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She looked at the forty eight foot long sailboat, admiring its rich mahogany luster. The twin masts rose high above her head and she craned her neck to see the tops of them. The sails were furled around the booms as the schooner was still moored in its slip.

‘Slick Willie’ was stenciled on the side of the boat, letting her know she’d found the right one. Just as she approached, her brother’s head popped up and he smiled happily.

“Hey Melanie,” Percy called out, and then turned to say something to someone that was hidden from her view.

Melanie Richards stepped from the wooden platform onto the boat, placing her suitcase on the wooden bench.

“Here, let me put that in my bunk,” an extremely handsome young man smiled as he reached out to take the suitcase.

“Hey, man, watch it!” Percy said testily. “That’s my little sister!”

“So? You didn’t say anything about her being such a foxy little momma,” Willie Adams smiled mischievously. “Hey, I’m Willie, Percy’s roommate.”

“You ‘Slick Willie?'” Melanie asked.

“Nah, that’s my dad,” Willie laughed. “Yep, yep, I’m a ‘junior.’ William Adams, Jr.”

“I’m Cris,” Melanie said.

“Cut it out,” Percy said, rolling his eyes. “You are not.”

To Willie he said, “She likes to call herself Cris, ’cause she went to some Halloween party all dressed up like Peter Criss and everybody said she looked just like him.”

“The drummer from Kiss?” Willie asked and smiled, revealing straight white teeth. “Yeah, they’re cool.”

“So, where’s Charlie?” Percy asked as he put his sister’s suitcase in the cabin in the rear.

Melanie smiled; Percy knew that Charles Hebert, her boyfriend, hated being called Charlie.

He was such a goof, running around with those Young Republicans, volunteering for campaigns, always dressing up and acting so formal, and insisting that people call him ‘Charles’ instead of ‘Charlie.’ She’d be willing to bet he didn’t even own a pair of dungarees. If he did, she’d never seen him in them.

“Didn’t have time for such foolishness,” she admitted, then lost her smile.

He had thrown a major fit when he found out that she planned on going, even though he wouldn’t be there.

“One girl?” he spat, face actually turning red. “You’re actually even entertaining the idea? One girl? With two men?”

“One of which is my brother, you spaz,” she yelled.

“Exactly,” he smirked. ONE of them is. The other is not.”

“Oh, fuck you, uptight bastard,” Melanie had said.

The look on his face said it all; he would expect such language from someone of her upbringing.

He hadn’t said it, but they were probably through. She knew that she was cute enough to land another boyfriend with little trouble. But she’d hoped that Charles would do the right thing after she’d given her virginity to him and marry her, or at least propose marriage. He hadn’t, though, and had spent the next three days pretending that the attractive nineteen year old didn’t exist.

Until his cock got hard again. Then he took her out to Don’s Seafood Hut, and then back to his apartment for another five second frenzied thrust into her dry pussy. As soon as he caught his breath, he hustled her out of his apartment and back to the trailer she and her parents shared.

“Fuck him,” she thought as she went back up topside. “It’s Nineteen Seventy Six; I’m white, foxy, and free.”

“Life jacket,” Willie said and Melanie pouted.

“How’m I supposed to get a tan with one of them things on?” she asked.

“I’m not really worried about you getting a tan,” he said. “I am worried about you drowning.”

“Plus that, ‘deckhand,'” Percy said. “You’re going to be too busy working to worry about getting a tan.”

“Yeah, speaking of that, ‘first mate,’ you were supposed to check the halyard lights, you done that yet?” Willie asked Percy.

“Yeah, ‘first mate,’ you done that yet?” Melanie asked, not knowing what a halyard light was.

“Shut up,” Percy smiled and began shimmying up the mast.

“Hit it,” he called down.

Melanie craned her neck in apprehension as her big brother squinted at the light perched on top of the mast.

“Yeah, it’s good,” Percy called down then rapidly slid down to the roof of the cabin, then shimmied up the fore mast.

“Hit it,” he called down.

“It is,” Willie called back.

“Okay, this one’s out,” Percy said, dug in his shirt pocket and Melanie gasped as he took both hands off the mast to fiddle with the light.

“Don’t worry, he’s fine,” Willie laughed. “He’s got his legs wrapped around that sucker real tight.”

“But suppose a wave comes along?” Melanie asked, frightened.

“He’s fine,” Willie assured her.

“Okay, hit it again,” Percy called out.

“How about now?” Willie asked.

“Yeah, that did it, Percy said and Melanie let out her breath as Percy’s feet again rested on the solid wood of the cabin’s roof.

When Percy smiled, Willie could see the resemblance between brother and sister. Both had dirty blonde hair, high cheekbones, and brown eyes. Both were bursa eskort bayan pale of complexion, both were slender, although Melanie had slightly large breasts for someone of her slender build, and both were of average height. But when they smiled, the smile started off on the right side of their face and traveled over to the left side, but didn’t quite make a complete smile.

A crooked smile, some would call it.

“Okay, ready to shove off?” Percy asked.

“What do I do?” Melanie asked.

“You ever were on a sailboat before?” Willie asked.

“No, not really,” Melanie admitted.

“Then sit there and look good,” Willie said. “Yeah, like that, good job.”

“Shut up,” Melanie laughed as Willie smiled playfully.

“I can’t believe Mom and Dad actually let you come along,” Percy admitted as he rested his hand on the tiller.

“They didn’t,” Melanie admitted.

They had flatly denied her permission and, typical Richards, refused to hear another word that came out of her mouth. If they could have, they would have denied Percy permission, but Percy was out of the house, out from under their roof, out of their grasp.

He and Willie were both seniors at the University of Southwestern Louisiana, both living in an apartment just off campus. Percy didn’t have to ask for their permission to do anything.

“Melanie!” he gasped.

She watched the Louisiana coast line as they made their way into the Gulf.

“What?” she asked, finally meeting his eyes. “Damn it, Percy! I’m nineteen! I’m not a kid any more!”

“Fine, fine, it’s your ass that’s grass when you get home,” he sighed.

“Better put on some lotion; you’re going to burn,” Willie said, tossing the bottle to Percy.

“You too,” Percy said to Melanie after he’d applied a generous amount of the coconut scented lotion to his arms, shoulders and legs.

“Think we’re three miles out yet?” Willie asked, after they’d eaten the ham and cheese sandwiches and consumed a few beers.

“What?” Melanie asked, looking at the coastline.

No, they weren’t three miles off the coast; if anything, they were less than a half a mile off the coast. She could clearly see the beach, the occasional house, other boats.

“Yeah, I bet we are,” Percy agreed.

“Good, perfectly legal now,” Willie smiled and Melanie gasped as he pulled a plastic bag out of his cut off shorts.

“You cool, right?” Willie asked her and she silently nodded her head in agreement.

She watched, fascinated as both Willie and Percy smoked the marijuana, obviously having indulged in this before. She hesitated when Willie held out the joint to her. Charles wouldn’t approve, that was for sure.

“Fuck Charlie,” she smiled and gingerly took the soggy paper in her hand.

“Okay, suck on it,” Willie coached. Now, take a big breath…”

Both Percy and Willie laughed as she coughed violently.

“…And hold it in for as long as you can,” Willie finished as she tearfully handed him the joint.

A moment later, she tried again, and was able to hold it a little longer before the coughing fit took over again.

“Yeah, you’re buzzed,” Percy laughed as she sat, not feeling anything, anything at all.

She looked at him and tried to focus on him but couldn’t. For some reason, she found that very funny and laughed nonstop.

“Wait, wait,” she gasped, giggled, waved her hands to get their attention and giggled helplessly again. “No, no, y’all, wait! I got to tinkle!”

“Come on,” Willie laughed and began to walk to the cabin.

“Uh uh,” Percy said. “I’ll show her!”

“Somebody better show me,” Melanie giggled. “Or I’m going to wet myself right here!”

Relieving her bladder on the makeshift bucket commode also relieved her of the giggling fit.

“Better?” Willie smiled as brother and sister reappeared from the cabin.

“Uh huh,” she agreed and looked around her at the beautiful scenery.

“It’s pretty calm right now,” Willie offered. “You still want to get a tan, right now’s the best chance you’re going to get.”

“Okay,” she happily agreed and shrugged out of the life jacket. Her tee shirt and denim shorts joined the life jacket and she giggled happily as both men groaned in appreciation of her new string bikini.

It was a bright red in color; two triangles of red satin looking material covered her D Cup breasts, joined by thin ribbons of red. The bottom was a triangle in front and back, also joined by thin ribbons of red.

She put a little wiggle in her strut as she climbed the short ladder to the roof of the cabin.

“Shake it but don’t break it, ’cause Sears don’t make it,” Willie encouraged.

Better put some lotion on,” she awoke as her brother’s voice cut into the light slumber.

“Get it for me?” she asked and he slathered the lotion onto his hand then applied the slimy liquid to her soft warm skin.

“Here,” she said and reached behind and unclipped the thin strap.

“Damn it, Melanie, don’t do that!” he complained but applied the slimy fluid again, and also got bursa merkez escort her sides.

“Thanks,” she smiled and went back to slumbering.

“Oohh!” she heard two male groans as she unthinkingly lowered her bikini bottom to scratch an itch.

She giggled and playfully pulled the bottom further down, exposing a good portion of her buttocks before quickly yanking the bikini bottom back up.

“Spoil sport,” Willie complained.

Dinner was more ham and cheese sandwiches, washed down with more beers. The setting sun painted the Gulf of Mexico pure liquid gold and it was one of the most beautiful sights Melanie had ever seen. Ahead of the boat, the lavender sky was quickly turning to purple and Willie instructed Percy to lower anchor.

“We don’t sail at night?” Melanie asked.

“I don’t feel like staying up all night; you?” Willie asked as he and Percy lowered the sails and carefully wrapped them along the boom.

“Hope you caught that,” Percy called out to her. “‘Cause you’re doing it tomorrow night.”

“Wait, what?” Melanie asked, alarmed. “I wasn’t watching!”

“We’ll help you,” Willie assured her and brushed against her as he used the cleat to tie down the line.

He brushed up against her a lot and she liked it. He was handsome, almost pretty and he smiled at her a lot. Some of his ‘brushes’ touched her large breasts and tight backside, but she didn’t object.

“Turn on the running lights,” Percy ordered and Melanie playfully saluted him before flipping the switch.

“That’s right, better salute me,” he growled playfully, grabbing her upper arms tightly.

“Or what?” she demanded, smiling up at her big brother.

“Make you walk the plank,” he threatened.

He surprised her, delighted her with a quick kiss to her lips before releasing her.

Willie raised the rudder and leaned back against the bench.

“Anyone in the mood?” he asked, and began rolling a joint.

Melanie watched as Willie and Percy did a few tokes, then Willie put the lighted end of the joint into his mouth and motioned her closer to him.

He cupped his hand over her mouth and blew a hot stream of the acrid sweet smoke into her mouth. Her nipples sprang into life with the intimate gesture and she reveled in the touch as well as in the smoke itself. She held in the smoke as long as possible, never taking her eyes off of Willie’s eyes.

Willie pulled the joint out of his mouth and handed it to Percy then leaned over and softly pressed his lips to Melanie’s lips. Hungrily, she wrapped her arms around him and jammed her tongue into his mouth.

“Damn!” Percy groaned as Willie slipped Melanie’s bikini top off, exposing her fleshy breasts and large nipples to his gaze.

Her aureole was large, larger than a silver dollar around, and a light brownish red in color. The nipples themselves were as fat as a thimble and stood up a half inch from the fat globes.

Melanie sighed contentedly as Willie cupped her breasts, and instead of squeezing them like Charles, actually caressed them, fondled them.

Wordlessly, he pulled her to her feet then down into the cabin to the front berth.

She watched, fascinated, as he slipped off his tee shirt, then made a production out of sliding his shorts down. Charles just unzipped his trousers, pulled his penis through, and then covered it with a condom. Willie playfully turned around before slipping his briefs off. He had a nice tush. She wondered what kind of underwear Charles wore; boxers or briefs.

Her eyes opened wide when he turned back around. His penis wasn’t even fully erect and it was easily twice the size of Charles’ manhood. He smiled at her and used his hand to stroke it to full hardness.

“Like that?” he asked her as he stretched out next to her on the berth.

Uh huh,” she agreed and then moaned as he worked a finger into her drooling pussy.

“And Percy’s twice the size of mine,” he commented and she groaned aloud as he put his mouth on her wet pussy.

She felt the head of his cock press against her lips and opened her mouth. Charles had balked at oral sex, finding the idea disgusting and cited all the bacteria that the human mouth held.

“Ah yeah, that’s good,” Willie moaned as she licked and sucked and nuzzled his prick.

“Uh!” she grunted loudly as his mouth sucked her clitoris in.

Of course she knew about her clitoris. The few times she masturbated she’d discovered that rubbing that part of her pussy brought almost immediate enjoyment and almost immediate guilt.

“Uh!” she grunted even louder and Willie laughed joyfully as she orgasmed.

She orgasmed again as he worked his long cock into her tight pussy. He smiled into her eyes as he slowly pulled out of her, then pushed himself in again. He leaned forward and kissed her; softly at first, but the kiss, as did his thrusts, grew in intensity.

“You were such a naughty girl out there today,” he whispered in her ear as he rolled over, pulling her on top of him, their groins never losing contact.

“Huh?” bursa sınırsız escort bayan she asked as he thrust deep into her.

“Flashing your body at us, teasing your poor brother like that,” he went on, hands cupping her small backside.

“Oh yeah,” she giggled at the memory.

“Making him want to feel these beautiful boobs, these beautiful nipples,” Willie went on and took her left breast in his right hand.

“Yeah?” she asked, relishing the feeling of his manhood deep in her.

“Making him want to suck on them,” Willie went on and began to suck and lick and gnaw at her hard nipple.

His right hand returned to her bottom as he continued his oral assault of her breasts and nipples.

“I bet if he were in here,” Willie whispered and sucked her lips and began another hungry kiss.

“He’d have to slip his Mister Happy in here,” he continued and slipped a greasy finger into her rectum.

She’d heard of anal sex before but had never even thought of having anal sex. If Charles didn’t like oral sex because of how dirty the mouth was, he certainly would not have indulged any curiosity about anal sex.

She moaned as Willie fucked the finger in and out of her rectum a couple of times then gasped as he slipped a second thick finger into the tight passage.

“Fuck your poor little butt,” Willie went on. “And he’s got a big Mister Happy; probably hurt going in there; you’re so tight.”

“Uh!” Melanie almost screamed in orgasm.

He was being so vulgar, so filthy, suggesting to her that her own brother would want to put his cock in her butt, suggesting that she’d like it.

Too much, too much,” she moaned as he corkscrewed three fingers in and out of her slightly sore rectum.

“Not as much as Percy’s cock,” Willie whispered and Melanie screamed as she felt the pad sag underneath a new weight.

The orgasm wouldn’t stop as she felt the pad sag, then felt her brother’s hand on the small of her back, then felt his greasy cock head press against her rapidly contracting anus.

“No,” she protested weakly then cried out as his cock forced its way into her clenched anus.

His large hands kneaded her breasts and Willie whispered and crooned in her ear when he wasn’t distracting her with hot kisses. She felt light-headed as yet another orgasm pummeled her insides.

“Son of a bitch!” Percy sighed as his pubic hair rested firmly against her cheeks.

“Aiee!” she screamed loudly and blacked out.

She came to and felt Willie’s hot mouth sucking and licking at her pussy and her anus, sucking the juices that flowed freely from her gaping holes. She blinked, then watched as Percy sucked and slurped on Willie’s cock.

Willie noticed that she had come to and gently pushed her head toward Percy’s flaccid cock. She hesitated for a moment, looking at his slimy cock. Flaccid, it was still larger than Charles’ cock had ever been; how had that monster fit into her tiny backdoor?

She giggled in her throat as she heard her brother groan when her mouth sucked at his filthy cock.

“Fuck yeah!” Willie yelled and filled Percy’s sucking mouth with his come.

Melanie sucked and stroked her brother’s cock, amazed at how large it was when it was fully erect.

“Fuck me,” she heard Willie beg and Percy gently pulled her mouth from his cock.

She watched as Percy knelt between Willie’s splayed legs and the two roommates kissed deeply as Percy slid inch after inch into Willie’s rectum.

“Son of a bitch,” Willie groaned.

Willie screamed out loud as Melanie took his cock into her mouth and sucked him while her brother fucked him.

“Give me that hot pussy,” Willie urged and pulled her crotch over his mouth.

“Uh!” she groaned as he punished her clitoris with his teeth.

She came to, sandwiched between two lovers. Pale gray light filtered into the small cabin. The rocking of the boat made her aware of how full her bladder was and she groaned, stiff and sore from the night’s activity.

She tried not to, but both men woke up as she slithered out from between them.

“Morning,” her brother said and thrust his tongue into her mouth.

“I have to tinkle,” she whispered urgently.

“Uh huh,” he smiled, rubbed her face lovingly, then released her.

When she exited the small room, she did not see the two in the cabin, so she dressed quickly and went topside to find them. Both were standing in the cockpit, merrily urinating into the water.

“Go put some clothes on,” she laughed and ordered them. “Suppose someone sees us?”

“Who cares?” Willie smiled and playfully shook his manhood at her.

“Yeah, who cares?” Percy asked.

“I do,” Melanie said. “Plus that, suppose you get it all sunburned?”

“Okay, fine,” they both playfully grumbled, then made her scream as they grabbed her and pulled her back down into the boat with them.

She looked into her brother’s eyes as he slowly pulled his cock out of her pussy, then sank it back into her pussy. Behind him, Willie thrust his cock in and out of Percy’s bowels.

“I love you,” she said and Percy smiled and kissed her deeply.

She groaned as she had both Percy’s and Willie’s weight on top of her, even though Percy was trying to brace himself on his elbows.

“Aw, shit!” Percy cried out and Melanie felt her brother’s hot semen flood into her pussy.

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