Discovering Their Closeness

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Discovering Their ClosenessI had worked an overtime shift that was expected to last all night, but another supervisor came in at 3, so I was cut loose early.  I sped home through the dark night, expecting to find a quiet house, everyone asleep, and me with a little solitude on my hands.  I had taken to reading erotica any time I was alone, so I was pretty horny, just thinking about bringing myself to orgasm.  I knew as soon as I walked in the door that something was wrong, because I heard music playing, and muted voices.   Both the teenagers should have been asleep, as it was a school night.  I walked quietly to my teen daughter’s bedroom, expecting to catch her on her phone, talking to her boyfriend.     I was shocked to see that she wasn’t alone.  She gaziemir escort was completely naked, and kneeling on her bed.  Her 19 year old brother, also completely naked, was behind her, with his cock completely buried in her tight pussy, which I had assumed to be virginal.  Her was holding her tightly by her hips, and even in the low light, I could see that her ass cheeks were reddened by handprints, as if she had recently been spanked.  He pulled out slowly, giving me an excellent view of his engorged cock, and his sister began to moan, and beg for him to keep fucking her.  He grabbed her long blonde hair, pulled her head back, and rammed his cock into her again.   I was mesmerized, and found my hand making it’s way, escort gaziemir unbidden, into my pants.  My own pussy was getting wetter by the  minute.  As I began to stroke my own clit, I watched him reach under his sister and finger her clit.  He made sure his finger was nice and juicy, then reached up and shoved it roughly into her mouth.  “You like the taste, don’t you, slut?” he murmured in her ear.  With her mouth full of his fingers, she could only nod and mumble, but she did so enthusuastically.    “Okay, you’ve been a pretty good girl today, so you have your choice where I cum – your mouth, or your ass.  Which will iit be, whore?”  “Oh, ass, please!”  was her quick reply.  By this time, I was near orgasm myself, but continued gaziemir escort bayan watching as he used more of her pussy juices to lube up her tight little asshole.  She arched her back with pleasure, moaning before her even pulled his cock out of her pussy.  He used both hands to separate her still red ass cheeks, then begin to press the head of his dick against her ass.  He met resistance, but not so much that I was able to deceive myself:  he’d had that big cock buried in her gorgeous bottom before.  He was now fully inserted, and after a few slow strokeds, began to pound her ass in earnest.  She was now nearly screaming with pleasure, but still he reached under her with both hands and pinched her nipples.  My sopping wet fingers found my own tight asshole, and brought me to a shattering orgasm right before my c***dren gave each other one.    I backed quicly out of the room before they could see me.  Maybe I needed to rethink the whole night shift gig, but they did put on a hell of a show…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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