dinner party number one

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dinner party number oneIt’s always great fun to dress up, black tie and all that. And the ladies have such a chance to shine on such occasions. Something away from the day to day humdrum of motherhood wear, or just poppin’ down to the shops for a loaf of bread and some eggs apparel. No, a dinner party in formal attire is an occasion, a time to get the long dress, skinny straps, low cut revealing just a bit more cleavage than your man would normal find acceptable, tight to the waist and then slit way up the side so that when you walk or move and especially when you sit you seem to be revealing more leg than even a mini dress might. And of course….. what to wear underneath? Stockings for sure, strictly black and shear, and hold up, can’t be arsed with faffing about with suspender belts, far too complicated to put on. Panties might show through the tight dress, but no undergarment at all, whilst somewhat daring could also be embarrassing in the wrong circumstances, so perhaps a lacy thong, yes that will be just the thing. Plus of course a strapless see through bra, bought for a special occasion and surely this would be that.A black tie do at the senior partner’s home. She had longed to be invited to one of these exclusive dos. After far too long in the shadows she had finally broken through to the senior management level and was now part of, what she thought of as, the elite team. She hoped her man would not let her down. These parties had something of a reputation of being very ‘adult’ affairs. He would need to be able to hold his own, so to speak, and not be put out if somebody held her own….A few miles away another lady was also coordinating her outfit. She had been before and knew exactly what to expect. She too was wearing a long evening gown, but hers was somewhat more ‘obvious.’ Very red, rose red, slut red. A top that was voluminous and long sleeved and completely covered her arms and body. But it was also totally see through, all that covered her breasts, red lace bra, very pretty in fact but nonetheless on total view through the absolutely sheer fabric of the dresses top. At the waist the dress changed to having a tight fitting full length red satin slip under the see through material. She had loved chiffon since she was a girl and it was treat to wear it any time, let alone an adult party. She spent far too long wondering whether to go bare legged or in stockings, taking them on, then off, in the end she determined that red fishnets would be the thing, also hold ups because with the see through top the suspender belt would be visible. There was a chance they would be late because of her endless tinkering, but she wanted to be perfect. She had no qualms about going with no knickers on at all. She finished off the outfit with red strappy sandals, quite high, but not so that she couldn’t walk properly or dance if that was the way the evening went. Her man would be proud of her she was not going to let him down; his senior partner’s party was a triumph for her man last time because she had been the star attraction.Meanwhile the woman in black was applying the last touches of smokey, far too heavy slut style make up. She slipped into rather too high black patent pumps that she had picked up cheap at one of those cut price department stores. She checked herself in the mirror, wow. Many men would pay fortunes to have a night with a woman that was a sexy as her…. when she moved the slit in her dress revealed all the leg you could ever hope to see. In the taxi to the dinner her husband could barely keep his hands off her.The taxi with the lady in red was a rather different mood. Her man felt his wife had perhaps gone much too far with such a revealing dress. She thought not and wondered how after the events of last he could think that. And they travelled in silence. But somewhere between her legs she felt a familiar warm dampness. Oh my, canlı bahis şirketleri she was already simmering.The hosts had arranged for the dinner to start at 8pm prompt, drinks 7.15pm; they had arranged for a cook a waiter and waitress. When coffee was served they staff would be dismissed and the party left to its own device. That meant everyone was meant to behave until dinner was finished.The hostess was in actual fact the senior partner, she was single and her partner for the evening was a long term friend. He was charming and played the role of being by her side beautifully. He looked every inch a millionaire playboy with suave good looks and easy familiar manner. He could charm any woman and frequently did! The hostess was a little more reserved in her outfit, but nonetheless extremely sexy. Her dress was long and ivory. It was a halter neck affair but not that revealing, but underneath she had no lingerie on at all, no bra, no panties, and no stockings. Her shoes were pumps and high. She was exquisite and even though her dress was less obvious, she was sex on legs and when her partner saw her he just suggested they call off the evening and that she should let him ravish her on the spot.That never happened.The dining room was a picture of classic elegance. Low lights, candles, flowers, beautiful cut glass and napkins…. just as you would picture it. Dinner was relatively civilised although the men were obviously distracted by the see through red dress. The hostess managed to get a moment with the red lady and made a suggestion that was complied with. After the main course the rd lady excused herself and on return caused quite a stir. She had been asked to, and had removed her red bra; her breasts were effectively on full display. Her husband was about to throw a fit at her forwardness and brazen way. But the hostess cut him off before he even started.‘I am delighted to see that you have agreed to my request to release the delights you were hiding from us. I am sure the gentlemen and my female colleague will all agree that you look so much more appetising….’The other gentlemen and lady all nodded and grunted approval and made admiring remarks.The hostess’s partner could not take his eyes from her newly revealed breasts, he had always loved breasts and these were particularly fine ones. Perfectly shaped with lovely nipples standing to attention. The lady in black looked on slightly unsettled because she felt sure if requested to display herself like this, she would not have such courage and further she knew her boobs, as she called them, were less ample (author’s note: I can assure you her breasts were totally delightful too and only a bit smaller. Any man or woman so inclined would have no hesitation in wanting to hold, squeeze and suck them).When the waiter and waitress served the dinner they couldn’t fail to notice the breasts under the red chiffon. The waitress, whose face appeared un-phased couldn’t help thinking vindictive thoughts toward the woman. How could she show herself off in such a cheap and obvious way? What happened to feminism and modesty and plain decent behaviour, ‘what a slut’ she thought. But all the time the waitress remained a model of professionalism.On the other hand the waiter could not help himself, and the hostess noticed, he had a very good long look. He was impressed by the lady’s courage and willing to share her charms. If only he was a guest and not hired help he would surely have liked to be around for what was likely to be a wild evening. His professionalism was less evident and he made some errors in his serving as his eyes continued to wander to the red breasts.Coffee served and waiting staff dismissed. The hostess summoned the lady in black’s husband to sit next to her. She invited her own partner to stand behind the lady in red. He like the waiter had definitely been staring at her breasts mobilbahis for ages, especially since the removal of her undergarment.The lady in red’s husband, the other work colleague of the lady in black and the hostess (author here again: sorry for the long winded build up but we are getting there I promise), was about to get really lucky even though he wasn’t sure he liked the way the hostess had been so free and easy with his own wife’s apparel. The hostess said she was very pleased that the lady in black had become a member of the senior management team, well deserved and probably long overdue. She also said, in quite a matter of fact way, that the lady in black was the woman most fantasised about by the men of the office. She said that the lady in red’s husband in particular had been very graphic in telling her what he had done to her in his daydreams. She announced that he had fantasised about having her in every conceivable position, not just in tender sensual ways and in brutal fetish cameos where he tied her beat he, blindfolded her and made her perform all types of sex acts in every orifice. He imagined using her as his personal plaything sharing her with his friends and family and that he imagined her having a threesome with him and his own wife, that is to say the lady in red. He imagined taking the lady in black from behind whilst she pleasured his own wife with her tongue and fingers. He had imagined her being used by everyone in the office, whether junior or senior and imagined her being given to new prospective customers to secure work. He had fantasised that she was a porn model and allowed herself to be double penetrated by overly well endowed men of afro Caribbean origin.And so much more besides.He even had admitted that he fantasised about using her whilst he was intimate with his own wife….the boss announced it all. The boss commanded, not invited but commanded the husband of the lady in red to stand behind the lady in black.And the lady in black blushed red with embarrassment having heard all that, and then have stand him so close behind her. She never knew he was so keen on her or that she was so attractive to so many men. He too was amazingly embarrassed to have his inner secrets revealed so publicly thus. And the hostess stroked the lady in black’s husband’s leg, the inside of his leg and let her arm graze his crotch and she was pleased to notice his obvious excitement. She didn’t want him to spoil the proceedings so better to keep him upright so to speak.She told the two men that were standing to take advantage of the ladies in front of them. Her partner had no need for a second invitation and his hands homed in on the red breasts like the most sophisticated missile targeting its prey. He squeezed and caressed and soon he tore at the material that gave way with no real force and the rips were audible and the hostess nodded her approval. His hands had free reign over her bare flesh and she liked it. Her husband was a little more tentative and stroked the lady in black’s neck and shoulders and leaned over to kiss her neck very delicately. He put his tongue in her ear and she responded by reaching back to touch his arm and squeeze it as if they had been lovers for years.The hostess suggested the ladies stand and that would give the men better access. She particularly suggested the lady in red’s man unzip the lady in black’s dress so everyone could enjoy the sight of her obvious charms. He needed no second invitation and nervously undid the garment. He pushed it down took off her bra and so her top half was revealed naked. His hands snaked round and he played with her nipples and kissed the back of her neck and shoulders with all the passion he had been harbouring for her for so long. He was biting her next hard leaving marks all over that would remain as trophies for days….The lady in red’s top mobilbahis giriş was shredded and the partner just pushed it down so she too was naked from the waist up.The boss lady was not yet satisfied with the cameo.The men were to push the women forward, so their top halves were flat on the dinner table, don’t worry about plates or cups or cutlery, just push them forward…. and push their skirts above their waists. Get their knickers off quickly, and get their legs apart. They were to push fingers in to make sure they were ready. If they are wet get your trousers off and get to work…. if not lick them a bit and then get plunged in…..Both women were in fact more than ready, and both men slipped in easily. The boss encouraged them to drive in hard…. make the table bite into their bodies as you take them…. The girls moaned and squirmed at each thrust.But the boss woman was still not satisfied and choreographed the scene so the men manoeuvred the women so their faces were facing each other, the men were instructed to stop temporarily but stay plugged in, as far as possible. The women were to kiss and then she wanted to see them reach forward, rather uncomfortably as it turned out, and fondle each others breast…. only then were the men to resume their rhythmic thrusts while the womens faces were pushed onto each others. It wasn’t entirely satisfactory for the girls bent over and kissing like that but they kept their tongues heroically in intimate contact.It wasn’t long before one man, then the other exploded his juice inside each of the women, the boss forbade them to withdraw.The boss was now very hot herself and bent over the table and demanded that the black dress woman’s husband now lift her skirt, only to find a clean shaven bare nether region. She graphically instructed him. She demanded he lick her, finger her, make her climax that way. The other four watched on, still with the two women bent over, full of man juice and with flaccid instruments of the standing men half in them.The boss then instructed the black dress woman’s husband to get behind her and perform, and he did. At least one of the two men, the red dress woman’s husband, had become very excited at the scene around him and he stiffened again and restarted plunging into the now very willing black dress woman. The boss’s partner for the evening unfortunately was a spent force, and despite the woman in red’s best efforts to get him hard again, by gyrating and coaxing and even reaching back and stroking with her hand, he wasn’t likely to perform again anytime soon.The black dress husband was now well into his stride and performing admirably, the boss climaxed and squirted and he soon followed. They then watched and waited as the red dress husband took the black dress woman again. And he was ages because it was the second time and the other four cheered and commented every time the black dress woman moaned and cheered heartily when she came, and then again also when he finally finished.The boss was sated and instructed them all to make themselves respectable, not to wipe up, let the fluids leak out until bed time she said.The waiter hadn’t actually gone home; he had watched the whole thing discretely through a crack in the kitchen door. The boss went to get some water and found him. Oh dear, he was a bad boy, but he was cute……She brought him in and suggested that as a tip he could have the choice of either of the other women. He chose red… she had such gorgeous breasts after all.How did he want her?On her back, with her breasts oiled, and he wanted her to squeeze them together so he could make merry between them and squirt all over her pretty slutty face. And that is what he did, and the other s cheered him on. Except the red dress husband who wasn’t at all sure this is what he had signed up for. But the boss had demanded this from him and had given him the black dress woman’s honour so he couldn’t complain really.It was time for the guest to go home and the boss was left alone…. well nearly. She kicked out her partner, he was obviously going to be of no use, and instead she kept the waiter for the rest of the night.

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