Discovering Callie

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All characters in this story are over 18. This is my first time submitting a story. I would appreciate any comments and/or votes!


It was summer and hot. Sweat dripped down her back as she lay in the sun reading a book. She worn her long brown hair piled carelessly on top of her head, a thin white bikini encasing her developing body. Callie had just turned eighteen and graduated high school last week. She was a bookworm and a gaming nerd. Awkward around boys her age, she always felt more at home with her dad. She particularly enjoyed the romance novels and admittedly the sex scenes within them. She hadn’t even been on a date yet or had a boyfriend, what she knew about sex came from these books. On this hot summer day, she was reading one of them and was at a particularly steamy part. She felt her body begin to respond. An ache was growing between her legs. Occasionally, she would grind her hips against a pillow and that would help with the problem but she was always left vaguely unsatisfied.

She continued reading, her pussy aching. The book was going into graphic detail about a heroine who was fucking three guys at the same time. Every hole was full of thick hard cock. Callie squirmed against the blanket. Glancing around, she saw that she was still alone and the fence was high enough that no one would see. Some of her friends at school talked about it, it couldn’t be that naughty. She flipped over onto her back.

A single parent, Don was only 33. Callie had been born to him and his ex-wife while they were teenagers. When Callie was five, his wife took off saying that she had to find herself. He worked hard as a foreman at a local construction company. But today was just too hot to work; several men had almost collapsed from the heat. Knowing it was a lost cause; he had sent them all home. With a sigh, he entered the door and called out for his daughter. When he got no response, he knew where he could find her. Outside, lying on a blanket by the pool with her nose in a book. Don went upstairs and changed into his swimming trunks, thinking a swim sounded good in this heat.

Callie, unaware that her dad had returned from work, continued to read her book, the ache between her legs continuing to grow, the naughty words of the book flaming her desire. A wet spot on her bikini bottoms was spreading against her cunt turning the thin fabric transparent. She reached up and gently pinched at her nipples. Purring deep within her throat, she continued to tease her nipples. Pinching and pulling at them until they were hard buds straining against her bikini top.

Grabbing a towel, Don headed down the stairs. He was about to open the door when the sight of his daughter pinching her own nipples surprised him. Stopping suddenly, his gaze transfixed upon the growing wet stain that made her bikini bottoms transparent, her tight virginal pussy exposed for him to see. His cock began to grow. He knew it was wrong, but it had been so long. Quickly stepping out of her sight, he continues to watch her.

With a low moan, Callie continues to pinch and play with her nipples through aydınlı escort the thin material of her bikini top. It felt so good. Her hips began to grind in the air. She needed something. Her tongue darting out between her lips, she slid one hand down her taunt body and under the bottoms. With a nervous hand, she began to tease her enlarged clit, her hips grinding. Panting, she began rub harder. Callie did not see why people said this was wrong. Something so wrong would not feel so right.

With a groan, Don continued to watch his little girl please herself. His cock began to throb. Setting the towel down, he released it from the confines of his trunks and began to stroke himself. He knew he should be ashamed. But his little girl’s pussy was so wet; so beautifully pink underneath her bikini.

With a load moan, Callie felt her muscles begin to quiver. Biting her lip, she began to cum as she stroked her clit. Yet she was not completely satisfied. Callie knew what she needed to do now. Taking her hand off of her clit for a moment, she stripped off her bottoms and spread her legs. Her dark thatch of hair glistening in the sun from her juices, her pink pussy spread wide. Running her hands up and down her body, she finally gathered the courage. She slowly slipped one finger inside her pussy. With a moan, her hips jerked upwards. Moving her hand around, she began to move her finger in and out.

With a groan, Don worked his cock faster. It wouldn’t be long now. His cock was throbbing, begging for release. His hand worked back and forth on his shaft, the time coming closer and closer as he watched his daughter explore her body and masturbate. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. His beautiful daughter with her beautiful pussy exposed for him to see. Don’s whole body was trembling with the beauty of what he saw. His free hand hit the sliding glass door, opening it slightly. Another moan escaped his lips, drifting out into the yard.

Startled by the noise, Callie glanced up to see her dad leaning against the door, his hard cock in his hand. She had never seen one before and the sight excited her. Watching him stroke his cock, she began to experiment, slipping another finger deep inside her pussy. She was so full now. Moving fast, she pumped her fingers in and out.

Conscious of his daughter’s gaze, Don knew he should stop but he was too far gone. His gaze meeting hers, he continued to stroke his cock faster and harder. With a load groan, his cum shot out and hit the sliding glass door. Seeing her dad’s orgasm did it for Callie, her body began to tremble and shake as she too came. She pulled her fingers out from her hole and they were glistening wet. Panting, she lifted them to her face to smell and then her tongue darted out to taste her juices. Sated now, she slowly drifted off to sleep.

When she woke several hours later, her dad was no longer watching her and all evidence of what had happened earlier had been wiped clean from the slider. Self-conscious now, she slipped into her bikini bottoms then wrapped the blanket around herself. She made bağdat caddesi escort her way to her bedroom and quickly changed.

At dinner neither one talked about what happened. It was a quiet, almost strained affair. After dinner, Callie quickly did the dishes and then went to her room. Don sighed and wondered how this was going to change everything. He knew he needed to start dating again. But after his ex-wife, he was gun-shy. He went and watched some television before heading to bed.

Later that night….

Callie awoke with a start. The heat had given way to a massive thunderstorm. Her heart pounded. She hated storms they always scared her. Standing up, she made her way to her dad’s room. Only half awake, she had already forgotten about earlier. She always went to her dad’s during a storm. Slipping quietly into through his door, she climbed into bed with him and curled up next to him.

Caught in an erotic dream, Don wasn’t aware that it was his daughter that had joined him in bed. All he knew is that a warm, tight body was curled against him. His cock began to respond. Dreamily, he reached over and began to rub the small breasts. Callie was shocked still. She whispered, “Daddy?” Don didn’t hear her, just mumbled something into her ear about being a good little slut. He was always hard to wake up, Callie knew at that point there was no point. She struggled slightly to get away. His other arm wrapped around her, pulling her body tight against his. She could feel his cock hard against the small of her back.

Don continued to strum the tiny nipple in his hand, pinching and pulling slightly. This girl was a good little slut he thought in his dreams. Lying still, Callie began to feel the familiar stirrings between her legs as her dad’s cock throbbed against her and his hand rubbed her breast. She squirmed against him, feeling his cock rub against her ass cheeks. No boy had ever made her feel this way. She was beginning to understand why her friends always talked about sex, why the romance novels were so popular.

Mmmm….Don dreamt. What a hot little slut I have here. His one hand remaining on her breasts, his hand slid down the front of her nightgown to her panties, rubbing softly he could tell that she was already getting wet for him. Callie moaned as her dad’s hand began to rub her pussy over her panties. It felt so good, so right. Her hips jerked up against his hand, moving with it.

Finally, after what seemed like hours to Callie, her dad’s hand slid up and then into her panties. A single finger entered her and began to piston in and out of her tight cunt. Afraid to make too much noise, she kept her moans soft and low, her hips jerking to meet the thrust of her father’s fingers. The fire between her legs was growing now, her center throbbing with excitement. “Mmm….so tight so hot so wet for me little slut.” Don whispered in her ear. Turning her onto her back, he leaned down and pulled her taunt nipple into his mouth, sucking through the white cotton of her nightgown. It was just enough that she began to cum, whimpering bahçelievler escort her pleasure.

Growing bolder now, Callie reached down and grasped her dad’s cock through his boxers. Stroking the hard velvet of him, she luxuriated in the feel of it. She had never touched a cock before, and it felt right that her dad’s was the first she would feel. She stroked it lightly, exploring. With a groan, Don ripped the panties off the hot little slut and bent down to stab his tongue into her hot core. Flicking his tongue over and over her clit and then delving deep within her depths. Shifting slightly, Callie continued to stroke her daddy’s cock. With a tiny flick, her tongue hit the head of it. The cock jerked in her hand. She began to lick it again, like she would a lollipop. The response she was getting from it excited her. Don murmured, so that’s how you want it. With a thrust, he shoved his cock into Callie’s throat. Gasping against his cock, she tried to adjust to the feel of the hard length in her mouth. Eventually, she began to use her tongue to explore the slit while sucking on it.

Don continued to fuck Callie’s pussy with his tongue; darting it in and out of her tight virginal hole. With one free hand, he began to rub and play with her tight asshole. The little slut was responding so well, he knew she wanted it. That she wanted all of it. Continuing to thrust his cock deep down her throat, he coated a finger with the juices flowing out of her pussy. Rubbing her ass with the juices, he began to slowly tease it open, working his finger deep within. His finger began to match the movements of his tongue, pistoning in and out of her tight sphincter while his tongue continued to lap at the juices flowing out of her pussy.

Callie lost control and began to cum. When this happened, he just fucked her mouth shoving his hard cock deep down her throat. “Oh God little slut, I’m going to fill your mouth with my cum.” Don cried as he exploded into her mouth, his sperm shooting down her throat. Callie began to gag but adjusted quickly swallowing what she could. It didn’t taste as bad as her friends told her. Don continued to suck on her clit and eventually Callie found herself crying out, “Daddy! Oh yes Daddy!”

Callie’s voice began to penetrate the deep fog of Don’s brain. What was his daughter doing here? While he fucked his little slut? He slowly began to wake up. Pulling his now flaccid cock out of his slut’s mouth, he looked around for his daughter. Not seeing her in the bedroom, he thought that he had just imagined her voice, a remnant of watching her masturbate earlier. He turned around to give his slut a kiss when he realized with a shock that it was his daughter’s face he had been fucking.

“Callie….god no…” he stammered, “I am so sorry baby. What are you doing here?!”

“There was a thunderstorm Daddy. I was scared so I came here like I used to do when I was younger. Then you started to do these things to me. And it felt so good.”

“Oh Callie, we can’t do this. It’s wrong.” With an anguished cry, Don made his way into his bathroom, intent to wash the memory of how tight his daughter’s pussy had been on his finger down the drain.

Callie watched her father go into the bathroom. Confused, she didn’t understand why he said it was wrong. Hearing his shower turn on, she knew that nothing more would happen this night. Curling up in the bed, she drifted off to sleep, finally sated in a way she had never been before.

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