Dinner For Two

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It has been a long morning at work. Boring meetings, problems, they’ve plagued me since I walked in, and I wish I were anywhere but here. The phone rings and I pick it up. I hear your voice saying “Hello, baby…” and I immediately smile.

“Well hello gorgeous!” I replied.

“Can you meet me for lunch today? And wear some silk underwear,” you ask.

“Sure, doll, just tell me where and when, ” I reply.

You give me the name of the restaurant and the time. I look at my watch and realize if I left now I can make it home, shower, change clothes, and make it on time. As I rush in and undress my mind wanders to what is going to happen. My cock starts gets hard as my mind races through the possibilities. I dress quickly and rush out the door.

As I enter the restaurant I look around, but I don’t see you. I ask the hostess and she says you will be here soon. She led me to a table in the back. It was dark and quiet there, even though it is busy in the restaurant. Suddenly, you are here. I smell your perfume first, look up and there you stand, wearing a light yellow sundress. I can see that you aren’t wearing a bra because I can see your delicious dark nipples through the dress. “Hi,” I say softly. The waiter comes over and we order a glass of wine for each of us. I start to ask you what looks good, but you tell the waiter we will order later.

As the waiter walks away you turn and smile at me. I see a mischievous look in your eyes and wonder what you are up to. Our drinks arrive and I slowly sip my wine. I look at you over the top of my glass. You lick your lips, making them soft and wet. You lean over and whisper, “Reach down and unzip your pants.”

“Here?” I gasp.

“Please! I want to taste you so badly!” you beg softly.

I reach down and unzip my pants. You smile Escort Eryaman and reach for me. My cock springs to life. You massage me through my silk underwear. The feel of silk on my cock is more than wonderful. You look at me, smile, and slowly slip under the table. I moan and you say softly, “No noise or I will stop.” You lick me through my silk underwear. All along the length of my cock your mouth travels. You breathe, and I feel the warmth of your breath on me. You reach up and pull my pants down and take me in your mouth. Taking one hand, you get your fingers wet in your pussy, flicking your clit ever so gently. As you go down on my cock you suck lightly, then as you move up my cock you suck harder. As your mouth moves, your finger is slowly sliding deeper inside you. You move very slowly, up and down. Your finger moves in and out of your hot, wet pussy. My breathing changes; my cock is so hard. You tease the tip with my tongue and then plunge your mouth down over it. You can hear me softly moan and you bite gently to get my attention. Faster and deeper you move your wet warm mouth over my big, hard cock. Deeper and faster your fingers move inside you. I can feel my cum start to move up in my cock. You sign as you taste my pre-cum. You move your head and plunge my cock deep in your mouth. Working the muscles in your throat, you suck me as hard as you can. Your fingers are in as deep in your sweet pussy as they will go. I know am going to explode in your mouth. I want you to taste every drop. I reach down and lay a hand on your head and my cock explodes. You swallow and swallow until you can’t swallow any more. You move your mouth to the head and suck lightly, licking, until you get every bit of cum I have.

The waiter stops by the table and asks to take our order. I don’t trust my voice, so Eryaman Escort I shake my head no. As the waiter moves away you come out and sit in my seat beside me. I reach over and lightly place my mouth to yours. I kiss you gently. I taste my seed on your lips. I tease your tongue with mine. I bring your hand up and place your finger on my lips. I taste your juices and lick them off . “Do you really want to eat?” you ask.

“Just your wonderful pussy,” I say. “Let’s leave”.

“Not yet…just follow me,” you reply, your voice dripping with lust.

I place my hand in yours and you lead me to the ladies room. As we pass the waiter, I smile at him and say, “We will be right back.”

We enter; thankfully, it is empty. I lock the door and turn to you. I lift you up on the sink. You lean back, and open your legs for me. I kneel down and I see you aren’t wearing panties either. Your pussy lips are glistening wet. Your clit is hard and throbbing. You place your legs on my shoulders and with your hands guide me to your pussy. My tongue reaches out to capture your moisture. It tastes so good. I push my tongue as deep inside you as it will go. I take my fingers and get them wet, playing inside your pussy and move them down. I slowly insert one inside your ass. You push back against it, moving your hips at the same pace as my head is moving. You hold onto my head and push your sweet pussy into my face, keeping my tongue pushed into you. You are so close to your much needed release. You move your hips wildly and your climax grows and grows. “Come on baby, cum for me!!” I beg you. Your muscles tense and your orgasm rushes over you like a tidal wave. I continue licking you, slowly teasing you. I want to make you cum again. Sucking on your clit, I draw it deeply in my mouth. My fingers move slowly, Eryaman Escort Bayan easing in and out of your hot slit. Deeper they move and faster. I can feel another orgasm start for you. I move faster and faster, and your climax waves over you yet again.

“Baby, fuck me now!!” you plead

My cock is rock hard and I know I will not have a problem. I stand up and place the tip of my cock just inside you, teasing you. You moan and very softly say, “Please, baby, let me feel it deep inside me.” I plunge my cock deep inside in one stroke. You twitch and climax again just from my cock being inside you. I feel your muscles tighten and then loosen. I move my cock in and out, slowly at first and increasing the tempo.

Someone knocks on the door. “Just a minute!!” I hear you say.

I move deeper inside you. My arms are wrapped tightly around you. You moan as you feel me thrusting into you. “Hurry love,” you say. “I want to feel your cock explode deep in me. I want to feel your hot cum in me.” I increase my speed. Faster and harder I move; deeper my cock goes. I can feel my orgasm start. Your legs tighten around me and your pussy tenses. You are right there with me. My cock is pulsing. I need to cum. I plunge as deep as I can go. I feel my cock throb and I let myself go. We climax together, as one. My cock is buried deep inside your pussy, throbbing, pulsing. I hold you tightly as you quiver and shake.

As we come down, I pull back, smile and say softly, “Still hungry?”

“As a horse, baby, as a horse,” you reply.

We straighten up and you fix your dress and hair. You smile shyly at me and I turn to unlock the door.

As we walk out, a lady is standing there. “Well I never!” she says.

I look her in the eyes, smiling brightly, and say, “Maybe you should try it sometime.”

As we walk back to the table, it seems as if no one else exists but the two of us. We sit down and order a salad for two. We have another glass of wine. No words are needed between us. The feelings are there. We just look into each other’s eyes and smile.

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