Depravity Ch. 03

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I now worked in the Human Physiology Lab at the University and was learning much about the human body. I became an expert on my son’ disease and it saddened me deeply because there is no cure or way to slow it down. Once the disease reached its zenith, death would be quick. Life for the victim until then would be painless, with bouts of debilitating weakness. They could with care lead a somewhat normal life. Lawrence had an almost three week weak spell with me being his caring nurse.

When he recovered, I didn’t see him much during the day for a couple of weeks and was becoming worried about what he was doing. He surprised me at supper one night by saying, “I’ve found your young men.”

“What.” I responded in surprise.

“I’ve found your young men and I’ve interviewed them on tape, for your approval.” He said with a smile. “You can watch the tape whenever you want.” And he placed a cassette on the table.

I was apprehensive, thinking, ‘So this is it, my fantasy is here.’ I had honestly believed he wouldn’t be able to do it, or even want to do it. My mind believed he would find some other way to fuck me and I was thinking of fucking him anyway.

I finished supper nervously thinking about the tape and glancing at it continuously. Lawrence told me he would cleanup if I wanted to watch the interviews. I said, “OK,” and with shaky hands picked up the tape and went to the living room.

Actually trembling, I pressed play and the tape began. A very nice looking young black boy was shooting free throws. Lawrence was talking to him about school, sports, and the life he had. He didn’t act or speak any different than my son. The scene changed and he was looking into the camera, Lawrence was asking him about sex. The young man said that sex was for procreation, however, humans were thinking sensual beings and therefore sex for them was also for pleasure and personal satisfaction. He saw no problem in sex for pleasure as long as those involved understood it was for pleasure not a tool or weapon to get some personal gain.

Lawrence told him he knew an older white woman that had a fantasy of sucking off several black boys. The young man smiled real big and said, “It seems a lot of white women have a fantasy of doing blacks.”

Lawrence asked him how he felt about that and he said, “I don’t see what the big deal is, I mean blacks aren’t any different than any other race. I guess it’s OK, as long as you’re not hurting anybody.”

“Would you be willing to be one of the boys?” Lawrence asked.

His brow furrowed as he thought for a moment, then he said, “Sure. It sounds like fun.”

“She wants me to tape it for her, would that bother you?”

His brow furrowed again, and he said, “Naw, it’s cool to know she wants to watch it later. Yeah, I’ll do it and you can tape away.” He had a huge smile on his face.

The tape briefly went black for several seconds before the next young man appeared. The same basic conversation took place with another well spoken and well mannered boy. All six boys were basically the same, well mannered, soft spoken, open to sex and willing to participate. I learned that all six were actually eighteen; Lawrence had them show their ID as proof. Three were exceptionally dark skinned, one was browner, two were actually more white looking but definitely black.

I felt Lawrence’ hands on my shoulders, he had been behind me as I watched the tape. I was filled with fear as I thought it was a mistake, but the yearning in my mind had me tingling.

“Well Mom, what do you think? Do you approve of my choices?” He said softly.

“OH God, I don’t know. I didn’t really think you would do it, and now I don’t know if I can.” I said as I started to cry.

Lawrence squeezed in next to me and held me, just letting me get it out. After my emotions subsided, I looked into his eyes, caressed his cheek, and softly asked, “Are you sure there isn’t something else you would rather do to claim your prize?”

“Mom, I want you to be happy. If helping fulfill your fantasy does that, then that is what I want. It’s your desires that I want to fulfill.” He whispered in my ear.

I melted inside with the feeling of his words in my mind. I hugged and kissed him passionately and told him to take off his pants. I wanted to suck his cock and he knew it, which made him almost rip them off. He was in my mouth and my hands were on his ass pulling him in as soon as his cock was uncovered. His pants were at his knees as I sucked like a mad woman. It was a rough blowjob with my arms around his hips and my nose slamming into his stomach as my head moved rapidly back and forth. He came quickly and I wanted more so I didn’t stop and kept my mouth moving on his cock. He hardened again and I kept going at him driven by wild lust. This time when he came, though, I milked his cock, slow and lovingly.

I was hugging him tightly, kissing his stomach, as he wobbled and twitched. I knew if I let him go he escort bursa would collapse because strong ejaculations almost always made him pass out. Once he steadied, I let him go and he dropped to his knees and kissed me.

“My turn.” He softly said, pushed me back and started massaging my thighs. Slowly he edged his hands higher pushing my skirt up as he went, our eyes locked. My panty covered pussy was tingling and dripping wet as he bent to kiss me there. He nuzzled my mound and licked me through my panties. I wanted them gone but he made no move to remove them, instead nuzzling, kissing and licking from thigh to thigh again and again. I was filled with lust and if he had tried to fuck me, he could have. After long orgasmic minutes he slowly pulled my panties down to expose my vibrating pussy. His mouth went to my clit sucking and licking strongly. I began shaking through waves of orgasm. As he pulled his mouth away I was so out of breath I could barely speak.

An idea flashed through my mind and I whispered, “I want you to fuck me without fucking me.”

“Huh!” He said looking at me confused.

“I want you to fuck me without fucking me.” I said as I took his hand and led him to my bedroom. Once there I unlocked my drawer and took out my penis, showing it to him. His jaw dropped as he saw what was in my hand. I told him he could put it on, and showed him how to pump it up. The strap had a hole above the penis, and I told him he could put his cock through it, that way as he fucked me with my penis his cock would rub my clit. With some giggling I strapped it on him but couldn’t get his hard cock through the hole, so I had to take it back off and put his cock through first. Once on it was strange to see my son with two cocks. Looking in the mirror, he laughed and joked about really being able to satisfy a woman with two.

I pulled him to bed in a sixty-nine position and it was really weird to see two cocks on one man. I sucked and played with them both until I was ready and told him to fuck me.

Lawrence had a look of pure lust in his eyes and I didn’t know if he was going to use his cock or mine. And in all honesty, I wouldn’t have cared. He kept his word and used mine, watching intently as he pushed it into me. His cock rubbed over my clit and was pushed down on it at the base by the strap. The feeling was incredible and the site mesmerizing.

I could feel a cock sliding in and out of my pussy, pulling and pushing my lips as it went. At the same time I felt and watched my sons cock stroking and pushing on my clit. This combination of cock in pussy, cock on clit and sight had me convulsing in orgasm. I put a hand to my tit, pulling the nipple and a hand on my son’ cock as I went through the strongest orgasms of my life.

When Lawrence came, he jerked wildly and moaned loudly shooting cum all the way to my face. And then he passed out on top of me.

After several minutes, his motionless body scared me, because I couldn’t hear or feel him breathing. I shook him roughly and he responded with a gasp which made me feel at ease.

“That felt really good Mom. I can’t wait to feel your pussy.” He whispered hotly in my ear.

I rolled him off of me staying in his arms and briefly fell asleep. When I awakened, I felt a cock in me and thought it was my son, but then I felt his warm cock on my clit and stomach. Lawrence was out for the night, so I eased away, took the harness off him and covered him up. I took a long hot shower and then crawled in bed next to him for a blissful nights sleep.

The next couple of days Lawrence went through one of his weak spells and the day he was fully recovered he disappeared for a while. That afternoon he came home and said all six boys were ready for that night.

Apprehensive at first, I soon became giddy over the realization of it and was busy arranging for the rooms and what would happen. As agreed, I set up the rooms and cameras while Lawrence brought the boys. I was able to see the boys live and watch their actions in the other room with the help of a camera as I readied myself. They were decent boys, not gang members, and that pleased me. I dressed in heels, hose, garter belt, panties, and half bra, all black to entice and tease.

I donned my full length robe, gulped, and said to myself, “Well Stephanie, this is what you wanted.”

As I opened the door I heard my son say, “She’s ready, so if you want to back out go ahead.” I felt a little shiver at the words.

None of the boys left. As they entered my room they greeted me with courteous handshakes and “Ma’am.” I told them to have a seat and then made my speech. “The one who arranged this and my cameraman has told you what I’m wanting and you’ve all agreed. There will be no vulgar acting or talk as well. You aren’t allowed to touch me, only I will do the touching. If these rules are broken, everything stops immediately and you will all leave. Do you understand me and agree?”

They bursa merkez eskort all answered, “Yes Ma’am,” in unison.

Smiling I told Lawrence to be sure and get things from as many angles as he could and get lots of close-ups, and I opened my robe for the boys to see me. Their lusty looks sent tingles through me and I slowly turned around while saying, “Does this old woman’s body please you?”

“Oh, Yeah!” “Nice!” “Oh!” “Whoa!” “Ummmm!” “Wow!” Were their replies.

“I see two of you are already showing your appreciation, so how about taking your clothes off for me.” I said, wiggling.

The two with obvious hardons were quick to respond, the others were a little slow. The slowest to undress had the biggest cock, at least eight inches and thick. The others were around six inches and all nicely shaped. Two were uncircumcised and one of these was the blackest kid.

I decided to do him first and walked over to him and took his cock in my hand as I stood close to him looking him in the eyes, I stroked his cock and softly I said, “Are you ready for me to suck your cock?”

“Y-es.” He stammered.

I knelt and licked the tip of his cock; he moaned and wiggled making me feel so wanton. I kissed the tip and slowly parted my lips taking him slowly in my mouth while looking in his eyes.

“God!” He gasped.

I began moving my head back and forth while licking the underside of his cock. The taste was different than any other cock I had sucked. Not unpleasant, by any means, but stronger. The texture of the skin was somewhat coarser even though it didn’t look any different. I noticed his fists clenched at his sides, he wanted to use his hands but held firm and didn’t touch me. I felt his cock stiffen and pulled my head back releasing it. Lightly stroking it I licked and kissed his balls which brought several moans from his lips. I proceeded to lick and kiss the head of his cock and enjoy that delightful cockhead smoothness. I was just letting my lips drop over the flange when I would lick and then pull my lips back over that smooth cockhead. I was now ready for him to cum, so looking him in the eyes; I put a hand on his ass, massaged his balls, and slid my lips tightly down his full length. I worked my tongue a bit and slowly pulled my tight lips up his cock. He lasted three full strokes, on the fourth he moaned out, “Oh God, cumming, Oh God.” And did he ever, he shot a massive load and it leaked out at the corners of my mouth. I managed to swallow most of it and when I let his cock fall from my mouth I took my fingers and wiped the rest into my mouth. I don’t know what this kid was eating but his cum was almost bitter.

I looked at the other boys and they all had their cocks in their hands. One poor boy had cum, shooting it on his face and trailing down to his cock and hand. I said, “Hey, don’t waste it, that’s for me. The rest of you need to calm down and wait.” I quickly walked over and licked his cum up from his face and all of it to his cock. I took his hand from his cock and licked it clean, before taking his soft cock in my mouth. He got hard so fast that his cock gagged me, but I held right there for several seconds before I started working my lips up and down his cock. This one had the same basic taste as the first, but the surface veins were thick and made long ridges all over the length of him. It also had a strong upward curve. Just like the first boy, I felt him stiffen and backed off to work on his balls. Then just as before I was enjoying the head of his cock while lightly stroking it, but he started cumming while moaning. His spurts were strong and his cum hit the back of my throat making it easy to swallow. I milked him until he went completely soft before looking for the next one. As I sat up, I said, “Honey you have a nicecock and tasty cum, but, you need to learn to last a little longer.” I kissed his balls before taking the next boy by the hand and leading him to the bed.

I sat on the bed and took his balls in my hand while stroking his cock. Looking him in the eyes, I asked, “Did you like watching me suck cock?”

“Oh Yes.” He moaned, legs shaking.

There was a large amount of cum oozing from his cock and I slowly eased my tongue out to lick it up, causing his legs to shake more and him to moan. The bumps on the flange of this boys cock were huge and I loved the tingling feeling they gave my lips and tongue, “A natural French Tickler,” I thought. I gave this boy quick ins and slow outs, a little further down each time until reaching its base, where I held and tongued while barely bobbing my head. Slowly I pulled my lips up his cock and repeated the quick slow process. He lasted several minutes and I was enjoying his cock a lot. I changed up and slid my tight lips down his cock slowly without stopping and back up again. On the third stroke I felt him stiffen and I gave him some hard sucking jerks halfway down his cock. His legs started bursa sınırsız escort trembling and he jerked wildly as he came with loud grunts emanating from his mouth.

‘Three down, three to go,’ I thought. I needed a drink and I wiggled my ass as I walked over to have some coke. I could feel them watching me, so before I turned around I deliberately bent to straighten my hose. Turning, I looked at them and started walking back across the room, deliberately shaking my tits and ass. When I sat on the corner of the bed, I said, “Whew, you boys are getting to me.”

I pointed at the next boy and motioned him over, watching as his cock swung back and forth. Grabbing his ass I started kissing all around his cock until his hips jerked. I licked all over the length of his cock until he moaned and then I took him in my mouth. He tasted almost as strong as the first but the difference in this one was the swell of the urethral vein. It was easily as big as my forefinger. After a couple of strokes I encouraged him to fuck my mouth. He caught on quick and was sliding his cock in and out in slow steady movements. I massaged his ass and held my head still as he slowly increased his tempo and was banging into my nose. When he came he slammed into my mouth and jerked while cumming down my throat. His taste was very pleasant like my sons. He almost fell which pulled his cock from my mouth leaving a long string of cum between us. I quickly sucked it in my mouth as I smiled up at him. I moved sideways and let him sit on the bed. I stood and shook in a shiver then walked over and knelt before the next boy. Slowly I ran my hands up his thighs and kissed my way to his balls. I sucked his balls while playing with the head of his cock. When he started moving his hips and moaning, I licked up his length and took him in my mouth. When my lips dropped behind the flange I sucked hard and licked hard. Then I slid my lips tightly down his cock and back up to suck and lick the head again. I did this for several minutes before he came and I blocked it with my tongue. When his cock stopped throbbing, I swallowed and milked his cock with my lips until soft.

“One More,” I thought, and went back across the room for another drink. I had gone through many orgasms while sucking them off and the thought of fucking my son was consuming me. I made up my mind right then to fuck him in front of these boys. I was rubbing my panty covered pussy and shaking, and I knew everyone in the room knew what I was doing. When I opened my eyes, I saw Lawrence with the camera and thinking of fucking him, shook in orgasm.

I turned and looked across the room at the last boy. He was sitting there looking at me, with hurry up on his face. Exaggerating my hip movements as I walked to him, I saw his cock jump. I leaned down and ran my hands over his thighs as I softly asked, “Waiting patiently?”

He moaned, ‘Yes,’ his cock jumped and a glob of cum dropped into his already full bellybutton.

I leaned on down and sucked it into my mouth and licked the end of his cock. He moaned loudly and stiffened like he was going to cum, but he controlled it and didn’t. I wrapped my fingers around his cock and stood up pulling him with me. Walking backwards, I led him to the bed. I paused, cupped his balls in my hand and touched my nipples to his chest. He was wide-eyed and gasping. Pressing my tits into his chest I leaned in and whispered, “Sorry to keep you waiting honey. I just wanted to save the best for last.” I lightly kissed his earlobe and he started trembling, making me think again that he might cum. He controlled it; I stepped sideways and pushed him back on the bed. I knelt down, caressed his outer thighs and kissed, licked, and nibbled my way up his inner thighs. He was shaking uncontrollably by the time my nose touched his balls. I heard and felt thumping and glancing sideways, I saw his fists hitting the bed. I started sucking his balls and worked my way up his cock until the tip was just between my lips. He was looking down at me as I slowly squeezed and released his cock with my hand. Lightly stroking as I licked nibbled and sucked his smooth cockhead. I slid my lips over the flange and slowly down his cock and slowly back up. I set a pace like that of a slow leisurely fuck. Within a minute he started going ‘Oh, Oh, Oh,’ as his cock pulsed and shot cum across my tongue. It was sweet, like the syrup in chocolate covered cherries. My hands gripped his waist and I tried to suck his balls up thru his cock. I wanted all of that sweet cum I could get. I kept sucking hard, bobbing my head and milking with my lips. Then I realized he didn’t soften completely, he just slightly deflated and was again hard as a rock. I held his cock with my fingers as I licked it like a lolly-pop and smiled at him with my eyes. This devilish boy tried to fool me and keep me sucking. That’s OK, ’cause I love sucking cock. I went back to working on his cock as slowly as I could. His breathing started getting quicker, his stomach muscles twitching, his legs stiffened, letting me know my treat was on its way. His hips jerked and I thought, ‘Here it comes.’ I milked with my lips on each pulse of his cum spurting cock as it delivered his oh so sweet cum.

“Oh Wow. Oh Wow. Oh Wow.” He kept exclaiming.

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