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The shower water at the Shady Inn washes away the past two hours of lovemaking. Loren rests a hand on Devon’s shoulder for balance. The short stump of her left leg moves slightly. Older than his mother and married, she has anxiously been meeting him every Friday for six weeks.

They met by chance at the long row of mailboxes in the neighborhood. Her age attracted him to her, but the missing leg added appeal. Since graduating from the university, he had been with women even older. He did not understand why the interest. It just was. The women were always married and wanting a good romp, their husbands no longer interested in their needs – or able to perform. His smooth way made it easy to find ones that only wanted affairs without commitment.

“Hmmm, good as usual,” she says, rubbing the towel over his body. “I’m looking forward to Friday these days.” She chuckles.

He watches the attractive woman hop a few steps to the crutches leaning against the wall. Her wonderful breasts sway and bounce in a marvelous ways with each hop.

“Naughty, naughty,” she teases.


“You were staring. Were you looking at my breasts or my stump?”

“All of you. I happen to think you are one of the most beautiful….”

“Honey, we need to get your eyes checked.”

“No, no. I’ve seen your daughter. She’s hot, but I’d take you any day.”

“You are sweet.” She buttons the blouse over naked breasts. “It doesn’t matter, but you don’t seem to mind I have one leg.”


“Talk to me. Be honest. Do you have a thing for amputee women?”

“Big time.” He chuckles. “I’m glad you are my first.”

She buttons the jeans and stuffs the empty pants leg over the waistband at the back.

“Do you have any plans for the weekend?”

“I’m going over to Uncle Bob’s house to watch football on Sunday. The Bears play the Vikings. He’s my dad’s older brother, filthy rich, and has an eighty-five-inch flat panel TV!”

“Jack and I….” She puts her running shoe on and ties it. “Hell, I don’t know what we’re doing.”

The room door clicks shut behind them and he hugs her a last time. She wantonly takes his mouth, grinds against his trousers, and then steps back.

“Till next Friday,” she softly says.

“I can’t wait.”

Julie wipes Bob’s jism from her lips then sucks the erection once again. He moans, moves his hips slightly, and toys with her long brown hair. Karen rides his face, twisting her nipples.

“Twins,” he teases. “Nothing like it.”

“The magic of the device.” Karen laughs.

Julie straddles him and kisses her sister deeply.

“Are we going to be around Sunday when Devon comes?”

“He wouldn’t understand.”

“What, that you like twenty-year-old twins?” She smiles.

“Nah. The device.”

“I’ve seen your huge collection of memory cards. Maybe you could introduce one of them to Devon.”

“How about the seventy-year-old?” Julie quizzes.

“Hey, I can’t help it if I like them older too.”

“Older and missing a limb or two,” Karen teases. “I guess we’re the queer exception.”

“Ha!” Julie roars. “Just don’t show him the T-girl.”

Several empty bottles of beer sit on the coffee table. Bob sucks the rest of the beer from the one he holds. Devon cheers as the Vikings score.

“Way to go!” Bob eagerly shouts, rubbing his crotch. “Sorry,” he offers.

“No problem. Are you seeing anyone?”

“I get a date once in a while. How about you?”

“Some horny wives.”

“Good for you. Just don’t get caught.”

“That’s the goal,” Devon says then chuckles. “Can I get you another beer?”

“Yeah, grab a few more.” Bob follows him into the kitchen. “How’s work?”

“Busy. Crunch time on this design we’re doing. My mind is spinning with issues.”

“I know how that can be.” He opens another beer. “How often are you seeing the current wife?”

“Wives,” Devon corrects. “Maggie every other Monday and Loren on each Friday. Guess its over with Maggie.”

“I didn’t know you were such a stud. Toss me any rejects, please.”

“You wouldn’t be interested.”

“I’m always up for pussy.”

“Ah, these women are older than mom.”

“No shit? Do you have any pictures?”

“A few. Where’s your computer?”

The screensaver dances with a slideshow of naked women three at a time then changing to the next group of three.

“Cool,” Devon says, watching for a few minutes without clicking the mouse. He looks down and sees two glass jars with dozens of memory cards, each labeled. Lifting the jar to read he finds ‘Lily-18’, ‘Susan-46’, ‘Janet-64’, and so on.

“Shit!” Bob complains.

Devon looks around and finds a picture of his mother on the screensaver. She is in a suggestive pose and missing a leg. Before it totally registers with him, Bob slams a finger against the spacebar to end the show.

“Was that mom? Did you Photoshop the leg away?”

“Sorry. I forgot about that picture.”

“I bet she doesn’t know.” Devon laughs. “What are these cards?”

Bob takes the jar from him and puts it in a drawer.

“Don’t bahis firmaları feel like you have to hide things,” Devon says.

“It’s embarrassing.”

He puts the jar back on the desk. Devon looks again and finds a card labeled ‘Sara-48 1L’. His mother’s name is Sara and she is forty-eight. Is the ‘1L’ for one leg?

“Is that mom? Do those cards have pictures on them?”

“No.” Bob puts something that looks like an iPhone on the desk. Devon holds it realizing it isn’t a cell phone. “The cards go in that,” Bob finally says, pacing a few times before sitting on the loveseat in the home office.

“Okay,” Bob groans. “Guess the fuckin’ cat’s out of the bag now. I might as well come clean.”

“It’s not like I don’t have ‘my closet’ full of issues of my own.”

“I guess we all do.”

Bob paces, hands clasped behind his back, head down. Finally, he sits on the loveseat.

“I was in the Orient a few months ago. One night, a client over there was dressed as a drop-dead beautiful woman and I teased him about wanting to be with someone like her.”

Bob stands then sits.

“He handed me one of those things…devices. I looked puzzled. ‘With this you can be anyone you want’ the man told me.”

“What did he mean?” Devon asks.

“Those cards don’t have pictures, they have one person on each. If you put the card in the device and press the button, you become the person for as long as you want.”

“No-o. You’re making this up. Right?”

“Nope. You can even remove an arm or leg. That’s how I did your mother’s picture.”

“Is that card, mom with one leg?”

“Yes. Please don’t tell her…or anyone…about this. Will you promise me that?”

“Sure. How do you get the cards?”

“You can buy them, but you can also save people onto the card. I’ve found that people are willing to take my picture with that thinking it’s a cell phone camera.” He laughs. “They don’t know.”

“Can I try?”

Bob saves Devon’s body to a blank card. It is the only way to return.

“Pick a card.”

Devon pours some cards on the desk and shuffles though them reading labels. He remembers ‘Janet-64’ and finds it, hands it to Bob.

“An older woman, huh? I’m particularly fond of this one.” He chuckles. “Quite the body.”

He shows him where to put the card and which button to push. He explains it is best to undress first since the clothes will not fit the new body.

“Whoa-a,” Devon says, sitting as a naked Janet. She fondles a breast then teases between her thighs. “My thoughts are Devon’s,” she puzzles in a woman’s voice.

“Yeah, otherwise you wouldn’t remember to go back to being Devon. Besides, your desires are probably very different that the other persons.”

“Do you mean like wanting to be an amputee?”

Bob chuckles. “For example. Or to have different sexual interests or orientation.”

“Good point.” She walks to a mirror on the wall and combs her fingers though the curly blond hair. “If I had one of these, could I stay like this?”

“Forever? Sure. You never know about health problems the person might have.”

“Couldn’t you just become the person anew once a week to reset the clock?”



“I have a wardrobe for some of the people. A few of them I have documents…passport, birth certificate, and driver’s license. I even have bank accounts for a few people so I can get credit cards for shopping.”

“Wow-w, how do I get one?”

Bob walks to the desk. “Move over.” Janet stands and watches him call up a web page. “I’ll order you one. They’re pricey. The cards are reasonable so you can order them if you want.”

“I want this body.”

“That’s easy. I’ll make a copy for you. She lives overseas so you won’t bump into her if you go out in public as her.”


“Again, pricey.” He chuckles. “Find a few bodies you like and let me know. We’ll work something out.”

Bob finishes the order. “I had it sent to your address.”

“Any chance I can put some clothes on.”

“Getting cold? I could warm you up.” He laughs, leading her to the bedroom. “I have crutches too.” He points at the pile of crutches in the back of the closet.

Janet selects a simple dress and puts it on then looks though the shoes, picking a pair of low heals. “I want to try the crutches, but maybe another time. For now, this is fantastic. If only….”

“The package will be there tomorrow afternoon.”

“I just don’t know if I want to change back for a while.”

“Listen, stay as her and comeback tomorrow morning on the way to work. I’ll loan you a driver’s license so you won’t have to worry about that. Are you sure about the leg? It’s easy.” He laughs, pulling a pair of underarm crutches from the closet.


Without the left leg, she tries the crutches, walking about the bedroom then into the living room. Bob follows.

“Quite the looker,” Bob offers, stopping behind her and slipping both arms around her waist. He pecks a few kisses along the neck, fondles a breast. “Makin’ me hard,” he moans, grinding against her kaçak iddaa ass.

She turns in his arms without caring that a moment ago she was Devon and Bob is his uncle. For now, Devon is Janet-64 and lets her mouth press against his.

Janet wakes in Bob’s bed, finding his arm over her with his body tight against her back. He wakes with a start. A moment later, the hand wanders over a breast teasing the nipple into firmness.

She rolls over, finds his erection, and rubs it through her slit. “Your old slut needs her morning fuck.” She snickers, pressing onto the shaft.


She straddles him, the stump against his pelvis, her hips rocking up and down. “Who are you most often?” She stares down into his face, her hair brushing him with each movement.

“Julie and Karen are fun. There’re twins.” He laughs.

“I thought ‘you’ had to be the person on the card.” Grind, pound, grind. “Ah-h, ah.”


“I see. How many?”

“Was up to two, now six.”

“Quite the orgy.” Grind, pound, grind.

“Hell, yeah.”

“You’ll probably rarely see Devon.” She laughs.

He comes, flooding her.

“Who’s the stud now?”

She chuckles and sits on the edge of the bed for a moment before coming Devon again.

“Fuck! I have to go to work,” he complains. “Can I take a shower? I don’t have time to go home first.”

Sitting in the diner having breakfast, Devon finds himself watching women of all ages. In the past, it was to see if he might want to approach them. Now it is to see if he wants to have their body on a memory card.

“She’s a hottie,” Doris, the attractive older waitress that often waits on him, says. “If I could have that body….” She finishes refilling his cup and walks away.

Memories of Janet flood his mind, even a few of Loren. Time is already passing too slowly and it will be at least eight more hours until he is home. Locked safely in the console of his car are the cards with Janet and the one with him. Fortunately, the weather is cool. He will look for a safe place to keep backup copies, probably a box at the bank.

“Doris, when you’re ready for a good time,” he teases at the register as he pays.

“Honey, Herb sure ain’t getting the job done anymore.” She groans.

“You are one sexy woman, you know.” He flashes a big smile, and leaves, feeling her gaze on him.

He would have her in a heartbeat if he could. Probably in her late fifties, her legs would wrap nicely around his waist. Does she moan loudly? He chuckles, closing the car door.

During lunch, Devon sits on a low-wall watching women pass. On the way to the sandwich shop, he stopped by the office supply store and bought twenty memory cards. Ones like those that Bob had are cheap. He knows he will need more before long, but this will be a good start.

Bob mentioned a catalog for people at the web site and he plans to spend time searching. Bob didn’t seem to use the device to become the people, rather to create clones to have for company. Not at all, how Devon plans to use it.

He considers how friends and family would react. Probably not well. Just as Bob does, Devon will have to sneak around when changing bodies. Sure, he can have clone friends, go out with them, and have them sleep over, but to become a new person he might have to move away.

“Hi,” Connie says.

She works as a clerk in shipping and probably late forties, early fifties. Some women have a youthful look that betrays their age. Connie is like that, with great breasts, often without a bra, and with nipples begging at the fabric in wonderful peaks.

She sits beside him with a little space between them. She crosses long legs without stockings, her skirt riding up from the knee revealing much of the back of the thigh. One foot with a moderate high-heal dangling loosely from the toes swings casually. Today there is no bra. He wonders if she wears panties.

“Great day,” she begins. “I like it a little cool.”

“Cool nights with blankets….”

“Or a lover.” She chuckles, still swinging the foot.

“You seeing anyone?”

“I’m into older women. Sorry.”

“God, if only I could find my other body….” He laughs.

“You do and I’m ready. My last girlfriend moved away last month and I’m getting a little randy.” She laughs.

“Hubba, hubba. I had no idea, Connie.”

“Older women need lovin’.”

Bob slips into ‘Sara-48 1L’, dresses in short shorts and a halter-top, and then clones Devon from a copy he had made without him realizing it. He doesn’t care that is it just a conversation with himself. It can be fun.

“Mom, you are beautiful with one leg.”

“No one else thinks so, other than Bob, the dirty old man. He walks around rock hard when I’m over here.”

“What does dad think about you this way?”

“Who cares? What matters is that we are alone. From the looks of those britches, you seem quite excited.”

“I love you, mom.”

“Call me Sara. Calling me ‘mom’ is too weird.”

He pulls her close, shoving a hand in the shorts and finding kaçak bahis no panties.

“Slutty enough?” she teases.

“Maybe I should slip into something younger.”

“Naughty, naughty. I think I saw a hot eighteen year old guy with a horse sized cock.” She roars with laughter.

The package is waiting on the porch when Devon returns home at seven. The day was long and unproductive with most of the thoughts about the device and Janet. Bob had packed an overnight bag for her with some clothes, shoes, a purse, and undergarments. He’d tossed in the driver’s license as well. Devon had neglected to bring crutches or buy a pair on the way home. For now, changing back into her is all that matters.

He empties the blank memory cards into an empty glass then makes the change to Janet and dresses.

She drops a few blank cards into her purse. Just in case, she tells herself. A stop by a mirror to make sure everything is as it should be. It is. The dress is not the same as last night. This one is a simple light yellow day dress, cotton, soft, which outlines her body pleasantly. She adjusts the breasts, naked, not overly large and not needing a bra. The lightly touches and reflected sights in the mirror excite her. A hint of moisture builds inside her slit – like the breasts, equally naked.

“Table for one,” she tells the young hostess at the pancake restaurant. If she eats as Janet, will Devon be hungry tomorrow? She reminds herself to ask Bob how that works. On the way to the table, she notices people looking her way.

“Coffee to begin,” she says. “Give me a moment to look at the menu.”

Loren is sixty and Janet compares herself. She doesn’t feel old. Is it because Devon’s thoughts are for someone twenty-five?

“Thank you,” she tells the waitress when she brings the pot of coffee. “I’d like pancakes and a side of two scrambled eggs.”

Her eyes watch the waitress closely for any response to her age or appearance. There is none, maybe a little. Janet knows how she looks and finds herself very attractive. Not a spring chicken by any means, but attractive. Her breasts are still nice, not sagging, but sitting properly with good shape.

It will be nice to search the catalog later and see what else is possible, maybe in the future staying as Devon, maybe as another person occasionally. Older or younger, male or female, there are many questions. Maybe the first to answer is why the desire to have a different body. Does that really matter?

It felt good to have the leg off last night. Like being a woman, it surprised him how nice it was. Does Loren enjoy missing a leg as much? Maybe he could save a copy of her onto a card. That would be interesting to be a ‘real’ amputee.

She should have made a clone, have someone to talk with. With more cards that will be enjoyable, even though both will have the same thoughts. It will be like talking to yourself, but no one else will know you are. You won’t look crazy. She chuckles quietly. Tonight she will make a clone to have someone to sleep with, cuddle, and kiss – even if it looks like the same body.

The food arrives. “Anything else?”

“No. This is perfect. I’m famished.”

She watches the young waitress walk away. What about Devon, will he be hungry?

Janet stops by the pharmacy on the way home from the pancake restaurant to buy a pair of crutches. After adjustments, she removes most of her left leg so that it is similar to Loren’s stump. Now she sits at the laptop looking at the catalog of people for the device.

“Whoa, look at her,” Janet’s clone says, pointing at the third one in the forty-year-old section of women. “She makes my knees weak.” Clone still has both legs.

Janet caresses Clone’s buttock and lower back. “Nice to have you with me.”

“I didn’t know you were a lesbian,” Clone says, letting a hand rest on Janet’s shoulder.

“Maybe there’re a lot of things you don’t know about me.” She laughs.

“Will you go down on me when we go to bed?”

“If you’ll fondle my stump.”


Janet scans the section then moves to the fifty-year-old section. It is smaller still. Each decade older section is even smaller. It is clear that finding people on the street will be necessary.

Clone returns, her left arm is missing above the elbow.

“Sexy,” Janet says, kissing the end of the stump.

“Thought I’d try it since we only have ‘one’ pair of crutches.” She chuckles.

“Well, we can get more.”

Clone looks over Janet’s shoulder, pecking kisses in her hair. “Did you find anything?”

“That one in the forty section was nice. There weren’t many older than that.” She moves back to the thirties. “Maybe too young.”

“It’s late, lets go to bed. I’ll make you forget about everything.”

Devon watches Doris move about the diner refilling cups of coffee and delivering orders. The failure to find older women in the catalog that he wanted to be weighs heavy and the disappointment runs high. He knows it has only been less than a day. Would she look good in bed next to him? She has been in his thoughts before – naked in the shower or with his face between her thighs. In the thoughts, she shaved down there. Does she? Something easy to take care of – wax then save to a card. Would he have her missing one or both legs?

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