on more of it as the seconds passed.For the next minute or two Katie eagerly sucked on my hard cock, as I continued to suck on her panties, and I glanced over at my cousin and Emily, and they were both watching intensely.Then Emily said to my cousin “I dare you to… suck on Ron’s balls!”And my cousin sighed, before she laid down under Katie, moved towards my hanging hairy balls, and then clamped her lips around them and began sucking on them as well.I was now in pleasure over load as two hot women, one of them my cousin, were now sucking on my genitals, and for another minute or two we stayed like that, until my cousin looked up and said “Ron. I dare you to fuck Emily’s pussy!”I glanced at Emily and she grinned back at me, and I replied “Okay!”And as Josie and Katie stopped sucking on me and moved back to sitting down, I moved over to Emily, who lay on her side facing the other two, and I got down behind her, lifted her top leg a little, and then placed my hard length up against her smooth moist pussy.Then I gently thrust forwards, and my cock eased between her ebony lips, and slipped inside of her, and Emily moaned softly as I entered her, before together we began to gently grind.My big hard cock now steadily pumped back and forth in her wet pussy, and I reached around and placed a hand on one of her soft little boobs, and as we fucked, we both looked back at Josie and Katie watching us in amazement.For the next few minutes I fucked that hot ebony teen in the open, and loved every second, before my cousin then said “Okay, I dare Katie to… lick you both as you fuck!”Katie looked a little nervous and then replied “Okay” before she crawled over to us, lowered her mouth, and began licking at my shaft and Emily’s splayed pussy.Her little wet tongue just added to the excitement as it brushed along my moving shaft, and teased Emily’s little clit, and even Katie seem to be enjoying it as she eagerly licked at us both, for another few minutes we stayed just like that, until Emily looked up and said “I dare you Josie to… let Ron fuck your pussy!”Josie looked instantly nervous, I had cum over her pussy, and fucked her arsehole, but had never fucked her smooth bald little wet crack, but after a moment she replied “Err… okay”And then Katie sat back, and I kind of reluctantly, pulled my hard cock from Emily’s pussy, before moving towards my cousin, niğde escort and she slowly lowered her leggings further, before lying on her side like Emily had, and eagerly I got behind her, lifted her top slim leg, and then placed my hard wet cock at her entrance.My cousin glanced at me waiting for the moment, and then with a little thrust again, my round cockhead pushed between her soft bald lips, and slipped into her moist pussy hole.She moaned softly like Emily had, and then stared right at me, as I began thrusting gently back and forth inside of her, and I began to get the feeling she was actually enjoying it, almost like she had been waiting for this.For the next minute or two again, I gently fucked my cousin, my hard cock sliding back and forth in her beautiful wet teen pussy, and we stared at each other the entire time, before I glanced around and saw Emily smiling and watching while rubbing her pussy, and even Katie was gently fondling herself.Then after another minute or so had gone bye, I glanced over at Emily and said “I dare you to… lick Katie’s pussy!””Okay” grinned Emily, and she then moved towards the young innocent red head, and Katie nervously watched as the hot ebony girl in front of her, then lowered her head between her pale little legs.I then saw Katie moan softly and close her eyes as Emily clearly began to lick at her furry pussy, and as I continued to fuck my cousin’s hot wet pussy, Emily licked happily at Katie’s.We all stayed like that for a good few more minutes, until Emily looked over at me and said “Ron. you’ve got to come and fuck this pussy!””Is that a dare?” I asked”Absolutely!” grinned Emily.And reluctantly I pulled my hard cock from Josie’s pussy, and even she seemed a little disappointed, and moved towards Katie who was now sitting back on her elbows as Emily licked her pussy.Then Emily moved aside, and I crawled between Katie’s little bare legs, placed my hard rod up against her furry bush, and after locating her split, I gently eased forwards, and her little hairy lips parted and I slipped inside of her.”Oh god!” I heard Katie moan as I pushed my thick hard cock into her tight little moist hole.She really was tight and at first I could only get a few inches into her, but as I began to gently thrust back and forth inside of her, her pussy began to ease open and let me further in, and she lay beneath me moaning softly as I fucked her.”Is that good?” asked Emily with a grin.”Yes! oh god yes!” replied Katie as she took more and more of my cock up inside of her.For the next few minutes I laid on top of Katie pumping my hard cock into her furry wet pussy, and that hot redheaded teen was innocent no more.As I continued to pump into her pussy, getting a little faster and firmer as I did, Emily glanced at Josie and said “I dare you to… eat my pussy!”And Josie replied “Okay, but only if you dare to eat mine!””Emily grinned and replied “Okay!”And my cousin and her friend then assumed a sixty nine position beside us and began licking and sucking on each others pussies.We were now all fucking and moaning, half naked in the morning sunshine, on some farmers back garden, on a field trip from college, and yet we didn’t seem to care, and for another few minutes we continued to fuck away happily.But my excitement had begun to build when I was buried in my cousin’s pussy, now I was in the hot college student pussy, watching my cousin licking another girls pussy, It had begun to rise even more.Oh god!” I muttered after another few minutes of fucking that young innocent redheaded.”Oh god! oh god!” I muttered again.Emily then looked up and said “Are you about to cum Ron?” “Yes! I’m nearly there!” I groaned”Then I dare you Katie to… let Ron cum all over your furry bush!””Okay!” replied Katie between heavy breaths.”Really?” I asked as I continued to pump into her.”Yes! Do it! I want you to cum on my furry bush!” she replied with a smile “Just don’t stop until you do!”So eagerly I carried on fucking her, pumping my hard cock into Katie’s little wet pussy, giving her now my whole length, and she was clearly loving it, breathing heavily and moaning constantly as I did, and after another minute or so I felt my balls begin to tighten.”Oh god! I’m nearly there! I’m nearly there!” I groaned”Yes! Yes! Yes! yes!” moaned Katie beneath me.My cock was now pumping powerfully into her little wet cunt, and my balls were slapping against her soft warm arse cheeks, and with Emily and my cousin still licking each other and moaning beside us, I just couldn’t hold on any longer.”Oh god! Here it…. CUMS!” I then groaned loudly, before I pulled my hard throbbing cock from Katie’s little pussy, and with a loud groan began pumping my seed all over her.My white warm stick goo squirted out, and splattered all over her furry red bush, and excitedly she cried out “Yes! Yes! Do it Ron! Do It! Cum all over my pussy! I want you to do it!”And I did, showering it in my white seed, and making her red little bush all sticky and tangled.For a good few seconds I unloaded everything I had in my balls, all over that cute freckled petite redhead, until finally I was spent, and stopped cumming, and then relaxed with a happy sigh, and she grinned up at me looking just as happy.Then Emily and Josie stopped licking each other and looked over at us, before Emily then said to Josie “I dare you to lick Katie’s bush clean!””I dare you to!” replied my cousin, and then they both crawled over to Katie, lowered their heads between her open legs, and began licking at the furry wet mess between her upper thighs.As they did, Katie pulled me towards her and we kissed, and kissed again, before she began moaning softly as the two girls between her legs, eagerly licked her clean.After another minute, we were suddenly interrupted when a familiar stern voice suddenly said “What the devil is going on here?”And looking up the four of us saw our professor standing over us, and staring at us in disbelief at our semi nakedness and clear sexual actions.”Err…?” replied Emily looking up at him “Biology homework!” she then said cheekily.TO Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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