Discovering My Little Sister Ch. 04

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My heart was racing; I was in a state of panic. Payton must have been able to tell because she slowly rubbed my leg as we noticed my mom. Rationally, there was nothing to worry about. My mom obviously approved and wanted to join, there was no other reason to be naked except thigh-highs and her most expensive shoes. I guess I hadn’t even processed my feelings for my sister, yet here my mom was, primed to join in my orgy.

My mom was always a beautiful woman. I was never fascinated by her as I was with Payton and Joy, but she was the best-looking one in our family. She had olive skin, surprising compared to Polly’s light color and my ghastly appearance. I took after our estranged dad in that department, at least Polly got a little of our mom’s melanin. Her hair was between ours, not as dark as mine but darker than Polly’s, longer like mine and usually with highlights. Her black eyes reminded me of expensive dark chocolate with a clear sheen so your hands don’t stick. When I was young, some of her front teeth were slightly crooked, but when she started making more money she had them fixed. The braces gave her a much more defined face, striking features and by far the prettiest face in our imminent orgy and probably in our state. But sometimes I missed my mom’s beautiful, unique smile.

She kept an athletic figure from biking, her flat stomach defying the strain of two kids and forty-three years. Her breasts were about the size of Payton’s but less shapely; Polly’s breasts would probably look just like hers if she ever had a kid. I couldn’t remember ever seeing her large brown nipples before, but they were certainly larger than any of our pink buds. I had never thought about her sexually before, but as I tried to make sense of what was happening, another thought crossed my mind: my mother’s body was built for sex. Somehow I knew that she could take all four of us, leave us all panting on the floor, and still have energy to sit on each of our faces and demand more.

I looked at Polly, who also stared at my mom but with a doe-eyed expression. “I’m sorry Mommy,” she said softly, as if aware I had looked at her. “We didn’t think we were so loud.”

My mom glided toward Polly. “I’m sure everyone on the block heard you,” she said. “And you’ve given Mommy an ache she couldn’t satisfy all week.” She passed Polly and sat against the sectional opposite Payton and me. “So show me you can lick pussy right and satisfy me.” She put her knees in the air and spread her legs.

“Yes Mommy,” Polly said, crawling toward her. I realized this was Polly’s domain. The incest porn she watched must have prepared her for this. I was in shock, but Polly was realizing her dream.

“Oh, YES!” my mom shouted as Polly made contact with her sex. She gave two more loud moans then, already out of breath, said “Carly, come her and suck Mommy’s tits.”

My body responded. My brain was still all over the place, but as if a passenger in someone else, I felt myself get up and walk to my mom. For some reason I walked around her to suckle the breast furthest me. I didn’t know why, it was just my body responding.

“Oh yes baby, you always loved Mommy’s left tit,” she moaned as I sucked my mom’s nipple into my mouth. I guess there was some instinct in me, some primal connection between me and my mother, that told me I belonged on her left nipple. The last remnants of my superego said that the idea was ridiculous, that was breastfeeding and this was sex, but the rest of me caged that element of my personality for the rest of the evening. I did feel at home. My mom’s breast in my mouth told me everything was OK. There was no need to panic, there was nothing wrong with wanting my sister or pleasuring my mom or being a lesbian. As long as I could take my mother’s breast, I would be safe.

My eyes were closed but I opened them as I felt Payton join me. I saw Joy had moved against the sectional and was masturbating with just her fingers, ignoring the toys laying about. Shit she looked sexy. She was in the exact position as my mom, but alone with her fingers. Could we find three other girls to also take care of her next week? I closed my eyes again and sucked harder on my mom’s breast.

My mom moaned and put a hand on my head. Everything I did was instinct. Unlike last week with Payton, I was making no effort to please my mom, I just wanted her body for herself. My tongue attacked her nipple while my mouth tried to take as much of her flesh as possible. At least one of us was doing something she liked because my mom was moaning with every breath. Then her body jolted. “Yes Polly!” she cried. “Eat Mommy, just like that.” She pulled my head further into her breast, pulling me off her nipple. “Don’t stop Carly,” she pleaded. “Mommy needs both her girls.”

Logic had escaped both of us, I had to obey. I fought my way through her clenched arm and took her breast in my hands, securing my mouth over her areola and sucking her nipple between my teeth. My mom’s screams reached their highest pitch, reverberating queenbet güvenilirmi through the room and signalling the start of her first orgasm at her daughters’ mouths. Her body began to buck but I held her breast steady lest I abandon her again. I held strong, not letting go of my mom’s nipple until her movements subsided and she sighed, “You girls made Mommy cum so good.” Then I pulled off and looked up at her. She pulled Payton in and kissed her on the lips. “And you too Payton,” she smiled.

“It’s OK, I get it,” Payton said, and kissed my mom.

Joy moved over to us on her knees. “You four made me cum real good too,” she smiled. “But I’m gonna need some touch again soon.”

“You’ll get it,” my mom said. “Carly, it’s your turn to eat Mommy. Polly, you take Mommy’s tits and Joy help her. Payton, maybe you help Joy.”

We started moving into position while Payton picked up her vibrator. “Sorry Linda,” Payton said. “Carly’s only cum once and had to do it herself. She needs it most.”

I was already positioned between my mom’s legs, kissing up the inside of her thigh, first on the nylon stocking, then on her soft, bare leg. I felt Payton’s step behind me. “Oh yes,” my mom whispered. “That’s so hot.” She pulled my head to her pussy.

I gave a sensual kiss to my mom’s flower. Almost as soon as I made contact, I felt the vibrator begin to tease at my entrance. “God you girls are hot,” my mom said. “I wish we had a strap-on so I could watch you fuck my daughter while she ate me.”

My body shuddered at that thought. The taste of my mom, the vibrator slowly sliding along my vulva, the only thing needed for perfection was Payton fucking me with her body instead of her arm.

I savored the taste of the juices lubricating my mom. My third time eating pussy was the first time that I could truly savor the beauty of the moment. Just hours ago, my mom had been my greatest fear, the person to hide my activities from. But now she gave me perfect comfort in what I was doing, as if proving that my lips really were made for oral – with my mom as my most important caller. I listened to the erotic sounds of my sister and Joy sucking the tits that I had just sucked with my beautiful best friend, then felt the vibrator slide deep into me. The only thing greater than the love of a lifelong friend is the love of a mother, and here I was experiencing both in the most intimate way possible. And perhaps soon Polly and I would rediscover the love between sisters.

With that thought, my tongue slipped into my mom’s birth canal and I heard her growl “Yes!” in relief that I had stopped teasing. My lips kissed her sex with a growing ferocity, while my tongue alternated between pleasuring her clit and searching for her G-spot. Soon she was moaning with the same cadences as before, periodically thrusting her pubic bone into my face. Payton was drawing similar moans from me, more often screams, muffled by my mom’s pussy. She was alternating between my pushing the vibrator deep inside of me and rubbing across my clit. How I wanted to tell her to just fuck me like a bitch in heat, but my mouth was glued to the place I had been conceived.

“Yes girls, Mommy’s gonna cum again!” my mom announced. Her thrusts became smaller but more regular, and I could feel myself getting ready too. I screamed into her sex, desperately sucking at her labia as my tongue swirled about her clit. The next time Payton slid the vibrator inside of me, I rocked back, and Payton got the picture. She began fucking me like the animal I was, in rhythm with my reverberation, which in turn took rhythm from my mom. My gorgeous mom and my stunning best friend were in perfect sexual harmony with me between them. My orgasm burst at that realization, and as the waves of muscle contractions flowed through me, I felt my mother’s juices pour out of her, a flavor and a volume much greater than I’d yet experienced.

I kept lapping at her pussy like a camel after days without water. I was too intoxicated to notice that my mom’s orgasm had subsided. She softly pushed my head away with my hand. “Sorry baby,” she said. “You ate me so good, but Mommy’s really sensitive now.”

I flopped onto my back, still between my mom’s legs. “Fuck Mom, I love your pussy!” I groaned.

She started standing up, her red-soled pumps on either side of my head. I stared up at her beautiful sex. “I can tell both my girls love pussy,” she said, her tone one of raw sexuality rather than her usual motherly encouragement. “Now why don’t you girls eat your friends and give me the show I’ve been fantasizing about.”

My mom moved to the couch and Payton took her place. I felt Polly lay beside me as Payton lowered her crotch to my lips. My friend was sitting on my face, and from the screams to my right, I assumed Joy was sitting on my sister’s face. Once I brought Payton to completion, my mom took her place, still in her sexy heels and nylons, and Payton began to finger fuck me. And so we fell into a cycle. queenbet yeni giriş For the rest of the night, my friends and mom took turns sitting on Polly’s and my faces like the cunt-eating sluts we were. Now and then someone would finger fuck me or fuck me with one of the toys, sometimes to orgasm, sometimes stopping for her turn to face sit. I probably came four or five times, and gave at least triple the orgasms. Eventually I passed out and the glorious night came to an end, my face covered in the sweet nectar of the three women I loved most.

* * *

I woke to the sounds of Polly and Joy kissing. Payton was asleep in my arms, and my mom’s indentation remained in the blankets next to me. Payton began to rouse and I heard Polly’s voice say “Joy, I want you too, but I’m beat, let me wake up.”

“Sorry babe,” Joy responded.

Payton was the groggiest of us but managed to say “Where’s your mom?”

“I dunno,” I said. “Looks like she slept with us but left.”

“What time is it?” Payton asked. “I’m fucking hungry.”

“I’m hungry too,” Joy smiled. “Didn’t get to eat like you two.”

Polly pulled herself up. “Delicious but not nutritious. C’mon, let’s go up and I’ll make us breakfast.”

“Thanks,” I said. “That was a surprising amount of work last night.”

We went upstairs, still naked, and found it was almost Noon. I don’t think any of us had any idea how long we had fucked the night before, and so we had no idea we had slept so late. Polly started getting out the stuff for our famous pancakes, a recipe she had developed years ago, but I had helped perfect. That was probably the last sisterly bonding we had done growing up, before my life got busy and Polly became so quiet. Unless you count an orgy with our mom and friends. We definitely bonded, but sisterly might not be the word.

I found a note on the kitchen table, written in our mom’s hand. I called Polly over and we read silently together:


I’m so sorry I had to leave. Of course this happens the one day I have an open house and can’t find a cover. I wanted so much to be there when you woke, but I couldn’t bring myself to wake your beautiful faces. I’m so happy this happened but I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or violated in any way. I’m here to talk about anything but I won’t say anything more unless you want me to. I love you both so much and I want to make sure you know that.


“I’ve gotta run to my room,” I said meekly. I folded the note and took off.

“Yeah,” Polly agreed in a similar tone.

I read the note again before placing the paper in the top drawer of my nightstand. There was a part of me that wanted to just lay in bed and read the note over and over. Something about the note was sacred, the perfect memento of my first time with my mom. But I didn’t want to be missed, so I hurried back downstairs.

Joy had convinced Polly to put on an apron and nothing else, which remained the only article of clothing on any of us through our very late breakfast. After we ate, we moved to the living room, no longer worried about being caught. We paired up, Payton and I on one sofa and Polly and Joy on the other. I watched Joy touch Polly through the apron as they started to kiss, but Payton pulled me to her lips before I could see my sister naked again.

That Sunday was the most beautiful afternoon of my life. The warm summer sun peeked through the curtains just enough to accentuate our touches without betraying us to any passers by. Payton and I kissed and fondled on that couch for probably two hours, exploring each other’s bodies and fingering each other to several orgasms. Payton whispered how arousing the smell of girlcum on my face was, but I was the one who licked both our fingers clean when we took breaks from penetration. Payton tasted as beautiful as she looked, while I tasted so much like my mom. I wondered if Polly and I tasted the same. She and Joy were in a similar kissing and fingering session; Payton held enough of my attention that I couldn’t soak them in, but every glimpse I got was a snapshot of their growing love.

Eventually, we had to stop. We were all sore, Polly and I too sore to continue kissing. All four of us put on clothes downstairs, Joy of course protested that Polly and I were in our own house but being naked with just my sister was still too weird. We each gave each of my friends, our lovers, deep kisses goodbye, then Polly and I silently walked upstairs. As we parted to go to our rooms, I called her name and she turned back to me. “I love you,” I said.

She smiled. “I love you too.”

She held out her arms for a hug and I embraced her. We had done quick hugs a few times when I left for college, but those were just show. And our little tension-breaking hug the day before. But this hug was for sisterly love for the first time in years. The love was deep, released from the caves of teenage angst. The serenity of my arms around her, the frailty of her thin back, and queenbet giriş the touch of her soft breasts formed a contrapuntal symphony against the sweet smells of a night of oral sex, breaking, for a moment, the discomfort that had surrounded me for the past week.

I shut myself in my room and did homework. The homework really could have waited, but what else was I to do? By the time my mom came home and announced she brought takeout, my anxieties had returned, just enough that I didn’t come down for dinner until I figured no one was in the kitchen. The avoidance was a big mistake. That night was one of the most restless of my life. I took a shower well after midnight because I thought perhaps washing the smell of pussy off my face would help. But then when I lay down again, I found my pillow smelled like pussy from all my tossing and turning. So there I was, past 1 AM, digging through our linen closet for new pillow cases.

I don’t know what I was scared of. My mom wanted sex with ME. Polly wanted an orgy with me. If I had just gone downstairs when my mom got back, talked to them, been normal, I would have been able to sleep. Instead, I was having a panic attack as if they were going to judge me for something that they had been more eager about. When did I become the shy one? Polly was the shy one. I was no more of a mother fucker than she was. Although I wanted to bed Polly too, and maybe I was afraid Polly would reject me.

I only know that I eventually slept because my alarm startled me awake. I snoozed more than usual – at least I didn’t have to shower – and eventually dragged myself to my summer class. I suffered through the lecture and let my partner handle most of the lab lest that day be the first time I used the emergency eye wash. I wasted time in the library to avoid my mom and sister, too tired to work but too anxious to sleep. Then I ate fast food in my car just to waste a little more time.

I successfully got to my room that night without seeing my family. But there was nothing to do. Sleep would not come to me, the internet could not hold my attention. Finally around 11:30, I realized there was only one person who could help. I needed my mom. Whether or not I had had sex with her. I was afraid to call Payton, I was more afraid to call Joy. They knew I was a mother fucker, and I couldn’t let Joy know that I wanted my sister as badly as she did. Only my mom could help.

I looked in my mirror. My nipples subtly poked out of my white tank top, my green shorts barely covered my ass. Would my mom pounce me with the same raw sexuality as two nights before? I didn’t know what I wanted the answer to be. If I got wet without panties on, would she be able to tell what an incestuous pussy slut I’d become? Still, she would be there for me. Whatever she did, she would make it right.

I crept down the hall and slowly opened her door. Her light was off but I immediately heard her rustle. “Mom?” I softly called.

“Carly?” she responded.

“Are you awake?”

She sat up and turned on her bedside lamp. She slept on the side furthest the door. “You know I always hear the door.”

She was wearing a midnight blue, lacy top that I didn’t recognize. “Can I lay with you?” I asked.

She pulled down the blankets on the near side of the bed. I slipped under them and lay facing her. She twisted to look at me, but stayed sitting up so that I could only see her face over her halfway covered breast. “What’s going on?” she asked, a gulp of anxiety hidden in her motherly concern.

“I couldn’t sleep last night or tonight.”

“Is it because of the other night?” My mom was clearly feeling guilty, but I was too self-absorbed to care.


She slid down to eye level with me. “Baby, I’m sorry. I lost control, it was-“

“No Mom,” I cut her off. “I liked it.” I paused. “That’s what’s wrong, I liked it, I loved eating you, and I just want more, and it feels so wrong, and I can’t stop thinking about Payton but I want to eat Polly too but I’m afraid to do anything with Polly because Joy wants her and she’s my sister so what if she doesn’t want me and I don’t think I’m a lesbian but maybe I am…”

My mom shushed me and put a hand on my cheek. I was crying. “I’ve grappled with some of the same things for the last week. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lesbian. Just be open with everyone. We have to be a family first, and Joy and Payton are an extension of our family. If you shut yourself in your room, it’s just going to make things feel more wrong.”

“But some of the stuff I wanted to do to Polly… that’s not stuff a family does.”

“Some would say that what I did to you wasn’t stuff a mother does. But if passion overtakes us, and we all consent and have the voice to dissent, I don’t think it’s wrong.”

I sighed. My mom really did know how to comfort me. She spoke up again. “And if you are going to lock yourself in your room, at least leave some chow mein for the rest of us.”

I laughed and put an arm around her. She did the same. “You both had already eaten.”

“No one needs that much chow mein.”

We giggled and stared into each other’s eyes. I was still a bit shaken, but there was only one thing that could help in that moment. “I want you to kiss me,” I whispered to my mom.

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