Dee and Claire have more fun by the river

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Dee and Claire have more fun by the riverClaire and Dee finished off the photo shoot sitting on a bench near to where all the action had taken place earlier. Traces of cum had dried across their bodies as they now posed naked in front of me. Their back’s to the bridge behind them was in clear view and people were walking over it. Occasionally someone would spy that they might be naked and stop to look over the pa****t. If I saw them I would indicate to the girls that someone was watching and they would turn and wave, giving them a glimpse of their nakedness. I noticed Dee’s burning bum and told her to kneel on the bench and flash the welts to the camera. She dutifully turned and raised her striped ass high into the camera. Claire took the opportunity to stroke and kiss her bum. Dee pulled her cheeks apart to reveal her red and swollen pussy as her puckered ass hole flexed. Claire’s tongue soon found it and swilled around the entrance. I closed in with my camera and at close hand filmed her tongue probing into her hole. Her bum was laced in red wilts, now darkening with bruises, they looked painful but Dee cooed and purred as Claire’s hands smoothed over her round cheeks.As I stood close to the girls, Claire reached out with one of her hands and ran her palm over my swelling trousers. Her fingers ran along the length of my shaft, making it tingle and twitch uncontrollably.“Dee, I think Ben is ready for a bit of our attention.”Dee slipped from the bench and turned around, her hands reaching out and mingling with Claire’s over my crotch. She deftly undid my zip and pulled out my aching cock. Both girls then leant forward and their tongues swirled over my cock head. They took it in turns to suck on me. My free hand reached out to grope the girls. I tweaked their nipples in turn, both girls had heavy boobs and I could cup them in turn. Their nipples stood proud as I pinched them in turn, I grabbed Dee’s nipple and squeezed and twisted it between thumb and forefinger, she loves a bit of tit torture.“Turn round girls, I want to fuck you in turn.” The girls then shuffled around to once again kneeled on the bench. I had two very bare asses in front of me as both girls’ hands came into view and they each parted their pussy lips for my waiting cock.My saliva slickened cock now nudged against Claire’s pussy, before I pushed it into her. I thrust three times into her before slipping out and moved over to Dee. Again my cock nudged her pussy and slipped into her. I continued this for a while and could look up to the bridge. Occasionally some of the people would stop and look over, making the thrill of fucking two girls in public even more exciting. One of the guys who had looked from the bridge was now passing through the bahis firmaları gate and heading in our direction. He was walking quickly, obviously not wanting to miss the action. I then saw him pass the bushes between the path and our bench. He stopped in clear view for a moment, I guess he was waiting for me to make the right gesture so I looked over to him and smiled. He took this as an invitation and hurriedly moved over to us unzipping his fly as he walked towards us. He was smartly dressed, I guess in his 50’s. As he came closer it was clear that his cock was fully erect and his hand wrapped around it was pumping hard. He stood at the side of the bench and watched as I pummelled the girls.“Can I join you?” He stammered. The girls turned together only just realising we were not alone.“Come her bad boy.” Giggled Dee. And the man stepped round to the girls faces. He stood close and between their faces, the girl’s faces turned towards his cock and in unison their tongues swirled over his cock head. “Oh fuck, I’ve only ever dreamt of this, I never thought I would be this lucky.” He cried as the girls took it in turn to suck on him.As the girls continued to suck him his hands wandered over their bodies, first cupping their dangling tits cupping them in his hands before he ran his hands over the backs and onto their bums.“Lean forward and pull Claire’s cheeks apart, you can then see my cock sliding into her pussy.” I asked him as I indicated which girl was Claire. He leant forward his cock now deep in Dee’s mouth as he grappled with Claire’s ass cheeks and pulled them apart. He looked down to see my cock buried in her pussy and her ass hole puckering as my cock slipped in and out. He shifted his hand to allow his fingers to probe her pouting ass hole and he pushed one inside. He now set up a rhythm and pushed his finger in and out. He looked up at me and smiled broadly.“You might as well do the same to Dee.” And his right hand reached over to Dee’s ass. His fingers slipped between her cheeks and Dee flinched as his finger slipped inside her.With the girls unable to continue sucking his cock, he shuffled forward, so the girls took it on turn to wank him. Their free hands massaging his bum cheeks.“Fuck my ass Ben.” Pleaded Dee, so I slipped from Claire’s pussy and moved over to Dee. As I aimed my cock at Dee’s ass the man removed his hand, but instead of taking it away he grabbed my cock and helped guide it into Dee’s ass. As my cock head slipped inside, he held my cock shaft firmly.“Nice cock too.” He exclaimed. “Can I suck you in a bit?”“Sure, come and sit between the girls.” I replied.He broke away and struggled to walk around the bench, his cock bouncing around and his trousers around his ankles. He then kaçak iddaa slumped down between the girls and they turned towards him each kissing him on the cheek, before they came together and in front of his face kissed each other passionately. His cock twitched wildly at the sight and my cock slipped from Dee’s ass. The girls broke away and both lowered their heads down to his cock. I stepped between them and my cock now twitched as the man did his best to bend forward towards my cock. He quickly wrapped his lips around my cock and sucked hard. “Oh fuck mate, that feels good, you know what you’re doing.” Thrusting forward and pushing my cock deep into his mouth. I pumped hard into his mouth, the tension in my cock increased and I knew I would be exploding my load very soon. “Don’t cum yet Ben.” Dee squealed, “I want you to cum in me.”So I pulled my cock away from the stranger and shuffled back to Dee. Her ass hole was once again puckering and I aim my cock at her. I once again slipped into her ass. The tightness of her ass was exquisite as I ploughed deep inside her and after a few thrusts I let go of my cum. I pumped hard and could feel my cum spurting hard deep inside her.“Oh Ben that feels so good.” I froze as my cock continued twitching inside her. I paused momentarily before I slowly broke away from her. I watched as my cock slowly withdrew from her and then it slipped free. My cum followed and bubbled at the entrance to her ass. “Don’t move Dee, I’m gonna clean you up.” The stranger moved around, knelt between her legs as he shoved his face between her cheeks. His head reappeared, his lips smeared with our cum. His tongue now lapped at her ass and I zoomed in my camera as he licked her clean. His moans of delight muffled by the position of his face between her cheeks. Claire shuffled onto her hands and knees and her head disappeared onto his cock. She started to suck on him. Clearly slurping hard. The stranger pulled away from Dee’s ass, kneeling back on his haunches and I panned my camera down to the back of Claire’s head, bobbing up and down on his cock. He put his hands on the back of her head, pushing her onto his cock as he cried and came. Claire gagged as his cum filled her mouth, desperately trying to pull away from the deluge. As the stranger calmed her released his grip from her head and Claire pulled sharply away, heaving air into her lungs. His cum had splattered her face and dribbled from his chin.“You bastard, I nearly choked to death then.” Claire exclaimed panting hard.“I’m sorry.” Retorted the man, “But I couldn’t control myself. I’ve never experience anything like that before. You are all so daring!”We all calmed down for a bit and the four of us settled down on the bench. The sun and kaçak bahis the breeze refreshing our bodies. Dee and Claire sat at the ends, they lay back, their legs spread wide as the breeze tingled the insides of their thighs.“I need a drink.” Remarked Dee. “Allow me,” replied the stranger. “I guess I owe you one all. Let’s go to the riverside bar.”We all stood, the stranger and I stuffed ourselves back into our trousers and made ourselves presentable, but the girls just put their coats on, not even bothering to do them up, stuffing their underwear into their pockets and bags. Dee fumbled in her bag and pulled out the panties she had worn earlier and wiped the remaining cum from her thighs. She then passed them to Claire who did the same before they were pushed unceremoniously back into the bag.“Stay here boys, we’re going to give you a show.” And the girls quickly hurried away, skipping along the path back to the bridge, their coats flailing open as they ran towards it.At the top of the bridge they stopped and turned to each other. Dee reached out to Claire and pulled open her coat and her hands roamed over her naked body, Claire followed suit, before they wrapped their arms around each other and kissed passionately. I filmed the whole scene as people passed by them, some looked away in disgusted, others, mostly men letched at their antics. Dee then whispered to Claire, they giggled and then clambered onto the pa****t of the bridge. It looked for a moment that they might be jumping off, but they sat down overlooking the water. Facing us they then pulled open their coats and spread their legs. I zoomed the camera into them and could clearly see them both pulling their pussy lips apart. They then looked at each other and giggled as a stream of piss trailed from their open pussies and arched down onto the water below. The liquid splashed loudly on the water below, arching through the air, a guy looked over the pa****t to watch the girls peeing in public and then looked back at the girls who were happily giggling. Claire leant over to Dee and placed her hand into the streaming golden shower. Dee’s piss splashed back onto her naked tits and the guy ducked away to avoid getting splashed.The flow lasted only a short while, before they waved at us and clambered off the pa****t and inviting us to join them again. We quickly scampered over to them.“You are such a naughty girl Dee, I’ve never seen you do that before.” I said as we joined them.“It wasn’t really my idea. I just said to Claire that we could give you a flash and she suggested that we piss into the river.” Responded Dee as Claire giggled beside her.“It’s something that dirty sod of a boyfriend enjoys. He loves pissing over me.” I smiled, “Perhaps I could do that to you later?” She looked at me, “Mmm, your hot piss in my mouth, you could all do it at the same time.”“Come on your naughty pair, we need to fill those bladders again.” And we headed off to the riverside bar.

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