Discovering my Step-son

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When I met my husband, we’d both been divorced for a few years. We both had children from our prior marriage — I had my daughter, who was 22, he had his son, who was 18. When we married, we moved into a new home, with his son living with us. My daughter was off at college.

We all got along very well. But, it wasn’t long before I noticed that my new stepson, Jason, appeared to have what can only be referred to as a 1-track mind. He was a raging bundle of hormones. He was very much into swimsuit models, sexy posters which covered his walls, even some very revealing ones. His father didn’t seem to have an issue with it, so I wasn’t going to say anything. Jason was also very open about his attractions. He’d ogle girls and women when we were out — making some sort of comment here and there. It was kinda funny, but I always found it odd that his father never once said anything about it.

Then, about 5 months into our marriage, I started to notice Jason’s ogling was being directed at me. If I came out of the shower in a robe, he was staring. If I was wearing shorts and a light top, he was staring. And the more I paid attention to his attention, the more I realized that he’d stare for a time, then disappear up into his room, or the bathroom. Every time. Well, it didn’t take me long to figure out what he was likely doing. It made me chuckle, but — honestly — it also kinda turned me on. The thought that this young hormone-filled kid was getting turned on by me, and then maybe even stroking himself off to the thought of me, was rather intriguing. And to be honest, I found myself thinking about him a few times while I ‘took care’ of some of my own needs. It was a taboo fantasy, but it was fun.

One day, I had been out by the pool in our backyard sunbathing. I was wearing my favorite bikini which highlighted my slender build, my butt, and my breasts. I laid there with my eyes closed, relaxing, and just enjoying the sunshine. I heard a muffled noise, and I opened my eyes. As I looked up towards the house, I saw movement in a second floor window just above me. That was Jason’s room, and it appeared as though someone was moving away from the window quickly. I smirked to myself. The boy is up there, standing above me, watching me lay here, and jerking off. I laid there for a few more minutes and then thought I’d do something different.

I sat up slowly and stretched. I stretched in such a way — and facing a direction — that really showed off my 36c’s. I then casually walked off behind the garage — away from where Jason could see me. I then quickly moved around the house and snuck in through the garage and quietly crept up the stairs, careful not to make any noise. As I walked down the hallway, I wasn’t quite sure what I would say when I caught the little sneak jerking his little cock, but I would make sure it would be a moment he wouldn’t forget.

I approached his door and it was slightly ajar. I peeked in through the open space and saw him standing by the window, apparently waiting for me to return. His basketball shorts were down around his ankles, so he was essentially naked from his feet up. I had to admit to myself — he had a very sexy ass. But I couldn’t let that distract me as I slowly pushed the door open until I was standing 10 feet behind him unobstructed. He was turning his head left and right, seeing if he could see where I went. I finally said, “Looking for something?”

He turned around quickly, startled, and as he did I saw something it took my brain a few moments to comprehend. As he turned, “something” turned with him, but delayed, and when it caught up, it “thwacked” against his left thigh. My God — it was his cock. It wasn’t really hard — but it hung down, thick and solid, a good 8″. He stood there, frozen, his naked cock just out in the open, and I just stared at it, like I was seeing something alien.

“My God.”

The two words escaped my mouth before my brain could realize I was saying. And it wasn’t just what I said, it was how it came out of my mouth. It wasn’t anger, it wasn’t shaming. It was awe. It was the words of a woman who’d just been wowed. And a moment after I said it, he realized the context of my comment, and a smile came across his face. He also reached down and held it up and slowly pulled on it.

“You like it?”

“Mmmmm……what?” not quite sure I heard him correctly.

“I said, do — you — like — it?” slowly emphasizing each word to ensure comprehension.

“Jason — I, uh….”

“I know — it’s bigger than dad’s, right?” he smiled as he said it.

“Hah!” — that came out way too quickly, and I knew it. “Well, I mean….. Jason, what do you think you were doing?” I was trying to get back on track.

“C’mon, Donna — you know.”

I did, but for some reason I wanted to hear him say it. “Tell me.”

He stood there, cock in hand, shorts at his ankles, and paused a moment before rolling his eyes. “I was jerking off to you — DUH! I mean, c’mon — look at you! görükle escort bayan You’re fucking HOT! I’ve been jerking off to you since before you and dad got married.”

Okay — I knew what he was doing, and I wanted to hear him admit it. But actually hearing him say it, I felt something inside my pussy that I hadn’t anticipated. It turned me on. A LOT. I’d like to say that I had this master plan, and I calculated right there in a matter of moments that I was going to enact this master plan to seduce my stepson. But I had no plan, no calculations. All I had was this feeling, and what I believed was the biggest cock I’d ever seen in my sights, attached to a very horny 18 year old who by my calculations wanted nothing more than the chance to use it on me.

By some unseen force, my feet started to move forward towards him. He just stood there, looking at me — a fantasy come true, perhaps — as he continued to slowly pull on his dick. When I got directly in front of him, I looked him in the eyes. He didn’t back his stare down — this kid was ballsy. “So,” I said slowly. “You get off watching me? Stroke this big dick of yours?”

“I do.” His voice cracked a little on that one. He hadn’t anticipated this anymore than I had.

I reached out with my right hand and grabbed his cock. I had to hide my shock at how solid it felt, even mostly soft, as well as it’s thickness. “THIS cock?”

He flinched momentarily when I grabbed it, but he gathered his composure quickly and replied, “Yup.” He then smiled and said “THIS….COCK” — and with emphasis on each word he flexed his cock muscles and it throbbed in my hand, which made me break out in a smile I couldn’t control. He moved in a half step until I could feel the cock head bump against me, and watched as he lifted his hands up and placed them on my shoulders. I thought perhaps he was going to pull me close and kiss me, but a romantic moment wasn’t on this boy’s mind. I felt pressure on my shoulders as he pressed me downward, onto my knees. This boy knew his mind and decided he was going to get what he’s been thinking about. To my surprise, I didn’t resist. I knelt down in front of him and found my face at cock-level, staring at it.

I looked at it — it was semi-hard, still hanging but somewhat filled with blood. It throbbed. It was even thicker up close than it appeared from the doorway, and it’s head was like a big plum. The hanging 8″ was growing, and was now closer to 9″, with apparently significant room for even more. This was shocking, especially since his father was no porn star — boasting an average 6″ cock that was fine, but nothing to write home about. As I looked at it, I reached up and touched it. I ran my fingers around it, lifting it up, getting a better look at the underside, as well as his obviously oversized testicles. His body was smooth, but he had a nice bushy patch of pubic hair above his cock. The cock itself, and his balls, appeared to be very smooth.

As I lifted his shaft upwards, I felt pressure on the back of my head as he pushed me closer in. As he did, I opened my mouth to take him inside. The first attempt failed momentarily as I underestimated the size of his head and I bumped my teeth on it. I paused, adjusted my jaw like an anaconda, and wrapped my lips around the bulky tip of his young cock and started to take him into my mouth. After a few gentle ins and outs, getting my mouth accustomed to his size (something I’ve never had to do with another man — get “used” to his size) — he’d obviously felt I’d had enough time to adjust and he held my head and started to pump his hips. His cock was now about ¾ hard and continued to swell thicker. My cheeks were hurting, and I could feel the rim of his head pushing against parts of my mouth as he drove it in and out. He pushed in as far as he could, just enough to block the top of my throat, and would leave it there as he watched my eyes grow wide. Just as I started to get tears in my eyes, he’d pull back and let me breathe. Then he’d repeat the process, all the while with this evil look in his eyes that was both a bit frightening, but also incredibly erotic.

All the time he was doing this, he was getting harder, and thicker. Within a minute he was at what appeared to be full erectness. My hand grabbed the base of his cock, and I could barely get my fingers around it. When I came up for air, I moved his cock to the side to lick it and give my throat a moment’s break. It was then I could get a look at the size of this fully engorged monster. I ticked off inches in my head as I went from the tip to the base. Eight, nine, ten, eleven… My god. The boy was 18 years old and he was nearly twice as big as my husband — his father. I slobbered all over his cock, holding his balls in my other hand — or I should say, “ball”, since only one would fit in my palm at a time. He pressed my face into his crotch as I licked and sucked and kissed it all over.

At a point, I just paused, catching my breath. At that altıparmak eskort moment, I felt his strong hands on my upper arms. He guided me up till I was standing, and then bent over slightly, grabbed me under my thighs, and lifted me up. He pulled me to him and my legs wrapped around his lower back. His rock-hard cock was pressed between my belly and his and I could feel it throbbing as he carried me over to his bed. He let himself fall forward. I landed gently on my back and he laid on top of me. We kissed passionately — my tongue and his twirling around. I was moaning, as was he. I felt him fumbling with my bikini top for a few moments — then he sat up and pulled on it violently till it snapped off. The boy was hungry. He then stood up and reached for my bottoms and pulled them down and off me. He’d kicked off his shorts and stood over me, naked, his massive cock rock hard, looking at my nude body. His smile told the entire story. He was going to take what he’d been dreaming about.

I spread my legs for him — rubbing my pussy as I looked at him. I was inviting him to bury his tongue into it — I love having my pussy eaten. But this was a horny 18 year old horse-hung boy who was like a child on Christmas morning. He wanted his present now. And I briefly felt deflated as he lay back down on top of me rather than putting his head between my thighs. I say briefly, because within seconds I felt his cock head pressing my pussy and a moment later I felt my world explode as he pressed it into me. Jason was fit, young, attractive, and hung like a bull, but he didn’t have finesse. He was a bull — literally — in a china shop. A momentary pause as his head pushed through, but once it was, he arched his back inward and speared that huge cock deep into my pussy. It took me by surprise and I inhaled deeply in shock, having never felt anything that big inside me before, and my eyes went wide and my mouth fell open in a silent shriek. But not silent for long, because as he continued to press further into me in that first long stroke — the shriek found an outlet and I let out a hoarse “AAAHHHHHHHH FUUUUCKKK!”

Rather than take the loud hint that he was too much, he was encouraged hearing someone cry out from his huge manhood. He pressed deeper — I could feel his stretching me out beyond my own imagination. He didn’t let up — he didn’t pull out to reposition or give me a break. I pressed my hands against his chest but he kept pushing. I pressed against his hips — he kept pressing in. I cried out again — “NOOOOOOOO — MY GOD!! IT’S TOO BIG!” Apparently, telling a 18-year old at the top of your lungs as he’s got his cock in you for the first time is not a deterrent, because he just smiled and grabbed my ass and pulled me to him as he kept penetrating. Eight, nine, ten, and….. just… a .. bit.. more. He was already bumping up against my cervix and I it felt like I was being split into two. Tears appeared in my eyes and I began to whimper as I felt his abs hit mine and his balls come to rest on my ass. He paused there, throbbing inside me — all eleven inches of him buried deep inside my aching pussy. I used the pause to catch my breath, and he just watched my face from above in fascination.

He began to back out and I started to take a breath, but he only moved out about 2 inches before pressing back down and hitting my cervix again, causing me to cry out again, “JESUS!” He repeated the move again — and again — and again. He obviously wanted me to feel his size and got off watching the emotions and expressions on my face as he did. He had me pinned down, and then started grinding his hips, his cock swirling inside me as if he was trying to stretch me out a bit more to accommodate him better.

After about 30 seconds of that, he pulled backwards again — this time perhaps half way out — before slowly easing himself back in. This time gentler. And again — back out about half way, then slowly back in. I was so soaking wet now, it was like having a full tube of lubricant. He kept that up for several minutes, and as he did, my body relaxed, and I realized the amazing pleasure of such a humungous cock. I could feel the rim of his cock head as it scraped along the walls of my pussy, back, and forth, like a car’s piston. As he pumped slowly, I could feel him throb, and between his strokes, the feeling of the head, and his throbbing, I found myself approaching an orgasm. I buried my fingernails into his tight teenage ass and tensed up as my body began to shiver in ecstasy. My head fell backwards and my mouth opened as I let out a long and loud “Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YESSSSSSSS!!!” I held his hips close to me as my body rocked out an orgasm the likes I’d never felt before. And as I did, I said to myself, “you’ve got eleven inches of your stepsons dick in you” which made me smile even more and cum even harder. I could feel my juices gushing around this massive cock and start dribbling down the crack of my ass.

After nilüfer escort my shuddering stopped, he began his pumping again. This time, with a little more energy. I felt his arm move up and suddenly felt him grab a fistful of my hair. My eyes opened as he pulled my hair tight in his fingers. I saw his eyes widen, then narrow. His smile became a smirk. He leaned in to my face and softly whispered, “Did you like that….mom?”

Mom. Wow. I never thought I’d hear that word while I had a cock inside me, let alone a horse-sized one like this. I smiled up at him, “I fucking loved it”.

“Good. I think you’re ready for some real fucking then.” He pulled my hair tighter and I could feel his body muscles tighten at the same time. He’d given me my first big orgasm the way I needed it, and now he was going to do it his way.

His demeanor was obviously more aggressive and commanding. He tightened his grip on my hair to the point it started to hurt, and without warning he began fast, long strokes of his cock in my well-lubricated pussy. With each thrust, I could feel and hear his massive balls slap against my ass. He picked up the pace until he was slamming in and out of me like a jackhammer. I couldn’t believe his power or his speed — it was almost mechanical. I’d never felt anything like it in my life, and my sounds were echoing that sentiment. I unconsciously let out an increasingly loud moan which was accompanied by rhythmic bounces in my voice each time his full 11 inch cock bottomed out inside me. This wasn’t love making, nor was it fucking. This was a grudge fuck. He wanted me to crumble under his mighty sexual prowess and I was doing just that.

Tears welled up in my eyes. Yes, it hurt, but that hurt was also accompanied by waves of electrifying pleasure as his cock cascaded through my vaginal walls. He was pressed up close against me, but then slowed and released my hair. He repositioned himself and brought my legs up and pinned them against my shoulders. He then started his frantic, but rhythmic pounding, causing me to once again let out an agonizing scream of pleasure. It wasn’t long in this position before I felt myself coming to another orgasm. As I tensed, I felt his finger tip on my clit as he continued to fuck me at a wicked pace. The rubbing on my clit, and his forceful fucking, soon had me climbing the walls and I suddenly let out a loud wail and, to my surprise, a geyser of cum as he made me squirt — something I’d never done in my life.

I looked up and saw my juices gush and cover his 6-pack abs and his fingers and heard the squishy noises as he continued to penetrate me and furiously work my clit. I felt dizzy and lightheaded as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure came over me like the pounding surf of the ocean. His pace didn’t ease, and it seemed my vision was blurring and the room was growing darker. And then — blackness. I passed out.

When my eyes opened — not sure how long after — I was staring at the wall. As I gathered my senses, I realized I was laying on Jason’s bed, on my left side. Then I felt that amazing feeling of his cock inside me. He was behind me, very slowly working it in and out of me. His young muscular arm over my right arm, and his large hand slowly massaging my breast. I could feel his breath on my back. I laid there just enjoying this slow-paced joining — it was heavenly. I didn’t let on that I was awake — I wasn’t sure whether he’d resume the merciless pounding if I was. I just laid there and — literally — took it all in.

I heard a soft voice — whispering — and at first thought it was Jason. But as the fog cleared from my head, I realized it was someone else — my husband, John.

“What did you do, fuck her to sleep?” he chuckled.

“She fucking passed out!” Jason whispered back — keeping his slow rhythm going.

“Holy shit. Is she okay?” John asked quietly.

“Yeah — but I don’t think your little dick is going to be enough for her anymore, Dad,” he said.

“I told you — I was hoping to watch that first time. You didn’t let me set it up.” John whispered.

“Sorry, Dad — it just happened. She came in and caught me jerkin off to her by the pool.”

“And?” John asked.

“And — one look was all it took.” Jason said proudly.

“The slut couldn’t help herself could she?” John chuckled.

“Nope — easiest lay I’ve ever had. Guess you leave her a little needy, huh Dad?”

“Very funny — what are you trying to say?” John asked wryly.

I couldn’t help myself, and I’d listened long enough. “He’s saying you’ve got a little dick, honey.” I leaned back and turned my head towards Jason and John. John was standing there, his pants undone, his 6″ cock rock hard and being stroked by his hand.

“Oh — shit.” John stated flatly.

I cranked my neck around a bit further and leaned up and kissed Jason on the lips. He responded with an impassioned kiss while he ground his cock gently, but very deeply, into me, and squeezed my breast.

John responded to what he saw with a simple, “God damn….”

“Honey, it sounds like this is what you wanted…. So you’re not regretting it, are you?” I asked as I wriggled my hips seductively grinding them against his son’s massive cock and letting out a little moan.

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