Detention With Miss Walker

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Author’s note: Everyone in this story is over 18 so have fun.

I begin to sprint down the corridor, realising I’m going to be late for detention. I glance at the clock as I reach Miss Walker’s classroom, my heart sinks as I struggle to catch my breath. Despite being one of the younger teachers in the school and, through my teenage eyes anyway, absolutely gorgeous, Miss Walker is very strict and I know for a fact she is a stickler for punctuality.

‘Where have you been Mr Young?’ She asks smirking from behind her glasses. I try to stammer out an apology before becoming distracted. I notice that she is wearing the tightest white blouse imaginable, I swear I can almost see her nipples poking through. I can’t help my eyes drifting down to her short black skirt and the dark stockings wrapped around her deliciously smooth legs. Her outfit causes my young body to react with growing arousal.

Miss Walker gives a little warning cough and my eyes snap up to meet hers, realising I’ve been caught staring. Her eyes are hard, although I’m sure I can see a hint of amusement there.

‘Sit down.’ She commands. I obey instantly, relieved to be able to hide my growing erection under the desk. As I reach to take a pen out of my bag I hear the clicking of her high heels on the hard floor as she strides over to my desk. As she places a worksheet on my desk, I take the opportunity to glance at the tantalising view of Miss Walker’s ample cleavage. My cock throbs even harder. I can feel myself blushing, and from the slight look of amusement on her face she has noticed too.

Once my gorgeous teacher has returned to her desk, I try my best to concentrate on the sheet but I find myself rather distracted. From my seat I can see her sitting at her desk, long stocking clad legs folded seductively as she reads. Her fingers are twirling around the one loose curl of her dark blonde hair as she concentrates on her book. Teasingly, without looking up, she uncrosses and crosses her legs, giving me the tiniest flash of her red silk panties. I can feel my erection straining in my trousers as I will it to disappear. She must sense my discomfort as at that moment she looks up and smiles wickedly at me.

‘What seems to be the problem Mr Young?’ Miss Walker asks teasingly, giving me a look that assures me she knows exactly what the problem is.

‘Nothing’ I manage to croak out. She shakes your head disbelievingly and stands up before closing the door and turning to me with a devilish look on her face.

‘Stand up.’

‘But…’ I begin.

‘I said stand up,’ Miss Walker commands, the sharpness in her voice makes me obey instantly, despite my embarrassment that there Maltepe Escort is a noticeable bulge in my trousers. As I stand up I notice her eyes drift down, I begin to panic thinking I’ll be in even more trouble, but her eyes widen and she bites her bottom lip.

I stand awkwardly unsure of what to do as this cougar prowls towards me until we are standing face to face.

‘What do we have here?’ She smirks, not breaking eye contact. I gasp as her hand brushes against my hard penis.

‘Did you think I didn’t notice you staring at me? Do you think I don’t know all the fantasies running through your head?’

I feel her hand cup around my covered hard cock and she smiles as her voice softens slightly:

‘Anyone else I caught staring like that would be in big trouble, but you are a lucky boy, you have one rather big thing going for you.’

The way she smiles so dangerously and gently squeezes my cock has me trembling, I can’t believe this is happening. She notices how tense I am and asks me teasingly:

‘Have you ever had anyone touch your big, stiff cock before?’ Her eyebrows raise and her wicked smile broadens even more as I nervously shake my head.

‘So you’ve never felt a woman’s soft hand around it stroking you, honey?’ Miss Walker looks me deep in the eye and slowly begins to unzip my trousers, pulling them down slightly and freeing my aching cock. She inspects it with that same sultry smirk on her face.

‘My goodness, you do have a lovely big cock.’ Her finger runs up the underside. ‘I’m sure I could have some fun with this.’ She winks as her fingers wrap tightly around my shaft and begin to stroke tantalisingly slowly. I let out a soft moan as her other hand cups my balls gently.

‘Feels good, doesn’t it?’ I can only moan again in response. The way she is teasing me is absolutely wondrous.

Suddenly, my sexy teacher sinks to your knees in front of me, still caressing my erect penis. Looking up at me over the rim of your glasses, she asks; ‘So you’ve never felt a woman’s soft lips tease your cock before?’ I began to shake my head, but feel my knees weaken as she plants a sensuous kiss right on the head of my cock.

‘Would you like to feel my soft lips wrapped around you, honey?’ A strained ‘Yes’ is all I can manage in reply.

‘Say please.’

‘Please, Miss Walker’

‘Good Boy’ and I feel the sliding of her soft wet lips over the head of my cock. The feeling of my cock being in your mouth is unbelievable, like my whole body is being stimulated. I can feel her tongue teasing the head of my cock as she slides my hard penis slowly in and out of her mouth. Each time she bobs her head getting Anadolu Yakası Escort more and more of my throbbing hard on into her throat. The pleasure is so intense I feel like I could pass out. After a few moments of this she curls her hand around the shaft of my cock and begins stroking as she sucks, the feeling soon overwhelms me.

‘Miss Walker?’ I cry out

‘Yes, honey?’ She asks, looking up at me inquisitively, but with a knowing grin.

‘I think I’m about to…’

‘About to what?’

‘I’m almost.’

‘Almost what? I want to hear you say it.’

‘I’m going to come, Miss Walker.’

‘No you are not.’ She tells me, releasing my cock from her grip, ‘Good boys don’t get to come until I say.’

My disappointment is obvious as Miss Walker stands up, and turns to walk back to my desk, leaving me standing alone, my erection jutting out in front of me.

As you reach your desk, you turn around and call to me. I watch fascinated as you reach below your skirt and after a bit of fiddling your hand comes back containing your tiny red thong. I stand there dumbly until you throw the panties to me, which I catch, I’m not sure what you want me to do with them so I place them on my desk then walk over to you.

‘If you want to come today, you’re going to have to be a good boy and pleasure me first.’ She tells me wickedly.

‘Get on your knees.’ Miss Walker demands whilst slowly hiking up her skirt. My eyes are transfixed by the sight of her bare pussy, it is beautiful.

‘I want you to lick gently along my lips to start.’ I obey willingly, hearing an appreciative sigh as my tongue makes contact. As I lick I can’t help but flick my tongue over her enflamed clit, eliciting another gasp.

‘Good boy, are you sure you haven’t done this before?’

I begin concentrating more on her clitoris now, enjoying the moans and shivers my efforts are creating. The more I work my tongue the wetter she becomes, her pussy tastes so sweet I can’t get enough. As I lick and tease Miss Walker’s breathing is becoming more ragged, her moans grow louder and she grabs my head forcefully, keeping me exactly where she wants me. I don’t stop, I keep caressing her clit with my wet tongue until I feel her amazing body tense. A final moan escapes her lips as her orgasm flows through your body, bringing waves of pleasure. Once the orgasm subsides her body relaxes. Letting out a contented chuckle, Miss Walker tells me what a good boy I am. I’m still in disbelief that I could make this gorgeous creature come so hard and I know I have a silly grin plastering my face.

Once recovered, Miss Walker returns her attention to me, grabbing Ümraniye Escort my still hard cock again. Giving it a few light strokes she asks with a wink if there’s anything else I’d like to learn about. Emboldened by making her orgasm, I declare that I’d like to learn about sex.

‘Oh would you now?’ Miss Walker says raising an eyebrow. ‘Well get on my desk, now.’

I scramble up onto the desk, lying back giving this beautiful woman full access to my body. She lifts one leg over and straddles me. I can feel the warmth her delicious pussy only inches from my cock. She takes my cock in her hand and begins caressing it against the smooth, wet lips of her slit.

‘Do you want me to slip your big cock between my pussy lips? Do you want to feel how tight my little pussy is? You do? Well you’re going to have to ask me very very nicely.’

‘Please Miss Walker, please I want to feel your pussy more than anything.’

Flashing a smug smile smugly down at me, knowing that she is in complete control, Miss Walker slides the head of my rock hard cock between her soaking lips. Just as I begin to sigh in pleasure at the tight warmth she pulls off me, smirking at my frustrated expression.

‘You really want me to fuck you don’t you?’ I nod vigorously ‘Well if I fuck you, you’re cock will be mine forever, you won’t be allowed to come ever again, unless I give you permission, do you agree to that?

‘Yes Miss Walker, Please…’

‘Ok, now tell me whose cock this is?’

‘It’s yours Miss Walker.’

Smiling triumphantly she sinks your tight pussy down the length of my hard cock. The feeling is almost too much for me as I moan uncontrollably, but somehow compose myself. She slowly slides herself up and down my throbbing cock teasing me exquisitely as I struggle to hold on. Miss Walker begins to pick up the pace now, enjoying the feeling of control she has over me. Her breathing starts to quicken again and her hips begin bucking more wildly. As she rides me, I feel her movements become less controlled and more passionate, I know I’m not going to last much longer and hope I can please this goddess. Just as I’m almost at breaking point I feel her pussy begin to pulse around my cock, growing tighter against me as another orgasm ripples through her.

‘Come for me, honey,’ She whispers softly in my ear. ‘Come inside me.’

That’s all I need as I feel my own orgasm course through me, come flowing up out of my cock as I tense inside her wetness. I can feel cock being milked of every last drop by the deliciously soft walls of her pussy.

We slump back, breathing heavily. Glancing at the clock, I realise my detention time is over. Miss Walker tells me to get dressed and leave before anyone becomes suspicious.

As I go to leave she calls to me, I look back over my shoulder.

‘Remember,’ she says. ‘Your cock is mine now, meet me in here tomorrow after your classes, and no coming without my permission.’

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