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Doctor MDoctor M.I guess I should start at the beginning as the details pretty much direct how my early life landed me where I am today. I came from a family that was not known for good decisions. My mom had me at 15, shortly thereafter she was tried as an adult for rolling a John and spent the next 12 years in a state prison for women. I was raised in part by her mother and when she died I went to an aunt who was as wrecked as my mommy dearest. When mommy dearest got out of the can she came back to our small logging town, got a job as a waitress at a truck stop diner/bar and took up hooking to help make ends meet.She worked at a family owned diner with a bar and pool room in back. The owners were well known in town and I went to school with their k**s. The bartender in the saloon was a brother of the owner, a ne’er do well with a substantial criminal history, a first class dirt bag. He was also my mom’s pimp. He worked my mom and her friend Beverly, also an ex-con after they completed their shifts at the diner/bar. Mommy dearest was able to piece together a rented Airstream trailer in a small trailer park a mile down the road from the truck stop and was able to keep me in clothes and sometimes regularly fed. In spite of all of this I was a pretty good k**. Good student, noted as both a vocalist and instrumentalist in high School and my teachers struggled to find a way to get me out of my situation and off to college. We simply had no money and mommy dearest was more interested in fueling her d**g and booze and men habit to care one wit about how I ended up. She worked at the diner, Larry the bartender kept a steady stream of truckers and loggers coming to the door of our Airstream for a quick fuck or blow job and I just tried to stay out of the way, invisible and unapproachable to the creeps that came in and out of our Airstream. I had no real privacy. Mom’s “room” was simply the back of the trailer with a full sized mattress and a small dresser separated from the rest of the open space by a thin wood door hung between the small bathroom and the wall of the trailer. My ‘room’ was at the front, up on a ledge where I had a twin mattress, a small chest and likewise, a curtain separating me from the open area of living, dining and kitchen areas. Small. Tight. No privacy. Late at night I would hear the tap on the aluminum door, food steps, hushed voices and the closing of Mom’s door. Twenty or thirty minutes later the process reversed and we had food and propane for a few more days. This went on three our four nights a week as well as in the morning when I was at school and later at work.My life revolved around avoiding trouble, working hard in school and music, running cross country and track and avoiding a various assortment of bullies who tormented me with the knowledge that my mom was one of two town whores and everyone knew it. She and Beverly kept the town horn dogs satisfied, no one seemed to care and some even took pity on me. Someone always found track shoes, instruments and even music lessons for me. Some of the local parents bought me shirts and pants when they went school shopping for their k**s. This town had its faults but in tough times, when lumber prices were low, trucks and trains idle and a lot of families struggled they thought of those who had even less than they. That was me. I tried to stay out of the way, invisible and thus avoid being a target of bullies or my mom’s tricks. Normally it worked. Sometimes I got cornered. One such occasion was after I graduated from school and took a job at a local music store. The owners liked me, I worked hard and could answer most questions about records, sheet music, instruments and they even had me play piano when things were slow. I didn’t make much money but it was enough for me to start a small savings account and try to build a hopeful future. My two primary tormentors, the two derelict sons of the diner owners, my mom’s bosses, usually stayed away from the music store. They were banned from most of the stores in the plaza as shoplifters and generally trouble. Their daddy gave them an old Chevy sedan to cruise around in and they cruised as they lived. Aimlessly. A couple of nights after work I noticed they were parked in the plaza parking lot. At closing they followed me down the street as I walked home and pulled up along side of me. It was starting to rain and the younger of the two, Larry, asked if I wanted a ride. I was shocked because these two clowns never had a nice thought or good thing to say. I hopped in the back seat without a second thought and we cruised down the state highway and across the bridge and tracks headed back toward the diner. Or so I thought. Instead of heading straight down the highway they turned in to a large lot where log trucks and over the road rigs parked over night. No one was there so they pulled to the rear of the lot. As soon as they stopped the car both boys were out of the front doors and pulled open the back doors. The climbed in and forced me to the center of the back seat. The older and bigger of the two, Rick, turned toward me, looking down at me and said “Remember two years ago, behind the bleachers at school, Larry and I caught you sucking off Ronnie Jackson? Remember faggot? Remember that we kept your little secret, you and Ronnie, but we told you both we would cash in when we wanted. Remember?” I mumbled some assent and knew what was coming. Larry started in “ You know how my Uncle Larry pimps your mom? Well faggot, we are going to pimp you. We are going to pimp you so we can get money so we can fuck your mom and Bev. If you don’t bring us money, we are going to fuck your mouth. Got it?” I nodded in assent and submission. These two boys were grown men, tough as nails and had no conscience. They got what they wanted because their Dad and Uncle Larry, both hoods always protected them from consequences. I had seen both Rick and Larry beat a k** senseless and knew I had no way of defending myself other than running. And they could get away with this because I was one of those disposable k**s that no one cared about and no one would believe. So now it was down to it. Rick demanded 25 bucks from me, right then and there. I had nowhere near that on me. His response was to drop his fly, pull out his erection and Larry forced me down on it from behind. I knew how to suck cock and they knew it. A number of boys to include them had cornered me over the years and used me for relief. And now it was starting as a regular arrangement and I had no way out other than to comply. I went to my knees on the car floor and Rick leaned back against the seat forcing his hips and crotch to the edge of the seat. I took his sweaty tool in my mouth and went to work knowing that the fastest and safest ticket out of this car and this situation was to do as told and get them both off. I worked hard on Rick and he soon came in a huge stream of semen. Larry yelled at me from behind “swallow every drop you bitch. Just like your mom, swallow every drop.” Once Rick was expended Larry grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me around and toward him. Once again I went down and did my business making quick work of this hyper sexed teenager. Larry shot hard in my mouth as he forced me fully down on him. I swallowed his load and sucked my spit and his semen off of his cock as he allowed me off of him. Both boys leaned back smiling at their conquest. Rick started in on me again saying “remember what I said. Money, or you just come get in the car and start sucking cock. No way out bitch.” Larry opened his door and slid out. Rick did the same. I sheepishly crawled out Larry’s side and as I stood up Larry pinned me against the fender. He looked me square in the eyes and said “you remember bitch. We own you. We own your mom, and we own Beverly. You do as you are told or you are going to get beat.” I had taken beat downs from these boys before and knew they meant business. Larry half turned as if to step off and walk away and quickly turned back to me while throwing a right hook in to my solar plexus. I fell to my knees gasping for breath as both boys stood over me chanting threats. Once I caught my breath Rick kicked me in the side of the head knocking me over and both boys kicked me until I could not move. They turned, got in the car and peeled out spraying my limp body wit mud and gravel. I must have passed out because when I woke up it was dark and raining hard. I pulled myself to my knees and then struggled to stand. Once up I forced myself to walk, step by deliberate step the mile past the diner and truck stop and to our trailer. When I got there I climbed up through the door and in to the main living area. Mommy dearest and her whore friend Beverly were sitting on the sofa smoking a joint and drinking from a fifth of Jack Daniels. Both were wearing black nylon slips and no hose. Both had just turned tricks side by side on Mom’s bed. They liked to work as a team. Mom looked up and gasped at my appearance. I had three inch gash across my temple and forehead, a blackening eye and blood all over my best white shirt. She said “Bev, get your car. He needs to go to the hospital now.” Beverly pulled on some jeans, sneakers and a sweat shirt over her slip and dashed toward her trailer. In a few seconds her white Dodge Dart appeared in front of our door. Mom piled me in to the back seat and we started the 25 mile trek toward the County Hospital. As we retraced the route I had taken that night we approached the plaza where I worked. Beverly shouted as she looked at the plaza “look, Doctor M is still at his office. Let’s go there.” She pulled in to the lot and parked in a spot right out side of Dr M’s clinic. Mom went to the front door and found it locked. She banged on the door and out came Dr M’s elderly gal friday. She got the situation from my mom and ushered us in to the waiting room. Doctor M came out and took one look at me and said “help me get him back to the exam room.” They guided me down the hall and in to a large exam room. At that point the doctor told my Mom to take off my wet shirt and chinos and give them to Mrs Holloell, the assistant to dry out. sivas escort He guided me up on the table, looked me over, had me sit up and pull off my t-shirt and then went over my abdomen probing for pain and broken bones. In the mean time mom had kept a towel pressed to my head. Once satisfied that I had no broken ribs Doctor M slowly removed the soaked and bloody towel from my head. He dabbed away blood and then told Mrs Holloell to get the suture kit and gauze. When she returned the doctor started closing my wound and injected some kind of pain killer in to the area. He then stitched and bandaged the wound and had me lay down to rest while he talked with my mom and Bev. Even in my dazed state I could tell that Doctor M knew he was dealing with two drunk, stoned hookers and probably did not expect to get a lot out of them. He explained to them that he would do and X-Ray on my head to make sure I did not have any more serious damage. He then turned to me and started asking me about how I got so many injuries. I told him that two men jumped me, beat me up and took my money. He then got me up, took me back to an X-Ray room and did a shot of my head. As he worked he asked if we had called the police and I responded that our neighbors had called it in and we would give the report as soon as we were done getting me patched up. He then looked at the X-Ray and said he saw nothing obvious but I was to come back first thing in the morning for another exam. We left, mom had given her address and contact info and we went home in Bev’s car. Once home I went back in to my little hovel and passed out for 12 hours. I guess I was so out of it I did not notice the low knocks on the door that night. The next morning I got up and Bev was there with Mom to take me back to Doctor M’s office and then to work. He cleared me to go back to work and told me to come to the office the following Thursday to have the stitches removed. Life pretty much went back to normal. If you could call our lives normal, that is.After the stitches were out I started avoiding Larry and Rick. I knew they would try to trap me between work and home but home would be safe because home is where my mom and Bev turned tricks. If they messed with that they were messing with Uncle Larry’s income and hens and that could be deadly. The safest way home was straight across the state highway to a turn out and kind of rest area and picnic area and then on to a hiking trail that led straight up and over the hill crossing two creeks and then on to the other state highway, across that and straight to the truck stop and then home. The boys could not follow me in a car and I always wore my Keds so I could run if they followed on foot. I had not paid much attention to this particular area as it was common to have turn outs with picnic tables and maybe even a drop bathroom on our highways. But as I used this trail each day I took note of the action happening both at the turn out and in the woods. It was not unusual to find cigarette butts, booze bottles and beer cans and occasionally I would pass a small nook where a guy was getting head from another guy. Sometimes guys did it in cars, sometimes in the bushes and some times in the cab of a truck. I was not interested in the guys who were hanging out there. Most were loggers and truck drivers who were fresh out of the woods or a cab of a truck and had at least a day or so of sweat built up. I was a fairy. I like macho but I liked clean. Guys would look me over as I passed through the area. On a couple of occasions Rick and Larry tried to ambush me there but I was too fast. Once I did meet up with a younger man, about 30, nice looking wearing hiking shorts and boots. We stopped and chatted and he invited me back in to a nook and gave me head. My little prick had never had that before. I came so quickly it shocked him but he seemed to like me anyway. He was from out of town so the chance to link up again was slim. I went home day dreaming about getting out of our little burg and getting to a place where there were more young people like me: broke, confused faggots. One day the owners of the music store asked me to stay late and catch up on the stocking. They had to leave early and they trusted me to lock up. So I did not get out of the store and across the highway until well after 7 pm. At this time in the spring it was still light at 7 so as I walked in to the turn out I noticed an odd sight. Doctor M’s Lincoln Town Car was parked there and he was sitting on a picnic table, alone, facing the woods. I crossed the lot and headed to the table to say hello. He turned when he heard me and as I approached from the right end of the table he turned toward me and said “hello my friend, so tell me, you are healed well?” I said yes, I was healed and back to work at the music store full time and thanked him for taking care of me that night and for the after care. I then told him we had not yet gotten a bill from his office. He said “it is my pleasure. I knew your mother could not spare anything. I do well. And I like taking care of nice young men who have a future. I have seen you perform at the concerts at school and heard you play in the music store. You have paid me tenfold.” I smiled and thanked him again. I walked around the front of the table and sat on the top, my feet on the bench mimicking Dr M’s position. He half swung toward me and we started chatting. I noticed his broad shoulders, dark skin and hair, the dark curly hair coming from between the collar and white tee shirt and then my eyes drifted down as we chatted. I also noticed a bulge in his fine wool slacks and I fixated on that for an uncomfortably long time. Dr. M broke my trance by saying “It is starting to rain, let’s go sit in the car.” We got up and hustled to the Lincoln Town Car and he let me in the passenger door. As I slid in he slid a bit beyond the normal driver’s position on the wide bench seat and turned half toward me. Once again my eyes fixated on the bulge in his slacks as I wondered what an older man’s cock would be like and what would unforced sex be like. He allowed me to stare knowing what thoughts were going through my mind and after another long pause he motioned toward his crotch, unzipped his fly and allowed his thick uncut cock to emerge. I was transfixed. He then opened his belt, slide his fly wide open and slide a bit more toward me. I unthinkingly rolled to my knees before him and went down on his manhood. As soon as my lips touched him he jumped to full erection and his glans popped through his foreskin. I could feel the tightness of the foreskin as it stretched to surround the now rock hard glands mounted at the end of an eight inch, thick dark cock. I went fully down on him and upon withdrawing to his tip was rewarded with a small shot of precum. Up and down I went as I worked his shaft and glans with my tongue. He was beyond painfully horny and as I worked he moaned with pleasure, leaned back and brought his crotch up to my mouth as I worked. Four minutes of this and he leaned back, deeply moaned and let loose with a steady stream of thick cum. I went down on him, held my lips to the base of his cock and took his load straight down my throat. Once his convulsions stopped I eased back, went full length of his cock with my lips and tongue and continued to gently pleasure him. After a few minutes of this he gently pulled my head up and indicated for me to sit on the seat once again. Dr M pulled out some tissues and lotion, and as he wiped himself down he handed me the bottle of lotion and said “now, pleasure yourself.” I pulled my prick out through the fly of my chinos and put lotion in my hand and started to stroke my throbbing weenie. I came in about a minute and he watched intently as I wiped up my semen with a tissue and put my cock back in to my pants. He then asked “who taught you how to serve a man like that?” I responded that no one had as this was one of the few times I had given up my mouth voluntarily. I explained that I knew how to suck cock to get a guy to cum but it was more out of self defense than it was out of any desire to bond with them. I did it simply to avoid beat downs. He then said “and that is what happened to you the night you came to my office so hurt?” I went on to explain that two boys in the neighborhood were exploiting me and the beating was designed to reinforce their hold over me and my mother. I confessed that my mother was one of two whores who worked the truck stop and the boys were related to the owners. They thought that made them owners of us. He listened and said “we can make this stop, you know, but it won’t be easy. Your mother’s situation and occupation does not make this easy to deal with but maybe we can keep distance between you and those boys. Work things out over time. He then said “Time to go” and started the Town Car. He drove me up the state highway, around the intersection and down to my trailer park. Before letting me out of the car he told me to either come to his office after work or to the park for a ride home. As I got out of the car I had the feeling that for the first time in my life I had a protector and someone who cared about me. I am proud of myself for how I impressed him with my oral skills and committed to keeping up with that to help cement this new friendship. The sex was good and I felt at ease with this man. This could become a good thing.From that point on I would get off of work at 6, linger a bit cleaning up the store and then cross over to Dr M’s office after his gal Friday left. We set a solid routine of me going to the back exam room and he would come back. I would give him head and if we had time I would relieve my own tension before heading out to the car and home. If Dr M had to work later that night I would stay and do chores until his last patient was gone, and then I would do my duty and we would head out. Mommy dearest never paid attention to my coming and going and no one else did so it was an entirely safe situation. I was at that point legal so no one had cause or any desire to look in to the matter. This safe and sane situation went on for another three weeks escort sivas without a hitch and I was gaining some sense of permanence and hope in my life. Dr M talked to me about starting school at a junior college in the fall and I started looking forward to some positive things happening for once.One Friday night Dr M had to work later to see a truck driver who had hurt himself in a minor accident so I dutifully stayed and cleaned the back exam rooms and rest room while he bound up this man’s ankle and wrist. It was past nine when the man was out the door and the doctor was pretty beat. It had been a 15 hour busy day for him. He settled back in to his leather office chair and let me service him as he leaned back in the chair and enjoyed my work. He came and then said “come on dear friend, time to get both of us home.” We drove home in silence and he dropped me at the entrance of the trailer park and said ‘you are very special to me. Take good care. Call me if you need me, if there is any trouble.” I walked to my trailer and opened the door. No one was there so I quickly stripped, got in to my little cubby hole and relieved my tension with a hand full of lotion. I then drifted off to sleep until mom came in followed by Larry the Pimp. They were arguing under their breath and Larry terminated the conversation by saying “you keep this bitch or there will be problems. Big problems.” He turned and left and mom went back in to her room and went to bed. I thought nothing of the incident and drifted off to sleep. At shortly after 3 am I heard a banging on the aluminum door and then the door ripped from the hinges, flashlights and loud voices entered and penetrated both ends of the trailer as my mom screamed profanities. I tried to curl up in my sleeping bag until a cop pulled me half out and then shouted at me to stand, turn and get my hands against the cabinets over my cubby. I did so as one wrist and then the next were placed in to hand cuffs and I was turned around, naked except my white underpants and was then marched out of the trailer and in to the back of a squad car. I saw another cop emptying the cabinets and drawers and he found something, held it over his head and yelled “got I.” I sat helplessly as Mommy Dearest was marched to another car wearing nothing but a black satin slip and hand cuffs. Another cop came by my car and yelled at someone to get something to cover me up yelling “this one is just a k**.” An officer emerged from the tired old Airstream with my sleeping bag and threw it over me through the open window of the car. Off we went to the county seat and the county jail.When we arrived I was booked and put in to a holding cell with my underpants and sleeping bag as my only cover. Two men, older, rough looking guys sat and stared at me as I sat on a bench trying to cover myself. By eight am I was taken from my cell, taken back through booking and marched in to the office of a senior officer. I stood before him wrapped in my sleeping bag as he and an older woman in a dark blue suit asked me questions. I gave my name, age, address, place of employment upon demand and when asked if I had any ID I looked down at myself, under pants and sleeping bag and said “not on me, and I don’t have a drivers license or anything like that. Just a card from last school year. The senior officer seemed miffed and said “do you know why we picked you up last night?” I said no, and the lady jumped in to ask if anyone had read my Miranda rights to me and explained the charges. To that I asked “is Doctor Miranda here?” She looked at me like I was an idiot and said no, son, your Miranda rights are what we advise you of when you are arrested. Did anyone tell you anything like that? I responded that the only thing the officer told me on the ride to the jail was to keep my mouth shut, don’t look at any other prisoners and if anyone touched me to scream bloody murder. She laughed and said “sit down” and then asked if I had had any chance to eat, drink or pee in the last 5 hours. I said no, and she instructed an officer to take me down the hall to the men’s room to clean up and do the necessities. When I got back to the office the officer gave me a donut and coffee and once again I sat on a cold, hard wood chair and they both started explaining to me the facts of life. It appears Mommy Dearest was facing ten to twenty five years for possession of nearly a pound of high grade heroin. She was an ex-con and had no chance of beating this. The lady asked me if I knew how the package got in to our trailer. I explained that Larry, her pimp had brought her back to the trailer late that night, they argued about keeping something and he left pissed off. I had no idea what package hey were talking about. At this point the senior officer said “I don’t see anything on this k**. He did not see anything and we don’t have anything connecting him to the H. Let’s let him go and press on with mom.” To that the lady responded “I agree. But you are not putting this young man on the street dressed like that, 25 miles away from home. Get a car to take him home. I signed two papers at the big booking desk and they took more pictures of me, and then it was off to the parking lot and in to the back of a squad car. The officer who drove me home was nice enough and chatted with me on the 45 minute ride home. He let me off directly in front of the Airstream and I went through the broken door and in to the mess inside. As I took inventory and started putting things in their proper places I realized my life here was over. I was sure I would be evicted as mommy dearest was on her way back to the state women’s prison for a long stretch and part of the rental agreement with the trailer park owner was a sexual arrangement. She used to fuck that fat greasy old turd once a week on top of cash payments. Sometimes he brought a friend and a bottle. Mom could not resist that deal.My mind was racing all day as I cleaned up and tried to put together a game plan for where to live, how to keep my job at the music store and how to maintain my arrangement with Doctor Miranda. I had the day to figure it out as this was my regular day off, Saturday, but I had to open the music store on Sunday morning and would be on my own there until the owners came in after church. By Monday I knew I had to have a plan. Maybe the owners of the music store could offer some ideas. If not, I would see Doctor Miranda Monday afternoon for our daily ritual and he would surely have some ideas. Sunday and Monday came without incident and as I locked up the music store on Monday evening and walked down to the clinic a sense of peace settled in over me. Dr. Miranda would surely have some ideas on how to keep me off the streets. I entered the clinic just as the gal friday was leaving and went back to the back exam rooms to begin my clean up ritual and then progress to the rest room and by the time I had finished that Dr Miranda would be ready for his nightly physical therapy session. I stepped in to the front exam room/office and he was there, smiling up at me with a huge purple woody poking through his fly. I went down on him with a desire to suck the last living sperm out of him and make him want me more than ever. He came hard, held me down on his cock as he unloaded in my mouth and then eased up on me when he had had his pleasure. I cleaned him up, then went back to a stool where I relieved myself as he watched. Satisfied we both locked up and headed to the car. Tonight Dr Miranda wanted to stop at the park just to see what was going on so we did and sat in the car with the windows down as a couple of joggers passed and two of the regular cruisers drifted by in search of logger or trucker cock. The doctor shifted his position and I knew it was time to go for round two. I did so and worked a full 20 minutes on him until he came again hard and let out a moan. Finished with our park visit we headed down the highway and toward the trailer park. As we pulled up we both noticed Larry the Pimp’s pickup truck backed up to the broken door of our Airstream and clothing, kitchen stuff and all manner of items to include my mom’s clothes and makeup came flying out and in to the bed of the truck. Dr Miranda and I looked at each other knowing my world had just fallen apart. He asked me what was going on and should we call the cops. To that I responded that it would not do any and asked him if we could leave and go somewhere where I could explain. We drove down the highway for about 20 minutes as I explained to him my mom’s arrest, her precarious relationship with Larry and the trailer, her criminal record and the fact that she would be gone forever and how screwed I was. Dr Miranda just listened and calmly reassured me that we would put the pieces back together and keep me on the right track in life. As he turned on to a gravel lane and then up a long drive to a house he said “we’re home.” He pulled up to a four car garage and hopped out to open one of the middle doors. We drove in, parked the Town Car and got out. He then invited me to walk to a set of stairs leading up to the house proper. We entered a utility room and that led in to a massive kitchen. In the kitchen was an older white woman who was busy at the stove. She said in a southern drawl “Doctor, supper will be ready in five minutes.” He acknowledged her and we went in to a dining room and then up stairs to wash up. I still had the taste of his semen in my mouth and wondered if I had any telltale signs of our activities as I washed and checked myself in the mirror. Satisfied with my appearance I exited the bathroom and met the doctor in the hall. We went back down to the dining room and sat while the housekeeper placed serving dishes on the table. Having delivered the meal she then told the doctor she was off for the evening. He thanked her and upon her exit he explained to me that she was at the house every day at 10 to do housework and would prepare dinner each weeknight and would leave as soon as dinner had been served. We were on our own for the rest of the evening. He poured me a glass of red wine and we served ourselves a marvelous meal. We then retired sivas escort bayan to a parlor and sat talking as we drank our wine. This was the first real drinking experience of my life so I cautiously sipped as we talked. He started in on the serious subject of my situation and I listened.First, living arrangements. You cannot go back there. From now on you stay here. I have four rooms on top of my room. You will stay in the room at the end of the hall which has its own bath. I will show you later. Next, you will go to work with me each day. On weekends I can drop you at the music store for your regular hours. Once Mrs Brannoch is gone each night we can retire and do as we wish. While she is here we must maintain proper decorum. She must not suspect that we are sexual. I nodded in agreement and we continued the discussion until it was time to go up stairs and retire. We went up to the bedroom wing and the doctor walked me first down to my room, at the end of the hall and showed me the bathroom with separate shower and deep tile tub. The john was a larger than normal model with a black hose coming up from the back and a stainless steel tip resting in a stainless steel holder on the side of the tank. The shower also had a valve above the shower head and a long black hose with stainless tip hanging from it. He then walked me to a massive king sized bed, dark wood, thick and old with matching night stands, a chest at the foot with a lock on it and a wardrobe with a key hole like the old movies. He took out a skeleton key and opened it. One one side were drawers and on the other a bar with satin pajamas hanging on hangers, eight of them. He pulled open a drawer and pulled out satin women’s panties, very finely made, and much more expensive that those my mom wore. There must have been 40 pair in the three drawers. My size. He then walked me to the big walk in closet. In there were hanging a dozen or more pair of chinos, six pair of slacks and next to them four suits. On the other side were dress shirts, polo shirts and accessories. I took one down enviously looking at it and noticed it was my size. He stated in a matter of fact manner “anything that does not fit or is not to your liking we take back on Saturday after you finish work.”We then toured the bathroom. Razors and brushes on the counter, the smell of expensive soaps and then he grabbed the black hose in the shower stall and said “Saturday night you learn about the use of this essential tool and how it will help you transition in to your new life with me.” With that he told me to take a shower, put on the velour robe hanging on the door and the leather slippers and come down the hall to his room for a night cap. I did so, and on impulse, I took down one of the fine safety razors and shaved what little crotch hair and arm pit hair I had. I rinsed, dried, rolled on some of the new deodorant and then slipped in to the robe. I floated down the hall to the doctor’s room and entered. He was just exiting the bath room with a robe on but open in the front. His cock was rock hard as he strode across the room to a small bar, pulled out two glasses and a bottle of Sherry and poured two. He directed me to sit in a leather chair next to his and he began. “I am offering you a new life. With that there will be rules but within those rules you will find more freedom and opportunity than you have ever had in your life. That is, after all, the rule of life. Obeying the rules and excelling will prove to be a joy for you. And for me. First rule. You are always to refer to me as Doctor and be formal and distant unless we are alone and are assured of privacy. I shall refer to you as my ward or son. When others are at the house we shall sleep apart. When alone we sleep together in my room. Over the next week or so you are going to learn your role both socially and sexually. I am very demanding sexually and you must conform to my desires or this situation will not work. You have had a taste of my desires. Do you think you can come up to the mark and serve me? I answered yes if he taught me and I would make every effort to please him. At that he terminated the conversation by saying “we have far more to discuss and learn but that is for tomorrow.” and with that he opened his robe, exposing his painfully hard cock and I slipped to my knees to please my new master. He thoroughly appreciated my attention and in this safe, warm and quiet place I was able to fully concentrate on pleasing the doctor and showing him how dedicated I could be to my new life and my new tasks. The next week or so buzzed by with work, learning my tasks and learning the rules and getting accustomed to my new life. He taught me about the hoses, or bidet as he referred to them. I leaned to flush my colon and rectum and then take one of the many dildoes hidden in my secret cabinet and use it to expand and lubricate my pussy. I learned that my butt was a sex organ, a pussy, and that like my mouth it belonged exclusively to the doctor. I also went on a diet consisting of a large milk shake in the morning to flush me out and keep me clean as well as no trash foods. No fast foods, no junk foods, no snacks other than fruits and vegetables. Meals were prepared and I took a sack lunch to work and eventually to school consisting of foods that would keep me both healthy and clean. For instance, the morning milk shake consisted of milk, yogurt, a banana, powdered fiber, one egg, olive oil, cayenne pepper and a few other things like clove and eucalyptus oil to keep me fresh and clean. I also learned to work on dildoes, butt plugs and other tools to open me up and keep me tight and responsive.In a week the doctor felt I was ready to lose my anal virginity. After my daily routines I was running clear and clean and with a short flush was ready to be penetrated by a 14 inch dildo without leaving a trace of fecal matter or hint of smell. I worked each night before going to sleep to prepare for that Saturday night when I would be introduced to my most important duty. That night he took me in to his bed, naked and rolled me on to my stomach. At that point he rolled on top of me, slightly spread my legs with his knees and then I felt a finger open me up. Once he had opened me he pressed the head of his raging cock against my pussy hole and pressed it in. He popped in past my willing sphincter and then started pressing in to me inch by inch. He would retract and then press in deeper until he had his full length in me. At that point he settled in to a steady rhythm of fucking me while holding me under my arm pit and over my shoulder so as to keep me in the best position for his thrusts. I willingly accepted his cock in to me with no resistance and no whining but with an occasional grunt or coo of pleasure. He was obviously pleased with me and my work to prepare for this moment and he increased the intensity of his thrusts and I responded with my anal muscles to give him the best sensations possible. His intensity increased as he approached orgasm and once he reached that point he had me fully under control, his powerful upper body holding me tightly and legs holding mine apart as he plunged in and out of me taking his pleasure. At once he exploded in me and I could feel the hot stream of semen filling my insides. He continued fucking me until he started to go soft and when expended he rolled off of me, pulling his cock out of my pussy with a wet and sloppy “pop.” He rolled on to his back as I reached to get a towel to put under my fanny and another to clean his crotch. He held me tightly until he caught his breath and then it was off to the shower with us. Hygiene was a top priority and he scrubbed the outside of my butt, crotch and I worked the rest of my body and then we reversed rolls as I scrubbed his crotch, back, front and all over. We rinsed with hot water, grabbed two large bath towels and dried off. Once dry we went back to bed and he held me in a spooning position as he told me how pleased and proud he was of how well I had prepared for my new role. In the morning he rolled me on to my back, put my legs up on his shoulders, entered me and fucked me hard for fifteen minutes solid. Ten minutes in to this session I had an orgasm and spurted semen on both my stomach and his. He felt my orgasm and then felt my warm semen being smeared between our two bodies nad this drove him to a much higher state of intensity. He pounded me hard and kept me pinned to the bed, legs and fanny rolled up and my pussy wide open to his thrusts. He came with a new intensity and stayed hard even after shooting. He continued to fuck me even after he had had his orgasm and that extra stimulation drove the remaining liquid out of me. Both of us collapsed, him on me and my legs splayed widely to the sides under his weight. This was to become one of many ways of achieving mutual complete satisfaction. I felt a tremendous sense of success and accomplishment that night and over the next evenings to come I pleased him exactly as he desired and showed the discipline to do so as directed and with effect. It was important to him that I fully took his semen and held it in me until morning. I had to be prepared and available for his pleasure and all of this became second nature to me. We were down to a great routine in no time and his sexual drive and desire increased over time. So did mine. I day dreamed about him cumming in me. We decided to stop playing at the clinic but save it for when we got home so we could enjoy our sex between luxurious sheets and with hot showers before and after. Over the next few months he taught me to drive, got me registered in school and provided me with the kind of encouragement needed to keep me on a positive track. We did get a post office box in town so I could communicate with Mommy dearest by mail. That prevented her curiosity from peaking. Her friend Beverly soon followed her back to prison, Larry the Pimp was shot to death in a dispute over a hooker or some d**gs or some such slimy affair. My old tormentors Rick and Larry had drifted off and were not hear from. They were no longer my problem. And I continued with school and work and pleasing the doctor. This went on for 27 years until he passed away. Now single I struggle to find a partner and a bed mate. Having missed all of the crazy ‘70’s, ‘80’s and ‘90’s I have a lot of catching up to do but have no regrets.

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