Donna’s Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02 Ch. 17

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Author’s Note

Chapters 12 through 17 are the final chapters to “Donna’s Ultra High Heels – Book 2” and will be sequentially submitted in both the Fetish and BDSM categories in the following order: Chapters 12, 14 and 17 in the Fetish category and chapters 13, 15, and 16 in the BDSM category.


Chapter 17

Donna and Ken went back to their room and he quickly removed the panty gag and arm straps, but left the posture collar in place, which was actually Donna’s request since she wanted the addition training. They both decided to relax and enjoy some private time together after the afternoon’s activities. They watched the recently installed color television that was available in all the rooms and marveled at the new perspective of such a revolutionary technology in 1962. About six o’clock, Donna said that she needed to start getting ready for the formal dinner at seven. They both took another shower with Donna going first to allow more time for her to get ready.

After her shower, she started the long process of preparing for the evening’s activities. First, she redid her make up by putting together her elegant air brush version that was even more refined than what she had done last night for the semi-formal occasion.

Then Donna put on her open tipped cone bra that she had worn for the first part of the sweater girl contest along with a clean pair of panties and absorbent. Next, she stepped into and had Ken help her zip up the striking ankle length, one piece, bright red silk, lace and brocade formal dress that was absolutely beautiful! It had a high scooped neckline and a modified empire bust line that consisted of opaque red silk material, covered with red sequins that essentially acted as cup shaped pockets for her cone bra shaped breasts and clamped nipples! The delicate wide setting shoulder straps were also made of the red brocade material and crisscrossed between those breast cups and ended at each side of the waist. They were designed and modified for Donna’s prominent and perky breasts, enhanced even more with her nipples captured in the cylinder clamps!

The dress properly presented Donna’s cone shaped breasts, while at the same time offering an overall elegant appearance as a formal the evening gown. The dress was tightly fitted around her waist and hips which, in turn showed off her figure to the fullest before slightly flaring out below her hips and illegal bahis then extended straight downward to her ankles, once again allowing Donna to show off her ultra high heel red suede PVA ballet pumps that she would soon put on. The long dress was also slit up the left side to slightly above the knee so that when she took a stride, her shapely leg and stocking would be elegantly displayed. Donna then added the pair of shoulder length red suede gloves before slipping into those breathtaking PVA ballet pumps that completed the elegant formal look of her ensemble for the evening.

Ken changed into his tux for the evening before they went downstairs for cocktails and dinner. At the cocktail portion of the party, Donna in particular, received a lot of complements from both the men and women about her bikini and sweater girl performances! Also, everyone was in awe of her 11-5/8 inch, past the vertical arch, ballet pumps that she easily maneuvered in while she moved around the room! All the girls had donned the highest heel they could manage, including Susan struggling in 6 inch stilettos while Linda was quickly learning to navigate in her new found vertical arched pumps that she had recently purchased from Ken’s store.

After sipping cocktails, mingling, and chatting for about half an hour, Linda indicated it was time for everyone to be seated at the same place they had the night before. After they were all sitting at their respective places, Paul started the process of announcing the winners and prizes for the winner’s afternoon’s contests. He again repeated the bikini contest winners and what the prizes were for each category.

Paul said since all the women had won at least one category in the bikini contest, there would be one prize for all the actual winners, another for the first runner’s up, and another for the second runner’s up. Paul said that prizes were pendant-type earrings with the fetish club logo engraved on them; gold for the winner, silver for the first runner up, and bronze for the second runner up. They would, again be mailed to their home in a few weeks.

Next, he announced that the winner of the sweater girl contest was Donna. The first and second runner’s up were Gina and Lisa, respectively. The prizes for this category were all necklaces with the club logo engraved on a pendant, also in gold, silver, and bronze for the winner, the first runner up, and the second runner illegal bahis siteleri up, in that order. Again, they would be mailed in a few weeks.

Continuing by announcing the shelf bra sweater girl contest winners, Paul listed them in order:

Thickest overall nipples – Gina – 5/8 (.625) inch

Longest Overall nipples – Donna – 1-9/32 (1.281) inches

Sharpest pointed nipples – Mary – 3/8 (.3750) Down to 1/8 (.125) inches

Puffiest Areolas – Donna – 17/32 (.531) inch height

The prizes for these categories were also were gold pendants to be worn in conjunction with the cylinder nipple clamps, either with a tiny chain between the two or on each clamp individually. Paul noted that the other pertinent nipple and areola data including color information for all the girls were recorded and will be given to them as baseline data if they wanted to start their own nipple training program.

He also said that full bust line, waist, and hips dimensions were recorded and would be given to all the girls, again for baseline data if they also wanted to start a figure program. Paul continued and said that the winner for the largest bust and hip measurements was Lisa with 41 and 39-1/2 inch dimensions, respectively. Donna had the smallest waist at 24-1/2 inches and she also had the best hour glass figure at 38-1/2 – 24-1/2 – 37 inches, which totaled 100, but not a perfect 100 without her Gwendoline-style Corset or cone bra to redistribute her assets proportionately! The prizes for these categories were all wide leather belts with the club logo engraved on the buckle. They would have their choice of leather and gold or silver buckle.

Paul announced that there was a four way tie for the best shelf bra, sweater girl presentation with Linda, Gina, Lisa, and Donna. He said the prize that will go to all four winners was a set of decretive areola disks, again with the club logo engraved on both, along with an L and R identifier for left and right areola! Paul indicated that because of the measurements from this afternoon’s, shelf bra, sweater girl contest, he had the all the girl’s areola dimensions, including inner and outer diameters as well as the height of any puffiness, so no additional sizing would be needed.

Finally, he said that there was a two way tie for the “Best Damsel in Distress” performance with Linda and Donna as the winners! The grand prize for this canlı bahis siteleri event was a stainless steel clitoris clamp with the club logo engraved on it! Paul noted that he already knew Linda’s measurement, but said that Ken would have to measure Donna before they left tomorrow to get her correct size. Donna blushed with that comment, but soon recovered when the group applauded the winners of the grand prize.

At this point the maids began serving the appetizer that was to be followed with a steak and lobster tail for the main course. The formal paced dinner took some time, but the group was very joyful and participated in many separate conversations at the table. Later, when everyone had finished their after dinner drinks, Paul said that the remainder of the evening was to be everyone’s private time or they could sign up for the fourth floor rooms. The group rose from the table and mingled before they took the elevator to their rooms. Ken and Donna decided to spend the remainder of the evening in their room since there was milking and measuring to be done!

The next morning they dressed for the brunch and the subsequent ride home in the same way as they had the previous day. Dress pants and golf shirt for Ken and a frilly blouse, pencil skirt, and wide belt for Donna. She did, however wear her 6-5/16 inch, vertically arched, stiletto heels. They went down and met Linda and Paul early because Donna had kept her milk in the refrigerator from the last two days and wanted to have it on the table to be used as a “creamer” for the coffee drinkers. Linda was thrilled with the idea and said she would let everyone know what it was in the pouring cup. As it turned out, it was a big hit and most everyone, coffee drinkers or not, sampled the milk!

After the brunch and everyone had packed, Paul gathered the group in the Den to essentially say goodbye and tell them how much Linda and he enjoyed the weekend and thanked them for attending club meeting. All the couples individually thanked both Lind and Paul for their hospitably. And before they went to their cars, everyone welcomed Donna and Ken to the fetish club and hoped that they would soon see them again. The limo driver had already carried their luggage out when Donna and Ken thanked Paul and Linda for the entire weekend and said they definitely would stay in touch with one another in the near future. On the way home in the limo, Donna and Ken reflected on all the new things they learned that weekend, particularly about BDSM, and agreed that they would continue to explore that whole new world of loving bondage and dominance and submissiveness.

End of Donna’s Ultra High Heels, Book 2.

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