Deflowering Daisy

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She fidgeted when my eyes reached her mound. “Should I have shaved?” I didn’t hesitate to answer with my insistent tone. “No.” Then, I took a step toward her to accentuate my words by combing her dark pubic hair with my fingers. “I don’t want to see a prepubescent girl. I want to see a woman — a real woman.”My hand shifted to her warm center, tapping her pussy. “And I want to smell a woman’s pussy, not a cherry blossom.” Her eyes widened at my bluntness, but she needed to be freed of those nonsense worries to fully give herself to me, leaving all inhibitions on the floor with her panties. I admit a few pangs of shame hit me as my cock grew hard while taking in this lovely morsel in front of me — who I must note is half my age. While I’m disclosing truths, it’s not just her age that some might judge as inappropriate, but the fact I’m her teacher. Teachers aren’t supposed to have favorites, but I admit Daisy has always been one of mine. A gifted student. Hard worker. Good girl. And I wanted to be there for her in whatever capacity she needed me. With that last admission, I justified my actions.Convinced myself I was doing this for her own good. And shook off those unwelcome thoughts, continuing with the task at hand.While lifting her chin to force eye contact, my other hand occupied itself with her sticky lips. “I want to taste YOU — the drops of arousal leaking from your cunt — the salty beads of sweat after you’ve bucked your hips, twisted in the sheets, and exhausted your bursa escort muscles matching my thrusts with your own.” Affected by my words, she pushed her hips forward, trapping my hand between us. My little dove was becoming aroused. “Understand that I will use your entire body.” “Even my…” She couldn’t finish the sentence. “Yes, even this,” I said as my finger moved to tickle her asshole. She parted her lips in protest, but I shushed her. “And you’re not going to bed with a poet, sweetheart. I won’t sugarcoat it. Won’t call it a ‘puckered ring’ or ‘winking starfish.’ No, it’s your asshole, and it’s another toy for me to play with.”Accept that I will know it inside and out before the night is over.” Her breath drew more quickly. “Do you understand?” She whimpered her consent.I didn’t take this responsibility lightly — taking one’s virginity. This experience could set the tone for her view about lovemaking going forward. I’ll give her the proper introduction to different sexual acts. She needed an experienced, unselfish lover as her first, not the selfish, immature schoolboy she’d set her eyes on to deflower her. I’m glad I’d overheard her intentions and interceded. If I hadn’t, he’d be bragging about fucking her in the locker room the next day, and casting her aside like a used slut. No. Since she was intent on losing her virginity before she graduated, I had no choice but to step up and make sure she was christened into sex the right way. I led her by the hand to the bed, and bursa escort bayan I sat down on the edge, then maneuvered her between my legs. “What do I do?” Christ, her innocence was arousing! “You don’t have to do anything except enjoy yourself, Daisy. I’ll take good care of you, so just let yourself go.”She made the first move by circling my neck with her arms. This is a girl who needed to be kissed first. My head bowed to capture her lips with mine. Tentative at first, she soon kissed like a girl wanting to be fucked, pressing her breasts against my chest and rotating her hips in sexy tiny circles. “Open your mouth.”She obeyed, and my tongue found hers all too willing to play. We explored the warmth of each other’s mouths while our bodies heated. I pulled away. “A woman should always remember her first time.” I pushed her long hair back over her shoulders, giving me an uninhibited view of her flushed breasts. “And, Daisy, you’ll still feel where I was in the morning.”  She blushed but didn’t yet know what those words meant. I turned her hips to face my knee. “Bend over my knee, resting your upper body on the mattress.””What are you going to do to me?” I slid my fingers up and down her sexy ass crack, then applied pressure to her back to persuade her to comply. “Your pussy and my fingers are going to get to know one another.” Once she was settled in place, I made time to admire the gorgeous site on display in front of me. Her ass looked virginal with its white color, having escort bursa never been kissed by the sun, and I briefly considered marking it with my handprint but decided the time wasn’t right. Instead, I separated her ass cheeks to get a good look at her asshole and pussy before exploring them with my fingers. I smeared her wetness up and down her slit, then wiggled my fingertip at her opening before dipping inside. So tight. She squirmed on my lap at the intrusion. Could she take another? Her sharp inhales of breath told me she wasn’t ready yet. While one finger gently probed, I stroked her back with the other, taking my fingertips from the top of her neck down to the humps of her ass. She came alive across my lap, OOOing and AHHing, rocking against my finger. She grew very wet inside her pussy, her body preparing itself for what was coming. While I played between her legs, her hand reached back, locating my cock that had been impatiently awaiting her touch. “Fuck!” Her first squeeze was hard, but I encouraged her. “That feels good, Daisy. Stroke him gently.” Her small fist loosened its grip and slid up and down from my base, stopping short of the tip. I covered her fist with mine and brought her hand up and over the ridge to cover my sensitive head before moving back down. She had a nice rhythm going with just enough pressure by the time I released her hand. We soon established a rhythm with my finger fucking and her cock jacking. Both our hips bucked, no longer satisfied with our hands. I slipped out from under her body that was pinning down my lap and tugged on her legs until she was bent over the bed with her legs dangling over the side. I, in turn, kneeled before her sexy ass. 

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