Deeper Cover

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Diane – Now

The car moves nicely on the interstate, heading East. I have had to leave California, leave college with less than a year to finish. You see I’d got mixed up with some pretty bad people six months ago. That I got out from under is a miracle but it left me in fear of what might happen if I didn’t leave Ca.

It’s also six months since my father, Tom, fucked his little daughter. Don’t get me wrong, it saved both our lives. It also confused the hell out of me for a month and I’m sure it did the same for Dad. But then there was his funeral and I was left distraught. One of his old colleagues in the Department took me under her wing and helped a lot.

With a little unofficial assistance from her I’ve changed ID and given my mother the finger. The same woman from the Department suggested the name of a nice, peaceful, back country town to live in. I did some checking and it seemed good. I’m sure in my heart that I’ll find the right man there.

* * * * *

Tom – Then

“We’ve arranged a little entertainment for your weekend,” said Marinelli, “While we sort out the final details on our side. She’s young, fresh and a college girl – Enjoy!”

Marinelli liked “manly” men and the guy I was being was known to be one so, “Marinelli, you are a true Boyar – noble – on the part of my people, I thank you,”

Going into my suite I was thinking bad thoughts. I hated undercover but they needed a Russian speaker of about 45. Now I was faced with having to fuck some whore. Young would mean some 28 year old pretending to be 18, fresh meant she would have been on the job for years and College meant she might wear a cheerleaders costume. Still, there was no way out, Marinelli would be videoing the whole thing, another of his known behaviours. Why had I agreed to go back undercover? That said, pussy is pussy, I like pussy and this was free pussy.

The girl was showering, I could hear the water running in the bathroom. Her case was on the stand. It said to me the girl might be high class because it was expensive, very expensive. I’d bought one like it for my daughter when she’d gone away to College. Her mother had been mad as hell, accusing me of trying to buy ‘her’ girl away from her. I’d not been polite telling her that buying stuff was better than selling it. Thank god I’d been calling from my home back East, she might have killed me.

That case looked very like my daughter’s and I was out West. A really bad thought came into my mind.

* * * * *

Diane – Then

I was showering to try and make myself feel clean. That bitch Mrs Sommers had trapped me, loaning her the $5000 for the car. Momma had been no help at all, she’d promised to cover her little girl then backed out. Two weeks back I’d tried calling Daddy but the was off on some job and couldn’t be contacted. Then Mrs Sommers had come up with a way to clear the debt.

There was a guy coming to town on Friday and some friends of his wanted an escort for him, just 2 or three days. I’m not a fool, I knew what was meant and it would be doing nothing I hadn’t done before with my boyfriends. For a couple of days that thought had comforted me but now I was here I was starting to feel dirty – inside and out.

I heard the guy moving in the main room so I got out of the shower, I was afraid he would come in and complete my degradation. The guy – the john, I corrected – called out from the main room.

“Baby, dry off then dress and come in here, your Daddy wants to play a little game with you, perhaps horsey-horsey,” the accent was thick Russian, like the one my father used to put on when I was little,

In fact the guy’s voice sounded very like my father’s and horsey horsey was what we played back before the divorce. But dad was back East – and unavailable like he used to be when undercover. Could he have gone deep again? Fearing the worst I called out,

“Your little girl will be ready soon, your little Baby Yaga,” the last was a teasing name he had had for me when I had been naughty,

* * * * *

Tom – Then

I had looked through the case mecidiyeköy eskort and found the little charm she had worn as a child. I called out hoping against hope that she would know my voice. Was this some elaborate joke on the part of Marinelli? But it was not the mans style. He might rape and torture her before killing us both but he would not countenance incest. Marinelli thought of himself as an honorable man.

When Diane had called back her pet name I felt a little relief that she suspected my identity. Confirm it then; Babayaga, the Russian witch, was famously ugly so tell her,

“I bet you are nearly as beautiful as Babayaga,”

“Oh my, big Daddy, the things you do come out with!” I heard her say, and knew she had caught the reference,

I put a chair in the centre of the room, right beneath the big air conditioning vent. She would be able to whisper in my ear with little risk of it being picked up. I waited for her to come in wondering how long my daughter had been a whore. It had been two years since I had last seen her.

When she came in she was wearing a little, black, shoulderless dress that hugged her figure in all the right (wrong?) places. Her hair was carefully dyed blonde and piled in a mass of curls, on her feet were six inch spikes that she was obviously used to. Ivan Gordeovich Bragovski, the guy Marinelli knew me as, was obviously worth keeping sweet. She was so delectable I found myself rising to the occasion. Stop it, I thought at my cock, she’s your daughter.

“Come here and sit on your daddy’s knee,” I said aloud,

“I’ve been very naughty, daddy,” she said touching her luscious lower lip with one finger, and walking towards me,

Spikes like those should be banned. A woman wearing them moves like a wet dream. She shimmied over to me and sat on my lap. Despite my silent cursing my cock was rock hard. My darling daughter wiggled her shapely little tush making herself more comfortable.

“You will be gentle with me, you’re my first,” she said in a fake little girl voice, before adding in a slightly different tone, “Honestly,”

“You must not tell all your secrets like that, whisper to me, tell me what a naughty girl you been,”

“Oh, daddy!” she said, and put her lips to my ear whispering, “I guess you’re undercover so the people we’re mixed up with are pretty bad,”

“Yeah, baby tell me more,” I said for the benefit of listeners,

“The room is bugged?”

“More, baby, much more,”


“So right, baby,”

“Shit!” she paused, “If they find out I guess we’re in deep trouble, then”

“You kill me, baby,”

“Oh God,” her breath tickled my ear as she thought, “How we going to get out of this?”

To be truthful I had been tried to think a way round it but nothing had come to mind. Gordeovich was known to be a sexual athlete, there was no way he would settle for just a cuddle. If I knocked her out because she insulted me Gordeovich would still have used her before discarding her, then Marinelli would probably have had her beaten and raped for insulting his guest. If she laid me out Marinelli would have her beaten, raped and killed. Breaking cover wasn’t an option neither was trying to sneak out of the hotel now. We might have managed it later but later would be too late. Shit I hated undercover!

* * * * *

Diane – Then

“I tell you what’s going to happen, Baby,” and he leant forward to whisper in his normal voice, “I’m going to have to fuck you, love. Fight me, please fight me, it will make you feel better – but lose. Anything else an Marinelli will give you to his soldiers,”

When he made it clear what was going to happen I almost fainted, I thought I had escaped of being a whore and here was my own father saying I had to be one. A father is supposed to protect his little girl from that. But his hand was already mauling my breasts squeezing them through the layers of material. It felt good. Half heartedly I tried to beat him off, but he grabbed my hands pinning them behind me with one of his while continuing the rape of my breasts zeytinburnu escort with the other.

The front of my dress was pushed down and he roughly hauled a breast out devouring the nipple sucking so hard and drawing in so much of the flesh it nearly hurt. It’s incest, oh god, its incest, but all I could do was cry out in shock. Then I felt the nipple hardening. This couldn’t be happening, my body couldn’t react to my fathers touch.

Then I realized I’m not fighting as hard as I could. My body was betraying me and some little voice inside my head whispered to me that it might be good. The hand was under my dress, feeling the garter belt the naked flesh of my thighs. The thong was pressed into the damp flesh of my pussy. I wanted to give in, it felt so right.

Then I remembered his words “Please fight me . . .” and I knew he needed me to resist. He didn’t want to have his daughter acting like a slut and like me he was frightened of what he felt. I struggled more thrashing my legs.

“Let me go I’ll do anything, anything but that,” I shouted and he pushed me roughly to the floor his hand grabbing my hair,

“Prove it,” he said, “Eat me, whore,”

I unzipped him, took him out, he was so big. I wanted to taste it but he must not know that. I held back but his hands were too strong pulling me toward it. I licked him, the shaft and head tasting the drop of pre-cum. I covered him with my saliva then took him in my mouth stretching to fit my mouth over him. I sucked the head and rubbed him with my hands. My tongue toyed with the little slit. I buried him in my mouth but I could not get even half way down it. I felt it jerk, I sucked hard, rubbed and teased. He came, the thick spurts hitting the back of my throat. I wanted to swallow but didn’t, I sat back looking up at him with the cum leaking out and dripping on my breasts.

Stay hard, stay hard, I prayed,

* * * * *

Tom – Then

I pretended I had hoped that her giving head would sate me, but it didn’t. I was still hard, harder than before, if that was possible. Looking at her face with my jism oozing out lets something loose in me. I pretended it is my cover persona but it wasn’t.

“Swallow it!” I ordered, and she did,

Moving behind her I mauled her breasts again, massaging my sperm into generous flesh. Her zip came down but the dress didn’t so to I turned her and ripped it from her. The force of that movement made her stagger into me. I felt her breasts against my chest. The nipples were bullet hard.

I grabbed her hair with one hand, pulling her head back so that I could ravage her lips. I forced my tongue into her mouth and tasted myself in her. Her tongue responded shyly to me. Surely she wasn’t be wanting this?

My other hand was at her pussy, forcing the cloth of her thong into her crack and she was so wet. Is she ready for me? I grabbed the top of the garment and tugged it cruelly upwards, using the cloth to mash her clitoris into her. I jerked and jerked with the panties and bit her breast. Her body stiffened, writhed and came. I looked at her as she did and wanted her more.

Threw her to the bed, her legs hanging over the edge. I crushed her between myself and the mattress. My prick fitted into the ass crack and I slid back and forth. The thong irritated me so I broke it. In my head was the thought that I mustn’t cum in her pussy. Even if she were on the pill, it fails one time in 20. I knew I mustn’t make my daughter pregnant.

Trying to prepare her I thrust my fingers into her sodden snatch to lubricate them. Did she cum again? I hoped so for I eased first one then two and at last 3 fingers into her rosehole. She screamed out “Daddy! daddy!” and I hoped it was from pain.

My prick thrust into her pussy, covering itself with her juices. I used her breasts to pull her onto me two, three, four times. She fitted me perfectly, I had never had pussy like it. I wanted to cum in her but dared not. Pulling out I targeted the smaller hole.

“Daddy, daddy! please not there, please daddy!” she cried but I am already in that exquisite sultangazi escort tightness,

I took my daughters ass and my belly slapped against the gorgeous fullness of her buttocks. At last I came, but even as it happened I knew it was not enough.

* * * * *

Diane – Then

I had had orgasms twice and it was not enough. He had stretched my ass with his fingers wider than ever before. Then he had plunged into my willing pussy and it felt so good. Then he had plunged into my rectum I didn’t want him cumming there. But I wanted him in my pussy. I wanted him to cum in me, to fill me with his seed.

But I felt him throb, jetting into my bowels, so as he withdrew I rolled over and seized the massive cock in my hands. If he was soft he soon would not be. Wonder of wonders, he was still ready despite cumming twice. He wanted to cum in me as much as I wanted him to.

“I want you in my pussy,” I said, “I want you to fill me. Your whore wants you to fuck her. Your little girl needs to be filled with your spunk,”

My darling daddy stood and I knelt before him. Licking his balls, I sucked them into my mouth. I rubbed his length, all his length, took it in my mouth again. I didn’t care where it had just been, he had to make more sperm for me, just for me.

He lifted me, tenderly, grasped my ass-cheeks and lifted me higher. I felt his length rubbing along my puffy, wet slit and my swollen clit. I wrapped my legs round him and lifted myself a little away from him. Supported and stretched by his hands on my tight ass, I reached down and fitted the head to my hole.

“I want it daddy,” I whispered and he dropped me onto his dick,

I started to cum as he manipulated me up and down. He filled me like no other man I had ever had. I moaned and cried. We fell to the bed. It seemed that each time he shafted me I came. I kept cumming and cumming each one bigger than the last. I lost track of time, he just kept going, pushing his gristle into me. At last it was too much he must cum or I will die. I called out,

“Spunk me, cum, do it . . .” and more,

Then he did, digging into me as deep as he could go, mashing my clit, throbbing against my g-spot. I crashed into the finest orgasm of my life,

* * * * *

Tom – Now

It’s six months later and I am still cumming, jacking off as I break my final taboo and cumming inside my daughter when my daughter begs for it. I remember how we collapsed completely spent. Then there is the morning when I am woken by my little slut daughter riding me and milking me gloriously her breasts bouncing until I grabbed them. We had two days and three nights together and she played the part of my little fuck-slave the whole time.

Marinelli gifted me the DV-R’s because he was so happy with the deal we made. I got out on the Monday with the disks, the information the Department wanted and my daughter hanging on my arm.

We had split up partly for her own safety and partly because I was terrified of what I might do. She went back to her lodgings. I promised to visit her but the Department psych decided pull me out and then retire me. The information I got cost the mob $12 million. Officially Ivan Gordeovich died in hospital after being mortally wounded in a shoot-out. About the same time minor public servant, me, died after a massive heart attack. My daughter didn’t attend the funeral but I wasn’t surprised at that.

I ended up here in the backwoods. I’ve been a good hobbyist cabinet maker for years and I’ve sharpened up my skills since. There is a woman coming to pick up a piece I made today. I decide to shower and hear someone drawing up. Looking out I see a car with a U-Haul, it must be her. The car’s window is open so I call down,

“Just freshening up, come right in,”

“Ok,” I hear faintly,

She goes in downstairs as I shower. I towel off and go to meet my customer. She is in the shade at the back of the parlor looking at the crib she has bought. Her face is hidden by a scarf and dark glasses and for a moment I feel a little fear. Could it be a hit?

But hitmen are never six or seven months pregnant. She looks at me and strokes her stomach. I see her smiling happily and I recognise her at last. How has she found me?

“I’ve been very naughty, Daddy,” is all she says and I take her in my arms again.

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