DONNA – Interrupted by the window cleaner

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DONNA – Interrupted by the window cleanerTHIS HAPPENED IN 1991Hubby had gone away on business for 4 days. It was in the early days of our relationship, he needed sex three or four times a day so I knew he’d be shagging if he got the chance, that’s why we had an open relationship then. I wanted it every day so these four days were difficult for me, until the third day.It was a warm sunny day and I’d just been in the shower, I was laid on the bed letting my imagination run away with me. My fingers were running up and down on the insides of my thighs and moving up and touching my nipples, God I was aching for it. Reaching into my bedside cabinet I took my toys out.Licking my finger I was smoothly touching my clitoris as I hadn’t had a wank for two days. Taking out my vibrator I switched it on and ran it up and down my thighs, rubbing myself I was soaking, it slipped easily inside my flaps as I rubbed. I picked up my small thin vibro and slowly inserted it up my ass, and using my clit bullet I was on my way.Slipping the vibro into my wet pussy, the thin one in my ass and using the bullet on my clit it wasn’t long before my climax was fast approaching. I was moving about and sighing as I laid there and let my toys work their magic. Suddenly there was a face at the window, but I didn’t care, the face was replaced by another but I was too far gone to realise.As my orgasm loomed I moaned out loud as I worked the bullet over my throbbing button, alternating between that and moving the vibro in and out of my soaking pussy, then it happened, I screamed out as my orgasm ripped through my chubbiness, my whole body shook as I rammed the vibro up myself.After and I was laid on the bed recovering I heard a noise outside, getting off the bed kıbrıs rus escort shakily I looked out and saw the window cleaner, as I dressed in a thin nightie, matching pink bra and panties I went downstairs and was making a cup of coffee when the window cleaners were setting their ladders up at the back of the house.The main man was Derek, 48 years old and a little chubby himself. His helper was his nephew, Jeff, 24 years old and thin, to be honest he was quite fit. As they set up their ladders Derek said “You were enjoying yourself weren’t you” I flushed a little with embarrassment and realised they were the faces I’d seen.Jeff was just smirking to himself as Derek was smiling. As they came down from cleaning the upstairs windows Jeff asked me for some clean water, as I filled his bucket I felt a slight aching in my pussy as he stood behind me, as I turned around he said “Where’s your husband” and I answered “Away on business” he took the bucket and smiled.A few minutes later he came into the kitchen and straight over to where I was stood watching them, Jeff looked me in the eye and said “You need anything else doing today”, and he must have read my mind for as I stood there he reached forward and brushed my nipples with his fingers. To be honest I didn’t care I was quite simply gagging for it.Derek came in also and saw what was going on between his nephew and I, as he watched Jeff fondle my tits he shut the door and came up behind me. His hands slipped over my breasts from behind as Jeff kissed me on the lips, my hands touched his face as his tongue slipped into my mouth and entwined with mine.His mouth moved down and kissed my neck as I stood there with my head back, the tension kıbrıs rus escort bayan was electric. I moved away and said “Follow me” as I walked upstairs. As I sat on the bed, where the toys were still there, Jeff sat next to me and kissed me passionately and I let him. Derek resumed his position in feeling my tits from behind.A few minutes passed and Derek unclipped my bra and carried on rolling my nipples. Jeff had his hand on my leg just above the knee and I fell back against Derek’s chest, as I moaned Jeff’s hand was moving up the inside of my thigh, I opened my chunky thighs to allow him as much access as what was needed and it didn’t take him long to reach its target.Derek was by now kissing my neck as my nipples had hardened between his fingers and Jeff was rubbing my slit through my knickers I was extremely turned on. Between them the laid me on the bed and Derek knelt at the side of me and licked my erect nipples, Jeff pushed my nightie up and was running his tongue down my slit.As quickly as Jeff was licking me I felt my knickers been tugged, lifting up my bum Jeff soon pulled them down and with my thighs spread wide his tongue soon flickered over my throbbing cunt, I moaned as soon as he touched my button and as soon as he did his finger slipped inside me, God I knew I wouldn’t last too long.I looked across to my right and saw Derek I could feel his tongue on my nipples, I slid my hand underneath his chubby belly and straight on to his hard cock, rubbing him I could tell he was ready and sure enough I’d only touched him a couple of minutes when he sat up, I unbuttoned his pants and pulled his undies down, his 5” was evident.Turning my head to face him I managed to rus kıbrıs escort get my mouth over his helmet when my second climax of the day hit me. OH MY GOD I was shaking my head from side to side as I quickly wanked Derek off as Jeff licked my clit as he finger fucked my cunt, I squirted over his face as my fanny released my cream, it was better than anything I could have achieved.As I recovered I licked and nibbled Derek’s cock and judging by the look on his face oral sex is something he hasn’t experienced a lot of as he soon announced “I’m coming”, I let go of him as he sighed at just the same time Jeff nudged his cock inside me, it seemed massive but it was only the same size as my husband.As Jeff fucked me hard and fast my cream was running down my thighs as Derek sat up, I licked his shaft and squeezed his balls as he screwed up his face. I was thinking he would be soon coming so wrapping my fist around his stem, I rolled back his foreskin, licked him and resumed wanking him off, and sure enough I was right after only a few strokes he was coming.As I tossed him off he screamed out and all his spunk filled my mouth, I swallowed as much as I could and only a small amount dribbled down onto my chin. Jeff in the meantime and disappointingly was also reaching his climax, as he sighed and moaned I thought to myself ‘he doesn’t last too long’ as he grunted and groaned his spunk shot into my cunt as he came too quickly.Usually I’d have had another orgasm by then but not this time, as Jeff rolled off me saying “That was awesome”, yes it was good and it solved a problem at the time but he was only 24 and my hubby was 32 and he would make me come 2 or 3 times and last twice as long, but anyway. As they got dressed I went in the bathroom to use the toilet.As I entered the bedroom both of them thanked me but asked that I don’t tell my husband, I smiled and said “Of course not”, as they left the house I felt a little cheated, yes it had been just what I needed but not as long as I’m used to, or as hard and intense as what I could have done with, but….

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