Demanding Older Lady Boss

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“Did you want to see me Miss Smith?” I asked, putting my head round my bosses office door. I hoped it wasn’t important, it was the end of the day and I had a date with a six pack of beer in my fridge.

“Ah, come in James” she motioned, “have a seat.” Her friendly demeanour was encouraging but being told to take a seat sounded like it may take a while and I just wanted a beer after the day I’d had.

She was standing looking out of the window as I entered the office and she sat down opposite me in her executive leather chair as I took my seat on the other side of her desk. Her office was spacious and modern and her large glass topped desk meant I could see her cross her legs as she sat down. Miss Smith – Christine, was vice president at our company and was renowned for being firm but fair in both business and towards her staff.

Miss Smith was late forties, approaching fifty, and figure wise she wasn’t slim but wasn’t overweight either, she had one of those figures that looked like it was built for sexy fun and she had a great pair of legs for her age. It was obvious she still exercised to keep in shape and possibly keep the stress at bay. She wore black business suit today with a knee length pencil skirt and cream blouse beneath her jacket. Her legs looked great in her black nylons and ended nicely with a sexy pair of 3 inch black patent stilettos. I’d sometimes thought about what I’d like to do to her and sitting across her desk from her I suddenly realised just how sexy she was.

“James I’ve got an important marketing report I need to get out for a client meeting in the morning and I need some help. I wondered if you might be able to stay back and help me.” I tried to appear enthusiastic about it but she could probably tell it was only half hearted. “I’ll make it worth your while if you can stay” she said when she guessed my feelings. Ah well, I was only going to get drunk in front of the TV, I might as well earn a couple of hundred extra dollars instead, the money always came in handy.

A big smile crossed her face when I agreed and we set to work on her project mapping out the requirements on the conference desk on the other side of her office. I couldn’t help feeling fleeting moments of sexual tension between us as we worked relatively closely together bent over the papers on the conference desk and I kept getting glimpses of her lacy white bra beneath her blouse which only made me think even naughtier thoughts about her. And the way in which she looked at me over the tops of her spectacles when she asked me a question made me think of thoughts I really shouldn’t have about my boss.

We tackled the work with fervour and managed to get it completely finished after about 2 ½ hours or so, much to both mine and Miss Smith’s relief. And instead of heading straight home for my long awaited beer Christine poured us a large gin and tonic each from the executive drinks cabinet in her office. She sat on her glass desk and I sat in a comfy chair nearby as we chatted about the project and other generalities and my eyes couldn’t help but wander over those black nylon legs and high heels. She caught me looking at them and I blushed slightly, realising I had been rumbled.

“Do you like my legs James?” she asked.


“Do you like my legs?”

“Erm, yes Miss Smith.” I answered somewhat tentatively.

“I do like to keep in shape if I can.” she told me.

“Yes, I can see, you have a great figure…”

“What, for a woman of my age you mean?” Christine retorted.

“No, I mean you have a great figure, period.”

“Oh James, flattery may get you everywhere you know” she said with wicked flirtatious glint in her eye.

“I do hope so” I said, becoming a little more confident with the enrolling scenario.

She set her drink down, placed her hands on her knees and then, ever so slowly began to draw them up her legs, gently pulling her skirt as she went.

“Would you like bonus veren siteler to see more of my legs James?”

“Yes, I’d love to.”

“Good, I think you deserve a little treat after all that extra hard work you’ve done for me.”

I smiled as her skirt was drawn higher showing me more and more of those lovely silky black nyloned legs of hers.

“Would you like to do something else for me James?” she asked in a voice that was filled with seduction.

“Yes, of course Miss Smith.” I replied, hoping she meant what I hoped she did, “What is it you would like me to do for you?”

“I want you to fuck me James.” she said matter of factly as her skirt moved higher to reveal her stocking tops to me. I couldn’t believe my luck. “I want you to make love to me, take me, here on this desk, right now.”

Her beautiful stocking clad legs were by now fully exposed to me, her skirt just stopping short of her panties, which still remained invisible to my eye. Her legs looked sensational, silky shiny nylon shimmered over the lovely length with her dark stocking tops held in place by a lacy black garter belt. She stroked her thigh as she spoke to me.

“Are you sure Miss Smith?” I asked her.

“Oh yes, I’m sure James. I want you to fuck me.”

She opened her legs and so that I could see between and finally glimpsed her lacy black panties as she stroked the inside of her thighs.

“Does this turn you on?” she asked.

“Oh, yes Miss Smith.”

“Do I turn you on?”

“Yes Miss Smith, so much.”

“Good, then come here, James, I want you to take me.” she said beckoning me towards her.

As I stood from my chair and made my way to her desk she slipped off her jacket and began to cup her breasts through her silky cream blouse. As I reached her she pulled me to her and our lips and tongues met hungrily. My hands ran through her soft blonde hair as our passion filled embrace became hotter and hotter. My hands replaced hers and cupped her breasts, feeling their fullness through the silk of her blouse and the lace of her white bra. She gasped as I fondled her breasts and threw her head back as I licked and kissed her neck.

She undid her blouse and slipped it open to reveal the fullness of her breasts to me.

“Touch me James.” My hands began to fondle her tits through the lace of her bra and then I slipped a hand inside one cup and began to touch her soft skin, feeling the nipple stiffen against my hand. She gasped as I began to touch her and pulled my mouth to hers again, thrusting her tongue against mine. She pulled my head down to her and uncupped her left breast for me to suck on.

“Oh yes James” she gasped softly as my lips closed around her stiff nipple and I began to run my tongue over and around it, gently nipping it between my teeth.

My hand crept to her knee and I began to slide it slowly along her thigh, feeling the silk nylon brush against my fingers as it climbed. I stroked her luscious stocking tops and then made circles on the skin of her upper thigh above as her anticipation of me touching her grew.

My hand finally touched her between the legs, feeling the soft lace of her panties and her wetness seeping through and she gasped loudly as I reached her.

“Oh James I’m so wet, touch me there.”

I could feel her damp juices on my fingertips as I stroked her through the lace of her panties. Pulling them aside I at last touched her wet pussy lips and began to stroke in between, finding her hard little clit bud easily as it protruded fully from its hood.

“Mmmm, James, you have a lovely touch” she encouraged me before gasping as I slid my finger inside her, feeling how, soft wet and warm she felt inside.

“Miss Smith you feel beautiful” I told her as she steadied herself with one hand on the desk and played with her breast with the other.

“Go down on me James, lick me out, taste me” she urged.

She bedava bahis opened her legs wider as I knelt between them, my hot breath on her stockings and bare thigh.

Reaching beneath her skirt I slowly pulled her panties down and off over her shiny high heels and again she spread her legs for me, showing me her beautiful blonde trimmed bush and pouting pink wet lips in full. I could tell from her shortened breathing that she could feel my breath on her as I gently pulled her lips apart with my fingers and ever so gently began to probe in between with my tongue.

“Ooohh, yes James, that’s so nice.”

“Oh you taste so good Miss Smith” I told her lapping her sweet juices into my mouth. Exploring her fully with my tongue I teased her clit and put it as far into her hole as I could and all the time she gasped and groaned in sheer ecstasy.

“I want you to come on my face Miss Smith” I said as she pushed her hot mound into my face.

“Yes James, make me come.” She began to writhe and flinch under me as my tongue flicked and rolled around her clit and my fingers probed inside her. Then as her moans became louder and more frequent I felt her begin to shudder and I knew she was about to come. I pushed her over the edge as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me tightly to her hard mound pushing tightly into my face as she came, dripping her oozing juices into my mouth and over my face.

Christine slid off the desk when her climax had subsided and immediately knelt down before me.

“I want your cock James” she said unbuckling my belt as I undid my shirt. I was as hard as nails for this beautiful woman, my boss, and I couldn’t wait to fuck her. Unzipping my fly she pulled my pants down around my hips and then pulled the waistband of my shorts down over the straining head of my hard prick.

“Oh, I love it James” she said grasping my shaft in her hand and sliding her lips over the tip of my cock and down along my shaft. She was exquisite.

The feel of her soft wet mouth as she sucked me was unbelievable, it felt like I was being sucked inside out, this lady certainly knew what she was doing. Her hand caressed my balls as she sucked and licked me and I groaned uncontrollably as her mouth repeatedly slid along my throbbing shaft.

“Take me now James” she said pulling her mouth from me, “I want to feel you inside me now.”

She stood and sat on the edge of the desk again and pulled one stockinged knee up around my waist as I got between her legs with my thick cock in hand. Steadying herself with one hand behind her on the desk she grabbed my cock and guided it towards her hot wet hole.

“C’mon James, fuck me. Put that thick cock inside me, I want to feel it deep inside me” she urged as she placed it between her lips.

In one long slow push I slid my long cock inside her and she gasped as it inched its way deeper and deeper into her.

“Oh yesss James, that’s it” she hissed.

“Oh Christine, you feel fantastic” I replied. But with a sharp look she said in retort

“It’s Miss Smith to you James and don’t forget.” It was obvious she loved the control and power aspect and I was happy to let her have it. I was going to give this dirty older bitch just what she wanted.

I slid my cock in and out of her wet cunt and she lay back on the desk as I grasped her nyloned ankles and pumped deeply into her. She gasped and moaned and cried out “Yes, Yes” repeatedly as we fucked there on her desk and I even pulled her legs over my shoulders and licked her high heels just to give her that extra feeling of control.

I puled my dick all the way out and slammed it back in one hard thrust and did this repeatedly, making her shout out loudly in joy and pain.

“Do you like that Miss Smith” I asked as I slammed into her.

“Oh I love it, give me your cock James” she whimpered. I was only too glad to oblige.

I pulled out, “Turn over Miss Smith, deneme bonus I want to take you from behind.”

She slid off the desk and stood before me, kissing me quickly and sticking her tongue in my mouth. She turned round and bent over, grabbing the edge of the desk for balance and I stopped and stepped back to take in the view.

“My god, Miss Smith you look sensational” I told her as I looked at those long black stockinged legs in her high heels rising all the way up to her tight ass, her skirt pulled up over it, with her pussy waiting, dripping for me, ready to be screwed again.
“Thank you James, now fuck me again, I want to feel your cock in me again”

I stepped up behind her and slid my cock slowly all the way inside her again and grabbed her hips as I thrust into her. She moaned loudly as my hips slammed against her asscheeks, my cock burying itself deep inside her. She turned and looked at me with sheer pleasure in her half closed eyes.

“Put it in my ass James, I want to feel you in my ass.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure, put it in there now.” she instructed.

Pulling out she reached behind and spread her ass cheeks wide apart and I nudged the tip of my glistening cock against her tight asshole.

“Yes James, go on. Fuck me there” she urged, and so ever so slowly I squeezed my cock into her tight butt. God it was so tight in there but the juices in which my cock was coated helped to ease things a little.

“Aahhh, Yesss” she hissed as I slid into her little by little. “Yes fuck my ass James.” God it felt so tight but great with it and gently I began so slide in and out of her. She reached beneath her and began to finger her cunt with two digits as I fucked her.

“Yess, don’t stop James, I want to come. Fuck my ass and make me come.” This bitch was really dirty, nothing like the prim and proper business lady she appeared to be during normal office hours.

She came again as I pumped into her and unable to take the tightness any longer I pulled out and slammed my cock back into her tight wet twat to make her orgasm last even longer. I slowed to let her catch her breath.

“Now it’s your turn James” she said pulling away and turning to face me. She pushed me back into the armchair and straddled my cock, lowering herself slowly down onto the full length of my pole. When I was fully embedded within her she paused to catch her breath and then began to ride me allowing me the pleasure of being able to stroke her stockinged thighs and garters as she played with her full bouncing tits. Then she turned away from me and continued to ride me squatting down hard on my cock and gasping as I grabbed her asscheeks and pulled her down onto me harder.

“I want you to come in my mouth and on my face” she told me as she rode me.

“Oh miss Smith, yes I’d love to.” As if I had a choice in the matter. She stood from me and my wet dick slapped back against my stomach. Pulling me to my feet from where I lay in the chair she knelt before me again and cupping my balls with one hand and grabbing my shaft with the other she began to suck on me again. I knew she must be able to taste my silvery pre-cum and her own juices as she sucked me and it only seemed to spur her on. God this lady could suck.

“Oh, Miss Smith, I’m close to coming” I gasped as I felt my spunk beginning to build. Her hand was a blur as it pumped my shaft for all I was worth and unable to hold out any longer my spunk shot in thick streams into her waiting open mouth and onto her extended tongue which lapped at the tip of my spurting cock.

Her face and mouth were dripping and covered in my creamy goo and she laughed as she lapped it up and smeared it further across her face. My shaking legs and spent balls made me sink back into the chair as she sucked me dry and licked my shaft clean.

“I told you the extra overtime would be worth your while didn’t I James” she smiled.

“Oh Miss Smith, I’ve never felt anything like it or met anyone as hot and sexy as you.”

“You’ll get promotion if you keep saying things like that” she teased, “In the meantime I think I’ll have you as my “personal” assistant.”

I couldn’t wait to see my new job description.

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