Dinner with colleagues

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Dinner with colleaguesYesterday I was invited with a colleague to a couple friend from Slovenia. There was pizza, lots of drinks – a nice evening, we got more and more drunk. After a joint she became quite horny. When her boyfriend opened the pants, she gave him a blowjob. Since she was not wearing any underwear, we could see her little tits. And because she only wore a short yoke, her shaved pussy was also to be seen. A small fat pussy with big clitoris. The pussy hole was already open, nice to see. So we pulled two others also the jeans. Sure, our cocks were grown. I pushed the foreskin back and put her my thick bulging acorn in her swollen wet pussy. A narrow hole. I like it when I fuck her from behind and look at her asshole. The pussy was really wet. Again and again I rammed her my cock deep pure. Before the cum I pulled him out and let the other guys make. I jerked a little while I watched as she blew her boyfriend’s tokat escort cock. With a sigh he sprayed off – on her tits and body. She turned to me and looked at my cock. That made me even hornier. She bent her head to me and opened her mouth. So I could jerk off in your mouth. Meanwhile my friend injected off, his juice landed on her back. I couldn’t help it any more: I was so horny and my cock already so thick – I squirt my load into her mouth. She swallowed everything well down. She leaned back on the body of your friend and began with her left hand to wank his cock. Then she opened her legs and rubbed her clitoris with her right hand. Her pussyhole was completely open. Although my cock after the cum quickly became small, at the sight I was quickly horny again. Because she greedily looked at my cock, I began to jerk off again. While she rubbed her clitoris, I stuck her two fingers in her narrow hole. The shaved tokat escort bayan pussy was very warm and wet. I couldn’t help it, I had to fuck her. She moaned with relish when my cock disappeared to the stop in her fuckhole. Also the tail of her friend was really hard. Greedily he looked at how I fucked his girlfriend. Her moans became louder. I noticed that her orgasm was on. It came to her. When I pulled my cock out, she splashed. What a squirt. The pussycream also ran her pussy hole to the asshole, but the squirt syringe up to me and landed on my body. Two, three, four squirts, and when she rubbed a little on her clitoris, another fountain. She moaned extremely loudly. She took my cock in her hand and started jerking it off. I had to put the cock again in her pussy and fuck her. It did not last long, and I squirt off. Deep in her horny hole.In the meantime, my colleague hate his cock again big wanked; escort tokat he took her on the body and turned her around. She was with the head with the tail of her friend, which she immediately began to blow. My Kolelge began to wank in her asshole until he finally fucked her deep and tight in the ass. They came almost at the same time. Her friend squirts in her mouth while my colleague squirts his load deep into her asshole. With a deep sigh she turned around again and on the belly of her friend. The legs she read wide open spread, so that we could see her two fucked holes. She smiled contentedly and reached for the cigarettes.We resolved not to go home anymore, but to make ourselves comfortable on the big couch. The two men fell asleep immediately – alcohol and fucking makes us tired. Half asleep I noticed how our hostess began to masturbate. Had she made the group sex so horny or she did not get enough – she uninhibitedly spread her legs and began to enjoy stroking her lips, opened her hole with two fingers and spread it and began to rub her clitoris. Although I got a stand again – whether she came to orgasm or not, I didn’t notice anymore, I fell asleep…

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