Defiling Krissy Williams

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The conservative, tight-assed little bitch walked by me in the hallway at work every day, nose in the air, little ass swinging back and forth, not giving me so much as a glance. She was from the South somewhere, and her accent showed it. She spoke with a syrupy southern drawl and talked a lot about “God and Jaysus” and that kind of crap. She loved talking about how she was “saved” and that she read the Bible every day.


I got a weird vibe from Krissy once in awhile, though. Once, when we were both in the copy room, I caught her sneaking a look at me. I thought I saw her checking me out from the corner of my eye, but when I turned my head she was leaning over the copier, trying to figure out some complicated thing like making two-sided copies. She didn’t even seem to know I was in the room. But I’m positive she looked at me for a second.

Another time, as she strutted past me in the hallway on her six-inch stilettos, she stumbled and dropped a file she was carrying. Being a gentleman I bent to help her. She was already down on one knee, gathering up papers.

“Why, thank you, Bobby!” she drawled in that sweet southern-belle voice. She was leaning over, and I did a double-take.

Her low-cut top was hanging open, and I was getting a front-row seat to the most perfect pair of tits I’d ever seen. Krissy was wearing a see-through mesh bra that left nothing to the imagination. Her cleavage was on full display, and beneath the gauzy mesh I could see the small dark circles of her nipples. They were hard, and poked out the fabric of the bra deliciously.

The little slut! Miss Holier-Than-Thou was wearing trashy lingerie under that tight dress. Who knew?

Krissy was taking her time picking up her papers, bent down on one knee, exposing her cleavage and a length of smooth, tanned leg as well. Her high heels gleamed – they looked brand new and expensive. I was getting the distinct feeling this display was being put on deliberately for my benefit. I stood rooted to the spot, unable to take my eyes off her perfect body.

She glanced up at me, a small smile exposing her gleaming white teeth.

“What’s wrong, Bobby? You look just like the cat that got into the cream!” She winked at me, then stood up and walked off down the hallway. She must have known I’d be staring after her, because she put an extra pert little swing in her tight ass as she walked.

It took me a minute to regain my composure. Krissy Williams, prima donna conservative bitch, had just flaunted her wares right in the hallway, for my eyes only! What a fucking cocktease! Underneath that bible-thumping exterior was a Frederick’s of Hollywood-style trashy tramp. And the thought of defiling the little slut and exposing her for the whore she really was made me almost cream my pants right there. As it was, I was already sporting a throbbing hadron.

A few days went by after the “hallway incident,” and I didn’t see Krissy around the office at all. There were rumors that she was ill. I had my doubts. Knowing her, she was using her royal salary (earned doing the difficult work of smiling pretty and exposing leg and cleavage on the air) to take a jaunt down to the Caribbean or something. A few days turned into two weeks, and I began to wonder if she’d left the company for good. Then, nearly a month after Ms. Williams had given me her little show in the hallway, she returned. And I immediately knew why she’d been out.

When the little bitch-whore strutted into the office, making some kind of grand entrance, flashing her brilliant smile and saying “Why, thank you!” to all of the people welcoming her back, my jaw about hit the floor. Krissy was wearing a skin-tight blue minidress and strappy fuck-me stiletto heels. Her gorgeous legs, as always, were on full display. But what had my attention, and my cock’s too, was her chest.

Krissy’s boobs had magically grown at least two cup sizes during her absence. Before, they had been delectably perky, maybe a C cup at most – deliciously suckable, don’t get me wrong, but still a bit under-proportioned. Now, she was sporting a pair of girls that were at least double-D’s. They pushed and stretched the sheer fabric of her dress, leaving no doubt whatsoever as to their exact size and shape. The dress wasn’t low cut, in fact it was almost a turtle neck, so no boob was actually exposed. But holy shit, it didn’t have to be! Her tiny waist, cinched with an oversized black belt, only accentuated the size of her new, decidedly unChristian titties. As she walked, they bounced gently, and I’m sure she was deliberately giving them an extra little jiggle with each step.

All the guys in the office were staring just like I was, and I knew what each of them was thinking: Give me one hour with her and I’ll titty-fuck the shit out of those gorgeous boobies. All the women were staring too, and I can guess what they might have been thinking: either “Damn she’s hot, I want her plastic surgeon’s number” or “Fucking bitch, now I’ll never have a chance at any dude in this place.”

I happened to be sanding just outside my office, watching Kurtköy Ukraynalı Escort Krissy’s grand entrance, and I noticed she wasn’t heading toward her own office, which was in another part f the floor. Instead, she was making her way through the cube-land where the peons all worked toward my hallway. I raised my eyebrows casually as she approached and looked her n the eye, trying not to stare at her jiggling boobs. She slowed down as she walked passed me, glancing at me sidelong with a gleam in her blue eyes.

“It’s OK Bobby, you can look if you want to,” she drawled in a whisper. “After all, I did it for you.”

What the fuck did she say?

“That’s right,” she purred over her shoulder as she went by. “I hope you like them, Bobby, because your face is going to be between them later.”

With that, she turned a corner and was gone.

What the hell just happened? Did Krissy Williams just tell me she was planning to fuck me? For a second I didn’t believe my own ears. In spite of her “hallway show” from a month ago, I didn’t really think she was anything more than a little cocktease underneath her preachy exterior, like so many conservative women are. But I began to wonder if she had given any other dudes in the office a good look at her assets like she’d given me. Nobody had said anything, and I’m friends with all the guys in the office. If Krissy had done anything like that I would have heard about it. God know I’d told several guys about what had happened with me; they’d all blown it off, either not believing me at all, or writing it off as bitchy teasing. I began to think I was the only one she was showing off for, as unlikely as it might have seemed even a few weeks earlier.

I went back into my office and sat down. An e-mail had just popped up on my computer screen; it was from Krissy. Somehow I wasn’t surprised. She must have sent it as soon as she got to her office. The subject line read “Southern belle seeks real man.” I opened it.

The message contained a single line of text. It was an address in the high-end part of town, along with the words “9 PM tonight” and a little kissy icon.

Holy fuck.

I made her wait a bit, and showed up at 9:15. Her house was a sprawling Tudor-style mini-mansion with about a million acres of lush green lawn and tall shady trees. On the huge front porch were several pieces of expensive-looking furniture, along with a small statue of Jesus with the words “Are you saved yet?” engraved on the base. I chuckled at that, knowing what I did now about Krissy’s “other side.” I rang the doorbell.

After a minute I heard the clack of high heels on tile, and Krissy opened the door.

“You’re late, Bobby,” she said in a mock-reprimanding tone.

I hardly heard her.

Krissy obviously had a separate wardrobe for off-hour use. She was dressed in a skintight sheer black body stocking and eight-inch spike heels. The body stocking wasn’t see-through, but it clung to her gorgeous body like a second skin. Every curve was on display, including her jutting new boobs. The neckline of the body stocking was low enough to expose just a little of what I was sure was ample cleavage. Her hard nipples pushed against the sheer fabric, and I could just barely make out the dark circles of her small areolae. Just looking at them made my dick react. The stocking covered her delicious legs to the ankles, and her arms to the wrists. She held out her hand.

“Welcome, Bobby. Please, do come in.” Her southern belle charms were in full effect now, and I almost involuntarily took a few steps forward. She held out her hand, and I took it. I noticed her nails were long and manicured, painted a light pink. Her skin was pleasantly cool to the touch.

She turned and led me to a flight of stairs going up. As she walked, me a half-step behind, still letting her lead me by the hand, my eyes were glued to her ass. The body stocking showed how perfectly round and tight it was, far more than the dresses she wore at work. It was small and pert, and just the thought of taking her doggy-style and slapping the shit out of her little ass cheeks made my dick throb.

“Like what you see?” she cooed.

“Oh, hell yeah, Krissy. You know I do. Work that body.”

She feigned an offended air. “Oooh, such language, Bobby! Naughty, naughty!”

“Fuck you, you conservative little slut,” I said sharply, tightening my grip on her hand and spinning her around.

She gasped and her eyes widened as I pulled her face close to mine. Her perfect makeup couldn’t hide the flush in her cheeks.

“You little cockteasing whore. Tight-assed Republican little bitch,” I hissed in her ear.

To be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure of the reaction I’d get. I half-expected her to knee me in the groin and call the cops, telling them I’d tried to rape her. But I got something entirely different.

While her face was still close to mine, I heard her begin breathing fast, almost panting, and she whispered, “Fuck the living shit out of me, baby, please, oh fuck, I need your cock.”

That Kurtköy Üniversiteli Escort did it. Right there on the stairs I ripped my jeans off and my rock-hard cock sprang out. I’ve got a decent-sized dick, maybe eight inches, and thick, too. When it’s fully erect it looks like a polish sausage but without the curve. It’s ramrod straight.

Krissy saw it and gasped. Her legs trembled a little. I grabbed her manicured hand and put it on my cock.

“Like that?” I said roughly. “You like that big dick, you little southern slut?” I pulled my shirt off. I was now totally butt naked.

Krissy’s hand tightened around my shaft. “Oh God yes, it’s gorgeous” she whimpered. “Such a beautiful cock.” She almost seemed to be talking to herself. Her eyes were glued to the head of my dick, poking out from her fist and beginning to turn purple.

I put my hand on her blonde head and forced her to her knees. “Show me how much you like it, bitch.”

Krissy let out a low moan of pleasure. “Oh yes, baby, thank you…”

She slipped her gorgeous lips over my cockhead and began to suck lightly on it. Her tongue swirled around greedily, licking up my sweat and precum. She still moaned softly in the back of her throat, producing a delicious vibration on my dick.

“That’s right, little self-righteous whore,” I said in a low voice. “Be a good little cocksucker for me. Be a good slut.”

That seemed to excite Krissy even more, and she slid my cock further into her mouth, her lips sucking at me hungrily and her tongue massaging the most sensitive areas. I didn’t think it was possible, but my dick seemed to get even more engorged, and Krissy sucked harder and faster.

Suddenly I felt the tips of her teeth graze the sensitive flesh. I yanked my dick out of her mouth. She gasped and made a disappointed little noise.

I grabbed her hair and tilted her head up to look at me. “Don’t you ever bite my dick, you little slut,” I said. “You hear me?”

Her wide blue eyes stared up into mine. She seemed about to cry. “Yes,” she said submissively. “I understand.”

I slapped her face lightly with my dick. She gasped sharply.

“Say ‘I understand, sir.'”

“I understand, sir.” Krissy lowered her face.

“Good. Now beg for my cock.”

Krissy seemed more than willing. I think being a tightass prima donna cocktease all the time caused her to have a lot of pent-up need to submit.

“Oh, please, sir, please, let me suck your cock. Oh God, please I need it,” she whimpered, never taking her eyes off my bobbing cockhead inches from her mouth.

“Tell me what a dirty whore you are.”

“I’m a dirty little whore, sir, I’m your filthy slut!” Her dirty talk was made even hotter by her sweet southern-peach accent. “Please, please, let me put your cock back in my mouth.”

“Go ahead.”

She eagerly took it back into her warm mouth, and sucked tightly on it for several minutes, eyes closed, lost in pleasure. I kept my hand on her head, fingers twisted in her blond hair, ready to yank her head off my dick again if her teeth so much as grazed me.

She must have learned her lesson, because they didn’t. She kept sucking eagerly, sending waves of exquisite pleasure through my entire body. I felt my balls begin to swell with cum. And that gave m an idea.

I pulled her head off my dick. A line of drool slid from her lip and dripped to the floor. Her eyes opened dreamily.

“Worship my balls, you little slut,” I ordered.

She went right to it. She buried her mouth and nose in my big, aching balls, snuffling and licking them like a little pig at a trough. She took one gently into her mouth and rolled it around sweetly, cooing incoherently, sending vibrations of pleasure through my groin.

“That’s it, baby, that’s it,” I said. “Good little ball licker.”

I let her worship my balls for a few more minutes, then pulled her to her feet.

She looked at me with wide blue eyes, a little apprehensively.

“Where’s the bedroom?” I asked.

“This way, sir,” she said demurely, and went up the stairs. I followed, reaching out to give her little ass a light slap. She gasped and giggled a little.

Her bedroom was palatial, with a huge four-poster bed in the middle. Luxurious satin sheets and an embroidered comforter covered it. I pulled Krissy straight toward it.

“Wait, sir, let me take my shoes off,” Krissy said, reaching down to her feet.

“No,” I ordered. “Leave them on.”

“Yes sir,” she said meekly, and stood back up.

“Let me feel those tits,” I said roughly.

She obediently pushed her chest out toward me, and I grabbed both boobs through the fabric of the body stocking. I squeezed and massaged them roughly, making Krissy squirm with pleasure. Her breathing became heavy. I brushed my thumbs across her hard little nipples, and she gasped. Her tits were soft and firm and damn near perfect.

“So you got this boob job for me, huh?” I said, squeezing and mashing them. “You got these to tease me with, you bitch? Is that it?”

“No Kurtköy Vip Escort sir,” she squealed. “I promise, I got new boobs so you could play with them! I’ve been watching you for so long, sir, I’ve wanted your hands all over me and your cock deep inside me for so long!”

“You’re gonna get my cock, all right,” I said. “In all your tight little conservative bitch holes. Until you can’t fucking walk.”

Krissy practically fainted at this. Her eyes half-closed, she slumped a little, her knees visibly trembling. “Oh God…” she whispered through her parted lips. I kept kneading her big boobs, enjoying their firmness through the sheer fabric of the body stocking. The rougher I played with them, the more she got off on it.

“Like it rough, Krissy? You like to play rough, baby?” I said. Looking down at her crotch, I noticed a dark, damp spot there. “Shit, I guess you do! You dirty cunt. Pussy’s dripping wet already.”

“Yes sir, I’m sorry sir, I couldn’t help it…” she moaned. “Your hands just feel so good on my breasts.”

“I’m gonna have more than my hands on those big titties,” I said. “I’m gonna slide my dick in there and titty-fuck the hell out of you.”

I stopped squeezing her tits, and sat on the edge of the bed. “Give me a show,” I ordered.

Krissy looked at me worriedly. “A show, sir?”

I sighed with exasperation. “Yes, you slutty little bimbo. A show. A strip show. Strip off that body stocking. Slowly. And make it good for me, or you’ll get a good spanking on that pert little butt of yours.” I smiled wickedly. “In fact, you might just get a spanking either way.”

Krissy’s eyes widened slightly at this, and she whimpered faintly. She knew I meant it.

“Yes, sir. I will do the best I can.”

She walked to the middle of the room, and slowly began to sway back and forth on her high heels. She shook her torso, making her boobs jiggle seductively. Then she began to move her hips in a circle, which got gradually wider until she was practically bent over, making deep, wide circles with her torso, her styled blonde hair swishing in all direction. She slid her hands underneath her breasts and pushed them together, kneading them as she moved her body. She slowly made a half-turn, so her ass was pointed towards me, and moved it in small circles, teasingly. I could just make out the dark outline of a skimpy little thong. Little slut, I thought. I bet she wears those to the office every fucking day.

Her striptease, as amateurish as it was, was having the desired effect. My cock felt like it would burst, precum dripped nonstop from the tip, my balls ached like crazy, and my heart pounded. God, what a fucking gorgeous little piece of ass!

Krissy, still with her ass toward me, straightened and began to peel the body stocking off, starting at the plunging neckline. She seductively inched each shoulder down, first one side, then the other, then slowly slid her arms out of the sleeves. The top half of the stocking was now hanging shapelessly around her waist. For the first time, I was seeing Krissy Williams nude.

Her skin was pale and there were small blemishes here and there, which only served to enhance her overall beauty. Her neck was slender and her shoulders were small and feminine. Her torso narrowed appealingly toward a skinny little waist. With some surprise (although not too much) I noticed a small tattoo on her right shoulder blade: a small cartoon female devil figure, nude, with red skin and big breasts. The little whore! I wondered f she’d gotten it at the same time as the boob job, or if it had been there all along. Either way, it was a major fucking turn-on: little miss born-again with a slutty little devil tattoo under her dress!

Speaking of her tits, her double-D’s were just visible, peeking out on either side of her torso as she raised her arms above her head. She was deliberately making her boobs stick out to the sides, so she could tease me.

“Turn around so I can see your titties, bitch!” I barked.

“Yes, sir,” she said submissively, and turned to face me. Her boobs were fucking glorious. Whoever her surgeon had been, he’d earned his money. They were big, in fact double-D might have been an underestimate, but perfectly proportioned. Some boob jobs end up making a girl’s tits look like cartoons, but not Krissy’s. She’d obviously paid top dollar for these boobies. They jutted pertly out from her chest, tipped with small dark nipples that were rock hard and lightly beaded with sweat. They were almost perfectly round. Her cleavage was a deep canyon that sat invitingly right in the middle. She didn’t even need to push those babies together – those big boobs did the job all by themselves. The best part of them were the tan lines: strips of paler skin showing the outline of a very skimpy bikini.

Then something caught my eye: a flash of silver from her nipples. Holy shit, I thought. The little whore had pierced nipples! There was a small silver hoop through each one. She saw me looking at them, and blushed.

Krissy raised her arms above her head again and made her tits jiggle in a small circle. Her piercings flashed in the light. I was practically drooling. She walked over to me, breasts jutting forward, and put her hands behind my head. I knew what was coming next, and it was all I could do to keep from blowing my load all over the bed where I was sitting.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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