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Group Sex

As I took the long elevator ride down from my ex-wife’s lawyer’s office, I began to contemplate how at 42 I had arrived at that point in my life. With just our signatures we had ended 18 years of marriage. Of course in truth it was over well before I signed the formal document. The home we had built together had been sold weeks earlier. Our possessions had been split between my new apartment in the city, her townhouse in one of those new-town type communities and the Salvation Army. Everything had been very civilized and agreeable. Our years ago decision not to have kids helped make our split easier.

The funny thing was that I couldn’t point to a single thing that was wrong with our marriage. We rarely fought. Even when we did quarrel the arguments were mild and short-lived. We truly liked each other and in our way we are still in love. But the passion was long gone. I guess that lack of passion is what doomed our union in the end. We both had tried to find the missing passion in the arms of another a few years back. But even those affairs could not explain the divorce. Early in our marriage we had both acknowledge that we were poor candidates for monogamy. That was a big factor in our decision not to have children. We were too into our own pleasures to be the kind of parents we both felt kids deserved.

I had known from shortly after the first time that we made love that she was bisexual. Far from being the problem she thought it might be it was a big turn on for me. Our foray into an alternative sexual lifestyle began about four months after we started dating. She invited me to her apartment for dinner and a night of video watching. When I arrived I discovered there was another guest, one of her co-workers, a girl I had met once before. Ginny was a hot blond with a great body. But I was not thinking about that when I discovered Valerie and I would not be alone that evening. All I thought was another guest meant I wasn’t going to get laid. That was far from the reality. The two of them had cooked up a surprise. After dinner and twenty minutes of watching a semi-hard core porn video things heated up fast. I got my first live show of female on female sex. While I didn’t get to fuck Ginny as I would have liked, having two hot naked women kiss each other with my dick in between them was incredible. Fucking Val from behind while she ate Ginny was the highlight of the evening.

That first threesome led to many more. Val began to bring other women into our bed and on occasion used me as bait to pick them up. We stuck to one rule, I could touch and taste but I was not allowed to fuck any of the other women. That worked well for me since I got everything else along the way and Val’s almost insatiable pussy was plenty for me.

The rules changed about two months after we got married. It was the night of my 25th birthday. The bastard of a boss I had at the time had somehow managed to schedule me for a late meeting that day. Val greeted me at the door in a nearly transparent short nightie. She handed me my favorite drink and asked if I wanted anything to eat. Even if I had been starving I doubt I would have asked for food after that greeting. She suggested I take a shower and join her in the bedroom after I declined food. I quickly washed the day’s body odor off and dried myself. Since it was obvious what she had planned I left my clothes and towel on the floor and walked naked down the short hall to our bedroom. I was discovered that there was more to the evening than I had imagined.

“Surprise, baby! Happy birthday!” Val said sheepishly as I stared at the unexpected sight I found.

There on the bed was our old playmate Ginny. She was naked and tied spread eagle to our brass four-poster bed. She looked better than ever and seeing that hot body tied helplessly to my bed caused my cock to instantly spring to life. Val reached over and spread open our guest’s hairless pussy. Her deep pink inner lips were already glistening. Clearly Val had been playing with her friend’s pussy while they waited for me.

“Baby, Ginny told me that she missed your tongue,” Val purred as she slid one of her long manicured fingers inside the sexy blonde’s aroused body. “Her cunt is hot and ready, Greg.”

I practically leaped to the bed and buried my face between Ginny’s widely spread legs. As I lapped at her clit and drank in her flowing juices, Val continued to finger her friend’s pussy. The helpless woman’s moans soon told me she was cumming. I added my finger to Val’s and we both finger fucked Ginny as I licked and sucked her clit. She thrashed on the bed and struggled against her bindings through several more orgasms. She began to beg me to fuck her. Being unaware of the change in rules, I did not despite my desires jump upon her and give into her request.

“Well, baby, are you going to let our guest suffer? She needs that big cock in her hot cunt!” Val moaned into my ear.

I raised my head and looked at her incredulously. I suppose I feared that I was being tested. I couldn’t believe after all the bursa escort women we had shared while still single now that we were married Val was going to let me fuck another woman.

“She is your birthday present, Greg. I know how much you have always wanted to fuck her. Truth is I have wanted to see you fuck her for while. Now pound her cunt good for me baby!” Val practically ordered.

Test or no, I could not resist the chance I was being given. Val was a great lay. But Ginny was the hottest chick I had ever been in bed with and it had been two years since I had been inside any woman but Val. I kissed Val and then turned my full attention to my present. I climbed up Ginny’s writhing body kissing her sweat dampened flesh as I moved up. I paid special attention to her heaving tits. I had always loved suckling her exquisite breasts but I did not tarry there long that night. I locked lips with Ginny as my cock found her gaping wet entrance. My cock easily slid to the hilt as our tongues danced. I began to thrust in and out of her as Val removed the bindings that held Ginny legs. My sexy present wrapped her long legs around my torso and took control of the action. Her thighs squeezed me as she pulled me hard to her body. We ground together, our moans becoming an erotic chorus as the sounds escaped around our sloppily kissing lips.

Suddenly I felt and new sensation. Val was between our legs, licking my balls and Ginny’s sex as I humped my wife’s best friend. It was not long before Ginny was cumming again. I soon lost control and erupted inside her cunt. It felt as if all the fluid from my body was being drained into her warm wet canal. I could hear the sounds of Val sucking Ginny’s leaking juices from my balls. When my orgasm subsided, my wife practically pulled me off of Ginny.

“Mmmmmmmm, I have always wanted to taste your cum mixed with this hot little slut’s juice,” Val cried as she buried her face between Ginny’s leg.

I lay beside them as my wife licked and sucked my cum combined with Ginny’s creamy juices from my present’s still quivering cunt. After a few minutes, Val demanded I eat her pussy. I happily indulged my wife’s desires. It was dawn before we finally went to sleep that night. We all came numerous times as we coupled in various ways the rest of the night. Me fucking Ginny became a regular part of our sex life for a time. She dropped out of the game after a couple of years when she got serious with some new guy who was very conservative sexually. That didn’t much matter because by that time we had found other partners to join us. All restrictions were gone.

We even started adding other men to the mix usually in the form of another couple. We did some swapping though mostly we only fucked others in the presence of each other. Also, though I shared my wife and bed with other men there was never anything more than incidental touching between me and the men. It had never crossed my mind to break that barrier even though I found it exciting to be fucking a woman while watching her husband fuck Val right next to me. I even found it exciting when we occasionally brought a single man home and I watched Val suck his cock. I also ate plenty of cream pies. I just never considered actually touching the other guys. In fact I flatly refused to consider it when Val wondered allowed one night while we were alone about me sucking a cock with her.

I really don’t know why the wildness of our sex life began to diminish. I do know that Val was the first one to have an affair completely outside of the marriage. One day she told me that she had met a guy that really pushed her buttons sexually. I of course suggested she invite him over. She explained that he knew she was married and knew that we shared our bed. She also said he was not interested in a threesome and his wife was so straight that she did little more then her absolute marital duty of missionary style sex and that was rare. He had made it clear that he wanted to fuck Val with no strings attached. The truth was I didn’t see much difference in that kind of an arrangement then anything else we were doing. I basically gave her my blessing on the condition that if the situation ever came up for me I too could fuck someone else. She happily agreed.

I can’t say that the arrangement wasn’t exciting to me at first. She would come home and tell me about the sex she had with the guy. It would always result in my getting pretty much anything I wanted from her after she got me hot and horny with her stories. She would suck and lick my cock, balls and even ass for as long as I demanded. She would let me fuck her cunt and ass as hard as I liked. There were times she would come home immediately after he fucked her and I would eat his cum from her cunt while she told me what they did. It was an unhappy time for us when he got transferred across the country. I knew that she was fucking other guys after that even though we didn’t talk about it anymore. She was searching and not finding his replacement. I began to search for something görükle escort too. I had several affairs which I never bothered to tell Val about. I was within the new rules. It was emotionless sex. I still loved Val. The other women were just a desperate hunt for the sex life I had once had with my wife.

After a few years of a totally open marriage Val finally broke the only rule we had left. She fell in love with another guy. I think she still loves me, but not the way she needs to love me. We became comfortable in our love and ended up friends. Funny thing is this guy whom she now shares her new house with is completely straight-laced. Though she says he is great in bed, even a bit wild in private, he would never consider anything like the sex life Val and I shared. He claims that Val is only the third woman he has ever slept with. The first was his college sweetheart of many years, the second his wife who died a few years ago. He is a nice guy. They are planning to get married and raise his kids together. I on the other hand was still searching for something.

As I stepped out into the sunshine of the city, I stood motionless. I didn’t really know where I was going. I had the day free and nothing to do. The warm sun felt good; the traffic and noise of the city were somehow comforting. It was like I wasn’t alone even though I had just been severed from my other half. I decided to walk to my apartment and change into casual clothing. I was going to explore the city that was now my home. As I turned I smacked into a man that was walking along the sidewalk. It turned out to be an acquaintance of some years.

“Damn, Greg, glad you weren’t in a fucking car!” He exclaimed.

“Oh, shit, sorry, Don. I am in a bit of a fog right now. I just signed the final papers,” I replied quickly as we shock hands.

Don Fielder was a striking man in his mid forties. He kept fit and still had a full head of sandy hair. His green eyes always seemed to sparkle. I am sure if Val and I had met him earlier in our marriage she would have wanted to bring him into our bed. I am not sure if she ever tried or even did fuck him outside our bed. Though he was an acquaintance of mine through a business contact we had both known him socially. He had been to our house a few times and we often saw him at mutual friend’s parties. Val and I had made no secret of our breakup so Don knew about our impending divorce.

“Sorry, buddy. I didn’t know today was the day,” He said sincerely.

“No problem. No reason for you to know; just another day in the life really. Our marriage has been over for awhile,” I said with more than a hint of sadness. “So who got me in the divorce, you I hope?” He asked with a big smile.

“I will have to check the papers, but I will fight her for you,” I joked back.

We both laughed. My laugh was forced which Don seemed to pick up on.

“So what are you doing today? You shouldn’t just go brood over shit on your own. I am off today, how about I buy you a drink and maybe dinner later? I know what it is like to be newly single,” He said as he clapped me on the shoulder.

Don had been divorced about three years earlier. I never really knew the particulars. I had never met his ex even though I met him before the divorce.

“Well I was going to head to my place and put something more casual on, but after that I would be great to have some company,” I replied.

He asked where my new place was and after I explained he said that his place was on the way. We decided to stop as his apartment so he could change and then go to mine. Between his place and mine we stopped at the liquor store and picked up some libations. Once we got to my place, Don made the drinks while I changed. When he handed me my drink he asked if I wanted to smoke a little pot with the drinks. It had been years since I had last gotten stoned and divorce day seemed the perfect day to change that. The pot he had was very potent and we were soon sitting on my sofa laughing our asses off about things that were likely not all that funny.

That day Don and I went from being acquaintances to the beginning of friendship. Over the next several weeks we spent a lot of time together. Sometimes that time included drinks or smoke. Other times we just talked. He helped me a lot with my transition. I began to tell him things I never told anyone. He learned all about my marriage and the sexual adventures Val and I shared. I learned that he was bisexual and that was the reason his marriage failed. She couldn’t deal with the idea that he had sexual desires she could not fill even if he denied himself for her.

Oddly, I had mixed emotions over his not obviously trying to seduce me. He knew from the way I spoke of my group sex experiences that I had not been interested in guys. So I was grateful and pleased that he didn’t try to expand my sexual horizons. At the same time somewhere inside me I felt a bit hurt. I wondered if he wasn’t attracted to me. The idea that I actually cared whether a bisexual bursa escort bayan man was attracted to me was confusing. The fact was that I knew that I had been in bed with bisexual men and I had turned down their advances. I was at least 98% straight I figured. Eating cream pies and enjoying watching a hard cock slip passed Val’s lips accounted for the other two percent in my mind. But anyway there I was wondering why this guy who I knew liked sex with men wasn’t hitting on me.

That wonder I guess led to more curiosity that I had ever allowed myself about gay sex. It also didn’t help that he had talked me into joining his gym and I was regularly seeing him as well as other fit men naked in the locker room, sauna and showers. My mind would sometimes wander as I surreptitiously checked out the myriad of cocks that were on display at the gym I had of course seen many man naked when Val and I were swinging, but it had been since my early twenties that I had spent much time in a gym locker room. I think knowing about Don’s bisexuality must have contributed to my frequently wondering which other men at the gym might be bi or even gay.

After a time some of these thoughts began to invade my sleep. I would dream about men having sex with other men. At first there were no specific faces, just cocks, asses and lips. Then some guys from the gym began staring in my nighttime porn show. Don popped up occasionally too. I woke up in a cold sweat the first night I made an appearance having sex with a guy or more accurately a cock in my dreams. The dreams continued to escalate and almost always included me and a specific man, mostly Don after awhile. About six months after that day at the lawyers, I had my first awake gay fantasy. I jerked off while thinking about sixty-nining with Don. I decided that it was my lack of regular female companionship that was fueling my dreams and fantasies. I had tried hookers and casual sex with barflies and a female acquaintance. For whatever reason those encounters hadn’t cut it for me. So I allowed myself to continue using my male/male sex curiosity as fodder for my masturbation fantasies.

Through all this time, Don had never so much as hinted at us being together. That began to bother me more and more. Finally I decided to ask him why he hadn’t hit on me. I invited him to my place after the gym one evening. I thought that a drink or two and maybe a joint would give me the nerve to actually ask a man why he didn’t want me to suck his cock. As I fixed the drinks my hands were shaking. I doubted that I would go through with the plan. But then I remembered how good he looked in the shower that afternoon at the gym. Fuck what was I thinking, I asked myself trying to rid my mind of the image of my friend naked and covered in soapy lather.

Don was a great looking guy, clothes on or off. I had never had trouble recognizing good looks in men. I was aware that I had noticed his looks a bit more, especially after seeing his muscular body in the shower the first time. He was well proportioned but not overly muscled or hard. I would even have to say he was cuddly. He had just the right amount soft looking fur on his body so as to look masculine without looking like a wild beast. He could easily have been a nude model. As I handed him his drink he must have noticed that I was acting a bit weird.

“What’s up, Greg? Your fucking hand is shaking like a whore in church,” He asked with a big sexy smile.

“Nothing really, just a bit on edge today, I guess. You don’t happen to have any of that kick ass pot on you by any chance?” I lied in reply.

He did have a joint in his pocket which he lit and happily offered to me. After the joint and two drinks I was loosened up enough to ask my question.

“Don, I have a question that has been kind of festering for a bit. It is a somewhat personal but I think we have become close enough friends that we can talk about most anything,” I said hesitantly with a bit of a slur.

“I agree there shouldn’t be anything that we can’t discuss. So shoot, what’s sticking in your craw?” He replied with a tell-tale tone that anyone would have taken for inebriation.

“Well here it is, I been wondering and maybe even a little insulted about you never hitting on me. I mean you clearly like screwing guys. What is it about me, am I really that unappealing?” I blurted out.

“Fuck no, you are hot!” He nearly shouted and began laughing. “Are you really serious that you feel bad because I didn’t hit on you? Christ you made it pretty clear you had no interest in cock, man. I was just respecting your wishes.”

“Oh I see. Sorry, I should have known that was it. You are a fucking great guy and a really good friend, Don. I don’t know why I have been feeling bad about something so stupid. Maybe, with divorce and not really being able to find the right partner I have just been projecting feelings onto other situations.”

“No problem, Greg. Geez I just wish you would have said something sooner. I hate to think you were feeling bad and keeping it inside. I told you that I was here for you. I really want to help you through all of the shit that goes with divorce. Hell just having you to talk to has been great for me. There aren’t many straight guys who I can be so open with you know.”

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