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My Mistress told me that a friend of hers was coming to dinner, and that I was supposed to get ready, I instantly knew what that meant, I had to shave my self, make sure all the sex toys were available, and cook. As usual while I was getting ready I was fantasizing about her friend, male female, what the friend would look like and if the friend would play with us, because not everyone is into playing our games.
My clothes were set out for me and that did nothing to quell my curiosity, if I was made to wear a dog collar only for example then I knew that sex was on the table for that evening, how ever I was give a polo neck t-shirt cargo shorts a lace thong of my wife’s and flip-flops to wear.
At 9:30 Alana came over, she is a long legged tall woman around 35, with very dark hair and white skin, and she also had the most amazing green eyes. Dinner went well I was complemented on my food, and the chitchat was rather friendly. From this I gathered that Alana was not a player but my Mistress wanted her, and was looking for a way in. The conversation slowly moved towards relationships and sex, and we found out that Alana had recently broken up with her boyfriend because he was too fixated on his work and too conservative both politically and in the bedroom. This was all the opening Mistress needed. She immediately started telling Alana of our sexual life, and how I was the ultimate sex slave who would do anything I was told to. She also complemented Alana on her eyes marvelous huge tits, and long legs. As we drank more wine and shared a joint over desert, Alana loosened up and asked to see the rest Ankara escort of my tattoos as only some of my arm and leg tattoos showed because of my clothing, I immediately took off my shirt and pants, and stood there in a lacy thong with my slowly rising cock sticking out of the top for Alana to look. She was initially stunned at the lingerie and my piercings, but soon got over that and asked Mistress if she could pull on my nipple rings. The answer was a yes of course and Alana grabbed my left nipple and started slowly pulling and twisting it. Needless to say this made my cock even harder. She then moved her had down to my crotch and grabbed and squeezed my balls, and pulled on the ring in the head of my cock at the same time. I knew my station and was trying really hard not to cum, but being poked and prodded like an object made me very horny. Mistress in the mean time had moved behind Alana and was fondling her ass and cupping her tits. Alana let me go and turned around and kissed Mistress while grabbing her ass. The two of them started making out and slowly striping each other. When Alana took her top off I was astounded she had the firmest biggest tits I have ever seen, with gorgeous long nipples and perfect round areolas, her body was wonderful, very pale, which contrasted with her jet black hair, and her body was hairless and baby smooth. Alana was intrigued by Mistresses’ piercings and spent what seemed like hours sucking on her tits and pulling her nipple rings with her teeth. Finally they fell to the floor and started grinding their pussies together. I was still standing where I was left Ankara escort bayan in my lace thong with the biggest hard-on ever. After they came, I was ordered to get the toys, which I gladly did.
Alana was asked to choose what she wanted to play with, she immediately got a collar and leash and put it on me, claiming that dominating a man and having sex with a woman were two of her standard fantasies, which her ex boyfriend thought were disgusting, she told us that once when she was sucking his dick she flicked her tongue over his ass, and he freaked out so much he pushed her away and would not kiss her for a week. I was immediately ordered on all fours, I had a cock and ball cage put on my which made my cock even harder and bright purple and was ordered to lick Alana ass, which I did with immense pleasure. I lay down on the floor, Alana put her ass on my face, and Mistress stood in front of Alana so that while I was licking her ass Alana was sucking on Mistresses pussy. Alana started grinding her ass and pussy into my face and soon I was soaked with pussy juice and saliva I heard both women moan and it was not long before they came again. Alana then picked up a feeldoe that we have and made me suck both parts of it until it was sopping wet she the put the bulb part into herself, lay Mistress on her back and proceeded to slowly fuck her. I was kneeling behind Alana still sucking her ass; it was so wet and relaxed by this point that I could put two fingers in her easily. As I was finger fucking her Alana asked me to stick my cock in her ass, I lubed up and entered her wonderful ass (we later learned Escort Ankara that it was her first anal fuck) as I started to slowly move in her ass Alana started to get frantic, she started pounding Mistress and I started pounding her ass, I was not long before the two women came again, and I was struggling not to. Mistress then got up put on another strap on we have, moved around behind me spat on my ass and slowly entered my ass. Now I had Mistress fucking my ass, I was fucking Alana’s ass and she had the bulb end of the feeldoe in her pussy. As Mistress was pounding me and me Alana I was told that I could cum, and I finally let go flooding Alana’s ass with my cum.
Mistress then ordered me to pull out of her now gaping ass and suck my cum out of Alana and feed it to her. Alana went completely wild as I suck my cream pie out of her and came so hard I thought she would faint. I spat half of my cum into her mouth and the other half over her huge tits, and the Mistress and I licked it off.
We collapsed into a pile on the floor, and after about 20 minutes Alana complained that she did not get to fuck me. I immediately obliged by sucking the feel do she was still wearing, and then sitting on it as she specified she wanted me too. As I was riding her latex cock she was pulling on my piercings slapping my balls and scratching my chest. We then ordered by Mistress to flip over so that Mistress could fuck Alana ass while Alana was fucking me. Alana’s tits were smothering me and it was not long before we all came together. This dinner was two weeks ago and I have not seen Alana since although I know that Mistress has been seeing her and I am sure fucking her during this time. I heard that she is coming to dinner the following Saturday and brining a friend I can hardly wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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