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We were out on a dinner date, getting a little tipsy and having a great time. He had been charming and a perfect gentleman. Little did I know, he had a few wishes that he had been keeping from me as to not scare me off. But one thing he didn’t know was that I was doing the exact same thing. After a month of talking, he let it slip that he’s always wanted to fuck a girl in the ass. I instantly looked away and asked the waiter for our check. He looked disappointed as he thought he finally crossed the line and ruined his chances. I got up and leaned down to whisper in his ear, “Then what are you waiting for?” and bit my lip teasingly.

After the bill was paid, we walked out the door and he shoved me against the wall and kissed my lips before moving to my neck. I felt my pussy start to moisten in anticipation for what was to come. I could tell he was getting antsy as well as I felt his cock begin to twitch in his pants against my stomach. Our kiss got hotter and hotter as we slowly began to forget where we were. We almost missed the cab as it pulled up to let us in. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards to car and then opened the door for me. As I slid in, I pulled my dress up just enough to make sure he got a good look at the ass he was about to fuck. Once he was in and the door was shut, he told the cab driver his address and resumed kissing me. He ran his hands down my arms and across my back. He avoided my ass and tits as he knew he wouldn’t be able to back off if he got too excited. It took a lot of effort from both of us to avoid getting too far. We were both kind of relieved when the cab driver began to ask us about our dinner date. We both got a chance to cool down a bit as we chatted.

After a few minutes, we arrived at his place. He paid the cab driver and I followed him out of the car. He grabbed my hand and led me to his front door. Again, he shoved me up against it and resumed our kiss from earlier. This time around, he thrusted his hips against me to make sure I felt his cock begin to twitch again. He wasn’t afraid to grab my ass this time. He slid his hands up my dress and followed its smooth contours as he squeezed my cheeks. I ran my fingers through his hair and then down his neck and back. I moved them between us as I caressed his crotch as it began to bulge from his pants. He fumbled quickly for his keys, eager to get my ass inside. Once inside, he shut the door and started kissing me more passionately than I have ever been kissed.

He started kissing my neck and ear so softly, his lips just barely touching. He ran his fingers down over my tits and between them. Unable to stand the anticipation any longer, I unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. He slid the straps of my dress off my shoulders and down my chest exposing my bare tits. He cupped them and took a second to suck on both nipples before kissing back up to my neck. Then I wrapped my arms around his back and pulled our bodies closer as he scooped my ass and moved his lips to mine. We kissed as our hands slowly ran over each other’s bodies.

His arms wrapped around me and his hands ran down my back, to my ass, squeezing it hard. I brought my arms up to his neck and I jumped up into his arms which were cupped under my ass. I grinded my hips as close to his as I could as he walked us over and pushed my back up against the wall. He pinned me against it, pushing his hips into mine as he squeezed my ass and brought me in for a deep kiss and bit my bottom lip softly. Then he moved down to my neck, kissing it as if he couldn’t hold back. I lightly grasped his hair as my pussy started to leak into my panties causing him to feel the rush of warmth from my pussy against his hardening cock.

He dropped my legs and spun me around to kiss my neck as he unzipped my dress. He kissed down my back as he peeled it over my ass. He leaned back to admire it for a bit, smacking it and shaking it. Then he bent me at the waist, slid my panties to the side, spread my ass cheeks and pushed me into the wall as he shoved his face between them. His tongue dove deep inside my pussy as my juices dripped. He squeezed my ass and spread my cheeks further as I began to moan. He bent me over Escort Ankara more and flicked his tongue over my clit and slid his finger over my asshole and slightly pushed on its opening. I gasped a bit because he was too eager and it was too dry. He moved his tongue up and licked my asshole as he slid a finger into my pussy to lube it up. Then he moved it back to my ass and pushed on it again. This time, it easily slid in causing me to moan. He started moving it in and out as I pulled my hands down the wall. He started with just the tip of his finger and then every time, he went deeper and deeper into my ass. Then he shoved his tongue back into my dripping pussy to lap up my juices. I continued moaning as I groped my tits and pinched my nipples. I reached around and held his head running my fingers through his hair as he continued.

He pulled away and grabbed hold of my ass and gave it a shake and a few spanks watching it jiggle. He stood up, smacked my ass once more, and then quickly pushed his body against mine shoving my entire body back against the wall. He breathed in by my ear before slowly tucking my hair behind me ear and brushing it back over my shoulder. Then he sucked on my neck as he slid his hand over my hips and around to my pussy. He started rubbing my clit in circles as I opened my legs slightly to give him more accessibility.

I could feel his almost completely hard cock pushing against my ass begging to be let out of its cage. With his other free hand, he grabbed mine and guided it over to his crotch. He slid two fingers deep into my pussy, feeling how wet my tight pussy was. I started rubbing his throbbing bulge as I jerked my hips against it. I felt his cock getting harder as I started moaning a little louder. After my juices start dripping down my thighs, I pushed him back and turned towards him. I got down onto my knees and slowly unbuttoned his pants as I looked up into his eyes. I pulled his cock out and grasped it in my hand. I held it up as I stared at it for a moment. I looked back up at him as I slowly ran my tongue from the base up his shaft to the tip. I did this again only starting from his balls. Once I got back up to the tip, I flicked my tongue across the head of his cock as he let out a soft breath. Then I began swirling my tongue around it making sure to get it nice and covered in my saliva. As he began to moan I continued to swirl around it to tease him. Once he threw his head back in pleasure, I wrapped my lips around it. He grunted and look back down at me to watch me begin to take more of his cock into my mouth not even an inch at time. As I got deeper and deeper, he grabbed my hair to watch my lips move up and down his thick shaft.

After he had enough of me in control, without warning, he held my head down as his whole cock filled your mouth and throat. After a few seconds, he let me back up to breathe. I started coughing as I wasn’t prepared. But after I stopped coughing, I dove back down, holding my head against his body myself. I gagged a bit before coming up for air and repeated it all again. As I took his cock down my throat, he thrusted his hips further forward to meet my lips as he started moaning a bit louder than before. I started rubbing my tongue on his shaft as I held my head down. He tightened his grip on my hair and forced his cock deep down my throat over and over as he thrusted his hips hard and fast. As he felt my throat close in on him from lack of air, he let go and ripped his cock from my lips as drool dripped down my chin and onto my tits. As I caught my breath, I looked up at him with a smile across my face.

He grabbed my chin gently and pulled me up to meet his lips with mine. He grabbed my tits and licked my nipples, sucking my drool off of them. He kept some on the tip of his tongue and started kissing me. As he kissed me, he pulled my body up against his, pushing his cock between my legs, sliding between my pussy lips. He grabbed my ass and started humping my body slowly as he kissed me. His cock slid easily between my thighs from the excessive amounts of grool dripping between my thighs. Feeling so close to being inside my warm, dripping pussy drove Ankara Escort him crazy. He started humping faster and faster as he craved to be inside of me. My pussy responded just the same as it dripped more and more craving his cock.

Not being able to take it anymore he lifted up one of my legs and grabbed hold of my ass. He angled my hips and his cock easily slid into my soaked pussy. I moaned as he slid slowly inside of me. I wrapped an arm around his shoulder to brace myself as he started sliding in and out, deeper and deeper. He held our bodies close as he started pounding into me from a slow steady rhythm. Our breathing got heavier and our bodies heated up and I felt his throbbing cock stretching my pussy over and over. He watched as my pussy stretched every time his thick cock slid back in inside me. Every thrust into my tight pussy caused me to moan softly.

Over and over, he thrusted up into me as deep as he could. The angle was difficult, though, and I knew he wanted to get deeper. I pulled my leg down and turned around. I put my hands up on the wall and bent over with my legs spread apart to give him a clear view of my swollen pussy and asshole. He pushed my back down a little further as he slid his cock back inside of me. He started slow and deep but still craved more. He started fucking me harder causing me to moan louder. This drove him even crazier with lust causing him to push my back down too far. My hands slipped down to the floor. As he thrusted, my shoulders were pushed up against the wall. I looked up between my legs and watched his balls smack my clit as he fucked his cock deep into my pussy. Juices start dripping down onto the floor in front of my face. I scooped them up with my fingers and started sucking them dry. Watching that made him fuck me even harder.

His hips started banging against my ass making it jiggle. He spread my ass cheeks and admired my tight asshole before spitting on it. He then rubbed my asshole and slid a finger in, all while still fucking me hard and fast. I kept moaning as he plowed into me. More and more of my back was getting pushed up, flat against the wall opening my ass up more and more. He spit on my asshole a second time to make sure it was well lubed before sliding in another finger and then a third. I screamed a bit in pain each time he added a finger but those screams turned into pleasure after a few strokes. Then he slid in a fourth which took a little longer for me to get used to. But I did, and I was even wetter for it. Seeing the opportunity with 4 fingers stretching my ass, he pulled them out and spat on my asshole one more time. He pulled his cock out of my pussy covered in my juices. He then rubbed the tip of his cock over my asshole before slowly pushing the tip against it.

I groaned in pain as he pushed against my asshole with his fat cock until the head popped in. I bit my tongue as he slid all the way back out and then back in again. He continued this until my moans sounded more pleasurable. Then he slowly inched his way further inside as I got used to having my ass stretched by his girth. Then he started fucking me faster and harder, his cock plowing deeper and deeper into my ass. His hips bounced against my ass, making it jiggle even more. He start moaning a little louder since he had never felt anything this tight. His hands started squeezing my hips and ass with total lust as he couldn’t believe he was finally deep inside of my ass.

He felt my ass squeezing around his cock as we both moaned in pleasure. I reached between my legs and started rubbing my clit. My fingers were instantly covered in my juices as I ran them between my pussy lips. Then I slid two fingers into my pussy as he fucked my ass. After a while, he pulled out to see what exactly his cock had done to my asshole. He pulled me away from the wall and lain down onto the floor. I walked over to him, facing away from him as I squatted down over his cock standing firm at attention. I grabbed its base to guide it back inside of my ass.

He let out a soft moan as he watched his cock reenter my asshole. He watched my ass bounce up and down on his cock, slowly. He grabbed hold of Ankara Escort Bayan one ass cheek to squeeze it and reached around with his other hand to rub my clit. I moaned as I bounced. I grabbed my tits with one hand as I braced myself with my other hand on my knee. He spread my cheeks and watched my ass repeatedly get stretched by his thick cock as my ass bounced up and down.

I slowed down and turned my body around to face him without letting his cock leave my ass. I continued bouncing as my tits bounced right in front of him. He sat up and stuck his face between them, kissing and sucking them. His hands reached behind me and spanked my ass hard. I kept coming down on his cock as hard as I could but he still craved more. He picked me up and rolled me over onto my back. He pushed my legs in my face and continued fucking my ass. He watched my juices dribble out of my pussy down onto his cock as he continued plowing into my ass.

He got up and pulled me up front he floor and threw me onto the couch. He nibbled on my nipples before grabbing my legs and pushing them down on both sides of my head. Holding my legs in place with one hand, he directed his cock back into my asshole. Moving both hands back to my ankles, he resumed pounding into my ass over and over. He was thrusting so hard and fast that as my juices drooled onto his cock, every drop was fed into my ass and splashed a bit when his hips hit my body. My ass squeezed tight around his cock sucking him back in with each outwards movement. He spread my legs further apart to see the smile on my face and held them down as he continued fucking me. I reached for my pussy with my fingers and I continued finger fucking my pussy. After practically my entire hand was coated in my juices, I brought it up to my lips and I licked and sucked every drop off.

When I was done sucking my hand dry, he thrusted his cock deep into my pussy and held his hips tight against my ass as he leaned down and gave me a hard kiss, tasting all my juices while pinching my nipples. I wrapped my hands around his neck and stared into his eyes as he pulled his cock out of my ass while keeping the tip at my entrance. He plunged his almost his entire length deep inside me in one hard thrust and repeated doing so a few more times before he resumed pounding into me. The intensity drove me insane as I let go of his face and threw my head back to moan loudly. He leaned back again and started plowing into me even faster. I kept moaning as I went back to rubbing my clit as I felt my orgasm building. My moans started getting louder and louder turning more into screams. He knew I was getting close and wanted me to spill over. Each sound I made caused him to get harder as he also got closer to the edge himself. He grunted, “Cum, baby…Cum with my cock in your ass.” Then he shoved his cock balls-deep in one thrust pushing me over the edge. My pussy started spasming and my ass followed, squeezing around his cock. I felt it throbbing inside of me about to burst. He kept fucking my ass through my screaming orgasm hard, driving my orgasm more intensely and longer than I’ve ever felt. Hearing my scream drove him crazier and pushed him to pound away even harder until I felt his cock pulsing inside of my tight, spasming ass.

Rope after rope, I feel him explode deep inside my ass. He pumped it in a bit further until his balls were emptied. He laid on top of me with his clock still in my ass exhausted and shaken from the experience. As we regained ourselves, he sat up, slid his cock out of me, and stared at my sweaty body as he took a second to take it all in. Then he grabbed me by the hips and got me to roll off the couch. He bent me over the seat of the couch and pulled my ass out further and spread my cheeks apart and waited for me to squeeze his cum out of my asshole. He smacked my ass when he saw the first drop. Then he just held it and watched his cum slowly dribble out of my ass.

Once he was satisfied with the amount that poured out, he got up and got a towel to help clean me up. He led me into the shower where we soaped each other up just admiring each others bodies as we both calmed down from he intense sex we had just had. Gently kissing each other, we eventually got out and cuddled back up on the couch to watch a movie before falling asleep in each others arms.


Author’s Note: I had originally posted this elsewhere and decided to add a bit to it and share it here.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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