Doin’ My Mom Ch. 04

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Doin’ My Mom 04

By : DickThePimp

Pure Incest Sex Fantasy… For Motherfucking… Literally… Entertainment Purposes Only…

Continued from the end of Chapter 03…

“So… We moved a bunch of stuff from Christy’s basement. Todd did a lot of it. He was so sweet and helpful. Christy and I kept teasing him while he was moving boxes. We knew it was driving him crazy when we would wiggle our butts at him, or rub up against him with our boobs. Hehe. We both were wearing low cut tops, so we bent over in front of Todd a lot. He seemed to really enjoy that. Hehehe. He’s so much fun to tease. He’s so sweet about it. I would whisper to Christy (Christy Canyon) to check out Todd’s bulge, and we would have a blast teasing him some more, and laughing about it. Poor Todd was so hard the whole time. Hahaha.”

Mom (Kelly Madison) makes sure to rub her 34FF titties all over my very appreciative crotch as she tells me all about her, and my buddy Todd’s, fun little trip over to her best friend Christy’s house, earlier. I’m definitely enjoying it.

The blowjob that she just gave me is still making the sweet stimulation rounds throughout my body. I can’t stop smiling, looking at the most gorgeous woman ever to grace this earth as she teases me with all of the moving/cock teasing fun talk… and also with all of the massive breast rubbing on my soft cock fun as well. Her naughty smile back at me makes my cock twitch nicely against all of that very natural/very large/very smooth and soft, breast flesh.

I take my dick, and softly smack it on her lips. It’s so hefty even though it’s soft. Those full, very luscious lips making it tingle with electric delight. Mom grins her naughty approval. All kinky and turned on. Wickedly licking at my soft meat as it slaps against her insanely sexy lips.

I rub it across those gorgeous lips, smirking so happily from the intensely beautiful feeling. My tattooed monster dragging so smooth and hot across mom’s mouth. She gently bites it, holding it in her mouth and giggling. Damn, I just laugh and growl excitedly. So turned on by my blonde bombshell mom.

“Christy sucked Todd’s cock by the way.” Mom very playfully shakes her eyebrows at me. She’s an all time great cock teaser. She absolutely loves teasing me too.

“Oh really?”

“Yep… As a very special thank you for helping.” She mischievously laughs as she slurps my gold star covered soft meat into her mouth and sucks it. Just the upper part. güvenilir bahis Sucking on it for a minute, then letting it slide slowly out of her mouth, smiling around it, shaking those eyebrows at me again, then blowing me a very sexy kiss as my dick slowly slides past her lips, falling back down onto me.

“God… Your cock is so sexy, baby. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” Mom slowly licks it, pausing with just the tip of her tongue on my tattooed crown. The gold stars with white trim flexing from the touch of Mom’s very kinky tongue, even though my cock is still soft. She winks at me, then licks off of my crown, and laughs. Blowing me another kinky kiss as well. Always the mega hot tease… Always. Ha.

“Here…” Mom hands me her phone as she rubs those mega melons slowly across my tattooed cock and balls, watching my dick dance around under the touch of my favorite tits ever. She giggles as she watches my dick, knowing I’m enjoying the video she shot with Todd and Christy.

I do indeed enjoy watching Christy on her knees in front of Todd, slurping his six inches while she shakes and fondles her absolutely gorgeous boobs. She’s got them hanging out of her white sports bra. Mom’s filming it all with her phone, cheering Christy on and giggling.

She walks up behind Christy, reaches down, and grabs her right titty… holding her phone with her left hand… squeezing it, and shaking it. Christy moans her thank you all over Todd’s hard dick. Mom playfully winks at Todd, once again… always the tease.

“God.” Mom’s driving me insane with those titties of hers, rubbing them back and forth, and up and down, across my cock and balls as I watch her video.

She swoops down and licks at my cock, and my balls, kissing both, then going back to rubbing her hanging rack all over my incredibly happy crotch. Smirking, and giggling so sexy, the whole fucking time.

Mom’s spurred on by my deep, and extra horny, groans of glee. We both laugh as we look at each other. She moves up to my lips, and kisses me. We can hear Todd’s excited growling on the video. Mom and I both laugh as we kiss. Dude’s really enjoying Christy’s mouth on his cock.

While Christy bobs on Todd’s super hard dick on mom’s phone, mom moves back down between my legs, mischievously smirking at me, glowing with sexual desire, and blowing me sexy kisses the whole way. She licks all over my now half hard meat, and slides it in between those awesome mounds of perfection of hers. All güvenilir bahis siteleri natural 34FF knockers. The most perfectly shaped breasts you will ever see.

I growl non stop. Laid back on my bed. Listening to the video at the moment, but not watching it. I’m having too much fun enjoying the intense feelings of joy shooting through my cock to watch that damn video.

Mom spits all over my cock and balls, smirking wickedly at me as she slowly, and seductively swirls the tip of her tongue around my spit covered crotch, then rubs her huge, hefty titties all over them again, lubing them up nicely for some titty fucking fun.

I glance at the phone, just in time to see Todd jerking his dick really fast as Christy laps at it. He dumps his thick load all over her big, soft boobs as she shakes them for him, blowing him kisses as she gets a big, big titty sperm glazing.

Mom wraps her mighty jugs around my cock, laying on the bed between my legs, and fucks my rod with her 34FFs, shaking them feverishly all over my rock hard, gold star covered super cock.

God, the awesome sensations from that make me growl deep and dirty for a minute straight. My perfect blonde bombshell mom, fucking my massive dick silly with her tits. Smiling so beautifully. So happy. So happy to be pleasing her loving son so very much.

Her long blonde hair swaying with her cock fucking movements. Her smile beaming with intense motherly lust. She softly bites the underside of my cock, sucking the bulging crown, and relaxing her teeth on my furiously throbbing shaft so I can fuck her mouth and tits at the same glorious time.

I drive my tattooed dick deep down her throat as she shakes those hefty melons on my cock, slurping my rod as it races down her throat over and over and over.

It doesn’t take long to repeat what I saw on her phone. Mom smiles really bright, shaking her super tits on my upper shaft as I start cum dumping all over her breasts. She licks at the shooting seed, her smiles tinted greatly with super charged cum lust. I just smile, snickering away on top of it. My very creamy cum splashing mom’s extra luscious, pink lipstick smeared lips, then glob smacking her bouncing titties, painting them thick jizzy white.

“God, what a cum shot, My love. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. So yummy too. Hahaha.” Mom mischievously winks at me as she very eagerly sucks the last drops of jizz dribbling out of my wide open piss slit.

She sucks hard iddaa siteleri on the head, smiling around my cock. My smile back, softly caressing both sides of her face. God, she’s perfect. In every possible way. The most amazing mom of all time as well. She most definitely knows how to keep her super horny son happy. That’s for damn sure. Ha.

“You know… Don’t tell anyone, but…”

Mom gives me the naughtiest grin you can imagine as she beautifully kisses the underside of my upper shaft. My dick twitches hard on her lips in response.

“… I ended up letting Todd fuck my tits in the car, on the way home. I just had too. He was such a big help to Christy and I, and he’s always so sweet to me. I figured I owed him one. Hehehe.” Mom’s wickedly naughty giggle making me grin real naughty myself. She very heatedly and slowly licks up and down my intensely stimulated shaft, swirling her tongue around all of those small gold stars covering my thick meat. She kisses my cock too. Those full, voluptuous lips puckering so sexy each time, as she kisses my meaty shaft. God, I’m so in love with my mother. So incredibly turned on by her too. Always…. Always!

“I’m sure he loved that.” I snicker. Mom giggles back. She playfully bites my shaft and sucks on it, about halfway down it. She giggles again, her mouth locked on my twitching meat. Fuck! Just fuck!

“Of course he did, baby. Haha. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. God, I love your cock so much. I love you so much. Mama loves her baby more than anything. MWAH!” Mama blows me a kiss. A very loving/kinky one. I just laugh, smiling with great joy and love at the truest love of my life.

“And your baby loves you right back, my queen. Just as much.” We share a nice, loving giggle. Smiling and rubbing on each other, softly. Our mutual love for each other blazing between us. My mom’s the most beautiful woman ever to walk the earth. I’m totally mesmerized by her… and she knows it very well.

Todd may have gotten to fuck her amazingly marvelous tits in her car, on the way home, but those tits… and the rest of her… belong to me. Her totally mesmerized and very, very loving son.

I pull my mom up to me and kiss her. Gently rubbing down her body as our lips lock. Our mouth’s making beautiful love after my cock and her tits just fucked. Her awesomely lush and perfect, 54 year old body laying on my 20 year old one. Our bodies writhing with such insatiable love against one another’s.

My mom and I lay in each other’s arms. I gently trace my left hand around her back as she does the same with my chest. Such a chill, sweet, and love filled moment. My heaven. My happy place. With the woman of my dreams… My mom.

By : DickThePimp

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