Dirty Massage

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Metro station fully crowded, something I hadn’t hoped for but was getting used to. It was pretty hot in Delhi during summer but on this particular day I was almost roasted. I was behind a big crowd waiting to get out of this place looking around & definitely not enjoying this brutal weather. Even the a/c in the metro wasn’t able to provide any cooling. The person infront of me wasn’t able to put his token in the exit slot & I was really getting a bit frustrated now.

Someone from the metro department who was standing nearby came & helped him. Atlast I was out of this crowded oven.

I just stood underneath a big fan for awhile to get myself a bit cooled down then headed my way. The walk from metro station to the massage parlour normally takes 10 minutes but for some reason today on this hot day under the sun it took me almost 20 minutes. How about that, this heat even made me slow.

I finally reached the parlour, it was not a really big or famous place but rather it was mostly for the upper middle class people due to its fairly moderate rates. The lady at the front desk saw me & gave me a warm smile & I reciprocated it.

”How are you today?” she asked me giving me that big pleasing smile. “I’m roasted.”

She laughed a little “the weather is really hot today,” I just looked around, it was fairly cooler inside & she was sitting in a fully a/c room. I thought she should go & take a walk outside to know what the weather really is like. “Yeah! It is pretty hot outside.”

She just nodded at that, “So you want your regular massage?”

“Yeah, I just want a nice back massage. Its been awhile now. I wanna relax my muscles.” She gave me one of those fake sympathetic smiles and said, “well, you would have to wait for a few minutes.”

I looked around and there were already 3-4 people sitting around on the chairs and couch. “How long is it gonna take?” she just looked in her register and then back upto me “maybe around 30-45 minutes. We’re actually low on staff today.”

I just shook my head low on staff, what does that even mean? How many people they actually have here 50? I guess not.

“two of our main masseuse didn’t come today. So we’re having a bit of problem.”

Yeah that’s what I thought. You guys only have 4 people and two didn’t come. What do they expect me to do in the meanwhile. Shit this ain’t happening.

“That’s okay. But where do I wait coz I can’t find a place to sit here?” she looked around “We have two massage rooms empty with the table already there so if you want you can wait there. Maybe relax a bit.”

She must be out of her mind. She wants me to relax while I spent an hour in this crazy weather and now she wants me to wait one hour. Shit! This day just keeps getting better by the minute. “thanks I’ll do just that.”

“You’re welcome,” she said with another fake smile. I just hate these stupid fake smiles, don’t they know it makes them look stupid smiling for no fucking reason.

I went towards the waiting area and was about to go past the door into the massage rooms area when I looked and saw a beautiful woman come in. She was wearing reading glasses that’s the first thing I noticed, her hair were open and falling over her shoulders and she had a pretty smile. One of those genuine smiles and not the fake one that this stupid girl behind the desk was giving.

“Hi my friend recommended me this place to get a body massage,” she said to the stupid girl. I don’t know why I keep calling the desk girl ‘stupid girl’ but heck! She is stupid. “I’m glad you could come. My name is Tina.” she presented her hand to the pretty girl in glasses.

“My name is Naina.” She shook her hand and gave her another genuine smile. I was really liking watching her smile.

“Well, you would have to wait for sometime maybe 15-20 minutes. It shouldn’t be a problem?” Tina said, I couldn’t understand if she asked a question or just said something. But what the … She told me to wait almost an hour coz I’m a regular and 15 minutes to this new one. She definitely climbed a ladder of stupidness in my eyes.

“Okay that’s not a problem I can wait.”

“You can either wait here or you can go past to the other area where there are a few extra massage rooms empty with the comfy table there so that you can relax.”

Naina looked like she was pondering over what decision to make, “I’ll go to the empty room to wait.”

“That’s great. The area is through that door,” she pointed to the door separating the area from this waiting room. Naina stepped away from the counter and took a step toward me when Tina stopped her.

“You have to fill this form,” she took out a piece of paper and a pen and handed it to Naina. Now I had a clear view of her, she was wearing a yellow skirt which ended at her knees with flowers printed on it. Nice calves I thought as I looked at her she was wearing a casual Escort Sincan slipper underneath. She wore a white sleeveless top but her shoulders were hidden by her black hair which hung down around her shoulders and there was a green bag hanging on her shoulder.

I don’t know what but there was something about this girl which made me want to do something to her, infact do everything dirty with her. Just then something came in my dirty mind and I made my way to the massage rooms through the door. It was a long hallway with doors on either side of the wall. The first two doors had a sign on doorknob saying massage in progress that was interesting so I went ahead and went into the one which had no sign.

I turned the knob and went inside, it was a small room with nothing but a massage table in the centre and a cupboard on the side. I liked the lighting and smell of this room, it was very relaxing. I opened the cupboard and there were lots of towels, some oil bottles and a few clothes and sheets.

I picked up a black tank top, placed it on the table and removed my t-shirt. I put on the tank top, it was a little tight due to my muscularity but not uncomfortable. I removed my shorts and underwear and then put the shorts back on. There was a small mirror beside the cupboard and I checked myself. Hmmm! not bad, I look a little more muscular than a normal masseuse but hey I still look good. All I now need is that bottle of oil and we’re ready to roll.

I picked up the oil bottle and read some details, it was edible so its all good so far. Okay its time now let’s go. I went outside the room closed the door and went infront of the third room. Should I really do this? What the hell! I ain’t gonna get another chance so just do it.

I knocked on the wooden door and braced myself, “come in,” came the soft voice. I opened the door and went in, it was a similar room like the previous one but here on the table was sitting the girl for whom I was doing all this. Naina.

“Hi, I’m gonna be your masseuse for today,” I said going upto her. She had a blank look on her face “I thought. . . But she said it would take 20 minutes for. . .”

“Is there a problem?”

“No. I don’t mean a problem but its just. . . I wasn’t expecting you so soon,” she was rubbing her arms now. That beautiful skin. Gotta get my head in place. “Well, you weren’t but one of them cancelled his massage so here I am.”

“Okay. That makes sense,” she said as she stood up. I went to the cupboard and took a few sheets and spread a white sheet on the table and gave one to her “you can undress and just lie down on your stomach and cover yourself with this sheet. Once you’re ready just call me, I’ll be outside the room.”

She took the sheet as I headed out the door. This isn’t as difficult as I thought. Wow! I can’t believe I’m really doing it. I was staring at the door When I heard her call me in. I went inside and there she was

lying on the table on her stomach with her naked back staring back at me. I licked my lips and went closer. “You ready?” I asked as I stared at this gorgeous woman’s naked back. The sheet covered her legs and ass till the small of her back. Her ass was sticking up and looked very inviting, I almost squeezed it but somehow controlled myself.

I poured some oil on my hands and rubbed them together to warm the oil. “Any particular part you want me to focus on?” I asked as I put my hands on her back. The bare contact of my oil slicked hands with the soft skin of her back got me riled up and it had an effect inside my shorts. “Not anything particular,” she said and I started moving my hands all the way up towards her shoulder blades, caressing her there for a few seconds. This brought a moan from her and upon hearing it the blood started rushing towards my groin. I rubbed her shoulders in few circular motions then I poured some more oil on my hands and I poured some on her shiny back.

This time I started from her lower back, digging my fingers into the softness of her skin. My hands glided along the slippery surface as I started caressing the outer part of her torso. She was lightly moaning in between whenever I would apply a little extra pressure. “You feel good,” I asked as my hands caressed the skin on her sides, my fingers just centimetres away from her breasts.

“Yeeaaahhhhhhmmm,” came a muffled sound from her. I thought she was gettting aroused so my hands went closer and closer to the side of her breasts. I poured some more oil on my hands and started rubbing again. I was getting in a rhythm now with my hands covering every inch of her back slipping away on that extra smooth surface along with near her breasts. I rubbed her underarms on a few occasions as my hands were getting closer and closer to her tits.

I rubbed her shoulders by applying more pressure than I previously was “ummphhfff,” the sound from her mouth, Sincan Escort her face buried in both her folded arms. My hands went past her shoulders and I rubbed her arms slowly, my touch lingering there for a second longer, a little more longer and then they made their way back to the middle of her back. I felt her firm muscles beneath her soft white skin.

“You have very soft skin,” the words came out of my mouth of their own. “thankssss” a hiss was the reply from her. I really wanted to feel those beautiful breasts which spread out underneath her. I changed my position, now I was standing beside her head and started rubbing her shoulder blades. I would take my hands from between her upper back to all the way down to her lower back near the slope of her ass. I was digging my fingers in her creamy flesh. On a few occasions my fingers felt the soft fabric which had to be her panties under the white sheet.

“Do you want me to do your legs?”

“Yesss,” she hissed again. I think she is enjoying this more than me. Let me see where I can take it. I went around towards her feet and brought the sheet up around her ass and folded it. I was able to see her cream coloured panties and the outer portion of that juicy ass.

I poured some oil on both her legs and then started rubbing them with pressure, feeling the softness of her skin and the firmness of her leg muscles under my sloppy hands. My hands went upto near her asscheeks and the tip of my fingers touched her creamy skin. I felt my organ getting hard and I had to make a move. “Your boyfriend is very lucky I must say,” I said trying to get her to open up as my fingers slowly occupied more skin of her asscheeks and rubbing against her panties.

“Why do you say that?”

“Well simply because you have such a soft skin and a beautiful body. Any guy would be lucky to have you as a girlfriend.” I kept on rubbing and putting pressure on the junction where ass and legs meet. She was getting uneasy.

“He doesn’t think like that coz we broke up last month. This massage is a treat from my friend who thinkssss it’ll relax me and get my mind offfff of him.”

“You have intelligent friends I must say.”


“Why don’t you take off your panties as its getting a little spoiled with the oil.”

“Do I have to?” she asked and I thought about what to say as my hands just kept caressing the area below her ass.

“If you don’t want to spoil your expensive panties, then you should remove coz I’ll have to massage this nice ass of yours as its looking very tense. The tension needs to be eased.” She laughed and laughingly said “these are not expensive… And… how can you say that… Uh… there is tension in my… my… my ass?”

“Well, these certainly look expensive and… the tension… Well I can feel the tension in that area. Maybe… its been a while hasn’t it? When was the last time you had an orgasm?” She turned her head and for the first time looked at me directly, “Do I have to answer that?”

I just smiled at her question. “Why are you smiling?” she asked.

“You ask a lot of questions why is that? And NO! you don’t have answer that coz by the way your body is reacting to my touch I can tell its been a while. A real while ago.”

“You don’t know that!” she said with a very animated expression on her face. “And no it’s not been a while. I don’t–“

I cut her in mid sentence “I’m just saying that I know orgasm massage, so if you want an orgasm I can give you an orgasm massage as well.

She went silent for a while then said, “what will you do in that massage? You’re not doing anything inappropriate with me. I’m not gonna let you.”

“Come on! Who said anything about inappropriate. You just take off your panties and I’ll give you an orgasm with my fingers.”

She pondered over the thought and then raised her hips and started pulling her panties down that magnificent ass. I took hold of that panty and removed from her feet one by one. I brought it to my face and smelled it. There it is, that sweet aroma of an aroused pussy. It might just not be a bad day afterall.

She saw me sniffing her panties and she blushed as my eyes met hers and I smiled.

“Nothing inappropriate. Okay?” She laid back on the table and I took a step back to look at this amazing view; this gorgeous woman was lying on her stomach and I was looking at her shiny naked back and legs. Her ass was still a little dry. Her ass was just perfect, something I would enjoy squeezing in my hands.

I went near her ass and squeezed it in my hands and parted it to look at her crack. I saw her crinkled brown hole with little wisps of hair, just a few. Then I released it and poured some oil on her ass and on her ass crack. My hands started rubbing the dry skin and it became slick with oil and my hands started slipping on that slippery soft skin. I wanted Sincan Escort Bayan to take a bite of that juicy ass but somehow controlled myself.

My fingers went inside her crack as my hands were loving the feel of this juicy little ass. My fingers felt her asshole and rubbed oil on it and also on the skin between her asshole and pussy. Then I felt her pussy as one of my fingers went inside a warm hole. She was getting uneasy by now and when my finger went inside her she moaned and I started rubbing the inside of her moist pussy as my other hand rubbed her asscheeks and roamed on her back and legs. I was enjoying the heat generated by her slick pussy and I inserted another finger and started finger fucking her with both my fingers as my thumb found her clit and started rubbing it.

She was moaning a little louder now and I knew if she came like this it will all be over so I gathered my guts and removed my fingers from her pussy and brought my face closer and inhaled that musky aroma of her ripe pussy juice. My tongue snaked out and I started licking the soft petals of her pussy. My hand was roaming on her body with my other rubbing her clit and my tongue all over her wet pussy.

She squirmed & bucked and just like that started cumming with my tongue inside her pussy. I started drinking that delicious pussy nectar and withdrew my hand from her clit. I gave her one final slow, long lick from her clit to her asshole burying it in between her pussy on the way. I got up and immediately got out of my clothes and straddled her legs and sat just below her ass with my cock placed on her crack.

She was breathing heavy as I parted her asscheeks and placed my dick at the entrance of her dripping pussy. Before moving forward I asked, “do you want me to…?”

“God yesss..” I smiled and pushed my cockhead inside her tight hole. Her pussy gripped my cock and my eyes closed enjoying the sensations coming from my cockhead which was buried in her sheath. I kept pushing until my groin was touching her ass, then I placed my hands on either side of her ass and after a span of 5 seconds started moving my cock out of her snug pussy. I felt her pussy was made to accomodate my cock. When just the cockhead was left inside her I started sliding the rest of it inside her.

“Umphhhhh” voice came from her as I buried myself once again. And I started moving in and out of her pussy in a steady rhythm. She was moaning now with her hands gripping the sheet tightly. I kept on fucking her tight pussy as my cock was getting the friction inside her pussy and sending waves of pleasure up my spine. When I felt myself reaching close to a climax I withdrew my cock and got down.

She turned to my side and I saw those ripe breasts for the first time. “Why did you stop?” she asked with such innocense. “I want to enjoy this that’s why.” She got up and sat on the edge of the table and I moved myself in between her opened legs. I started kissing her pouty lips as she guided my cock into her wanting depths. Once in I started moving my hips front and back sending my cock in and out of this gorgeous woman’s pussy. She placed her hands behind her on the table to steady herself and I grabbed her slim, slick waist & started pounding her pussy hard. Our tongues were dancing with each others and her moans and shrieks in my mouth were sending chills down my spine.

My hands went up and cupped her breasts and started kneading them as my cock kept slamming inside her pussy. I started twisting and piching her erect nipples and with a shriek inside my mouth she came and washed my cock with her pussy juice. I slowed my pace but kept on moving in and out of her as I felt her pussy muscles working on my cock. I opened my eyes to see hers closed and I looked down to where my cock was going in and out of her. My cock was covered in her juices and a thick white cream was formed on the base of my cock. I was near my climax & started really pounding her young pussy raw.

She suddenly opened her eyes, her breasts bouncing with each thrust and my hands went back to her waist so I can fuck her hard.

“Unh! unh! unh! unh! unh!…” the sounds came from her mouth as I kept pumping my cock in and out of this heavenly pussy. When I felt my balls worked up and ready to fire I withdrew my cock and fired ropes of cum on her stomach. Thick ropes of cum erupted from my tip and landed on her stomach. I leaned in and kissed her a final time trying to memorize her taste on my lips.

I went back and put on my clothes, “this was fantastic, possibly the best massage of my life.” I said buttoning my shorts. She just smiled and laid back on the table. I got her a few tissues from the cupboard and exited the room and went into the other empty room. I dressed myself and walked into the main area, where Tina was busy writing something, her face was turned the other way so I just made my way out of the parlour and into the scorching heat of Delhi but now I had a big smile on my face and satisfaction in my heart.


Let me know what you think about my story, I’ve written it for you & if I get responses then I will share more stories with you.

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