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Before I begin this story, let me give you a little description of Dick Dallas, the star of our erotic adventure. Dick Dallas is the janitor at Irondequoit High School, and although he gets the job done on the dirty tables and floors, he has always aspired toward greater success. At first it was being a private detective, but that didn’t work out. So now he wants to be a porn star. We couldn’t get any movie equipment…(at least not yet) so I agreed to write the plots for these pornos in erotic story form for all of you to enjoy.

Dick, or Mr. Dallas, stands about six feet tall. Concealed beneath his black NASCAR T shirt and tight fitting jeans is a two hundred pound frame of rippling muscle that comes from his special porno star workout. His look is straight out of 1975. His wavy light brown locks are perfectly formed around his head, and make all the ladies, from teachers right down to sophomores, melt with desire. Dick Dallas wears his mustache bushy and has the large tinted sunglasses to boot. Every day he stops at the deli and picks up a case. He can be seen soon afterward downing beers and reminiscing with friends about old times, old flames, and ancient sexual encounters. I’m not trying to say that Dick Dallas lives in the past. He is always on the lookout for pussy and has lots of luck with the ladies.

It was a muggy Friday afternoon, about four o’clock. This is the janitor’s time to shine. Dallas had just finished some hardcore mopping in the small cafe and was heading up the stairs to try to see what he could do about that puke stain in front of the chemistry lab. From the heat, beads of sweat began to accumulate on his brow. As he wiped them, the smell from the disgusting stain, still fresh from ninth period, hit him like a smack in the face. It was at times like this that he began to rethink his decision to go into the field of educational maintenance engineer.

All of a sudden, “Ohhhh God!!!” he heard a scream from one of the ladies rooms down the hall! Escort Ankara

“Someone’s in trouble!!” he thought. He quickly sprang into action, sprinting towards the bathroom like a bullet. The screams came again. “Ohh Shiiit!!”

Bursting into the bathroom, he quickly surveyed the scene. He saw nothing out of the ordinary, in fact, his assistant Sydney had scrubbed the sinks and mopped the floor and they sparkled with cleanliness. The sounds came again, but somehow they were more subdued. “Ohhh god yes…” Dallas sniffed the air, the familiar aroma of a women’s sex penetrated his nostrils. He kicked open the second stall, and there, to his delight, was a young girl, back arched over the toilet, eyes rolled up into the back of her head, cheerleading skirt hiked up about her slim waist and fingers massaging furiously her delicious wet cunt. He recognized her. This was Kelly Ames, captain of the cheerleading team and the hottest senior at Irondequoit. This was the part of the job that he loved.

“mmmmm…” she said, looking up at him. “I was just letting off a little steam before the big game. I didn’t know I was moaning that loud.”

“Can I give you a hand with that?” He asked with a confident grin. He knew he had her.

“You can give me a hell of a lot more than that!” she exclaimed. She eyed the crotch of his jeans slyly. “That is, if you are man enough for the task.” She saw the bulge in his jeans grow larger. “Dick” Dallas was straining to break free. Without another word she left her perch on the toilet and began to undo his belt. She dropped his pants about his ankles. He stepped out of them. His enormous cock sprang free from his briefs and her eyes grew wide with surprise and glee! He was at least 12 inches, if not more. His entire length throbbed with passion and his balls were tight, full of pent up jism waiting to be released.

She began stroking his cock as she stood up on her toes to exchange a passionate embrace with this Ankara Escort man she hardly knew. She slid her hands up his chest and slowly raised his shirt over his head and threw it on the floor. She then did the same with her cheerleader’s sweater. Sans bra, her perky C cup tits and stiff nipples were fully exposed. Running her fingers through his faint chest hair, she kissed and licked his nipples, teasing them with her teeth as well. The sudden explosive pleasure caused his rod to jump, hitting against her thigh.

This reminded her of the task at hand. She slowly returned so that her mouth was at level with his crotch. She began to tease around the head of his rock hard dick with her tongue. Slowly but surely, she began to throat him as deep as she could. Being an amateur at giving head, and even then with some of the smallest dicks at school such as Doug V.’s, or Geoff B.’s, she could only get about half of his magnificent rod into her mouth. She took turns deep throating and licking the underside of his shaft, forcing more and more precum up the vein and out. Dallas, enjoying the sensations he was feeling from this young fertile slut, made love to her hot mouth like it would be the last hole his dick would ever enter. It wouldn’t be.

“Oh shit, baby, that feels so good, I think im gonna…” She felt his balls tighten and she knew that orgasm was iminent. Despite her incredible urge to swallow every last drop of his man juice. She wanted his man-gina to last a while longer for her own enjoyment.

“Not yet.” She said, stopping and standing.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, confused. He had no idea that he was about to enter this sweet whore. She stood and turned, placing her two hands on the wall in front of her and arching her back slightly so her entire ass and bald pussy were clearly visible. She turned and looked at him innocently. “Fuck Me.”

“Fuck!!” He thought. She is a slut!! This is one hot ass bitch!

He needed no other invitation. Ankara Escort Bayan He took two steps forward and his cock, still wet with her saliva, forced its way into her tight High School cunt.

“Oh jesus!!” She screamed in a mix of pain and passion. “Slowly” She urged him. “I’ve never done this.”

Dick Dallas had no remorse or sympathy. He knew this girl was in for the fuck of her life and he intended to give her the full ride. His dick ripped past her hymen and spread her pussy wide with the first penetration.

“It’s like ripping off a band-aid!” he joked and began to pound his member into her wanting cunt. He started slow, and would continually build up speed, sending her to the edge and then slowing down again.

His hand reached underneath and fondled her titties. He tweaked on her nipples with his fingers. His cock was a piston of love as it moved back and forth, filling her with the ecstasy.

“Oh Shit Mr. Dallas!! Fuck me. FUCK ME!! Oh yes! Harder! Harder!! Oh Goddd! I’m going to come soon! Keep fucking me. Oh my god that feels soooo good.”

Now Dick Dallas is usually not known for being a “minuteman” He usually has the ability to last a very long time. In fact, he has been complimented by many women on his stamina. In this situation, however, because of the blowjob he just received and the tight pussy he was now banging away on, we cannot think any less of this stud for lasting just a bit shorter than usual.

“Shit, Kelly, Im gonna cum, too!!” he yelled. She let him out of her widened, sopping pussy and once again crouched at his cock to receive her gift.

“Gyaaahhhhhh!!!” he screamed. “Arrrghhh!!!… Oh, Shit yeah baby, Suck it, Suck it all.”

Spurt after spurt of hot cum was her reward for such a good fuck. She swallowed much of it, and licked what remained off of the head of his cock. Some she scooped with a finger off of her tits and licked it off.

“mmmm, thank you for coming to my rescue Dick Dallas.” She said, purring with satisfaction like a kitten that had just received a helping of milk.

“Just doing my job.” He replied with a wink, dressing himself. He left her cooing on the bathroom floor and went back to his janitor cart to get the stain lifter.

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