Deer Hunting

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I often fantasize about hiking through the woods on a hot summer day. I have on my short jogging shorts, a tube top, and my sneakers. I find a clearing in the woods and decide to sit on the ground and relive some built up tension in myself. I slide my shorts down to my ankles and lay back on the ground and began to rub my clit softly and imagine that some handsome guy is trying to seduce me.

I imagine that the guy is very handsome and muscular and that he only wants me and would be willing to do anything for me. As he persists to want to be with me I tease him by rubbing myself in front of him and pinching on my erect nipples. The man wants me so bad that he will do anything to be able to fuck me.

As I get wetter and wetter I moan lightly and push a couple fingers up into myself. My eyes are closed and I am wreathing with passion and trying hard to make myself come all over my fingers. My pussy is hot and wet and the sun beams down upon me making me sweat, but I pay no mind because I am so horny and so into making myself come.

As I come closer and closer to orgasm with every little thrust canlı bahis şirketleri of my fingers. My entire hand is soaked in my love juices. I hear a branch break and I open my eyes to find a very muscular man standing above me. He’s dressed in hunting gear and has a long barreled shotgun at his side.

I did not know what to do I was so close that I could not stop fingering myself. He stood there and watched me as I slammed my fingers into my cunt and used my other hand to finger my clit in small circles. It was almost like I was performing for this gorgeous man. He stood there watching me and I could see his cock starting to harden within the boundaries of his tight blue jeans. My eyes stayed upon him as I came closer and closer to orgasm.

He freed his cock from his pants. It was semi-hard and very thick about seven inches long. He started to run his hand up and down the length of his cock as he watched me obviously wanting me. I looked at his cock with and evil smile before getting myself to my knees and looking up at him with a very seductive look upon my face.

I crawled canlı kaçak iddaa up to my knees and crawled over to him and kissed the tip of his member. I wanted it in me so bad that I was willing to do anything for it. I found myself in the position that the man in my fantasy was. My tongue began to circle the head of his cock and run under the rim. My lips then enveloped over it and I began to lightly suck on it.

One of my hands massaged his balls while the other was still working away at my hot little pussy. My entire body was shaking as I sucked his cock and fondled his huge hairy balls. This man seriously needed to shave and trim, but his cock was so hard and I was so horny that I did not care. I wanted his cock inside me. I wanted to be fucked so bad that I was willing to do absolutely anything to get it inside of me.

I madly sucked his cock letting it slide down all the way into my throat and out again. My pussy was dripping wet and I began to rub my clit again with the tips of my fingers. I trembled and moaned against his cock making him rock hard and my eyes glanced up at his canlı kaçak bahis face to watch the pleasure looks upon it.

He pushed me to the ground onto my back and looked at me and then to his gun. He kneeled upon the ground and rubbed the tip of the gun barrel against the opening of my pussy. It was very warm and as I squirmed some he pushed it up inside me and I shivered in pleasure.

He fucked me like crazy with the gun for a few minutes making me scream and moan like mad. I came all over the barrel of his gun and he still continued to fuck me with it. I watched him as he did so wanting the gun to be removed and for him to shove his huge cock inside me. After a couple minutes more of fucking me with the gun, he withdrew it and kneeled between my wide-open legs and slammed his hard cock into me quickly and without mercy.

I screamed out in orgasm again as he did this thrusting my hips to meet his. His merciless cock continued to pump in and out of me so hard and deep that it made my entire body quiver. He rammed my pussy for all it was worth and just as I reached my climax again he slammed into me one last time and released his come into my hot wet pussy.

He stood up, zipped up his pants, picked up the gun, and walked off with a satisfied look on his face as I lay there on the ground dripping wet with sweat and the two of ours juices.

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