Discovering Jordan Pt. 02

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I stood in my bedroom trying to bring my mind back to the here-and-now. Barely two weeks after Gary had given me the most incredibly sexual experience of my life I stood in my bedroom holding onto Jordan’s dress, tights and bra. I reached down to pick up her panties from where she had shucked them off before climbing into my shower. I knew full well what I intended to do with them before I even reached for them. I looked at the gusset noticing the shiny goo and I thought, “I am getting ready to cross a line that will be impossible to return from.”

Nonetheless, I bent down to pick up the dark green garment and then held it to my nose, inhaling Jordan’s most intimate scent. It was so like my own scent and yet so different. My own pantyless crotch was throbbing as I rubbed the crotch of Jordan’s panties on my nose and upper lip in order to coat them with her scent. The scent remained after I pulled her panties away. That was my intention.

I don’t know how any other woman feels, and I’ve certainly never asked one, but I have always wondered how other women taste and what it would be like to make love to one. I know how my pussy tastes when I lick it from my fingers, and when I clean Gary’s cock after he’s thoroughly fucked me silly, but I have wondered for many years what it would be like to taste it directly from the source. I’ve never been in a position to do such a thing and have never really known someone I could trust with such intimate confessions.

I tried to calm down as I returned to my kitchen and then to the laundry room to start Jordan’s laundry. The dress and tights were machine washable but needed to soak for a while so I started that process in the sink.

As for her underwear I decided to throw them into a load of my own things. First I held her panties to my nose again and held them there, inhaling deeply and wishing I didn’t have to drop them in the washer. Then I had an idea! My crotch was literally dripping wet and I looked around to make sure Jordan was still in the shower.

I pulled my own dress up and wiped my dripping pussy and thighs with the crotch of Jordan’s panties. I got as much of my liquid sopped up as possible and then held the gusset back to my nose. It smelled like heaven! I brought the panties to my mouth tasting both of us and licked and sucked until I couldn’t taste anything but the fabric itself! I know it was a horribly slutty thing to do but it seemed like someone else was calling the shots inside my head.

I reluctantly dropped the panties in the washer and started the load. Stopping in the kitchen on my way back to the bathroom, I poured two large glasses of my favorite red wine. I placed the glasses on my dresser on the way, stripped naked as quickly as possible before I had a chance to talk myself out of it and then took both glasses into the bathroom where the shower was just being turned off.

I sat the glasses on the vanity and handed Jordan a large fluffy towel from the linen closet. Now it was her turn to be stunned! “Damn,” she whispered, looking at my nakedness.

“Turn-about is fair play,” I offered in my defense. “I need to take my makeup off and get comfortable.”

I proceeded to clean my face and noticed Jordan checking me out in the mirror occasionally. “See anything you like?” I mused.

“Actually I do,” she said with a wicked smile on her face. She pointed to the left side of the vanity where my newest rabbit and a rather small anal plug laid neatly on a towel.

“Shit!” I said, rushing over to them and sweeping them off into the top drawer. My face was beet-red and i was severely embarrassed. I closed the drawer and explained, “I cleaned them this morning and left them to dry. I should have been more careful.”

“That looked nicer than my rabbit. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you by drawing attention to it,” she said.

I then tried to recover from the shock and continue with my task as best I could. I’m not exactly sure why I was so embarrassed by her seeing those things but I was trying desperately to be cool. For goodness sake! I was standing in my bathroom naked with a woman (also naked) and was worrying about her seeing my görükle escort bayan vibrator and butt plug. I had to get a grip!

I tried to calm myself down but I caught the sight of her thick patch of dark red pubic hair and it made my knees weak. My own, much lighter hair was trimmed short into a small landing strip and I was otherwise hairless thanks to my regular Brazilian routine. I took a couple of deep breaths trying to look calmer than I really was.

I finished with my makeup and washed my face with warm, soapy water. I admired my firm C-cup breasts with small dark nipples and compared them to the little B-cups that Jordan was currently drying. Two completely different sets of breasts and both were beautiful in their uniqueness. I regained a little of my composure and went to the toilet and peed while Jordan’s mouth hung open like mine had earlier. I wiped myself then washed my hands before offering her one of the glasses. “OK, sunshine!” I said. “It’s time to drink wine and do some serious relaxing. There’s nothing like an unexpected three-day weekend!” I offered. I raised my glass to her and we clinked before both taking a big slug. Hoping to remain calm I took a second one!

On the back of the bathroom door hung two matching terry cloth robes that Gary and I used frequently. I put Gary’s larger one on and handed mine to Jordan. “If you have to wear something,” I said, “wear this.” The innuendo was obvious. It was certainly warm enough in my house to be naked if one was so inclined.

She said, almost to herself, “We’ll see how it goes with the wine.”

She tied her robe losely and followed me into the living room where I pointed to the left side of the large overstuffed, white leather couch. There was an end table she could use for her glass and several pillows all around.

“Please make yourself comfortable and don’t hesitate to ask if you need something,” I said.

I took my seat on the opposite end of the couch after opening the blinds on my large windows, revealing the softly falling snow in my backyard. My townhouse backed up to a state park so nothing would ever be built back there and it was thickly wooded. I often went naked all weekend, not worrying at all about being watched. The scenery outside was beautiful and the world seemed quiet.

We talked until noon and managed to make 2 bottles of wine disappear. At this point everything that we said seemed to be hilarious and our walls were certainly down. We talked about work and relationships and our previous marriages. My husband, like hers, thought it was okay to sleep with whomever he wanted regardless of his vows. Mine was asked to leave and hers took it upon himself. I blamed myself for marrying before I was mature enough to have thought things through and for ignoring several warning signs. Jordan was more hurt in that she was hopelessly in love with her husband and didn’t see the breakup coming. He disappeared one day and only later were all of the details made known.

Talk of failed marriages soon enough turned to talk of sex. The wine and naughty conversation was having an effect so I asked her if she was OK with watching some of my porn DVDs. Her face lit up and she squealed, “You’d better believe I am!”

We watched a few short videos without looking at one another out of sheer embarrassment. One particularly steamy girl-on-girl vignette seemed to get to Jordan and her right hand went inside the robe to her left breast. She seemed to be kneading the firm flesh quite aggressively and she was biting her lower lip in the sexiest way!

Jordan announced that she had to pee and stumbled her way back to my bedroom. I heard her peeing and it seemed very erotic. She was gone long enough for me to become concerned but she returned before I decided to go look for her. Her robe was hanging open and she was carrying my rabbit friend.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking where you got this impressive thing,” she said, “but it looks a lot more expensive than mine. It looks like it could really do the job!” She turned it over again and again in her hands, as if she was longing to give it a try. bursa otele gelen escort If she was half as horny as I was she would jump at the chance to use a high-end vibrator like this one. I’d spent an awful lot of money on it.

“You’re welcome to use it if you really want to,” I said hesitantly. Was I really offering to let another woman use my vibrator?

She seemed to be considering this and my attention was again drawn to the dark red triangle below her waist. I guess I stared too long and when she noticed she used her hands to pull the robe wide open. “Do you find this interesting?” she said. “That’s the second time I noticed you staring at my bush.”

“It’s so different from mine,” I said. “I’ve almost always been either shaved or closely trimmed.”

She looked down and ran the fingers of her right hand through her thick patch of hair, pulling and tugging at it a little. I imagined that longer hair like hers could be pulled and grabbed in sensuous ways to heighten sexual arousal. She seemed lost in her own thoughts and said, “I’ve always thought a thick bush was more feminine and sexy than a hairless pussy.”

“Well, at this point I have to agree!” I admitted. I stood and opened my robe to display my own perfectly trimmed landing strip. “What do you think of this one? Does it have enough hair to make me look older than 10 years old?” I giggled imagining me at the age of 10 wishing I could grow boobs and pubic hair like my older sister.

She stared unashamed at my light brown strip of hair, but to be fair I was also staring at hers. I fought my desire to walk over to her and run my fingers through hers. She said, “Suzanne, I’m drunk as hell and I don’t want things to get awkward between us. You are my boss – and I think a close friend. Are we getting ready to cross a line here?”

“I’m pretty sure we’ve already crossed it, sugar,” was my distant reply.

She took her seat again on her side of the couch and turned my rabbit over and over in her hands, feeling the heft of it. “This is so much nicer than mine,” she said almost to herself. “Are you sure it wouldn’t be too weird for me to use it?”

“Seriously?” I asked. “You’re getting ready to masturbate in front of me and it’s using my vibrator that you see as the weird thing in this picture?”. I was so horny by this time I could hardly stand it!

She looked at me suddenly with genuine concern on her face. “Oh, Suzanne! I can go somewhere else if this makes you uncomfortable.”

“You just try to leave this couch and I’ll tackle you!” I said playfully. “You’ve got me torn out of my frame. You’d better get to it or I’m taking it from you to use it on myself!”

She smiled wickedly and turned her body to face me, leaning her back on the arm of the couch. Her legs spread wide as she made sure the terrycloth robe was beneath her. No need making a big mess on someone else’s couch. I stared lustfully at the thick, dark bush as she turned the rabbit on and rubbed it over one small breast. The nipple hardened immediately and one of us moaned almost imperceptibly. It might have been me.

“Oh my…” I whispered. I turned against my own armrest to face her and parted my robe in a mirror image of her. She noticed and smiled at me as she slowly brought the rabbit downward towards that thick dark bush that had consumed my thoughts for the last couple of hours. I moved my hand towards my own nearly hairless mound and rubbed softly. Electricity ran through my fingertips and it seemed to pool at my opening just below. I could clearly smell my own pussy.

Jordan teased first one of her nipples then the other with my rabbit and then worked her way slowly towards her tiny waistline. I could faintly hear the rabbit vibrating as she began to tease her dark, thick bush. She paused near the top of her slit and I knew that she was right over her hooded clit. I touched mine in response and rubbed the hood back and forth gently over the little nub beneath. I needed a good bit of stimulation and lubrication before I touched my bare clit. I assumed most women did.

Her hairy slit made it almost impossible bursa escort bayan to see the treasure between her legs but I could see a faint hint of pink. Never having been in a situation like this I noticed that my own slit was pulsating strongly and I could feel my pulse in my ears. I couldn’t stand it anymore so I reached between my legs with my right hand and ran my middle finger from just above my puckered asshole slowly to the top of my slit, dragging my thick honey upwards with it. When I reached the top I used my left hand to pull upward on my landing strip then smeared my honey all over my bare clit, causing my legs to jerk sharply. It was too sensitive to attack directly right this minute but I was rapidly approaching the point where I could.

My eyes caught movement and I looked up to see Jordan lay my rabbit on the arm of the couch. She walked over to me, turning me so that my back was against the back of the couch. She pushed me back into a semi-reclined position. She straddled my waist with her knees and all I could do was look at that beautiful dark bush as if mesmerized by its beauty. I smelled her sex and my head went spinning when her gooey, hairy, wet slit landed on my lower abdomen.

The difference in our height meant that our faces were at roughly the same level. She lifted my face to hers and I received my first kiss from a woman. Holy crap, was it ever powerful! The kiss was as tender as any I’d ever received but so very sexually charged. I kissed her back as if I’d done this all my life but my head was reeling. I know my pussy was leaking and I was thankful that my robe was still underneath me.

The situation was way out of control in my mind but I was powerless to do anything to stop it. How many times had I dreamed of just such an encounter?

She ground her thick red bush into my lower belly and I nearly came right then! “Can I touch it?” I asked. I’m not sure I could have asked a sillier question if I’d had days to think about one.

She breathed, “I’ll go crazy if you don’t!.”

I tentatively touched the thick red patch with the back of my right hand and it was pillowy soft. I rubbed back and forth and eventually ran my fingers through it like a comb. She responded with purring so I increased my attention by tugging at it slightly for the next several minutes. She moaned softly and said, “Pull harder, please.” So I did.

“I like it rough,” she begged. So I grabbed more of it and pulled harder. Her moans got louder as well. Pulling on it resulted in smearing her thick juices all over my abdomen and I found that incredibly hot.

I reached my left hand around her sexy butt and squeezed. She ground her bush into my lower belly some more, trapping my right hand between her gooey wet bush and my belly. My left hand reached a bit further and wandered lower until it lightly touched her little brown rosebud. I put some pressure on it, not intending to penetrate her but to give her a sense that I might. She inhaled sharply and closed her eyes as if a thousand miles away. I personally liked a small plug in my anus when I masturbated but would never consider anal sex. She apparently liked to be touched there too. I put that on the back shelf of my mind for later.

Unable to control myself I reached further down until my fingers touched her dripping slit. “God, Suzanne!” she breathed heavily. She was dripping her juice onto my own pussy and it seemed like the whole house smelled like pure sex.

She stood slowly and knelt in front of me, this was a moment I’d dreamed of for many years. Her eyes bored into mine over the top of my pubic mound and I felt the first touch of her tongue on my outer lips. She sucked my engorged labia into her mouth and I climaxed right then! Both legs spasmed and my back stiffened as I cried out in surprise. My eyes were in the back of my head and I felt like I could pass out. It was a full minute before my eyes opened.

She pulled back and looked at me until I could open my eyes again. “You’re kidding! Right?!” she said. My mouth was wide open. “Are you OK?” she asked.

“I’m so sorry!” I apologized profusely. “That one moment has been in my head for so long.”

“Is this your first time with a woman, Suzanne?” she asked in surprise.

“Yes…” I barely managed to whisper. “I’m so sorry! Please don’t stop!” I begged.

“Honey,” she said in disbelief, “If your trigger is that sensitive you’re in for a real treat”. And as it turned out she was not wrong about that.

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