Don’t Stop When the Quiver Starts

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Beautiful Dick

I want you to kiss me lover. Kiss me down below. Kiss me all over there, and make me wet with need and wanting. Kiss me till the quivering starts.

Lay me down on the bed. Kiss me upon my lips and suckle at my neck. Trail your wet mouth down the valley of my breasts and around my nipples. Feast upon them, one. And then the other. Feel them plump up in your mouth, and harden on your tongue.

Run your hands over my body. Feeling the warmth of my skin and roundness of my curves. Lower your body until you are knelt down below my belly. Lay your hands upon my knees and gently push them apart. Place a tender kiss upon the inside of my knee, and then the other. Running your hands, further and further up my thighs. Feel the tender skin that leads the way to where you seek. Back and forth, place more and more sweet kisses up my inner thighs. Entice my body to open up for you.

When you arrive at the place where my most sacred space is, stop. Sit back upon your heels and just relish the sight of me. Take a moment to tell me what you see. The soft curls of my hairs, that protect such a treasure. The slope of my mound, rising up and over my pelvis. The bits of flesh that are peeking out because you’ve aroused them. Arouse them more my Lover.

Slide your hands all the way up. Up to the place where the wealth of what you seek lies. Gently with your fingers feel the hair that covers it. As your fingers investigate further, notice how the strands wrap themselves around your digits. Enticing you to come and play with the spaces that they defend. Pull them apart to view that space. See how my lips lay down my kitty. How they fold themselves, just so; and await your ministrations? Minister to them. Kiss them.

That’s Escort Eryaman it. Lean over with your mouth and lay a kiss upon my lips. Feel them respond to you. Kiss them over and over, as you do to the lips upon my mouth. Tasting them. Run your tongue along their seem, tempting them to open for you. Suckle one into your mouth and feel it plump up in response. Tongue its mate. Tease them. Over and over and over and over. Until they are ripe and fat.

Settle yourself now, down upon the bed. Nestled between my legs. Your belly on the blanket, your elbows close to your body, and your mouth hovering over the juncture of my body. Look up at me. See me there before you, laid out upon the pillows, quietly waiting for you. My hair tossed around my shoulders. My breasts full and the nipples hard. My hand reaching out for you. Feel it rest on the top of your head. Applying the slightest of pressure to return. “Please Lover.” Wanting you to kiss me again.

Begin again with those sweet kisses that you know I enjoy so much. Tasting the moisture that has begun to seep out and coat my lips. Relish in its flavor. Tell me that you like it. Tell me how sweet it tastes. Hear my mewl at such a statement.

Smile to yourself. Grin from ear to ear. Take that moment to enjoy what you create inside of me with your kisses lover. Then go back to doing it.

Notice how my lips pucker up for you now. How reddened in nature they have become. Prop your forearms against my open thighs, and using your fingers, reach up and spread them wide apart. Find the lips you know you want to grow as well. See them there, soft and seeping their juice; provoking you to come to them. Go to them Lover. Lay your strong lips against Eryaman Escort their soft nature and provoke them to open for you.

“Oh! Yes. Like that.” You hear the words coming out of my mouth as you feel my hips buck in reply.

Continue kissing them. Lapping your tongue over them and around them. Tasting each petal that unfold itself for you. Each one wanting you to kiss it next. Suckle on it just a bit longer. Stroking along its edges. Giving it your attentions. To feel the silkiness of your tongue against it.

Feel my body start to shudder, and my hips bounce, at your kisses. You wonder if this is my ending. You pause and look at me for some notion as to continue or not. “Don’t Stop!” you hear. Watching my head shake back and forth. “Don’t stop until I tell you too.” You feel my hands grabbing at your head with determination. “Don’t stop until I push you away and close my legs. Don’t stop even if I buck and scream at you. Please, oh please just keep going.”

Tell me that you understand lover. Tell me that you want to keep going, by putting your mouth where I need it. “Oh please.” you hear my answer to your decision.

Start at the top and work your way down to the source of all the juice, that is starting to cover your own lips. Dip your tongue into the pot of honey. Wiggle it around to gather more of it into your mouth. Fuck me with your tongue. Feel my body begin to fuck you back. Rocking back and forth into the rhythm that it craves.

“Yes!” and “More.” “Oh God!” and “Hmmmmmmm!” Hear the words tumbling off of my lips, encouraging you to go on. And on. And on.

Feel my body go from gentle rocking to thrusting. My legs start to tremble. Hear my screams getting louder. Eryaman Escort Bayan Point your tongue hard and apply the pressure of it deep inside of me. Even now, Don’t stop! Know that I am cumming. Climaxing on your tongue in my body. The vitality pouring out of my kitty.

But even as I start to shake hard, don’t stop. Lick up my slit, then down again, over and over, in response. . Take me from one climax, to the next. Know that even now, it is just a climax. “So sensitive. Oh God. So much! So gooooood.” Stimulate my pussy until I’m a mess of moaning and shaking. Till the words coming out of my mouth go from English, to non-sense.

Then lick my clitoris my sweet. Feel my body try to shake you off, by bucking hard against your face. Place your hands on my hips, and hold them down. Kiss it again. Lap at it as it swells up and hardens for you. Push the folds of the hood away and rub your nose against it. Stroke it with your tongue and suck it like a mini appendage. Bite it. Gently.

Kiss me until the orgasm starts. Hide your surprise at the flow of cum, as it hits your face. Coating your nose and chin. Keep kissing my pussy as it squirts and spurts its release. As my body goes from bucking to shaking. As my moans go from coherent, to guttural. Feel my thighs close around your head, pinning the source of such pleasure to me.

Kiss me until it finishes. Kiss me as my thighs part for you again. Kiss me until I’m a panting, moaning puddle of sweat and exhaustion. Kiss me until I pull at your head.

Smile as you know now, what your kisses can do to me. Take satisfaction in being able to furnish such pleasure for me. Lay a last kiss upon the top of my mound. Then rise up and kiss me Lover. Kiss me up here. Kiss me down there. Kiss me all over there, and make me wet with need and wanting. Kiss me till the quivering starts. Kiss me till the quivers become shakes and you think that I’m done. Oh, my lover I am far from done. It is just the beginning of the pleasure we will share.

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