Decisions Ch. 06

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Chapter 6: Adding Pam to the Group and Resulting Orgy

Much to my surprise Emily had adopted and even refined my philosophy about love and extending it to the people we care about. With that as prelude she’d told me to go to work and tell Pam that I loved her. Pam had been a potential girlfriend, but we’d fallen into the role of ‘fuck buddies’ instead and hadn’t moved too far beyond that until Emily showed up in my life and I fell in love with her. Not that I couldn’t fall in love with Pam too, just that my attention was diverted for a while.

Thus, Monday on the way to work I picked up a small bouquet of flowers for Pam. She was already at her desk when I arrived. I walked up and put my hand gently on her shoulder and held the flowers out for her. She whipped her head around, her blond locks flying through the air as she tried to focus on the flowers and me at the same time. She looked almost puzzled.

I said softly so no one else in the office would hear, “I’ve missed you.”

She sighed and looked doe eyes at me; “David … I’ve missed you too. And … and … and … I just don’t know what to think.”

“Maybe this will help,” I said. I reached and took her hand, brought it to my mouth and kissed her palm and then closed her fingers around the kiss. I looked her in the eye and said, “Pam, I love you.”

There was a long period of silence, as she looked at me in utter disbelief. Tears formed in the corners of her eyes. Suddenly, she stood and hugged me then ran down the hall to the ladies room trying to stifle a sob. This was not quite the reaction I had expected.

I went and found a small vase and put some water in it for the flowers, and left them on Pam’s desk. I was into my e-mail when Pam appeared at my door. She’d apparently regained her composure. “What about Emily?” she asked in a soft questioning tone.

“Pam, come and sit,” I gestured to the chair beside my desk. “We need to talk.”

As Pam said, I began, “Emily and I just spent about two weeks together and we’re very happy together.” Pam was taken back. The paradigm I was presenting her with clearly didn’t work on her internal computer.

“But you just told me you loved me,” Pam said.

“Yes, and I do. I also love Emily. And, I’ve met two very special women in Kansas City that I also adore.” I paused and could see Pam was very confused.

I went on, “Pam, I’m not messing with you. All I’m doing is showing you that there is another way besides ‘exclusivity’ in deep relationships. I am committed to each of them but that doesn’t mean we own each other nor does it mean one of us is subservient to the others or that we control each other. Also, there’s no jealousy; quite the opposite in fact, strong mutual support, love and our mutual desire to participate in each other’s joy.”

“I like Emily,” Pam said softly as someone walked by the door. “She’s all right with this? And these other friends?”

“Yes,” I explained, “they all have the same feelings I do. And we love each other. Emily is very fond of you, by the way, and would like to get to know you better.”

“Oh wow,” Pam said. “I’ve got to think about this.” She rose suddenly. “I’ll be back,” she said and walked away. I noted that she at least wasn’t mad any longer — confused perhaps, but not mad.

I turned back to my computer rather than pursue her. I’d best let her think about what we’d just said to each other. I was pleased that she was in a better mood than two weeks earlier.

I had several meetings and was running around the office worrying about staff on the two Kansas City jobs. Russ and I talked for about half an hour too. As we were parting I invited him to join Emily and me for dinner and ‘whatever’ after work. He looked pleased and said he would. I left a message on Emily’s cell phone.

Unsolicited, Pam delivered a turkey wrap and diet coke to me about lunchtime. She gave me a big smile as she did. I rose and kissed her on her cheek; I think I made her afternoon. She pranced away clearly in happy frame of mind.

About three o’clock she came back into my office, this time sitting in my extra chair. “I have a question,” she stated. I nodded and she went on, “Do Emily and the three women know about each other? That wasn’t clear to me. Also, are all these relationships physical?”

“Pam, they are all physical relationships as well as emotional relationships. We care about each other. And yes, we not only know about each other we make love together — with each other.”

Pam had a sharp intake of breath. There was a silence then she got görükle escort up from my chair again and moved slowly to the door. She turned and said, “Back to my ‘think time.'” She went back to her desk and appeared to immerse herself in a pile of old invoices.

Half an hour later she was back at my door; “I have another question. Are you the only guy?”

“No. It’s a polyamorous relationship,” I said. I didn’t volunteer any further information. She turned and went back to her desk.

I called Russ and asked him if I could divulge to Pam that he was part of our polyamorous relationship. He asked the predictable question about how discrete he thought she’d be with the information. I told him I believed she would keep things quiet and may even join us. I knew Russ had always had the hots for Pam so this clenched the deal.

Pam came back a few minutes later. “What’s a polyamorous relationship?”

I started, “Well, one writer called it ethical non-monogamy. Basically it consists of long-term, multiple, but stable relationships instead of the norm. The premise is that love isn’t limited or a ‘zero sum game,’ instead ‘Love is infinite,’ and the more you give the more you get. There are lots of versions, but to me it is very much among independent and equal people. In this case, right now, there are two males and three geographically dispersed females. I could introduce you to some of them in the next week or so, plus you already know three of us.”

“I do?” she asked.

“Yes. Emily, Russ and me.” Pam’s eyebrows shot up at the mention of Russ’ name. She got a little smile on her lips.

I added, “I tell you this in confidence; it’s expected that you’ll be discrete with this information regardless of what you decide.”

“Oh, I will; I will. I promise I’ll never mention this.” Pam nodded to confirm her commitment and returned to her desk. I watched briefly and she actually was doing work at an amazing pace. I think her brain was in high gear and McKennitt was getting the spillover benefits.

Pam came in about fifteen minutes later and asked, “How would I start? I mean I really like you — even love you. I guess you know that. Russ I really like. But, … I mean … with the others? How …?”

I said, “Why don’t you join Russ, Emily and me for dinner tonight. No pressure and you can leave when you want or if you feel uncomfortable. I don’t even know exactly what we’re doing but we’re meeting at Emily’s a little after six.”

Pam said, “Oh geez, that’s fast.” She turned and walked away without indicating whether she was coming or not.

A little after five I looked out and saw Pam packing up her things for the evening. She didn’t look at me but I could almost see the wheels turning in her head. I stuffed the last of what I’d need in Kansas City in my brief case as I prepared to leave too.

As I came out of my office, Pam was standing there. She said, “Can I ride with you?” She smiled sweetly.

“Of course, sweet lady,” I said as I took her arm and we walked to the elevators.


We met Russ on the ground floor. Introductions weren’t needed and he knew from Pam’s presence that she’d opted in to the strange relationship matrix we were building. He gave her a big hug and kiss on her cheek. They both blushed.

Emily was already at her apartment when we got there. She was pleased to see the three of us and showed it by giving first Russ and then me metal melting kisses. She then turned to Pam and held her arms open in a welcoming gesture. Pam hesitated and then moved in and the two women kissed; at first it was just a friendly peck but it rapidly expanded to a passionate tongue-involved kiss between the two of them.

As they parted, Pam said, “Oh wow! I’ve never kissed a woman before. That … that was great!” She and Emily smiled at each other.

I pulled Pam to me and told her I’ve been waiting to kiss her passionately all day long and I was disappointed when we didn’t visit the stationery closet. Pam came and we duplicated the hot kisses already dispensed. After a couple of minutes, Russ tapped me on the shoulder. He then embraced Pam with an equally hot kiss.

Emily and I went into her small kitchen and I got wine for each of us. I could see that she had picked up some Chinese takeout on the way home.

Pam came into the kitchen followed by Russ. She was panting. She said, “I haven’t done anything yet and I’m about ready to climax and I’m panting. What’s that tell you?” We all laughed.

Dinner was relaxed and very informal. We laughed bursa escort bayan a lot over some things at work and Emily amused us with some ‘advertising gone bad’ stories. After dinner Russ suggested we walk down the street to get ice cream. Pam looked relieved that no one was going to jump her bones right then.

The ice cream trip took about a half hour. On the way back, I walked with Pam. I asked her, “Are you all right? Any problems? Change your mind? Postpone things?”

“No,” she said. “I really like all three of you — you especially. The idea of group sex is sort of boggling my mind right now but I have to confess I’ve read a lot of stories online about this kind of stuff and it really turns me on thinking about it. I’m ready.”

I hugged her and then kissed her. Russ and Emily walked by and smiled at us.

Emily dimmed the lights back at her place and I stood in front of Pam and romanced her mouth then her face and ears, then her neck and arms. Russ and Emily were tending to each other only a few feet from us in the small living room. We watched as he removed Emily’s blouse and bra, baring her large breasts and then helped her shed her skirt and slip.

I helped Pam pull her top over her head and then, as we kissed, removed her frilly bra. I opened the zipper on Pam’s slacks and she wiggled them down her legs and stepped out of them. She checked Emily and Russ as Russ shed the last of his clothing, his large penis mostly erect and swaying in the wind as Emily reached for it and pulled it to her mouth.

I was the last one nude but only seconds behind Pam. Russ had sat on the sofa as Emily delivered him a blistering blowjob. I maneuvered Pam beside him and pulled her legs apart so I could bury my head in her pussy. As I did I watched Russ pull Pam to him and kiss her again, one hand starting to massage her pert breasts.

In spite of her evident nervousness, Pam was the first to cum. I knew her spots and took full advantage of what I’d learned about her over the months we’d played around at the office. She was almost mute until a minute before she came, then she’d started to mouth instructions to me, “Oh David, move your tongue … now put your finger inside … that’s it … left … up … oh shit, right there. Oh Shit! OH FUCK, I’M CUMING!”

I allowed Pam to collapse into Russ’ waiting arms. I rose back on my knees and watched as he kissed and hugged her, one hand around her pinching her nearest breast. She was panting between his kisses. She finally said, “THAT was amazing. I’ve cum before — lots. But the intensity of that was near a record. I think I’m nervous and I’m also sexed up. Watching you give Russ of blowjob while I’m getting my cunt licked is definitely ‘hot’.”

Emily said, “Switch around.” She moved onto the couch in front of Russ and I sat on the sofa next to her. Pam immediately inhaled my rod, deep throating my rock hard cock. I groaned several times partly in warning of too fast a pace. Pam slowed down adding more saliva and slobber to her ministrations.

Emily and I kissed passionately, letting our tongues sample each other’s mouths. She told me, “I can taste Pam on you. She tastes good. Before the night’s out I’m going to get some of that first hand.” I was stroking Emily’s breasts. I told her I loved her with all my heart. I really did feel my heart wide open to love — giving to Emily, to Pam, to Grace, to Kim, and, yes to Russ.

Emily arched and came with a long, low-pitched moan that left no doubt a pleasure wave had taken over her body. I kissed her hard and then bit on one of her nips to heighten her arousal. I heard a vocal, “OH FUCK” beside me.

I pulled Pam up, putting her next to Emily. Russ and I, almost by agreement, thrust into the women at the same time. There were moans of penetration pleasure all around – My God, what an erotic sight. Both women were holding their bent legs partly in the air, affording us maximum availability to fuck them as well as a side-by-side sight picture that was unforgettable.

At one point, I looked at Russ and said, “Switch for a couple of minutes.” Pam’s eyes got big as we traded places. Russ put his purple monster against Pam’s moist opening and thrust into her cunt. I buried myself in Emily; we both purred. We varied the pace and the angle, the women showed each other different ways to pull our rods deep inside them then Russ and I switched again.

I jammed myself into Pam, surprising her, and then went through a series of very long strokes. I could feel my balls rumbling. I told Pam and bursa escort she locked her legs behind me and pulled me into her. Emily leaned over and kissed her passionately with lots of tongue action. I sped up, pounding into Pam’s cunt. We came together, Pam’s orgasm cresting even higher thanks to Emily’s care and kisses.

As the bliss passed over us I pulled Pam to me and kissed her. We looked at the couple next to us as Russ told Emily he’d be there in less than a minute. Pam whispered to me, “Let me go to her,” so I let her recline on the sofa next to Emily again. This time, Pam embraced Emily and administered the kisses, the fondling and pinching of her breasts and giving her loving hugs. Emily came in an explosion that must have rocked the building if not the city. “OOOOOOOOOH,” echoed from her mouth as she wailed through the ecstasy. Russ nearly echoed her wail two octaves lower.

We all collapsed next to each other on the sofa, a happy mix of arms and legs, tits and cocks, and leaking body fluids. I actually thought we were through until Emily started to shift around, moving ultimately between Pam’s legs. I moved next to Pam on the sofa.

“Are you sure?” Pam asked her.

“Oh, never more sure of anything in my life,” Emily told her as her tongue extended and she started to lick Pam’s pussy and suck my dripping cum from her hole.

Pam came almost immediately. “OH FUCK that feels good,” Pam exclaimed as she threw herself back into my body where I grabbed a breast. I ran my other hand down to her clit and rapidly massaged it as she rode through her orgasm. From her actions I knew I was driving her to a higher cum that just the cunnilingus Emily was giving.

Emily kept up the tongue action on Pam until Pam came again, although this time without the high intensity.

I then heard Pam ask Emily, “Can I return the favor?” Emily nodded and moved to recline between Russ and me on the sofa. Two minutes later Emily shouted out her orgasm in a wail of bliss.

Pam rose from Emily, her face and chin covered in Russ’ cum and Emily’s girl juice. “I never knew women tasted so good. And Russ you’re definitely in my diet now. I’m shocked that I’m bisexual — at least with you, Emily.” The gals smiled warmly at each other and touched fingers in a sexy way.

We rested, sipped some more wine and talked. We were idly stroking each other’s sexual organs and bodies. Whatever happened to be in reach was fair game.

Both Russ and I stirred again. Emily pulled me up and announced that she wanted some time with her lover and pulled me to the bedroom. I heard Russ tell Pam that he was glad the two of them could be alone because he wanted to get to know her better.

Emily and I made love and I was surprised how hard I eventually came in her body and how much semen I deposited in her tunnel. We lay there stroking one another after the climax listening to Pam and Russ’ orgasm in the next room.

A few minutes later Pam came in and after a brief conversation the two women went into a sixty-nine position sucking the cum from each other. Both announced they loved the taste of the love mixtures they each had and the receptacles they had found for the fluid.

Russ and I both had to go home and pack for our early morning flight to Kansas City. We called for two taxicabs since we were going to different parts of the City. With great reluctance we got dressed and prepared to leave. Pam had decided to stay the rest of the night with Emily — sharing the same bed and maybe some further touching.

I heard Emily ask Pam to stay with her for the week. The two women hugged and I confess my cock stirred again watching as their naked breasts rubbed against each other. I was going to have some fantastic phone sex with them during the week, well, unless Grace and Kim weren’t busy.

I knew Emily wouldn’t be in Kansas City that week but would the following week. She made Russ and me promise to carry her love and caring to Grace and Kim. We both speculated that we would need Pam out there for a few days the following week to help with some of the admin and graphics work on the project. Now, THAT would be a fantastic week.

We all had a lot to look forward to and I was so glad everything had worked out as harmoniously as it had. After all was said and done, I never had to decide between one woman and another. I had them all. In one sense it was ego gratifying to be loved by four women but I didn’t think of it that way. Instead I felt I was lucky to have four women that accepted my love for what it was. Things felt well balanced and I could tell that what we’d started would last a long time.

Russ and I kissed Pam and Emily goodnight and told them we loved them. We left the two naked women to their passions. We all felt good about the world.

The end of this part of the story.

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