DONNA-Me and Alison

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DONNA-Me and AlisonTwo days after I’d fucked Alison’s dad she came up to my house after school. I couldn’t get it out of my mind that we’d been snogging, and I wanted to know if she fancied me or not. After seeing mum and her best friend I was intrigued. We got ourselves a coffee and made our way up to my bedroom which was in the attic.As we took off our school blazers Alison sat on the bed as I put some records on, we sat crouch up facing each other as we chatted about everything, the conversation soon turned into boys and the one’s at our school as we giggled away. Then the atmosphere went quiet, as I looked at Alison, she smiled at me.She reached across and touched my cheek, I smiled. Then she moved closer and just like in her bedroom she kissed me. Just a peck and then pulled away, then she did it again. Again, she pulled away and knelt up on my bed, I followed suit and with her hands anadolu yakası escort on my hips and mine around her neck we kissed again.Kissing turned into snogging as our tongues touched each other’s in our mouths our kissing became more intense. After a few minutes Alison’s hands moved up and she felt my tits, another few minutes went by and she unbuttoned my school blouse, pulling it apart her hands felt my tits in my bra, my nipples ached.Then she slipped my blouse off my shoulders and unclasped my bra, slipping the straps down my arms she ran her hands over my tits tweaking my aching nipples, as I gave a whimper. Another minute went by and she unbuttoned her own blouse and removed her own bra, and as we touched each other as we kissed it was electrifying.Alison then kissed my neck and ran her tongue downwards, it nestled nicely on my right nipple, as she gently ran her anadolu yakası escort tongue over me, I could feel it harden, my hands were gently caressing her breasts then she moved onto my other nipple I was extremely turned on as I felt her up.She came back up to me and we kissed a little more frantic, our hands exploring each other’s tits. Then she moved her hand down and touched me through my knickers, rubbing my throbbing slit as we kissed, I did the same as I touched her, she gave a little moan. We snogged as we touched it was wonderful.Then as quickly as we had started, I could feel my climax building, I pulled away from her and whispered, “I’m Coming” she smiled and said “So am I”, as we carried on another few minutes then I gave a loud groan as Alison kissed my neck. “Oh my GOD” as her fingers slipped under the elastic of my knickers.She slipped two fingers into mersin escort my wet cunt then came around the top of me, as soon as she touched my clitoris ‘BANG’ I orgasmed, groaning and moaning I moved my hand from her as she frigged me off “Oh my GOD, OH YES, YES” as I came hard. Then I rubbed her again and she blew, she snogged me and then came herself.“Faster, rub me faster” she whispered, as I complied it was only seconds later, she groaned and her body began to shudder, I could feel the wetness of her pussy on my fingers through her knickers as she breathed heavily, and with her arms around my neck she hung on as she slumped on me.“Oh God Donna that was fantastic” as we half laid down. “Yes it was good” I answered. We kissed and then we got dressed. As we talked she said “I’ve always fancied you but never thought anything like this could happen between us” “I fancy you also” I told her, she smiled, we cuddled and kissed.Could it happen again I wondered, maybe who knows. Alison did say that she fancied a teacher at school, Miss Barker, I knew what she meant and to be honest I quite fancied her before Alison said anything but she was a teacher.

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