Discoveries in the Country Ch. 03

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You would think that after having had not one but two men fill my ass with their hard cocks and giving Gary the fucking he so desired, that my mind would be clear as to whether I was gay or bi, but whenever I saw Mrs. Shuermann’s dress open enough for me to see the crown of her breasts, or when she bent over to take something from the oven, I was less certain than ever. There was no secret to the fact that I loved the feel of a hard cock slipping into my young ass. I enjoyed Gary more because of his slender cock, but the fullness that Poppa gave me and the depth he achieved was something I always looked forward to as long as I could get him to slow down.

When I returned to work after my brief vacation, I only had a few more weeks before I had to return to school again. Gary stayed long enough to help get the winter wheat planted and I knew I would miss him when he went back to school. Derek, or Poppa as we called him, knew what we were doing and seemed to give us plenty of opportunity to do it. Between Gary and I, he was getting what he wanted too so he seemed satisfied, although there were times I thought he wanted more from both of us.

Gary and I were swimming one hot day, and of course, we wound up with Gary’s cock in my mouth and mine in his. We were so involved that we didn’t even hear Poppa when he drove up. The first time we were aware he was there was when he stepped up behind Gary, playing with his hard cock. Gary didn’t skip a suck as he turned to put his ass in position for Poppa to get down on his knees and push into him. The sounds they both made and the sight of Poppa’s cock moving in and out of Gary’s ass was more than I could handle and I pumped my load into Gary’s mouth too fast. All I could do was to watch Gary getting a royal fucking. When he was done, Poppa jumped into the cold water but Gary grabbed me and pulled me down to push his cock into me and drive into me harder than he ever had before. He didn’t last long and my ass was beginning to hurt from the pounding he gave me before we both jumped in with Poppa to clean ourselves up. Poppa wasn’t done yet though and as he often did, he pulled me into him and held me while he put that big meat of his into me. It seemed like he was never going to come and my ass was getting tender but finally, he rammed me hard and held it there while he finished unloading his balls into me.

We got very little done that day as far as work goes. Though Gary and I liked to lay next to each other and fondle our bodies, Poppa was gone as soon as he dressed. It was a habit of his I had grown familiar with. gaziantep escort There was no emotion to his actions at all, and Gary told me that Poppa was not about to let anyone get into his ass. To tell the truth, I hadn’t had any thoughts to do that anyway, but it upset Gary some.

When it was time for Gary to leave, I took the day off, telling my parents that Gary and I were going to a show to celebrate his departure. Instead, we spent the whole day in the top of the barn, having sex in every way we knew how and telling stories and jokes. He told me a lot about the girl he was living with and how she loved to watch him take it in the ass, using a strap on dildo at times to do it herself. He liked to watch her masturbate or play with her sex toys while he masturbated too. Of course, she took it in the ass at times too, but he went on in at length about how it felt to have his cock buried in her hot pussy. All the time he was talking about it, I wondered how I would act if the opportunity ever arose.

After Gary left, I got more action, but I knew I would. It wasn’t the same any more now that I’d been with Gary for so long, though. The difference was like night and day. Gary was gentle and caring. He liked to do it different ways too, something that Poppa seldom did. Poppa just wanted you to bend over and reach back to spread your cheeks. The only time it varied was when we were swimming. Still, I enjoyed it and would never refuse him. There was still one thing I was not able to give him for some reason. I couldn’t suck his cock. I think I knew that once he got it in my mouth, he’d fuck my face as hard as he fucked my ass. I loved to suck Gary’s cock. It was so beautiful and he was so patient with me. After a month of sucking him, I learned that if I just held my mouth open, he could fuck into my face until I had to pull off to breathe. He never forced me to swallow his cum either, although I willingly licked it from the end of his cock.

When school started, I noticed a difference in the way I looked at people. I tried to imagine both sexes naked, or nearly so. My fantasies became more bi sexual, I think due to the fact that I was not with Poppa anywhere near as much. I masturbated just as much as I did before I met Poppa and Gary, maybe even more and when Poppa told me my cock was getting larger, I was pleased.

Just before Thanksgiving, Momma went to see her sister in Ohio for a while to help her recovery from some surgery. That was the first time that Poppa took me to his bedroom. Nothing else changed as far as his technique went but I could watch him in the mirror as he fucked me and watch as he pulled his cock from my ass with his cum still dripping from the end of it. I could even see my reddened ass in the mirror, with his cum glistening around the rim and seeping down my legs. It was much more exciting. When he would leave the room to clean himself up, I would look around at the signs that Momma lived there. I found it comforting to feel her in the house with me.

I didn’t work in December at all except for helping with the milking on weekends. It was too cold in the barn to get naked so we just masturbated together and a couple of times he sucked me dry. At Christmas time, I got a nice bonus check from him and Momma made me a home made German chocolate cake. She gave me something else for Christmas too.

When I went over the week before Christmas to take some homemade cookies and candy to her, Poppa was not there. He’d gone into town to some club he belonged to for a celebration and Momma told me he’d be so drunk when it was over, he would sleep it off at his friends house. She thanked me for the baked goods and the card I gave her, and kissed me but not in the way a mother kisses her son. Rather, she kissed me with open mouth and showed me how to kiss that way.

We kissed several times and she put her hand on my cock and rubbed it. “You like to kiss that way, David,” she said. “I can tell.” I flushed but nodded. It wasn’t possible to deny the erection I had anyway. “Come, little one, I will give you a surprise,” she said, leading me into the living room. She undid my jeans and pulled jeans and briefs down around my ankles, then proceeded to grip it in her warm hands and start moving over me. I tried hard not to moan but it felt so good and I wanted her to keep it up. I have to tell you though that I was completely surprised when she started to suck me off and lick me from my tip to my balls. She used her lips to work the head of my cock to just below the crown and back, then licked it hard, pushing the tip of her tongue into the slit. Every so often she would look up at me and smile while she pumped her hand over me. I warned her that I was close but she just nodded and sucked even harder while I filled her mouth with a large climax. Her tongue felt so good as she cleaned me and when she kissed me, I could taste my cum on her tongue and lips. I was weak in the knees when she finished and she held me to her so tight. As I started to dress, she stopped me.

“There is one more thing, David,” she said. Before I could ask what, she opened her dress to show me that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She pulled me back to her and took my hand, putting it on the right breast. “Play with them, David.” she requested. Even though I had no idea what I was doing, I rubbed my hand around them, feeling their softness and their warmth. She shrugged the dress off and pulled me to her breasts, showing me just where to put my hands and what to do with them. Her head was back and her eyes were closed as I played with her nipples but when I put my mouth around one of them, her eyes flew open. “Oh, god,” she cried, pulling my face into her breast. “Yes, David, yes. That’s what I want.”

I took turns sucking them and while I sucked one she pulled and twisted the other one, while she moaned and made strange sounds in her throat. She liked it when I licked them too. “Oh god, yes,” she kept repeating until suddenly she pulled me down and stripped me completely. The next thing I knew, we were in the bedroom where she stripped off the dress completely to stand there in just her panties. She pulled me down on the bed and when she pulled me back t her breasts, her fingers went into her panties and I knew what she was doing. “Wait,” she said, breathing awfully hard. She got up and pulled her panties off and I got to see her sparse growth of light brown curly hair over her slit. She laid back down and pulled me over to her. “I need you David. I need you now.”

“Momma I don’t…I mean I….”

“Hush, David,” she replied, pulling me onto her. “I know what you’re feeling but it will be all right. I will show you.”

She had me get between her legs and she showed me how to rub the head of my cock up and down her slit before I pushed through and went deep into her. I was embarrassed for my small cock compared to Derek’s but she seemed happy with it and we made love for about fifteen minutes until I couldn’t hold it back any more and I pumped my load into her. She frightened me when she wrapped her legs around me, locking me into her and started pumping her body into mine until her legs began to shake and she cried out and held her breath.

I had no idea that I had just given her an orgasm but she grabbed me and pulled me down on to her body, kissing me and playing with my ass and my back. We lay together, naked while we touched each other and she fed me her cum from her fingers. It wasn’t at all unpleasant. I wanted more but she reminded me that my parents would be wondering why it took so long.

“Thank you David, thank you.” she said. She washed me up and watched as I dressed. We kissed and she held me to her breasts for quite a while. “You have a Merry Christmas, David,” she said.

“I already did,” I told her, smiling.

(To be continued)

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