Discovery Ch. 02

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Being eighteen and still virgins, I wouldn’t have called us gay. We were just two horny kids that wanted to get a nut. At the time, this newly discovered way of doing that just happened to be super convenient for both Tommy and myself.

Every day since that first day I would drive us home from school and every day we would end up at his house watching another video jacking each other off. The weirdness and nervousness of what we were doing eventually subsided. We would get to his house and without a second thought. We would grab a new video, tear our cloths off, sit on the couch, watch some hot girls do anything that we could imagine and stroke each other off until we both had a fistful of each other’s sauce.

This would be our routine for the next couple of weeks until this one weekend that my mom wanted to take my sister and me to Dallas, a couple hours’ drive away.

We arrived in Dallas around 9pm, checked in to our motel room and then proceeded to go out for a late dinner. 8am is when my mom planned on us getting underway for a day at six flags amusement park so we were going to turn in early. It wasn’t the fact that I would be sharing a motel room with them as it was a double room and my mom and sister would be sharing one bed while I slept in the other that had me bummed out. It was that for the last couple of weeks, I have had my dick milked and I was going to have to go without for a few days.

The first night was kind of rough as I thought that I wouldn’t have privacy for enough time to masturbate myself without raising suspicion from the two girls. As I took my shower before going to bed, just the slightest stimulation had me aroused. Needless to say, as I washed and got to my package, my limp dick jumped to attention as I rubbed my soapy hands around my cock, balls and ass. Really wanting to just rub one off right there, I figured that it would make my shower last allot longer than normal and decided that I better just wash up and get out.

This was setting up to be a long weekend. Not only was I not going to have Tommy to jack me off, but I wasn’t even going to be able to masturbate myself. Sad and wanting the weekend to be over 5 hours ago, I climbed into bed and passed out.

The next morning, we got up and headed for a fun filled day of riding roller coasters. Not to say that it wasn’t a fun day, because it actually was. There were so many hot young groups of girls and I couldn’t help but to think of them stroking my cock instead of Tommy. Having their cute, little, soft hands, pulling at my manhood.

I guess it would be appropriate to say that my penis was also having a roller coaster day. I would ride a coaster and be fine. Then, walking around looking at the “sites”, my groin would start to stir and in flowed the blood. Then another coaster and my package would relax.

This cycle continued though the day and into the evening, which I then had mixed emotions about leaving or wanting to stay later. I finally gave my vote for leaving now, realizing that I would probably end up with the worst case of blue balls if I didn’t get out of this situation soon, and so we did.

My testicles were given some relief, as well as my feet, with the 30 minute car ride back to the motel. Ok, we can do this, we only have one more shower to make it through tonight and then were home tomorrow night, I said to myself as if talking to my dick and balls. Although I knew that tonight’s shower was going to be allot more difficult to get through than the previous nights, I figured that I would try to be super quick while cleaning my business.

Now a bursa escort little about my sister Hilary; she is 3 years my senior but still lives at home. She was gifted in the department that I was not, looks and popularity. When she was still in school, she would have been one of the cheerleader types. She was 5’6″, medium chest, slender frame and a great butt. She also had a nicely trimmed dark brown bush covering her pussy that I had noticed several times before when I would accidentally catch a glimpse of her coming out of the shower when she didn’t know that I had come home.

But the way she had treated her younger geek brother growing up, she was always just the bitch of a sister with a hot body. She even had her hot friends screw with me when she would have a sleep over. I absolutely hated that part about her but there was also allot of time that we just got along.

Upon arriving back at the motel, I noticed that the pool and hot tub were still open. I think I’m going to hit up the spa for a bit, I said as we entered the room. Quickly changing into some appropriate shorts, I headed out.

Apparently I wasn’t quick enough as there was now a couple siting in the spa. Damn, this could have been a “me time” opportunity, I thought to myself. Oh well, I can still use the spa to help relieve some of the tension. After rinsing myself off at the pool side shower, I sat in the spa for a whole 15 minute cycle, listening to the couple talk to each other about nothing at all.

When the bell chimed and the bubbles stopped, I got out, dried myself off, bid the couple farewell and headed back to the room. Figuring that the girls had finished their showers by now, I was going to be able to pretty much jump right into the shower when I got back to the room.

When I entered the room, I was glad to find that I was right. My mom was settling the bed wearing her nightgown. My sister was making a glass of tea also wearing her pajamas. By the time that I had made it into the room and retrieved the clothes I would wear to bed, my mom had now laid in the bed and started reading her book. My sister had also laid down and was flipping through the channels on the TV.

Not thinking about it, I threw my bed clothes onto the pile of clothes that the girls left on the bathroom floor. I then pulled off my damp shorts and jumped in the shower. I didn’t take my time cleaning other parts of my body, but I didn’t rush ether. When the only thing left was my dick, balls and ass, I quickly sudded up. It didn’t take but a few seconds before my dick started to come alive. Thankfully, I was able to finish before my cock stood erect. Ok, I made it through the shower, just have to get to sleep and we are home free, I thought to myself.

That though was shattered the instant I reached down for my clothes inadvertently shifting my sisters’ clothes underneath exposing her panties.

I knew I shouldn’t have; first off, she’s my bitchy sister and second, not a good idea in my heightened horniness. But damn, I wanted to know what pussy smelt like. Against my better judgment, I reached down, grabbed the panties and started looking for the crotch.

Upon finding the slightly discolored liner of her panties, I brought it to my face and started to slowly inhale the fragrance. It was a bit musty with a slight sweet smell. For a lack of better words, I would say that it was intoxicating. I took in several deep breaths of my sisters slightly damp panties when I suddenly got brave and stuck my tongue out. Not really able to discern a taste, I took the damp material between my lips. All of a bursa escort bayan sudden, as I sucked on it, a flood of flavor jumped into my mouth. I didn’t care that she was my sister; right then I just wanted to drink from the orifice that created this magnificent concoction.

I was only brought back to earth by the sudden chill that came over my now throbbing hard cock as it had parted the towel on its travels north and was now pointing straight up. Shit now what was I going to do, I thought to myself as I replaced the panties and shuffled them into the pile. I can’t stay in here and wait for it to go down, it is too far gone. I might as well jack off, it would be quicker than waiting, but that would also take too long. I also can’t hide a seven inch erection with just the clothes I’m wearing to bed. I will just have to carry my dirty clothes to my bag, covering my midsection along the way.

As I made my way across the room to the far side of my bed, it was as if they both were waiting for me to finish my shower. As I settled into bed, my mom closed her book, turned off her light and settled to fall asleep. My sister passed me the remote and turned the covers up on herself also.

I was facing a serious problem here, and it wasn’t the lack of anything to watch. It was that I needed to release a load of cum from my, beginning to ache tentacles. I looked at the TV but wasn’t watching what was on as I formulated how I was going to do this. I figured that with the absolute darkness that the motel blinder shade provided and the gentle sound of the wall unit air conditioner, I may actually be able to pull it off. I stared at the TV for another ten to fifteen minutes, every couple of minutes or so looking over at the girls to check on their status. With them both turned away, I reach into my boxers, freed my wanting shaft and began massaging my erection under the sheets.

Confident that they were both asleep, I turned off the TV bringing with it the complete darkness that I required. Giving just a few minutes for their sleeping bodies to adjust to the new room conditions, I laid there listening for any sign of movement from the other bed.

With the belief that they were asleep, I readjusted myself by pulling the sheets down below my waist and propping my leg up. Reaching down, I found my hard cock and the wet trail of precum that was now running down the side. Quickly scooping it up with my fingers, I coated the head of my dick with the slippery liquid.

The more I swirled my finger around the head, the more clear liquid oozed out. The more slippery juice that flowed out, the more my throbbing shaft was lubricated. Once I had my entire cock totally saturated with precum, I slide my fingers and hand around the wet shaft. Taking a grip of it, it found zero frictional resistance instantly.

Figured that this wasn’t the time to be making love to myself, but the fact was that I just really needed to bust a load so I concentrated on my most sensitive part, the head. With my cock already wet, every stroke across my pee hole added more slick liquid to the mix. It finally got to the point that it started to make smacking noises as the amount of precum allowed it to start dripping form my fingers.

I regulated the speed that I massaged my cock by the volume of the noises. I only went fast enough to keep the loudest sound lower than the air conditioner. Even though my strokes were not that fast, my over heightened state of arousal and just the pure taboo nature of what I was doing with my mom and sister in the same room and bursa merkez escort in the bed right next to mine, it would not take long for me to finish.

One wouldn’t think that it would be that difficult to have an orgasm while staying still and not making any heavy breathing or panting sounds. It proved to be very hard. I stiffened my body to control my moving and I also rolled my head back with my mouth gasping for air like a fish out of water. I felt like I was screaming in space where there is no sound.

It really didn’t take long at all. First, I felt my balls tighten into what felt like a knot. Then in my hand, I felt my cock swell just a bit bigger and stiffen even more than it already was. Reaching the point that I would now cum regardless if I continued or not, I stopped my stroking and just held my cock as I began to feel the first torrent of jizz snaking its way up the shaft to release.

The first shot exploded from my now pulsing cock, sending a fast stream of hot cum right into my chin. This didn’t phase me as I was paralyzed in orgasmic bliss. The second rope of jizz missed my chin. Instead, it splashed against the roof of my gasping mouth, across my lips and up onto my nose. The next shot was weaker, only making it to my neck, giving me a pearl necklace. The fourth, fifth and sixth shots got progressively weaker coating my chest, sternum and stomach with the hot spunk.

Only after my body started to relax and come down from the incredible orgasm did my taste buds start to register the new taste in my mouth. Feeling slightly disgusted at the fact that I just shot my semen into my mouth, I soon started to realize that not only was it not that bad tasting, but that I actually liked the taste of it.

Not wanting to move around allot to retrieve something to wipe myself off with and not wanting to try and sleep with cold wet sheet on top of me, I now had another option. I began shoveling glob after salty glob of my sperm into mouth, sucking my fingers clean as I pulled them from between my lips. It was not the same sweetness as my sister’s pussy juice but equally intoxicating and I had to have more. I continued scooping every drop of cum from my face, neck and torso into my hungry mouth. Once my body was cleaned of all my jizz, I grabbed my cock again and squeezed out the remaining globs of sperm.

This was the first time that I have ever tasted my cum, and not only did I taste it, but I ate and swallowed the whole load. Watching at least one girl suck a guy off in every one of Tommy’s dads videos was hot, but the wonder of what the cum tasted like had never crossed my mind. I now knew and liked it enough that I would be eating more cum in the future.

The future was sooner than I had thought, the next day as a matter of fact. Once I arrived home, I had retreated to the privacy of my own room. I took care of some things that needed to be done once returning home, but soon found myself kicking my pants off and stroking my cock. Lying back on my bed, I revisited the event of last night which had me ready to blow again. This time though, I rolled my legs up and over my head positioning the tip of my cock a few inches above my mouth. Had I put in a little effort, I could have put, at least, the head of my dick in my mouth. I wasn’t trying to suck a dick, I just wanted to eat some cum and this seemed the best way to do it.

As my orgasm neared, I opened my mouth wide, preparing to accept a load of sperm. Once my orgasm started, I began to feel shot after hot shot spraying into my waiting mouth. Before I had finished, my mouth was almost over flowing with the salty seed. I was swirling my tongue around the pool of hot white spunk, savoring the salty bitter taste. As soon as I had emptied my balls into my mouth, I closed my lips and swallowed the whole load.

What was a bad trip to start out ended up being a great discovery weekend.

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