Delayed Gratification

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It is the middle of the afternoon and I’m sitting in my room. It’s a warm day and I feel slightly overheated. I want to go outside, but I know I should be working. Summoning all the reserve I can, I turn to the computer and continue typing the research paper which is due tomorrow. I’ve already started and it’s going well. A few minutes later, I hear a knock on my door. I’m sure it’s you; no one else comes to visit me spontaneously.

“Come in” I holler.

You walk in and set your bag on the floor. Your smile brightens the room noticeably and I can’t help but turn to smile back at you. You walk forward into my embrace, me sitting at the computer, you standing in front of me. After a moment, I purr and allow my hand to slide down to grab your bottom. You have such a great ass, I can rarely keep my hands off it. You pull away, giving me a chiding look, but tempered by your gorgeous smile.

“Back to work” you say, moving to sit on the bed behind me.

Tearing my eyes away from you, I turn back to the computer and resume my typing. I ask you about how your day went and if classes went well. You explain that O-Chem was hell and the physics professor is the worst test writer you’ve ever seen. Other than that, the day has been OK. You walk up behind me and run your hands down my shoulders, over my chest and stomach, and rest them on my thighs. Leaning over, you nuzzle your head next to mine and look at what I’ve written. Giving me a little kiss on the cheek, you say,

“Not bad, except for the fact that I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Grinning sheepishly, and I turn to face you and kiss you lightly.

“Sorry. I’ll see if I can be a little less complex.”

Suddenly I notice that your shoulders are bare. When you see the recognition in my eyes, you slowly stand up a bit. Turning my chair, I can see your beautiful, bare torso glowing in the afternoon light. Smiling, you say,

“I was a little too warm so I took off my shirt. I hope you don’t mind.”

The impish glint in your eye reveals that the room temperature wasn’t the primary factor in your disrobing. I glance at the door and notice that you locked it behind you.

“Mmmm…” I purr seductively, as I reach forward, pulling you towards me. I am anticipating nuzzling my face in your wonderful breasts, kissing them, sucking the nipples, running my hands up and down the smooth, supple skin of your back–

“Ah, ah, ah!” you say, placing a finger on my nose and holding me back, “You still have work to do.”

I can see that I’m not going to get anywhere right now, so I content myself with a plaintive moan and light kiss on your fingers as I turn back to the computer. I hear you chuckle softly behind me. It is hard to work; I can’t stop thinking about you. I know you are topless and I want you in my arms. You are wearing one of your cute, short, wrap-around skirts and I remember from this morning that you have on high-cut white panties underneath. Your strong legs are exposed and end in the cutest, most lovable feet I have ever seen. Since we first met I have been fascinated by your feet. They are so soft and smooth and well shaped that I nearly want to worship them. As it is, I kiss them every chance I get. It pleases me immensely that we both get so much pleasure when I rub them. I guess I’m a mild foot-fetishist. J

Such thoughts are making it difficult to stay focused on my paper.

And then you decide to be really mean.

Just as I get an inspiration and start to type again, I feel you move up close behind me. You breathe softly into my left ear.

“Mmmm,” you moan softly, “I love you.”

Your hands once again, slowly, descend across my chest, lightly pinching my nipples. You exhale heavily into my ear again and nip the lobe with your lips. You know how much this turns me on, that my ears are one of my biggest erogenous zones, and that my nipples are easily stimulated as well. My eyes close and my fingers halt as a light sigh of pleasure escapes me.

“You make me so happy,” you say directly into my ear, exciting me further, “and I want to make you happy, too.”

As I begin to turn around towards you I say, “You do…” I am starting to reach for you, my mouth seeking yours—and then you pull away.

“Not now, you still have that paper to write. It’s due tomorrow.”

You know that being cruel to me this way frustrates me with anticipation. I know that you enjoy seeing me frustrated and excited, and that it excites you too. I try to focus on finishing my paper so that you’ll let me touch you but you are determined to make things “hard” for me.

As I type, you continue to run your hands across my chest, shoulders, and back. Occasionally you lightly nibble my ear or kiss my neck. I can feel my erection pressing uncomfortably against my shorts.

“Naughty, naughty,” you say when you notice. Your mischievous smile is almost enough to make me lose all self-control, but I know that the most fun for both of us will come from prolonging this play. I again moan plaintively, my eyes begging baddies west izle you to let me forget the paper and focus on you. Of course, you don’t. Instead you move to the bed. You lie down and start flipping through one of my Dilbert books. You grin at me as I turn back to the computer.

I force myself to concentrate and soon I have finished. With a sigh, I turn back around.

You are still laying on the bed, but your skirt has fallen open. Caressing you with my eyes, I move from your soft, dark hair to your beautiful face. I have always thought you were beautiful; your inner beauty magnifying your physical beauty, turning you into a sort of terrestrial angel. As my gaze flows over your exquisite skin, I cannot help but marvel at how wonderfully well-formed you are. Your body curves in all the right places, in all the right ways. I know you have been working out a bit, and I can see the slight, and very sexy, deltoid distinction on your shoulders. Your breasts rise smoothly from your chest, enticing but not showy. Your stomach is smooth and I can just make out your cute little belly button. As my eyes move down further, I am drawn to your thighs and I can see how they have become quite toned over the summer. Your bottom is not really visible, but I can see it in my mind. As usual, I am feeling a strong desire to take a big bite of that muscular portion of your anatomy. I move down your legs, admiring their shape and finally I reach your feet. For some reason, your feet are the part I find the most attractive. I want to worship them, kiss them, and rub them all at the same time. I pull my gaze back and again admire you holistically. You are absolutely beautiful.

Rising from my chair, I walk over to the bed. You don’t notice until I straddle you and interfere with your reading by leaning over and kissing you lightly on the shoulder. I purr softly and smile at you.

“Are you done?” you ask with suspicion in your eyes.

“Mmmm, yes,” I say as I press forward and push the book off the bed.

Delight is apparent in your face as you exclaim, “Oh goody!” I lean forward some more and kiss you. Suddenly I feel myself being pushed off… the edge of the bed! I let out a squawk as I tumble glacelessly onto the floor. I look up and see you laying there looking very self-content and giggling.

“Oh, I see,” I say, pulling myself together. Suddenly I jump up and climb on top of you nuzzling deep into your neck while simultaneously reaching around to tickle you. I know that about the only spot you’re ticklish is just under and to the side of your breasts. My tickling drives you into a fit of writhing under me, trying to get away. I stop tickling and let you get away a bit. “No fair!” you exclaim, but with a smile. I grin back and say, “So what are you going to do about it?”

“This!” you say quickly as you attack me. Your hands start running across my torso, concentrating on my ribs, looking for a spot where I’m ticklish. Being tickled by you is adding to my arousal as our hands roam haphazardly over each others’ bodies and I wiggle around ‘trying’ to escape. My shirt has come untucked and in the process of ticking it gets removed. You are now sitting on top of me, straddling my hips. “Ha!” you say. Seeing you kneeling above me is quite a sight, and I pause a moment to enjoy looking at you. Our eyes meet and you lower yourself slowly into my embrace. We smile at each other and purr softly before entering into a blissful kiss. And another. And another.

Soon we are rolling around on the bed, holding each other in warm loving embraces and focusing on the wonderful kisses we are sharing. Our hands roam across each other’s backs, holding each other closer, wanting to pull ourselves so tightly into each other that we become one.

I reach down and grab your bottom, pulling you into me. “You…have…the…greatest…butt.” I say through our kissing.

“Mmm-nnn,” you disagree, “you do.” I feel your hand slide down my back and onto my butt.

“Hey,” you say, pulling back a bit. You notice that my pants are still on and slide your hand around to my front and begin unbuckling my belt. I move my hand so that I can untie your skirt. It comes off easily and I toss it onto the floor. You have gotten my pants undone and start pushing them down over my hips, all the while we continue kissing. In moments they’re off and our bodies pull tightly back together, relishing the feel of the skin contact. Our tongues begin to press back and forth, probing each other’s mouths, seeking new ways to make kissing pleasurable.

I bring my right hand up to pull your head even more into mine, pressing our lips more tightly together. Then I allow it to slide down your neck, over you shoulder, and down to cup your left breast. With a slight squeeze I lift your breast in a circular motion and rub my fingers across the nipple. My hand then glides down your stomach and across your thigh, reaching around to again squeeze your butt. I use it as a grip to pull you into me, then knead the cheek slowly. barbarians izle I slide my whole body down yours and breath heavily on the left breast’s nipple. Smiling up at you, I lower my lips and begin to kiss your breast. My right hand returns to your left breast as I begun to suck your right breast into my mouth. I know you enjoy this and my belief is confirmed when I glance up and see your eyes closed and your head hanging back in pleasure. Lightly, I bite at the nipple and then suck on it exclusively .After a moment I let it go with a barely audible pop. I begin to run my tongue across your breast and over the nipple. It, like the left one, has become erect. I blow on it gently and then tease it with my left hand—running my fingers over it, kissing it, tugging gently on it. All to bring you pleasure.

Knowing there is a limit to how much of this you like, I slide back up, and kiss you again. I gaze into your eyes. “I love you.” I say.

“I love you three.”

“I love you eight,” I reply with a grin. You have such beautiful green eyes… I can just get lost in them.

“I love you ten,” you say with a giggle.

“That’s a lot of love,” I say, with feigned incredulity.

“I guess I’ll just have to demonstrate.” With that you reach down and slide your hand into my underpants. I feel you rubbing my penis, gripping and stroking it, reaching down to hold my balls. It feels so wonderful, I just lie there on my side next to you with my eyes closed and enjoy the sensation. You lean over and kiss me lovingly. I open my eyes and see your loving gaze.

We are such a great pair. We fell in love slowly, building our relationship into a thing of beauty and trust. We both take such joy from making the other happy, and as a result, we both are.

With another silent kiss you continue massaging my penis. You move your head around to the side of mine and nibble my ear, kissing and breathing into it. My excitement jumps. You know how pleasurable this is for me and my entire body responds, rising up and turning to make it easier for you to kiss my ear and rub my cock. Your kisses then make a trail down my neck and chest, stopping at my nipples. As sensitive as your nipples are, mine are equally strong erogenous zones. You begin to kiss and suck my right nipple while your fingers toy with my left. My back arches, pressing my chest into you, my body pleading for you to continue forever. But you don’t. You move your kisses back up my chest to my neck, where you nibble a bit. Your hand slides around my hip to grasp and squeeze my butt. Moving your hand down and around, you push my underpants down. Wiggling my legs I am soon able to kick them off.

I wrap my leg around your hip and pull you close, enveloping you in my arms. For a moment I just gaze into your eyes. We both know what the other is thinking and our thoughts mirror each other. After another brief squeeze with my leg, I slide it down along yours until we are laying evenly next to each other again. With a light kiss I reach under the waistband of your panties and caress your butt. It’s as soft and smooth as the rest of you. I just can’t get enough of it—squeezing it is pure pleasure as it yields with firm resistance; I can feel the muscle which only turns me on more. My hand slides lower and I begin to rub your pussy. You are very hot and very wet as my finger runs up and down over your entrance, occasionally pressing in a bit. I press my hips into you, my penis rubbing up against your upper thigh and pubic mound. I hear your breathing becoming heavier and slightly uneven. I begin to rub more fervently, pressing into your pussy more deeply. I pull your top leg over mine to allow me better access to you. My finger is now able to slide all the way up to your clit and I make sure not to ignore it. Your breathing is now getting pretty ragged as you build to a climax.

But I don’t want to make you cum quite yet. Easing up on the rubbing I kiss my way down your neck, your chest, your stomach until I am at the edge of your panties. I can smell you, and as usual you smell wonderful. I kiss you through your wet panties as my hands slide along your skin to grasp the edges of the waistband. Slowly I pull them down and you lift your butt to help me slide them off. Now I am looking at your beautiful pussy and gazing up the length of your body. This is one of my favorite views—nearly all your beauty is visible and I can easily stimulate you. Normally I would start by kissing all around your thighs and the outside of your twat, but the intensity of this afternoon sex is too much for me. I immediately go for your clit and give it a strong, long lick. Your whole body responds, arching up and pressing your pussy forward toward me. A slight moan of pleasure escapes your lips. I know how much you love oral sex and it thrills me that I enjoy giving it as much as you enjoy receiving it. This is my favorite part of our sex life; if I could, I’d eat you for hours at a time. Consequently, I work hard to make it as pleasurable as I can, prolonging your build-up bay patrol izle as much as I can. After that first lick I continue in earnest. I lick up and down your outer lips, gradually sliding my tongue around the inner and outer surfaces. I know the inner part of the slit is more sensitive so I concentrate there. Occasionally I come up to flick across your clit, and every time I do, I feel your entire body twitch and you make sounds of pleasure. Pointing my tongue I press it deeply into your pussy, then lick around the opening. I know you are extremely aroused because you are pressing your pelvis down and forward, trying to force me to concentrate on the most sensitive part of you. But I won’t, I continue to lick up, down, and across your entire pussy. Using just my lips I nibble on you and then return to tongue-fucking you. Suddenly my tongue whips up the length of your slit and wraps around your clit, rubbing back and forth across it. I feel your entire body tense up and I see your arms are outstretched, your hands clenching the bedsheets. I slide my left hand up across your stomach and squeeze your right breast while my right hand reaches out to hold your hand. As I continue to swirl my tongue around your clit, the strength of your grip and the way you clench my hand tell me how close you are to cumming. Your whole body is a giant mass of clenched muscles as I go into overdrive. Your breath is coming only in gasps of pleasure now. With one last lick I feel you go into the final convulsion, your legs squeezing tightly together, pulling me back from you and squeezing my head.

You cannot speak. You can hardly move. I know that you are in a haze of ecstasy with warmth pulsing through your body. I smile and am proud that I have once again managed to give you this incredible gift.

I lay down next to you, face to face, and smile at the way you are glowing. After a few moments, you sigh slightly and open your eyes. Our gazes meet and you smile back at me. Reaching for each other, we enter into slow, deep kisses. Soon your kissing has become more passionate and assertive. Your hand runs down my chest and then wraps around my penis. You begin stroking me, first slowly, then more rapidly. As I start to writhe and moan you switch from stroking to rubbing, occasionally reaching around to caress or lightly squeeze my balls. Rolling me onto my back, you slide on top of me and press your twat against my stomach.

“Can you feel how wet and hot I am?” you ask as you grind you pelvis into my abdomen.

“Mmmm, yes,” I say, “You are sooo great.”

Laying down on me, you begin to slide up and down my torso. I can feel your pubic hair rubbing along me and your wetness creating a slick line. Your breasts sway slightly as you move and I can feel your nipples running across my chest, brushing against mine. I am so turned on I can barely control myself, having you come onto me like this turns me on even more. I love you so much…

You slide down a bit lower so my penis is sliding in your slit, but is unable to enter you until you decide to let me. We begin to develop a rhythm and wonderful feelings are running through my cock. I want to be in you but I want to let you stay in control. I know you are increasingly aroused as my dick rubs directly against your clitoris and I can hear you moaning a little. You look down at me and smile. Then, kissing me lightly, you slide forward and rise up a bit… I smile lovingly. And then you lower yourself onto me. As your body slowly engulfs mine, I am forced to close my eyes. I remember how extraordinary it felt the first time we made love and I feel that way again. We start moving in sync with each other, compounding the extremely pleasurable feelings coursing through us. You sit straight up, place a hand on my chest and smile down at me. Smiling back up at you, I am struck by what a beautiful sight is in front of me. Seeing your body plunging up and down on me, my penis disappearing into you, your gorgeous body rising up unobstructed over me, I am so aroused that I almost cum right then. I know you won’t be able to last long like this so I press up into you with added vigor. With a powerful gasp and moan, you begin to cum. Your face becomes tight and I feel your twat convulse around me. You half fall forward, both your hands now on my chest to support you. Stroking your hair with one hand and lightly pinching your nipple with the other I go into overdrive, plunging into you with all my might. My eyes clench shut and I grab a handful of covers tightly, I feel like my dick is going to explode. With a last little bite into your shoulder I erupt in an extremely powerful cum. I feel several pulses shoot out of me.

At last it slows and I begin to recover. I still cannot open my eyes or release the grip of my hand. It’s very rare that I’ll cum so dramatically that my muscles lock up, but that is what has happened, you have such a powerful effect on me. I can feel you lay down on top of me and stroke my hair lightly. Like some kind of fairy tale, your light kiss is what enables me to “wake up.” I open my eyes and return your smile, at the same time I wrap my arms around you in a warm, loving embrace. After a moment, you roll off me and we clean each other up a bit. Then we cuddle up close, holding each other and just enjoying being together in the afterglow of such wonderful lovemaking.

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