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It was a cool and breezy day as I entered the large department store by its large revolving door, inwardly I sighed at the thought of yet another laborious working day ahead I wearily made my way to the electrical department. The usual monotony of stocking shelves and the thought of marking them up for coming sales events did not enthrall me at all.

Each day seemed to drag by with nothing to look forward to, as the days went by I knew that I was close to handing in my notice and having already applied for a few other jobs I was hoping that I would hear something very soon.

Today would be nothing special, despite it being my thirtieth birthday I had no expectations of it being any different to any other day.

I expected that I would have a different evening than most but aside from the usual dinner with my husband Lewis at my parent’s home on the other side of town I had nothing out of the ordinary to look forward to.

My mother had called this morning to notify me that Della my beautiful and totally career orientated attorney sister and a male colleague would be joining us, the fact that Della was bringing home a man excited my mother more than the fact that it was my birthday.

The fact that Della’s new man would be the focus of attention on my thirtieth birthday was a typical scenario which she almost always seemed to create especially if I might be getting some attention.

I was not looking forward to the evening neither was I relishing the fact that I would have to spend time with my pretentious sister.

When I had voiced some thoughts about that my mother had told me it was nonsense and I had been reprimanded for my selfish thoughts, well I guess I should have known that even after thirty years Della was always seen as the golden child.

Despite Della’s presence I knew the fact that there would be a guest I dress a little more formal than I had planned and would clearly warrant some specialty to the occasion, I had already decided to make more effort with my outfit more so to appease my mother than Della. I could hear my mother’s voice “Alicia dress appropriately for our guests,” I knew that my usual jeans and shirt would not suffice and had considered wearing my little black Christmas number but decided it was just too formal.

Now as I walked through the department store I mentally made plans to visit the ladies clothes department in my lunch hour and purchase myself something a little more special than jeans and a blouse.

As I walked through the different departments on my way to my own section I also considered purchasing some new lingerie that would maybe put my husband in the mood for something that would make my birthday a little more memorable.

I thought about how predictable the evening would be, the evening’s events casually played through in my mind throughout the morning I considered the fact that having a stranger present may make things a little tense. Of course there would be the usual obligatory chit chat, the presentation of yet another birthday cake as my mother still expected me to love blowing out of candles which may I add was becoming increasingly irritating.

The evening would no doubt be the same as any other year and end in yet another failed attempt to arouse Lewis into wanting a night of unbridled passion and lust. Somehow I had already resigned myself to the fact that it would be more likely to be a few minutes of unstimulating groping and frustration from the lack of satisfaction on my part.

The morning passed by uneventfully and I was surprised to find that lunchtime çanakkale seks hikayeleri came around quickly, Jennifer my colleague left her sale station and walked over to me, I looked in her direction as I cleared the isle of surplus stock into boxes for the sales, Jennifer smiled and notified me that it was my lunch hour.

I told Jennifer that I had arranged with the manager to take the last lunch slot today and explained that I would be taking a little longer than usual in order to eat lunch and find an outfit for later, she nodded and called after me wishing me happy birthday as I hastily grabbed my purse and headed for the elevator.

Pressing the elevator button for the third floor I considered whether to do lunch first or shopping, making my decision I stepped off the elevator into the ladies department and headed to the clothes section.

As I entered the ladies department I spotted the perfect outfit and detached my size from the rail, now heading to the lingerie section intent on choosing something more feminine to match the outfit I noticed the unfamiliar sight of a man perusing the silk panties.

I considered his presence there briefly and decided that he was probably there buying a gift for his wife or girlfriend, however as I passed by him otherwise intent on my own task I could not help myself I took a quick look down into his hand basket.

Realizing that he already had several pairs of ladies panties stashed in there and was now intently fingering and eyeing a pair of red silky laced panties in his hand, I became somewhat intrigued that he seemed to be taking his time rather than hastily purchasing a few items as most men did .

It was not a task that most men wanted to advertise so I was surprised when he turned toward my direction and spoke to me as I looked at my own options on the rail “excuse me Ma’am, could you possibly offer some assistance, ” “I am having some trouble deciding, “as I turned to face him with the intention of explaining that I didn’t work in this department he smiled and looked relieved.

Not wanting to appear unhelpful I stepped around him and quickly made the decision to answer the question the best way I could, since I was in my store uniform it would only seem polite and professional to assist, “How may I help you Sir?” I enquired.

He fingered the silky material almost caressing it between his fingers “I wonder if you could tell me how nice this type of material feels against your skin?”

I felt myself flush red and search for an appropriate answer “Well I always prefer something a little less lacy, but I believe that these are very comfortable,” I added with a little giggle that some women can find lots of lace irritating.”

He grinned as he answered me “they are actually for me.”

Momentarily embarrassed by his response I turned away to avoid embarrassment before suggesting that maybe he should ask an attendant in this department as an alternative.

“That’s ok,” He replied,” “I will check out the rest before decide to approach sales and try them on.”

As I walked away I couldn’t help but glance back at the ruggedly good looking man fondling the red material, not quite believing that he was going to ask to try them on I wandered around the section hoping to witness him enter the changing area.

I wondered why a man so young and handsome would wear ladies panties, my imagination wildly playing out different scenarios in my own mind. Now as I turned the corner I took a real good look hoping he would not return my gaze.

Standing on the end of the isle pretending to look for an item I witnessed him lift his shirt and caress his lower abdomen with the silk panties he held in his hand, my eyes shifted to the obvious bulge in his jeans.

I watched him from the corner of my eye erotically caressing himself for some time, I found is action intoxicating and I was more than a little aroused by his actions.

I decided that I would head to the changing room and do something about the warm sexy feeling that was arising between my shaking legs and was ushered into a cubicle by the attendant.

By the time I had been issued with a four item security tag I had pulled the curtain across and slipped off my uniform, now delving into my panties I heard the dressing room attendant speak “That’s quite alright Sir, we don’t mind at all,” I quickly realized although couldn’t believe that he was being allowed into the women’s changing rooms that the voices I could hear outside were the ruggedly good looking man I spoke with earlier.

I assumed that he had been ushered to a further cubicle when I heard the attendant’s heel click by before shutting the changing room door.

I considered intent on satisfying my arousal as privately as I could briefly complaining about sharing the changing room with a man but found it more arousing that he may hear so declined to do so.

My pussy ached as it yearned for attention, sliding my hand down in my panties again and fingering my wet folds I was alerted to the man’s own arousal when I heard a deep manly moan coming from a cubicle down from my own, something told me to leave as hastily as I arrived here but I was too aroused and needed relief.

I wanted to investigate the erotic sound so I walked quietly until I was at the other side of a curtain which contained the moaning, I could briefly see the man’s naked form through opening at the side of the dividing curtain and realized not only was he trying on a pair of panties but he was stroking himself rhythmically through the silky material.

I saw his hand purposefully rubbing at his crotch “Mmmm,” “that feels so good against my hard cock,” he moaned.

I quickly realized he was going to stroke himself to orgasm when he leaned into the wall and watched the reflection of himself jerking his cock toward the back wall mirror, although I was motionless I was getting very aroused watching him and felt my panties moisten further.

I slid into the next cubicle to listen; sitting on the bench I listened intently and imagined him stroking his cock to the sounds I was hearing.

Now fully aroused myself I lifted my skirt again I searched for the leg opening of my own panties and I slid my fingers along my now well lubricated slit, delicately running my index finger over my erect clit I stifled a moan as my fingers hit the right spot.

I heard him now lean harder against the cubicle side and felt the cubicle shaking; I easily brought myself to the edge more than once by teasing my clit and listening to his increasing excitement.

I was so horny that I knew I needed to watch him cum so I stepped out from my own cubicle and peered through the curtain.

I could see he was leaning heavily almost wedged against the side wall with hi feet on the other side holding him in place, now intently looking at his cock in the mirror and stroking vigorously it a very sexy sight and it was also very obvious to me that he was getting much closer to his own climax.

Almost looking strained against the silky material, his cock jutted upwards in the tight confines of the panties and I yearned to step into the cubicle and impale myself on his manhood.

I could see the tip of a bloated purple cock peeping out at the top of the lacy seam oozing its own lubrication; he stroked the material against his shaft at the same time rubbing the gusset against his balls.

He was now moaning loudly through pursed lips and lolling his head from side to side, I was sure he knew nothing of my presence, surprising myself I hastily stepped into the cubicle and shut the curtain “let me watch you please,” I whispered quickly so as not to alarm him of my discovery.”

He just casually smiled and continued jerking.

He released his cock from the silky confines and I shuddered violently from the sensuality of the scene, His oozing cock looked so wonderful now I found myself licking my lips and begging to him to let me touch it.

He leaned forward and held my hand with his against his throbbing flesh, moving his hand and indicating that I stroke him, he groaned as my hand wrapped around his shaft and proceeded to pump.

A few seconds passed by before he reciprocated pushing his hand up my skirt and locating my soaked slit, he smiled as his fingers found an extremely wet and shaved mound.

Expertly rubbing my clit through the soaked gusset of my own panties, we masturbated each other closer to orgasm.

I came in only a few seconds bucking my hips into his hand uncontrollably and soaking his hand as I squirted liquid into the palm of his hand he said “good girl.”

As I steadied myself against the opposite wall I noticed he had covered my hand with his own increasing the speed of my own strokes on his shaft, taking his free he pushed me down to my knees.

“Open your mouth,” he groaned, I eagerly did as he commanded and savored the taste of his pre cum on my tongue as he slid the head of his cock between my lips and to the back of my throat.

I sucked and swirled my tongue languishing myself on his hard cock as he pushed my head into his groin and then pulled my hair back before ramming my head down his meat again, It only took a few pumps of his cock w my lips sucking his cock before he pushed himself deep into the back of my throat releasing a creamy load down my throat.

I couldn’t swallow it all and some cum trickled down my chin, he smiled as he scooped it back up with his fingers and placed it in the panties now containing his semi hard meat.

He proceeded to use the cum on his cock head to massage his shaft against the wet silk before pulling up his jeans, thanking me gratefully and exiting the cubicle.

I tidied myself up and combed my hair before leaving the cubicle, still wobbling on my legs I passed the dressing room attendant and approached the sales desk.

As I approached the desk I noticed the ruggedly good looking man leaving the store with his purchases in a store bag, he glanced back toward me, waved and smiled.

Later that evening as I rang the doorbell to my parent’s house my father answered the door “Why Alicia, you look wonderful”, “come in and see everyone and you have to meet Della’s new man.

Lewis took my coat and hung it on the peg in the hallway as I approached the dining room.

I entered and looked around the room and there in the corner sat Della in boring jeans and a shirt, next to her on the couch sat the ruggedly good looking man who loved to wear women’s panties.

The man stood up and Della approached to introduce us “Alicia, this is Rob,” she said exitedly. continuing to explain who I was “Rob this is my little sister Alicia,” Della explained.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Rob,” I smirked.

“The pleasure is certainly all mine,” he replied.

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