Don’t Make My Mistakes

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Stacey crept down the stairs and quietly went into the kitchen without turning on any lights as there was enough glow coming in from the outside to allow her to see where she was going. “Seems funny creeping about my house,” Stacey thought to herself as she opened the door to the tall upright fridge and was suddenly illuminated in the glow, revealing he naked body. Stacey hadn’t bothered putting on a nightdress or grabbing a gown as the house was still warm though at 2 am it was starting to cool a little causing her nipples to harden. Reaching for the iced water Stacey’s hand brushed across the cucumber she had bought earlier and wicked thoughts crossed her mind as she caressed it with her hand. Admonishing herself as she had perfectly good dildos upstairs Stacey put the cucumber back and poured herself a glass of ice-cold water before closing the fridge putting the kitchen back into semi-darkness.

Stacey often wandered round the house naked since her only daughter, Becky, had started university a year last September. Stacey sighed as she looked at a picture of Becky on the fridge at age 10 with her freckled face and blonde hair falling in short soft curls framing her pretty face. “You haven’t changed much despite being all grown up now,” Stacey thought to herself as she recalled how in a whirl Becky had turned 18 then after a ‘total blast in the sun’ as Becky had called it, had packed herself off to university leaving Stacey in the house on her own. “At least she was back for the Christmas holidays,” though Becky had little doubt she would be off out drinking and partying for most of the time, and not with her Mum who would be far too old for her.

As Stacey walked slowly along the hallway leading to the stairs, she caught sight of herself in the full-length mirror in the hall and from the outside street lamp appraised herself. “Guess I don’t look that bad,” she said quietly, before adding, “in this light,” and then sucking her tummy looked again with a critical eye. “OK” she thought as she patted her rump, “perhaps there was a few extra pounds on there but hell not bad for 45.” Stacey turned her head from side to side in the reflection looking at what she saw. Like her daughter Stacey had her hair short but hers was a mousier brown than blonde and straight rather than the natural curls that Becky had retained from her childhood. Then Stacey weighed each of her full beasts in each hand and noticed the slight sag that was there mainly due to gravity pulling her 38D breasts downwards every day. Rolling a thumb across each large pink nipple she felt them harden even more and as her breathing quickened, she slowly started to pinch, feeling a tingling in her groin. Chuckling in her throat she knew that one of the things her daughter would complain about was her own lack of breasts and would often joke that she had inherited her father’s breasts rather than her mothers.

Thinking of Robert, Becky’s father, Stacey wondered what he was doing this Christmas and if he would be as lonely as she was when Becky had spent last Christmas at her Father’s and his new wife as well as her younger step brother and sister. “I guess he has his new family round him now,” thought Stacey though she couldn’t really blame him, after all it was her fault they had split up.

Robert had come home early one afternoon from his job at the bank and found his wife in bed with her head buried between another woman’s thighs. To make matters worse the woman that Stacey was eating out with considerable relish and gusto was Robert’s own sister Helen. After lots of recriminations and some fairly strong words Robert & Stacey had split with Stacey getting day to day custody of Becky, who was 5 at the time, on the proviso that Stacey kept her sexuality from her daughter. Whilst it tore Stacey up inside to hide in that way, the thought of losing Becky was too much so she agreed to Robert’s only condition.

The affair with Helen fizzled out pretty quickly after Robert had threatened to tell their parents and over the years Stacey had a few brief flings when Becky was with her father but nothing permanent. In her later childhood years every time Becky would raise the question as to why her parents had split up, Stacey would change the subject. She assumed Robert had not revealed anything either as Becky had never hinted that she knew the reason behind the split. Once Becky turned 18 and left for University Stacey spread her wings, and her legs, and was enjoying a late flush of some very exciting affairs. Even though Robert could not take Becky away, Stacey had never quite found the courage to tell her daughter.

Realising she was standing on the spot getting colder Stacey shook herself and mounted the stairs to go back to bed. “Maybe I will try out one of my new vibes” she thought trying to remember if it had a silent mode. As she passed Becky’s room, she heard what sounded like moans of pain coming from Becky’s room and stopped. Tapping gently on the door she whispered, gorukle escort “Are you OK Becky?” Not getting any reply Stacey repeated herself a little louder before she gently eased the door open and stuck just her head round the door, keeping the rest of her body behind the door to conceal her nakedness.

Becky was on the bed on all fours and totally naked, her ass pointing towards Stacey who stood open mouthed. Her daughter had her hand between her legs and was rubbing herself furiously as she was glued to the screen, and the reason she hadn’t answered her mother became clear as she had headphones on. Stacey was rooted to the spot as she watched her daughter slide two fingers into what was clearly a very wet pussy and then back over her clit, grinding her hips down onto her fingers. Stacey couldn’t see the screen but guessed by the way her daughter was acting it was porn of some type.

Suddenly Becky moved and reached under her pillow and her hand came holding a small pink vibrator shaped like a man’s penis. Stacey held her breath and went to duck out of sight but could see that Becky wasn’t going to move from her position, just the dildo was replacing the fingers. Stacey could feel her juices trickling down her inner thighs as she watched her daughter drive the dildo in and out of her pussy, her pink lips wrapped round the shaft covering it in her juices. The sound of Becky fucking herself filled the room along with the heady aroma of her sex sending Stacey wild. As Stacey watched she saw Becky jerk and writhe in orgasm and a copious amount of fluid bubbled round the dildo and all Stacey could think of was “she is a squirter like me.”

If it hadn’t been her daughter Stacey would have been on the bed in a flash, but instead she quietly shut the door and made her way back to her room, her heart pounding in her chest and her brain spinning at a thousand miles per hour. Lying on her back on her bed Stacey stared into the darkness and the picture of her daughter masturbating to porn was very clear in her mind’s eye. As Stacey pictured the youthful lithe body, she felt herself getting wetter and wetter and had an over whelming urge to touch herself. “Oh God,” she thought, “I am getting turned on by my own daughter’s body,” and as Stacey started to strum her clit, she found herself wondering what he daughter might taste like. “I shouldn’t think like this,” Stacey chided herself but the image was too strong as she saw in detail her daughter’s fingers covered in sticky goo and wished that it was her goo they were covered in. Stacey had to bite her lip to stop herself from crying out as she orgasmed on her own fingers, plunging three in and out while twisting her nipple with the other hand, just like her semi-regular girlfriend did.


Late the following morning Becky came into the kitchen as Stacey was making herself a sandwich as it was nearly lunchtime and said, “Morning Mum, I slept like a log last night.”

Stacey had to bite back the comment about, “not surprised after you fucked yourself silly,” and instead replied, “So what plans do you have for what left of the day, it’s still a week until Christmas so guess you will be out partying every evening.”

“Dunno Mum,” Becky replied, “not sure if I am honest if I even want to mix with the old crowd.”

Stacey detected a note of sadness in her daughter’s voice and pouncing on it asking, “Is everything OK Becky, is Uni going alright?”

“It’s fine Mum, don’t worry.” Becky laughed in response.

“It’s not boy trouble is it?” Stacey joked, “You are not going to make me a grandmother are you,” holding her hand to her mouth in mock horror.

The change that came over her daughter shocked Stacey as Becky snapped, “Stop bloody nagging me Mum, you are as bad as Dad, going on all the time about settling down and the patter of tiny feet. Am getting fed up of it.” With that Becky grabbed her jacket and left, slamming the door behind her leaving a shocked Stacey still holding the butter knife in one hand and a half-buttered slice of bread in the other.


A couple of hours later and a flurry of exchanged texts between them found things a little calmer with Stacey saying she was sorry and Becky doing the same. Becky had agreed she would be home around 7 and they could have dinner together and perhaps even watch a movie.

Stacey moved around the house with her usual efficiency and making sure everything was tidied away and with the bolognaise sauce bubbling away took some spare towels up to Becky’s bedroom. Opening the door and staring at the bed, Stacey got a flash back to last night’s scene and felt herself blush but at the same time get wet between her legs. Stacey hated herself but couldn’t help checking under the pillow and when she found the dildo bought it out and examined it carefully. Holding it to her nose she inhaled and could smell her daughter’s scent over the smell of the latex and she had the urge to actually lick it. altıparmak eskort bayan

Putting it back guiltily Stacey tidied the room and when she lifted the laptop from the bed and onto the chest of drawers when to her surprise it sprang into life. The wallpaper was some picture of her and Becky on holiday when Becky was still small and the screen was locked and demanded a password. Stacey knew she was wrong, she knew this was an invasion of her daughter’s privacy but she couldn’t help herself. As Stacey looked at the screen and wondered what the password might be, she recalled that yesterday when they had been clearing out the loft together, they had found an old hamster cage. Becky had clapped her hands in glee and they laughed about her daughter’s first pet, Mr Buggles, a hamster she had got for her 11th birthday. Mr Buggles had passed away in its cage one-night causing great grief and mourning throughout the house until it was buried with more pomp and ceremony than a state funeral. Becky wouldn’t stop talking about how much that hamster had meant to her and how she would always remember it.

Laughing softly to herself but biting her bottom lip in nervous anticipation Stacey typed in ‘MrBuggles’ to the laptop. To her complete surprise and amusement, the screen unlocked itself revealing the video player centre screen and without thinking she pressed play and the last thing that had been watched started to appear. As the video started to play Stacey knew it was porn, but to her shock what appeared on screen was not the hetro-porn she had expected. Instead the scene being played out was a very heavy lesbian scene involving an older woman and a younger girl who soon got down to business. As the story developed in silence Stacey watched as the older woman clearly was seducing the younger one and slowly undressing her. Seeing her daughter’s earphones Stacey slipped them on and was soon enthralled as she listened to the sounds of ecstasy coming from the screen.

Stacey watched the older woman fastening on the harness for a strap on that was considerably bigger than the pink dildo her daughter had used on herself, but not as big as some of the dildos Stacey owned. Sliding her hand inside her leisure pants Stacey started to rub herself in unison with the rubbing the older woman was doing on the younger girl getting her ready for the dildo. Finding the waistband was cutting into her wrist Stacey cursed and slipped the pants down to her ankles along with her cotton panties and started rubbing herself faster and harder. The earphones were filled with the sound of the young girl’s pussy being fucked hard and Stacey could feel her orgasm start to build. Just as she was about to cum Stacey felt the draught of the door opening and looking over her shoulder found herself looking straight into the face of her daughter.

“Oh God,” Stacey screamed trying to remove the earphones, shut the screen, remove her hand and pull up her pants all at the same time.

To her utter amazement Becky just burst into peals of laughter, in fact she was laughing so much she was doubled over and crying. Finally managing to stifle her laughter for a moment Becky looked at her mother and said, “When you are dressed, I think we need to have an honest mother/daughter talk. I will put the kettle on.” and with that went out of the room leaving Stacey frozen and stunned.

Mother and daughter sat over the kitchen table and looked at each other in silence before Becky said, “OK I will start. I have been having feelings towards other women for a while now but was worried what I would say to you and Dad.” Stacey nodded as Becky went on, “So I am guessing by the way you reacted to the porn on my laptop you have leanings that way yourself.” When she saw her mother blush deeply Becky let out another roar of laughter and then as realisation set in exclaimed, “That’s why you and Dad split wasn’t it? He found out you were a lesbian, no wonder he is so anti them.”

Stacey nodded as she said, “Yes that’s why we split. After he caught me, I agreed I would always keep it away from you otherwise your father would have taken you away from me.” Becky looked at her mother’s pain racked face as she went on, “I have always had feelings for other women but was told as I was growing up that was wrong and I so desperately wanted a child. The only way I could achieve that was to marry your father and live a lie and even after we split, I had to carry on living a lie. I feel like I have wasted so much of my life, apart from having you.”

Stacey could see her daughter’s razor-sharp mind whirring as she said, “Who did Dad catch you with?” then as she ran though her father’s words over the years it clicked into place, “You got caught with Aunty Helen, didn’t you? No wonder saying her name is like dropping a turd on the table in his house. Mum I love you and always will.” Standing the two women hugged and Stacey could feel their breasts mashed nilüfer eskort bayan together and her daughter’s hard nipples pressing against her making her pussy start to get moist.

As they broke from their embrace Becky looked at her mother and said with curiosity in her voice, “How did you know there was porn on my laptop anyway?”

Stacey blushed redder than she had ever thought possible as she stammered, “I watched you the other night.”

Becky’s voice had gone very husky and her face had started to get flushed as she replied, “you watched me orgasm and did you touch yourself afterwards?” Stacey just nodded dumbly not daring to let herself speak as Becky went on, “Did you cum imagining how I would taste, how it would feel to have my hands caressing your body?” As she was speaking Stacey watched her daughter slide her hands under her own short skirt and start to rub herself as she looked at her mother. “You were so sexy Mum, standing there with your fingers in your pussy, fingering yourself to my favourite porn clip.”

“Your favourite,” husked Stacey as her own hands started to duplicate that of her daughter’s and both women were touching themselves almost ready to make the first move and cross that boundary.

“Yes, my favourite,” moaned Becky as she eased her panties aside and pushed a finger inside herself, “because I always imagine the older woman to be you and the younger woman to be me.”

That was the signal that sparked something off in Stacey’s brain and pushed her beyond the point of no return. She stepped forward and tore open her daughter’s blouse sending buttons across the room. She had no bra fettering her small pert breasts and Stacey reached out and rolled a hard nipple between finger and thumb. “I have a strap on upstairs if you want.” Stacey said hoarsely looking deep into her daughter’s eyes.

“Oh yes Mum please.” Becky gasped arching her back to her mother’s hand before the two of them stumbled upstairs removing each other’s clothing as best they could until they reached Stacey’s bedroom.

The only item of clothing left on Becky’s young body was the tiniest pair of red briefs that were soaked through at the crotch. Stacey admired her daughter’s lithe body and watched as Becky hooked her panties with her thumbs, pulling them downwards to reveal a tiny landing strip of blonde pubic hair sitting just above her pussy lips. Lying back on the bed Becky crooked one knee so her pussy lips were parted and began to stroke herself gently as she murmured, “your turn Mum.”

Stacey blushed as she unhooked her bra and let her heavy breasts swing free, worried that perhaps they would be too large and ponderous for Becky’s taste. Her fears were removed as she heard daughter mutter under her breath, “Oh Mum they are magnificent.” To confirm her feeling Stacey saw her daughter part her pussy lips and start to rub at her engorged clit as she feasted her eyes on her Mother’s body. Stacey slipped her panties off revealing her much fuller bush and Becky licked her lips and uttered, “Oh yummy a hairy bush, now come here please I beg you.”

Allowing herself to be pulled to the bed Stacey cradled her daughters head as Becky started to suckle on each large nipple in turn, gently chewing sending waves of pleasure through Stacey’s body. Becky started to slide down her mother’s body intent of feasting on her pussy but Stacey stayed her progress to move them into a 69 position with Becky on top.

Becky looked down on her mother’s pussy and marvelled at the way her juices glistened on her pussy lips and reached out with a finger to trace along the delicate folds. Becky had decided not to tell her mother that this was the first time she had done more than just a kiss and a feel with another girl and bending her head took a long lick along her mother’s pussy lips.

Electric shocks ran through Stacey’s entire body as she felt her daughter lick and grabbing Becky’s small ass cheeks pulled her down and drove her tongue deep into her daughter’s pussy. As Becky licked and lapped at her mother, Stacey did the same to her daughter until both women were nearing their climax. Stacey thrust 2 fingers into her daughter’s wet pussy and started to finger fuck her hard and deep, twisting her fingers inside while licking at her clit and trying to hold her still with her spare hand.

Becky was in heaven and moaned into her mother’s pussy as she felt her orgasm about to burst, she wanted to reciprocate but found the sensations were so great it was all she could do to not explode.

Stacey felt her daughter tense and knowing what was coming clamped her mouth over her daughter’s pussy and felt her squirt into her throat. Stacey swallowed as much of the sweet juices as she could as Becky thrashed and moaned in total raptures.

“Oh my god Mum,” that was amazing Becky panted as she rolled off her mother and lay on the bed.

“There is more,” laughed Stacey as she removed a strap on harness from the bedside drawer and began to buckle it on. The large pink dildo jutted out from her groin and she grasped the base, though her fingers would hardly fit round it, and pointed it at her daughter. “Do you want me to fuck you like in the video?” Stacey asked in the best sexiest voice she could muster.

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