Dinner For Two

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The maitre d’ greets them with a smile as they arrive at the restaurant a few minutes before their reservation. Leaving her for only a second, in a low voice, he let’s the maitre d’ know that they would like to have a corner booth with a view of the dining room. When he slips the man $20, he smiles and says he will be only a moment.

As they follow the waiter to the booth, he gazes at this beautiful woman walking in front of him. Seeing her dressed totally in black with her long blonde hair falling about her shoulders, takes his breath away. But it’s the view of her ass moving under the leather skirt that causes him to feel the warm sensation spreading through his crotch.

Sitting very close in the booth, holding hands, they make their wine and menu choices. As the waiter returns to serve their wine; he asks for their patience as their dinner will take extra time to prepare.

Cuddling up closer to her, he can smell the faint scent of her perfume as she drinks her wine and smiles at him. As she twists in the seat to face him, the low cut blouse opens slightly to give him a glimpse of her breasts and no bra. Just a peek of her breasts is enough to start the swelling between his legs. Looking at her in the soft light of the dining room, feeling his erection growing sets his mind racing with horny thoughts. Thinking only of the many ways he wants to see her, to smell her, to touch her, to taste her.

Knowing that no one can see under the tablecloth, he let’s his hand slip down to caress her knee. Finding that her legs are slightly spread, he let’s his desire for her take control of him. The feel of the silky hose and her warm skin being enough to make his mouth water with anticipation.

Spreading her legs farther apart, she smiles and invites him to go deeper. He let’s his hand slide up her thigh, to find to his surprise not hose at all but stockings and a garter belt. And even more pleasantly surprised to find that she had not worn any otele gelen escort panties. Tickling the soft skin of her inner thighs he can see her nipples growing hard beneath the silk blouse.

He can feel the heat coming from her skin as his hand goes even farther under her skirt. Brushing the tips of his fingers across her outer lips he discovers yet another surprise. This incredibly classy, sexy woman sitting next to him had shaved her pussy totally bare.

The waiter returns with their dinner just as he pushes her legs open wider. She tries very hard to hide their secret; but it’s obvious from the flush on her cheeks and her nipples poking at the silk exactly what is going on. Throwing them a wink and a smile he wishes them a pleasant evening.

Her pussy lips have grown puffy from his touch and he can feel that she’s becoming very wet. Maybe it’s the way his fingers know just the right place to touch or the fact that they’re in a crowded restaurant or both. All he knows is that here he is sporting a raging hard on with his hand up a horny woman’s skirt. And there is no place else he would rather be.

Exploring farther he finds her clit, so hard and swollen. He let’s his finger trace light circles around her little nub, before pinching it between his fingers. She’s biting at her lower lip as her breath catches in her throat. But of course she’s a lady; and no matter how turned on she is he knows that she won’t make a sound.

As their dinner sits completely forgotten, he continues to rub her magic spot. Her clit is so hard by now it pokes out like a tiny cock. He can feel her moving against his hand making it easier for him to manipulate her. Letting his finger run along her slit he let’s it come to rest at her wet hole. She has become so excited that her juices are practically dripping onto the seat.

Staring into her eyes he sees a glimpse of desire mixed with a sense of pleading. Slowly pendik escort he pushes a finger into her pussy and then another. All the time using the heel of his hand to work on her clit. He can see her tense up, then relax, then tense up again as he fingers her for both their pleasure.

With his fingers buried deep inside her, he her quivering as she rides his hand to her climax. Watching her eyes roll back and her breasts heave with each breath as the orgasm builds in her, he continues to finger fuck her. Hearing the soft whimpers escape her lips as her muscles contract when the orgasm grips her.

When finally she leans back and catches her breath he pulls his hand from under her skirt. Bringing it above the table he can see, even in the low light, that his fingers are drenched with her juices. As he reaches for a napkin she takes his hand and slowly pulls it toward her lips. Chills run up his spine as her tongue flicks across his fingertips; before sucking them into her mouth. She knows that his hands are one of his weaknesses; and to sit and watch her lick her own juices from his fingers is more than he can bare. He can feel his dick jerk, as it aches to be inside her.

Knowing that he can’t wait much longer to have her, he pulls his hand away. Throwing some cash on the table he leans over and whispers to her that it’s time to leave. They walk quickly toward the door with the excitement and urgency of horny teen-agers. As they head out the door he sees their waiter, who’s still smiling, wave good-bye.

He had parked the car in a far corner of the lot; by the bushes and away from any lights. Grabbing her by the ass he pulls her to him and kisses her hungrily. Hiding in the shadows, their hands are at last free to roam over each other’s bodies. As she grinds her hips against his hard cock he pushes her skirt high above her hips.

Spinning her around, he throws her across the hood of the car and jerks rus escort his zipper down. His cock is free now to fuck like he had fucked her with his fingers in the restaurant. Her pussy is so wet from the attention he had given to her just a few minutes earlier that his dick slides in effortlessly.

To actually have her tight hot pussy wrapped around his throbbing cock drives him wild. And to fuck her like this; spread over the hood of his car at his mercy to do with as he pleases, is the ultimate turn on. For now there is no other place in the world he would rather be than here.

Listening to her as she calls his name, begging him to fuck her. Pleading with him to take her and teach her to be his woman. Telling him over and over how she wants to belong to him. Neither cares right now who should walk by and see them or hear them.

Grabbing her hips he drives deep into the velvety flesh of her pussy. He can feel her ass wiggle against him pushing back to meet his hard thrusts, as she rides orgasm after orgasm. Her juices flow from her matting the hair around his cock and balls, as they slap against her hot skin.

Reaching around, he squeezes her breasts as they swing free, spilling from the low cut blouse. More moans of pleasure escape from her lips as he rolls the hard nipples between his fingers. Slowly he slips his hand down between her thighs. His long fingers can feel how stretched her pussy lips are as his cock rams her. Finding that her clit is swollen almost to the point of bursting, he rubs it hard, causing her to tremble with even more excitement.

Despite the cool night air, sweat drips into his eyes as feels his balls burning and his cock twitching with his building climax. Taking hold of her shoulders, he drives into her with force. His grip tightens as he dumps his load deep into her and continues to pump into her until he is completely drained.

As his hard on recedes he loosens his grip on her; letting his arms slip around her waist he holds her close. When they finally feel strong enough to stand they both break into uncontrollable laughter as they the voices of people approaching. Realizing how close they had come to being discovered they decide to find a more private place to finish what they had started.

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