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Ted was forty-five and nearly broke. The result of a crooked business partner and a rapacious ex. Truth be told aside from the money he didn’t miss his old life. Things were beginning to look up, he and a friend had the makings of a new business that would be off the ground in a few months. So while things were tight and sometimes he had only a few dollars in his pocket things could have been a lot worse. Indeed they could! To give himself a bit of cashflow he’s hired himself out as a property consultant and had a steady clientele. The income just matched expenditure so as long as there were no emergencies all would be well. The work was fun. This story concerns one client, Dianne.

Dianne was about 40 and about his height, 6ft.

Ted was well built with a beard and short hair. Amazingly given the strain of the last few years he had no grey even in his dark beard.

Back to Dianne, not only was she tall but she was slender and very elegant. They hit it off while he worked on her problem. She was long divorced and at the end of the year her son went off to live with his father leaving his mother on her own.

“What the hell’ he thought one day and rang her at work and asked her out, she accepted.

A nice dinner on which he blew his meagre savings a bit too much to drink and they were necking like teenagers in the back of a Taxi. He’d managed to preserve his over-mortgaged appartment so they headed there and fell in the door. Dianne knew what she wanted and unzipping his fly reached for his cock. He liked a confident woman, that and her beauty were a real turn-on. He was harder than he’d been in years. Ted was to find out later unbelievably that this woman hadn’t been fucked in years. Men assumed she was taken or unattainable.

He suggested that rather than fumble about on the hall rug they repair to the comfort of his bed. Giggling like a naughty schoolgirl Dianne was led by the hand up a flight of stairs to his spartan bedroom. Dianne pushed him back on the bed and then swaying to some imaginary music unzipped the little black dress she was wearing and let it slip to the floor revealing a black garter belt and stockings – no bra – no panties. Her little black haired bush was neatly trimmed and begging for inspection. She was absolutely flawless, firm and inviting. Her skin was like alabaster against her jet black hair.

Her sapphire blue eyes twinkled with tipsy mischief. She came towards him dropped to her knees and thanked him for a lovely evening before kissing his cockhead. As she worked down along his cock with her red lips he removed his shirt and undid his belt. Struggling out of his clothes he tried to make sure she didn’t miss a beat. She didn’t, she Börü 2039 izle sucked licked and kissed his cock his balls nibbled his thighs and in no time had him a cock twiching wreck afraid he’d come any minute. Sensing this she eased back and stroked him.
“Would you like me to suck you till you come?”

“I’d love you to but not just yet. I want to taste you and then I want to be inside you”

“Let’s compromise” she giggled “I want to fucked really badly, if I get on the bed and bend over would you be awfully nice and put that lovely thing in me?”

All he could do was nod. She slunk up the bed like a cat, her nipples pointing straight out from her breasts like little fleshy berries. On her knees she spread her legs wide and throwing her hair forward burried her face in a pillow with the final instruction “Put it in me and go as hard as you like please!”

Nestling in behind her he looked down across her obscenely spread buttocks, her anus a small enticing pucker, her pussy lips wide open and wet. He aimed the head of his cock and drove forward. She was tight but well lubricated. She grunted quietly, one hand gripping a pillow rythmically her other moving back to stroke herself.

This was a confident woman to finger herself so calmly her first time with a new man.

She would have called herself a deparately horny one.

One more push and his cock was all the way inside her. She grunted again as his pubic hair hit her rear pucker. He felt her nails against his balls. He pulled out until only her inner lips were in touch with his cockhead, waiting a second he plunged back into her. Her head reared up, she gasped. He did it again and again and again. A grunt, a gasp sometimes a muffled little girl cry he noticed how she liked her rosebud rubbed with his wirey hair. Placing one hand at the top of her rear crevice as he fucked harder than he could ever recall doing he licked his thumb and began to run it around her anal rim. She lost it.

She uttered a long slow “aaarrggahhh”, slammed forward in the bed, his pulsing unspent cock springing free from her, but his thumb remained trapped between her buttocks. He lay down beside her. She appeared to be sobbing but looked up smiling through her tears and kissed him.

“You can take your thumb out of my arse my Dear”.

He obliged quietly rejoicing to himself that she appeared to be so uninhibited.

“I haven’t been fucked for three years, nobody asks me out. Thankyou for that. I loved what you did. May I take care of you now?”

He nodded and was rewarded with a string of little kisses all the way to his cock around his balls back up his shaft and in one gulp her warm boys in blue izle mouth swooped down over his manhood. Her fingernails tickled his balls, then the skin below. She pushed his legs apart and something he hadn’t felt for twenty years a slender finger moved up through his arsehole and massaged his prostate. That was it Dianne was vaccuming cum down her throat an instant later.

He wondered to himself what this woman wouldn’t do should they get to know each other even better.

Dianne had nobody to go home to and as it was Friday evening she curled up next to Ted and drifted off to sleep. Later that night Ted started to have a dream about his first little girlfriend from school. She was doing something that he’d never managed to persuade her to do – she was sucking his cock. As the powerful sensations increased he began to stir and a creeping consciousness that what was happening to him was not a dream dawned on him.

Opening one eye he looked down the bed to see something slowly bobbing up and down under the covers. It was a blow job but it was Dianne. He lifted the duvet and she turned to him running her tongue down his shaft.

“I know it’s 3 am but I woke in a strange bed with a man’s cock poking into me. What’s a girl to do?”

“How about climbing on” He responded groggily.

She released his cock and drew up beside him easing one leg slowly over him. Reaching between them she held him to her opening and pressed down. Ted slipped into her more easily in this position but she was still tight. He had noticed how small she was for a woman of her height as she exposed herself a few hours earlier. Between her legs as she dropped her dress all he could she was a slightly puffed little slit. More like a little girl than a mature woman.

Her soft inner lips lips only became vivisble in the deliberatly open and vulnerable position she chose to adopt for what was more of a servicing than love making As she began to settle on him he felt her warmth on his cock and the sensation as her insides griped him adjusting to his girth. She took all of him and just rested against the base of his shaft. They exchanged a long deep kiss and he could feel her breasts and their pointy tips against his chest.

His hands held and kneaded her buttocks. He was tempted to slip a finger between then but thought he might wait for a proper session with her rear. What he had experienced already told him that this woman might be very open to some rear experimentation.

Maybe in the morning after a nice long bath if she could stay he might try a few things. Their kiss was broken and he returned to the soft vice squeezing on his swollen cock. break point izle Dianne seemed content to lie on him and just rub against his shaft, there was none of the urgent banging of a few hours earlier. She appeared to be trying to milk his cock and get just enough friction on her clit to satisfy herself. She was relaxed and smiling as she began to press a little harder on him. He lowered his head to take one of her breasts into his mouth. She lifted to accommodate him and sighed as he sucked on her. Her tempo began to increase and for the first time her cunt moved up his length and down again. A rhythm began to build.

She lent down licked his ear and whispered “Please cum in me.”

A few seconds later he felt something begin below his knees and move slowly up to his groin. She was gasping and mouthing something as he shot his second load of the night into her. He felt as though his balls had been wrung dry. It was a strange almost forgotten feeling of emptiness. Dianne came nowhere near as hard as she had earlier but with the same quiet little cry and fell to his chest.

As he began to soften she cried “oh, no don’t fall out of me. It feels so nice to have you in me.”

Yielding to the inevitable she let go of him and his cock felt the coolness outside her body.

“I’m just going to clean up a little. Where’s the bathroom?”

He stired and rose with her his cock coated in their juices swaying happily between his legs he led her to the bathroom. Switching on the light they both blinked and Dianne showing no modestly sat on the toilet with her legs apart opened her pussy wide with both hands and let go a stream from her neat folds. Ted sat quietly on the egde of the bath and waited his turn. She obviously had little concern for modesty once she had revealed herself sexually.

She stood having wiped herself in an even more unladilike position, her toes pointed on the floor her legs spread wide and a tissue applied gently to her exposed pussy lips. Everything was on display as she wiped herself. As he had suspected she really was very small and neat between her legs. She was built like a teenager. No wonder she felt so tight. Her hood at the top of her cleft seemed to cover just a small bump.

There seemed to be something studied about this exposure. Five hours ago they had been intimate for the first time without any obvious first night modesty or nerves on her part – unusual. Ted stood and took his turn as she rose to wash herself in the bidet. She watched casually as he pointed his cock to the bowl and relieved himself. Two could play this little game he thought.

Dianne dried herself and sighed happily “there, all nice and clean. Now come here and let me take care of you.”

Reaching for a washcloth she played it under the warm water tap of the sink and carefully cradling his cock and balls set about washing him. She finished with a long satisfying suck along his shaft. Shutting off the light he guided her back to bed.

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