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Cockaigne Chronicles is a series set in the fictional town of Cockaigne where the laws are different, and anything can happen. Social nudity and sexual interaction are nothing to be ashamed of and the moral limitations that inhibit us don”t inhibit the residents of Cockaigne.

If, after reading these stories, you want to add to the Cockaigne Universe then please feel free, We would love to read them. Use existing characters or create new ones, just let your imaginations go wild.

A huge thanks to Naked Justice who has started his stories set in Cockaigne I hope you all enjoy them. Please let us know and email him at [email protected]

Usual disclaimer: Please note that this story is fiction and takes place in the imagination of the writer, nothing that is written ever happened. My fictional characters may or may not practice safe sex, however these are merely words and I would always advocate the practice of safe sex in the real world. Some of my fictional characters” actions may not also be legal in all places in the world, and my fictional stories are not meant encourage any reader to break any of their local laws. Anything can happen in our imaginations but in the real world we are bound by restrictions. Play safe.

Now, fire up your imaginations and let the fun begin…

Derek Comes to Cockaigne
by Naked Justice

As every day, Daniel and Ian started their routine with a long jog through the parks and streets of Cockaigne. Being nudists, both made profit of the town”s liberal attitude about public nudity. None of them wore a single stitch. So they jogged stark naked and barefoot. They enjoyed the fresh air on all their body parts as well as the looks of other people. In fact, the gay couple were not only nudists but also exhibitionists who really loved to expose themselves. They had met working in a strip club where they didn”t hesitate to not only go down to full nudity but also always staying naked after their dance until the club closed. Soon, it was a routine that after their strip dances they worked in the nude as bartenders and finished their shift with showing their guests a hot fuck on stage.

Daniel thought about his little brother Derek who would arrive at Cockaigne train station at about 10 o”clock. The 16 year old would now live with him and Ian. Daniel had got custody of Derek as their mother had died of cancer several years ago and their father was now sentenced to jail for fraud.

“Don”t you think that we went too far with applying for the school uniform exemption for Derek”, he asked his husband.

“I don”t know. We”ll have to wait and see how he will react. Now, it is too late to back out. He will get used to being naked at school.”

“Yes, you are right. Nevertheless, I fear that he might be upset when we tell him.”

“For sure, he wouldn”t have agreed. But you are his custodian. Both of us would have enjoyed leaving these ugly school uniforms off.”

“Does that count for my brother, too?”

“I don”t know Derek. So, I can”t give a prediction. Hopefully, he will enjoy it, as he has no choice.”

The couple arrived at the gym. They ran the largest all-male sports facility of Cockaigne which, of course, was a non clothing place with only sport shoes allowed inside. Those who came there in clothes had to take them off in the entrance hall where the lockers were placed. But undressing wasn”t a problem for Daniel and Ian as they never wore clothes on their way to their sports park. In fact, they had been almost permanently naked since their move to Cockaigne. Daniel had only worn clothes when he had left Cockaigne for selling his father”s house and arrange the custody over Derek. Ian hadn”t worn anything at all.


Ian went to an all inclusive tennis lesson which would terminate with him giving the client a blow job on the tennis court. Daniel went through the gym and had a look who was there. He saw Mark Walker at the treadmills. He went there, too, and stepped on the treadmill next to Mark. Running next to each other, they had a little small talk.

“Has your brother yet arrived at Cockaigne?” Mark asked.

“He”s expected to arrive at 10 o”clock by train. I am wondering how he will arrange with living here.”

“Oh yes, a young man might find some of the rules here strange. My stepson is still adapting.”

“My brother will have to adapt very quick. I have enrolled him for the school uniform exception programme.”

“What”s that?”

“Well, it is an experiment to make boys wear no school uniform at school.”

“So they go in just normal everyday clothes?”

“No, they wear nothing at all. Once, you are in the programme, you have to go to school stark naked every day. There is absolutely no clothing allowed, except shoes. When it”s too cool outside, he will be allowed to wear a coat on his way to school.”

“Oh, that”s exciting. I haven”t heard of this programme before.”

“Well, it”s very new. In fact, I talked to the school”s headmaster Mr. Price about this programme some weeks ago. You know that Ian and me never wear clothes. So I wanted to make sure that my brother gets out of his clothes as much as possible. After school, he will work here as tennis coach.”

“Tennis coach with benefits, as your husband?”

Although he was fucking his wife at least once a day, Mark had enjoyed şişli travesti some of Ian”s after training blow jobs before. The idea of a teenager sucking his cock after a tennis lesson gave him a boner.

“Probably not at the beginning”, Daniel said. “I don”t think that Derek has ever done anything sexual with a man. He is very shy.”

“What a pity. But tell more about the programme.”

“Well, I proposed it to the headmaster. Officially, it is an experiment whether going naked to school is a good alternative to school uniforms either on a voluntary basis or even making the birthday suit compulsory for all boys in school. Once written in, there is no opting out until the end of the school year. As I have said, shoes are allowed as well as cock rings and butt plugs. But nothing else. Every other pupil is allowed to touch the privates of the participating pupils at any time.”

Mark was absolutely excited about this programme and showed a full-grown boner, now.

“Are there many pupils in the programme?”

“As far as I know, it”s still only Derek. And there will be a trainee teacher in the corresponding skinny teaching programme.”

“You said, no opting out?”

“Not until the end of the year. The headmaster will then decide whether he makes nudity compulsory for all boys, allowing every guy to opt out of school uniform until leaving the school or continue the experiment.”

“Your brother wasn”t asked?”

“No. It was only me as his custodian to decide.”

Precum glistened on Mark”s cock head.

“I will have to discuss this with my wife. Probably it would be a good idea to inscribe Adam in this programme, too.”

“It might make it easier for Derek not to be the only naked pupil in school.”

“For sure. Oh just imagine, my boss would make up a skinny working programme. I would certainly apply.”

“I understand you. It”s such a great thing that we can run this sports place wearing nothing at all. Perhaps you should propose your boss a naked working programme. Or you just go working naked.”

Mark realized that he was so horny, that he either had to get home before work for a fuck with his wife or to rub one off on the treadmill or under the shower here in the gym.


In the meantime, Derek Grey sat on the train to Cockaigne. He was absolutely angry about his situation. Why had his father had to go to jail? Derek hadn”t had a good relationship with his very dominant father and didn”t mind the fact that this unscrupulous man was locked away. But he minded having to leave his home town and all of his friends to go to this strange town of Cockaigne nobody had heard off before. Derek wouldn”t have been too surprised if his train ticket had shown Platform 9 � for the train to Cockaigne. Worst was that his girlfriend Linda who had promised to lose her virginity to him on his 16th birthday had backed out. As soon as it was clear that he would move away, she had broken up with him. Derek was sure that it would take some time to get another girl ready to offer him her pussy. He didn”t know so far that he would lose his virginity soon, but in another way than he expected and wished.

Derek didn”t know much about the place where he would live for at least the next two years. He hadn”t been able to find any information on Cockaigne town at all. He only knew that his gay brother lived there with his boyfriend, husband or whatever their relation was to be called, and that they ran a gym. He had no idea about the size of Cockaigne and what kind of spare time activities the town offered.

“Next and final stop of this train: Cockaigne.”

Derek got up. He looked around in the train and realized that there was nobody else in the coach where he was sitting. Cockaigne seemed really to be a place nobody wanted to be. What a start to his new life.

Fortunately, he saw his brother immediately after leaving the train. Well, there was nobody else waiting at the station. Derek was unsure how to feel about living with his brother. They used to have a good relationship until Daniel”s coming out. Derek had been 10 years old then, and it was just a few months after their mother had died. Their father had almost beaten Daniel dead, and Daniel hadn”t come back to see them ever again until the trial against his father. He did not know any other openly gay guys and was absolutely unsure about living with a gay couple.

Derek was surprised about his brother”s outfit. He wore very skimpy, worn out jeans shorts and a tank top. It was no problem to find out that Daniel didn”t wear anything underneath as the shorts consisted of at least as many holes as cloth and left absolutely nothing to his imagination. Looking from the right angle, Derek could clearly see his brothers cock shaft, and from another angle even his cockhead.

As almost every guy his age, Derek had watched his friends and classmates under the showers after sports class and compared dicks. But this was his brother. And he was excited about his brother revealing so much. Little did he know that it would be the last minutes of seeing Daniel wearing clothes at all. He would have been surprised to hear that this was due to the fact that the railway station belonged to the national railways which didn”t allow nudity on their premises.

Daniel grabbed one of Derek”s suitcases and led his little brother to the car. The younger had a full view on his brother”s ass, as the backside of his shorts consisted only of a tiny strip along the seam which covered the ass crack, the waistband and almost nothing else. Although Derek considered himself as 100 percent straight, his cock hardened. beylikdüzü travesti When they reached the car, Daniel put Derek”s suitcases into the boot and then took off his top. Derek got aware that Daniel was even barefoot leaving the shorts which covered almost nothing the only thing separating him from full nudity.

“Your shorts are very revealing”, said Derek on their short drive to the house.

“You like them?”, asked Daniel.

“I don”t know. Don”t you get in trouble wearing this little?”

“Not at all. Things are a little different in Cockaigne. One of the differences is that nobody needs to be ashamed of his body. Nobody would blame you to leave your house naked.”

“I can”t believe that.”

“But it is. You can try it out if you want.”

Derek definitely didn”t want to go naked outside. Just the idea of doing so frightened him.

When they arrived, Daniel told Derek the six-digit keypad code which was needed to unlock the door of their house and gave him a tour. They put Derek”s suitcases in his new room. In a few days Derek”s other personal belongings would be delivered. Finally Daniel was ready to go back to the sports park.

“There are some sandwiches for your lunch in the fridge. Ian and I will be back at about 6 o”clock. We will go out for dinner then. Feel free to have a walk through the town but please take care that you are back here about the same time.”

“Okay”, said Derek.

Unseen by his brother who started unpacking his belongings, Daniel took off his shorts and left the house stark naked.

As soon as Derek heard the door closing, he took off his clothes. He was so horned up by watching his older brother almost naked, that he had to rub one off.

He took his laptop out of his suitcase, started it and entered the Wifi code Daniel had given him before. A few moments later he was on his favourite porn site. Watching a video of a girl who got fucked by three 18-year old guys with big cocks into all three holes, it didn”t take him long to shoot his cum all over his body. He continued watching the film and one by one the guys shot their loads into the girl”s face. This was so hot, Derek thought and hoped to experience a willing girl to let him fuck her cunt, her ass and her mouth and shooting his load into her face. To Derek”s surprise the three guys in the film stood now in a circle around the girl and started to piss on her. Although Derek found this extremely gross, he just went over the point of no return in this very moment and shot a second load all over his belly.

Derek let the cum dry on his chest and belly and then dressed again for a tour through the neighbourhood. Soon, he came to a park and found a group of guys of about his age who were about to play soccer on the green. What a good chance to make friends, he thought and asked them if he could join. The guys agreed and made up two groups of seven guys each. Derek got into the shirt guys” team while the other team was about to play shirtless. They kicked the ball, and Henry from Derek”s team shot the first goal. Henry came around to hug his team mates, and then he went to the goalkeeper of the shirtless team and tore his shorts off. Derek”s teammates did the same with the other guys of the opposite team, and suddenly those guys were not only shirtless but naked wearing only shoes. None of them seemed to mind their lack of clothing, and so the game continued. Derek couldn”t deny that he was distracted by watching the seven guys playing in the buff and swinging their cocks. Every once for a while one of the guys got a hard on. But nobody cared about it.

Finally, the game ended 2:2. The guys agreed to have some burgers together. Most of the guys of the naked team put on their shorts, but two guys, Sean and Mark, left them off. They held their shirts and shorts in their hands and went stark naked to McD.

Derek was more than surprised to see these guys enter the fast food restaurant unclothed. He was even more surprised that almost nobody cared about it except a group of 13 year old girls who pointed at Sean”s and Mark”s privates and giggled. Eating his burgers, Derek talked with Henry although he couldn”t stop looking at Sean and Mark. It turned out that Henry did not only live in the same street as Derek but also was in his year at school.

Finally, the group separated. Henry who was absolutely gay and totally attracted to Derek left the restaurant together with Derek.

“Ever been to an adult store?”, Henry asked when they were outside.

“No. Too young.”, Derek answered.

“Want to?”

“Sure. But we won”t get in.”

“Oh, here in Cockaigne, nobody cares.”

So Henry led Derek to an adult store only around the corner of their houses. They entered and Derek was surprised that there was a young guy of about 20 to 25 wearing only a leather harness at the cashier desk. The guy smiled at the teenagers, and Henry went to the DVD section. Derek was really surprised what kind of porn was available. Teenage girls, grandmas, women with huge tits, Asian women, incest, bisexual, gay, bondage and so on. Finally he found himself in front of a shelf with videos of piss sex. Derek remembered the film he had watched at home and got a hard on again.

In the meantime, Henry had chosen a film and gone to the cashier desk. As much as Derek tried, he couldn”t find out what kind of film it was. The almost naked guy at the desk put the film into a paper bag, so Henry could keep his choice secret.

After a tour around the sex toys the teenagers left the store. Before going through the door, Derek had a last look on the istanbul travesti employee”s cock and balls which were totally exposed. How was that possible that he didn”t seem the least ashamed to show his privates to all customers?

They went through town, and Henry showed Derek the walking way to school which was about 20 minutes. Henry didn”t say a word, but he knew Daniel and Ian and had also heard about Derek coming to town. He even knew that Daniel had enrolled his brother into a strange naked at school programme. Henry would have liked to be part of the programme, too. But he hadn”t had the guts to ask his parents to enrol him.

Derek felt much better when he and Henry separated at about 5.30. He was sure to have found a new fried.

Henry felt good, too. He went home, ran into his room, took his clothes off and imagined his new friend stark naked in school. It didn”t take him long to shoot his load.


Derek was showering, when Daniel and Ian came back from the sports park. So he couldn”t see that they were stark naked. He came out of the bathroom having a towel around his hips and was a little surprised to see not only his brother but also the other guy in the buff.

Ian and Derek introduced themselves to each other before Daniel reminded all of them that it was time to go for dinner. Derek went back to his room to dress up again and was even more surprised when he came back and saw his brother and brother in law still wearing nothing at all.

The three guys left and after a walk of about 15 minutes they reached an Italian restaurant. Daniel and Ian were warmly welcomed by the waiter who also didn”t care about the guy”s lack of clothes and led to a table. Although Derek stared at his brother”s and his brother-in-law”s crotches almost the whole time, it was an amazing meal. Daniel even let Derek drink some wine together with his pasta.

When they went home, Derek didn”t care anymore about the fact that Daniel and Ian didn”t wear anything and were even barefoot. It really seemed that nobody in Cockaigne cared about whether other people wore clothes or not. Back at their house, Derek felt the effect of the wine. He was very tired and went to bed, early.

When Derek awoke the next morning, he realised that he had no school uniform. He went into the kitchen to find Ian sitting there naked and drinking some coffee. He asked his brother in law about his school uniform, but Ian reassured him and told him that he and Daniel considered the uniforms of Derek”s school ugly and therefore got a uniform exemption for him. First of all Derek would have to report at the headmaster”s office before classes. Derek found it really silly that there was a uniform exemption at school. He ate breakfast together with Ian and then went back to his room. After a nice shower which washed away the traces of him cumming twice last afternoon and twice after dinner he put on boxer shorts, chinos and a t-shirt and waited for Henry to walk together to their school. Back to the kitchen he saw his brother also naked. Oh, he would have to get used to that clothing didn”t seem to be of importance here. He still wasn”t sure whether to be annoyed or aroused about this habit. He was thinking about it when the bell rang. In this very moment, he was very happy that Henry came. Henry was also happy as he was able to have a look at Daniel and Ian in their full glory before walking to school. As Derek wore clothing other than the official school uniform, Henry was sure that his new mate didn”t know anything about him participating in the naked at school programme. Oh this would be fun. They arrived at school, and Derek was surprised that all other guys wore the same uniform as Henry which he didn”t consider ugly at all. He seemed to be the only one with a uniform exemption. What did Daniel and Ian do? He didn”t need an exemption. If he was the only one wearing regular clothes, he would be a kind of stranger. But now, he had to meet the headmaster. He asked Henry where to find his office, and Henry led him there. When Derek knocked and was about to open the door, Henry was in a hurry to go to his classroom. Although he was curious what was happening, he was afraid to give Derek any sign about him knowing about him being part of the naked-at-school-programme.

In the meantime, Samuel Johnson was very unsure. It was his first time as a trainee teacher. It hadn”t been easy for him to find employment, and so he was more than happy to get a position in Cockaigne. He hadn”t been that happy when the headmaster told him that he had to take part in a skinny teaching programme. And so he was here stark naked and about to go into a class of 16-year-old pupils for a lesson of Maths.

*** It”s time to stop the story here. I would be glad to hear about your ideas what happens to Daniel and Samuel on their first day at school.

Thank you for reading. We would love to read your comments and suggestions so please email the author at [email protected]

The Cockaigne universe is open for other writers to contribute their own stories and characters. All I ask is that you send me a copy of your story. As the tales evolve the Cockaigne will become populated with many new and strange characters. Why not create your own characters, after all we have a town full of people and I can”t possibly write about all of them. If you want to use existing characters then let the author know, it”s usually alright.

I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories and supporting Cockaigne. If you enjoyed any story on this archive then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little helps. http://donate./donate.html

Previous stories in the series are also hosted on eve so go and take a look.

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