Deliciously Dominated Ch. 02

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Jessica O’Toole

So, picking back up where I left off before telling you about Vegas, where was I? Boyfriend zone. Right. So, Jules and I were dating. The fact that we were dating each other and were both workaholics worked in our favor. We both had mostly all the same classes, so it was no surprise that we spent almost all our waking hours together, mostly studying. Sometimes making out. Sex was off the books for the first few months because one, we didn’t want to further complicate our relationship, and two, because she was a virgin and was simply scared. I reassured her multiple times that there was nothing to worry about, that it would only hurt the first time, and even then, the pain variated between women. One thing I never did, though, was push her into it. I let her take her time with the decision.

Halloween night she floored me again. That seems to be a common occurrence with us, I know. We (Okay, she) happened to be invited to a Sorority Halloween party. We were standing in the crowded common area when she told me that it wasn’t fair to me that I didn’t get sex when I wanted it. I just stared at her through my Barney Rubble mask. She shrugged. “I’m not the jealous type,” she had said, repositioning her Betty Rubble wig.

“Yeah, but, you’re okay with sleeping with other people?” I asked, taking my mask off.

She shook her head. “I’m okay with you sleeping with other people,” she said. “No sense keeping you all to myself, especially since you can’t have my pussy right now. No reason why you can’t have someone else’s.”

“Who the fuck are you, woman?” I asked incredulously.

She shrugged. “A woman who cares about the needs of her man,” she replied, then cupped my chin with her index finger and thumb. “And make no mistake, you are my man, and my only man, but I see no reason why you can’t be somebody else’s man as well.”

“What!?” I said, letting out a confused breath.

“You are mine and I am yours,” she explained as if I was a child. “But you can be somebody else’s as well. I don’t care as long as you remember that you are mine, as well. Understand now, Barney?” she asked, giggling.

“No,” I said, thoroughly confused. “How can you…” I trailed off, not knowing the words to convey my confusion.

She pulled me into an embrace as she looked into my eyes. “I care for you, okay?” she said picking a lock of my hair out of my face. “We may not be in a committed relationship right now, or ever, but in a way, we are still committed to each other, right?” I nodded dumbly and she kissed me softly on the lips. “And you’re not planning on going anywhere as long as I’m around, right?” I shook my head, again, dumbly, and she licked my lips ever so slowly. “Exactly, so as far as I’m concerned, you can fuck whoever you want. Hell, fuck the whole cheerleader squad for all I care. I hear that Riley Jacobs is quite the kinky little slut,” she said with a mischievous wink and grin.

“B-but,” I was flabbergasted.

She got serious then. “Kaden Cross,” she said loudly, a bit too loud, pulling back with her hands on her hips, one hip cocked and a look of defiance on her face. “Do I have to order you to fuck other women? Because I will!”

I blinked. Other people that overheard her blinked. Have you ever heard that sound like a record scratch grounding to a halt? Yeah, I heard that in my head, even though the music was played on CDs back then. It was as if the entire room went dead silent, waiting for my reply. “You’re serious about this, aren’t you?” I asked in awe, realizing this was not a game. “This is not some test of my loyalty or ploy to get me to tell you I love you, is it?”

It was her turn to look surprised. “You…love me?” she asked, tearing up.

“What!? No!!” I said, panicking a little bit. “I mean…” She suddenly laughed. I narrowed my eyes at her and the whole room started laughing along with her. Theirs was a different sort of laughter, though. Their laugh was mocking. Her’s was a laugh of genuine playfulness. Her laughter was the only one I cared about. “You’re an evil little bitch, aren’t you?” I said with a playful smile.

Her eyes went wide and the room went silent again as some in the crowd went ‘OOOooooo’ like I was just about to get my ass beat. I wouldn’t have been surprised if someone started chanting ‘fight, fight’ right then and there like we were on some kindergarten playground. She just stalked towards me, grabbed me by the crotch, and said, “You fucking know it, daddy,” in the loudest voice possible, effectively letting everyone know that she loved the way I talked to her. I looked into the crowd and winked, smirking. Some people clapped and cheered, while others looked disappointed that the shrimp wasn’t going to get his ass beat by a girl.

That night, she snuck into my dorm room. My roommate was gone for the weekend and the weekend RA was pretty cool. So, as long as we didn’t make too much noise, he let the occasional rendezvous slide. She sucked my cock for the first time that night bursa escort and while she didn’t let me eat her out, she did let me rub her clit to orgasm, with her panties still on, of course. She had said she didn’t want to give in to temptation. I could understand that because as soon as I felt her gloriously slick and completely bald pussy, I wanted nothing more than to rip her clothes off and fuck her senseless. We lay down next to each other and cuddled as we talked.

“I do care for you,” I told her. “Honestly, I’m not sure about love, yet, but I do care for you very much.”

She just smiled and kissed me. “I care for you, too, Kaden,” she said.

“So, were you really serious about me sleeping with other women?” I asked, hesitantly, suddenly afraid of her answer.

“Of course, silly,” she said as she playfully bopped me on the forehead. “Jeezus, are you really that thick-headed?”

“No, I just…” I trailed off. “It’s just so far out into left field that I’m having trouble grasping the concept, is all.”

She kissed me again, twirling her tongue around before releasing me. “Listen,” she said. “I’m not ready to have that thing,” She grabbed my cock through my shorts. “inside me, yet. But even when I do, I’ll still want you to sleep with other women. Hell, invite me along so we can share, I don’t care. For one, because knowing how you are, I know I’m not going to be enough for you. That’s not saying anything bad about you or me. It’s just the truth. And for two,” she shrugged. “Like I said, I’m not the jealous type. We’re not in a committed relationship despite being committed to each other. And even if we eventually do end up, hell, maybe getting married someday, I still won’t mind if you sleep around.”

“You’re fucking nuts,” I said with a shy smile. I was in awe of her. I still couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My cock could, though, and stood at attention, straining through the fabric of my shorts. “Let’s say I believe you,” I told her after a few minutes of silence. “Not saying I don’t. It’s just that my mind is having trouble keeping up with your incessant curveballs. And let’s say I decide to follow through with this insane request.”

“You better,” she said defiantly. “And it’s not insane, just not normal is all.”

“Fine,” I amended. “I’ll fuck Riley Jacobs. Provided she’ll…”

“Oh, she will,” Jules said, cutting me off. “I know this for a fact. I just have to plant the right seed…”

“No,” I told her, cutting her off this time.

“No, what?” she asked.

“If I’m going to do this, I don’t need your help,” I replied. “But I truly want to know. Are you really going to want to know every time I fuck another girl? Because, for the first few times, anyway, I’m going to be compelled to tell you.”

She thought about that for a few minutes, chewing on her bottom lip. Finally, she nodded. “I suppose,” she said. “Maybe not all the details.” She blushed. “But, thinking about it, I would like to know.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I like to know when you’re happy,” she replied like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“But, what if I’m not happy fucking other girls?” I asked. “What if I only want you?”

She blushed a deeper shade of red this time. “Too bad,” she whispered with a shy smile. “I’m not giving you a choice. And if you still refuse to seduce women on your own, I’ll do it for you.”

I grinned. “You are crazy.”

“More than you will ever know…Daddy,” she replied with a sly wink, adding the title hesitantly as she absently stroked my cock.

“That reminds me,” I told her. “Why did you call me that?”

She shrugged. “I’m going to give you a book tomorrow,” she told me. “I want you to read it through as soon as possible. Will you do that for me?”

“A book?” I asked, confused. “What kind of book.”

“I’d rather you wait and read it for yourself,” she told me, suddenly shy again.

“Sure, I’ll read it,” I said, then I gave her a crooked grin. “It’s a nudie book, isn’t it?” I asked, playfully.

She slapped my arm as she laughed. “It is not!” she exclaimed and giggled. Then she hummed a sigh of contentment as she shimmied down, pulled my shorts down, and engulfed my cock with her mouth again.

Her mouth was warm, wet, and inviting as she bobbed up and down on my shaft. I couldn’t help but moan helplessly as her tongue did things to my cock that even the three Vegas escorts could learn a thing or two about. She reached under and playfully juggled my balls with her free hand as she started bobbing faster. She suddenly sucked my cock in as far as it would go with unnatural strength and I, knowing what she wanted as her other hand stroked the remainder of my shaft, let my orgasm flow through me and into her mouth. She swallowed every bit of cum as she coaxed it out of the tip of my dick. Then, she shimmied back up to me and kissed me softly, leaving my shorts down around my thighs, snuggled into me, and passed out with her hand still bursa escort bayan around my now softening shaft. I wrapped my arms around her and joined her in slumber.

~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~

The following Friday I was doing a favor for one of Jules’ friends and covering her shift at the campus Rec Center while she and Jules went out with some more of their friends. The Rec Center closed at ten pm and as I was doing my rounds, locking up, and cleaning what needed cleaning, I heard noises coming from the women’s locker room. I was about to knock when I realized the noises I was hearing were distinctly…erotic…in nature. Now I’ve never been into voyeurism, but the sounds this girl was making had my cock on instant alert.

Not being able to contain my curiosity, I very quietly opened the door to peek inside. The moans and cries of pleasure instantly intensified from the lack of a barrier and I froze for a brief moment, heart hammering in my chest at the prospect of getting caught. Not seeing anything, I crossed the threshold, all the while listening intently for any indication that she had heard me coming. Fat chance of that, I realized. She was being so loud that a tornado could have ripped the building out from around her and she wouldn’t have heard it. I chuckled inwardly at the vision that just played out in my mind.

My cock stiffened in my jeans at the sounds she was making as I pulled my attention back to the girl in the locker room. “Ohhh! Yeah!!! That’s it!! Fuck me!! Just like that!! OHHH, YEAHHH!! MAKE ME CUM, YOU SONOFABITCH!!”

I approached and peeked around one of the lockers to see the girl lying spread-eagle on the bench in the middle of the next room. The bench was one of those long, wide, backless wooden benches, and she had her legs splayed out to either side of the bench with her feet on the floor. She was writhing and moaning as she fingered herself and rubbed her clit furiously. A light sheen of sweat covered her naked form and it was clear she’d been at this for a while. I couldn’t see who it was, at first, because her head was at the other end of the bench and she was facing away from me.

I marveled at her body, though. She had long dark hair pulled up into a ponytail. She was definitely athletic, with toned abs and thighs. Her breasts were large and perky, nipples dark and hard as rocks, as she fucked herself. Her pussy, while coated in her juices, was the hairiest I had ever seen. Her pubes were matted against her engorged pussy lips as her fingers slid in and out of her hole at a furious pace. She turned her head in my direction and I froze again for a second. She had her eyes closed but I still darted back out of sight. That’s Jessica O’Toole! Jessica was a bitch to everyone who wasn’t a part of her inner circle.

I suddenly had a war with myself. Should I approach her? Or should I just walk away and leave her be? Should I offer my services or just politely knock on the door to let her know it was time to leave? My phone suddenly buzzed in my pocket and I jumped. The girl hadn’t heard it, thank God, so I fished it out and looked. It was a text from Jules.

[Whatcha doin’, daddy?]

Instead of replying with words, I took a quick video of the masturbating girl and sent it to Jules. Jessica had gotten a large purple dildo from somewhere and was furiously fucking herself with it with her left hand as her right hand squeezed her right breast and nipple. She was still moaning and talking dirty to herself when suddenly she cried out in frustration and that purple dildo came flying past my head! It slammed against the far wall and as it hit the floor, I quickly but quietly made my way back to the door. About to pull the door open and step back outside, I froze as I heard a soft sob and a quiet, “Why can’t I cum?”

My phone buzzed again. Jules: [OMG!!]

Me: [I know! Crazy, right!?]

Jules: [Fuck her!!]

Me: [What!? No! That’s Jessica O’Toole!]

Jules: [And?? She clearly needs some dick and you’re right there!]

I knocked on the door as I slipped out. Jessica answered from within.

“What the fuck do you want?”

“I-it’s after ten,” I replied. “Time for me to lock up.”

Another frustrated sigh. “I need fifteen minutes,” she replied haughtily.

“A-are you okay?” I asked, letting mild concern into my tone. “I heard noises. Do you need help? Are you hurt?”

“Look, if you’re going to talk, you might as well come in,” she said snottily.

“Are you decent?” I asked. My phone buzzed again and I looked at it.

Jules: [If you don’t at least attempt to fuck her I’m going to kick your ass, Daddy! Now, DO IT!]

Me: [FINE!! You’re hopeless!]

Jules: [kissy face emoji with heart]

“As decent as I’m going to be,” Jessica said through the door.

“Okay,” I replied. “I’m coming in.” I made my way inside and through to where she still lay naked on the bench. She had her right arm over her breasts and a towel draped lazily over her crotch. escort bursa It was the same towel she had draped over the bench sideways to protect her perfect ass as she masturbated so as she draped it over her crotch, I got a good view of her naked right hip, right inner thigh, and part of her hairy pussy lip.

She looked at me as I approached. “Well?” she asked.

“Well, what?” I asked, a bit sheepish, taken in by her eyes as I leaned against the locker just outside of the room she was in. I was always mesmerized by her eyes. They were a dull blue, almost gray, and stood out in stark contrast to her dark hair.

“Do you like what you see, shrimp?” she asked haughtily.

“I do,” I said, with confidence. She smirked as she lay there looking at me for all the world like I was a bug she wanted to squash. “But, and I don’t know why, I’m concerned about you. You seem a bit…put-out.”

“Mind your own business, shrimp,” she said, closing her eyes again.

That made me mad. Not because she was calling me shrimp. I had gotten used to that moniker in high school. It made me mad because here I was, genuinely concerned about her and showing her I was, and she was being a bitch. “I’ll mind my own fucking business when you quit being a bitch to everyone you deem not worthy of your attention,” I told her heatedly.

She looked at me again. This time, while she still looked at me as if I was a lowly peasant pestering her for food, I could see something shift in her eyes. She sat up, all pretenses of modesty gone from her demeanor as her arm fell away and her perfect breasts were on full display. The towel fell off of her hips and her hairy, still very engorged, and horny pussy commanded my attention. Her clit was barely peeking out of the hood and I knew she was still very aroused. That must have been why she continued talking rather than getting dressed and storming out of there before slapping me stupid.

“If you must know, shrimp,” she said that last word dripping with loathing. “My boyfriend broke up with me last month and ever since, I haven’t been able to have a decent fucking orgasm and I’m so goddamned frustrated I can’t see straight. My grades are dropping and if they drop too much further, I’ll lose my scholarship and have to go back home and work in my parent’s shitty ass diner for the rest of my life!”

She was fuming, breathing hard in her anger. I just stood there for a few more moments, wondering if she would continue. I didn’t know what to do. I suppose I could have said some offhand comment about how that sucks and you get what you deserve when you treat people like shit, but deep down, that’s not who I am.

“Well?” she asked angrily as she crossed her arms over her breasts. I noticed she tried to close her legs as much as possible without overtly doing so. “You wanted to know. What do you got to say about it?”

She’s vulnerable right now, I realized. This is the first time she’s probably opened up to anyone in a long while, and the only reason she’s doing so now is because of her frustration at both her life situation and her lack of being able to orgasm. I smiled suddenly as I decided to take Jules’ advice. “Well,” I said, still smiling. “Sounds to me like you need a fuck buddy.”

Her eyes went wide, then she laughed. She laughed, mockingly, long and hard, and the only reason I didn’t walk out right then was because of the tears in her eyes. She knew I was right but didn’t how to go about getting someone to help her out with that. “You?” she asked, incredulous, as her laughter subsided. “You think you can make me orgasm with that pencil dick?” She laughed again, but there was uncertainty in it this time.

“I know I can,” I told her with confidence. “And my dick is far from the size of a pencil.”

She chuckled at that. “Sure it is, shrimp,” she said dismissively. “You’re just like every other guy. ‘My dick is legendary, babe.’ ‘I’ll make you cum so hard, my cum will shoot out your nipples!'” she said mockingly.

I frowned. “Do men actually say stupid shit like that?” I asked.

She sighed. “Look,” she said sighing in resignation. “Thanks for the offer, but even if I was willing, you’ve got a girlfriend. I’m sure Julie would kick your ass if she knew what you were trying to do right now.”

I just chuckled. “If you only knew,” I told her with a knowing smile.

“Knew what?” she asked, confused. Was that a sparkle of hope in her eyes?

“Julie is okay with me sleeping around, apparently,” I told her. “Weren’t you at the Halloween party last week?”

She scoffed. “Like I’d actually attend a function so lame.” She rolled her eyes. “But, people do talk.” She left it at that and I pulled out my phone.

“Listen,” I told her. “At the risk of possibly ruining this, I’m going to go ahead and let you know that I recorded you earlier.”

Her eyes went wide. “You what?” she asked.

I put my hands up in surrender, my phone still in my right hand. “Jules sent me a text as I was doing my rounds and, rather than tell her what I was doing, I showed her. I’m not going to apologize for watching because it was fucking hot as hell, but I will apologize for recording and sharing it with her without your permission,” I said as I blushed to my roots.

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