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WARNING: If you are not 18 or older, please leave this page immediately.

Incest—a word that has extreme negative connotations. The image that most often comes about when the word is mentioned is that of a father forcing himself on his daughter. Any forcible sex act, especially done by a parent to a child, should result in the parent being punished in legal and non-legal ways.

This is a fantasy of consensual incest between adults. It is intended for adults who are interested in reading about consensual sex between relatives. If this offends you, do not continue any further.


“Dad, I’m telling you, from where I’m standing I don’t see her doing anything wrong. Yes, I am looking straight at Mom and she isn’t with anyone. You need to pop a Xanax. Mom would never—yeah, yeah ‘watch my mouth.’ Ok, fine. Bye.”

The 23-year-old son clicked off his cell. Throughout the conversation with his father he was looking straight at his mother. His eyes were cast down at her. Gorgeous and naked, she was kneeling before him, looking back at him, planting light kisses on his bare thighs, taut balls, and growing penis in his bedroom.

Oh how she wanted to orally inhale his lengthy piece of forbidden flesh as soon as he had showered and exited the bathroom in their New York home. He had also splashed on Polo Red; the Ralph Lauren scent turned her on like a light switch. Between that and his own just-cleaned man-musk, the hourglass goddess was highly aroused. But they both knew to expect the paternal phone inquiry anytime soon and wanted to avoid Dad hearing the sounds of a magnificent blowjob.

It was ironic that Lee, her husband, had recently become paranoid about her cheating when he himself was a philander. She discovered this five months ago one afternoon when she went to surprise him for lunch before he went away on a business trip. Through the supply room door which was slightly ajar, she saw Lee bent over his secretary who in turn was bent over the copier, his pants and underwear around his ankles, her skirt hiked up and she begging him to now fuck her in the ass.

Initially Natalie wanted to barge in on them but stopped when he was moaning how he was going to spend his upcoming bonus and promotion money on the young girl. Right there and then she decided her revenge would be through their mutual bank account. Then she’d divorce him.

Within the past six weeks as time grew closer to the big payout Lee would be away on business even more than usual. He was a bundle of nerves, feeling guilty about cheating on Natalie and worried about losing his young nymph whom he promised a financial windfall. In order to subdue this conflict and afford himself restful denial, he began telling Frank that he suspected her of being unfaithful. He instructed his son to keep an eye on her and report anything suspicious. The former Air Force major joked that Frank would be his surveillance drone. Additionally the father said he would check in at least once a day via phone or text.

One major problem for the louse spouse: his son was already on his mother’s side…and in her bed. This was the result of weeks and months of emotional comfort and bonding the doting son gave his wounded mom. Then one night almost three months ago when Lee was away she, feeling extra down and lonely, asked to sleep in Frank’s bed. He readily bahçeşehir escort agreed. It became a heady combination of a spurned woman with a high libido and a hormonal lad sharing a bed, and the emotional rescue turning to forbidden sex mixed with unusual love.

Natalie’s stare had matched Frank’s throughout the brief call from her husband. The beautiful brown eyes glared at her only child, hungrily, impatiently, during the conversation. She was impassioned with the sight, smell, and feel of his impressive lower extremities.

A hedonistically wicked grin flashed across her stunning, 43-year-old face.

“‘Watch your mouth’ he says. Maybe you should watch mine instead!”

And with that, the cock-hungry MILF engulfed his ¾ hard muscle and commenced unabashedly sucking it.

“Ohhhhhh, Mom!” Frank Grant moaned, tossing his Android phone on the chair behind him, and letting his hands drop to his sides.

Natalie Grant’s head bobbed furiously back and forth, her full lips working overtime to slobber over the lengthy member in a decadent effort to get it fully erect ‘yesterday.’

The strapping lad threw back his head.

“Ahhhhhhh!” he sighed.

The pleasure was incredible as it surged throughout his muscled body. When he felt her hand gently cradling his sac he brought his head forward, casting his vision back downward at Natalie. Her eyes were closed. She looked so intense, determined and lost in her work. Her head moved rapidly, cheeks shallowed, as she sucked her son’s cock.

The Elizabeth Hurley lookalike was also working on herself.

One of her hands was between her bent, spread thighs. She was rubbing her hot, moist cunt, almost in pace with her mouth’s activity. The flats of her fingers were feverishly gliding over the buttery lips, spreading them, smearing the brimming juices. Then she slipped an index finger followed by the middle finger to scoop out the prized goo. It excited her immensely to masturbate while blowing Frank.

It would also add to his pleasure.

Salaciously, purposely she displayed to him her actions. She removed the cream-coated digits from her frothy gash and released his prick from her mouth. It was now at its full mast length of just shy of 8 inches, and slapped back at his pubic hair when it was freed from the maternal mouth. Flashing him an uber-naughty look, she wrapped her sticky fingers around the shaft’s base and began fisting him.

“You like when mommy does this to you, Frankie? Hmmm? Spreading her pussy juice all up and down your big, fat cock? ” she sexily inquired.

The Adonis was beside himself. His head was tossed back again as the sexual delight electrified him. He managed a weak croak.


She smiled. In the three months that mother and son were lovers, they were both faithful and selfless lovers. She offered her own admission.

“Mommy likes it too!”

Natalie’s nipples, already hard as diamonds, throbbed while her labia minora became even more bloated and soaked as she lasciviously greased his pole with a combo of her saliva and nectar. About a minute later, after a few more energetic pumps, the temptress lunged forward and retook the firmness back in her mouth and resumed lustfully sucking it.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck, Mom!” he moaned, running his fingers through beylikdüzü escort her lush brown hair. “Suck it! Suck it just like that!”

She had developed a long time ago a profound taste for her own secretion. This was during horny nights when she was alone, or with Lee asleep next to her (which was virtually the same as being alone.) As soon as there was the initial release of her pearly gravy, her stroking fingers ended up in her mouth. Then back down to the clammy source, then to the mouth—rinse and repeat—as she masturbated her way to a delicious climax.

Blowing Frank after manually shellacking his concrete cock with her ambrosia simply heightened her excitement, and deepened the illicit bond between them.

Frank was in awe—and colossal gratification—when he felt, after a flurry of bestial sucklings intermingled with painstakingly slow licks to the shaft, his mother use her teeth to put a little pressure around the cock head.

It was decision time for the handsome young man: unload in her mouth or her cunt. His mind scrambled for a decision. After a few frazzled seconds, he finally decided and announced it to her.

“Mom, I gotta fuck ya!”

He disengaged himself from her fellatio. Then he watched her luscious, curvy, hot body change. She went from kneeling on his carpet to lying on his bed, looking like a centerfold. Leering at her, Frank’s frank bobbed up and down in approving arousal as her 36Cs jiggled while she shimmied her lush ass into the blanket. When she parted her silky thighs wide, displaying her glistening and excited sex, the boy-toy dropped to his knees in front of her on the bed.

Young Grant took hold of his rod and prepared to direct it to its sweet destination. Natalie sat up and swatted his possessing hand, replacing it with hers. She cast a smoldering glare at him.

“Let me,” she hissed, guiding the erection to her vagina.

He simply followed her lead and mounted her.

They both groaned, almost in unison, when penetration began. She was so drenched and eager while he was so hard and horny that the purplish cock cap easily split apart the labia and quickly brought his girthy length to start diving into her succulent cavern.

“Oh gawd!” the horny parent groaned. “Your dick feeeeeels so good, babe!”

He shared her opinion with a snort.

“Same here, Mom! Aahhhhh, yeahhhh!”

The fat, throbbing, hard penis was quickly inhaled by the hedonic rippling of Natalie’s vibrating cuntal walls. The sensation for the two, both individually and collectively, was beyond epic as the southern, phallic journey was soon completed when his nuts careened against her buttocks.

Natalie and Frank, in 2 part harmony, released hoarse grunts.

Then he pulled back, ¼ of his shaft withdrawn from the sultry confines. He hesitated for just a second…then took off like a racehorse out of the gate, fucking his bombshell of a mom as if his very life depended on it.

“Unnnhhh, Frankieeeeeee!”

The hunk released his pent-up carnal fury in a whirlwind of quick, keen, and vigorously satisfying thrusts into Natalie’s eager pussy. His lower body was a fleshy piledriver as he continuously pummeled her with his taboo goodness.

He leaned his face into hers. She pressed her lips against his for a kiss. The kiss avcılar escort rapidly turned hot, sloppy and nasty, complete with tongues in mouths, tongues dueling with each other, and lips sucking on tongues. Eventually the two mouths separated so they could breathe like asthmatics.

Natalie was mentally sailing into a feral nirvana. She was wild with excitement, loving as his titanium-hard cock was animalistically driving into her syrupy cunt over and over again. Her writhing body shook even more when squishy sounds emanated from their conjoined groins. She opened her juice-coated thighs and wrapped her long, sexy legs around her man, pulling him deeper into her carnal soul.

Frank loved when she enveloped him like that. It meant she loved his screwing, needed it, wanted it more, wanted it deeper in her vagina. His response was to ram his sex faster and fathomless into her.

Then the dirty talk began.

“Ohhh, you nasty mommy—scissoring your legs around your son like that. I guess you like the way I fuck you, don’t you?”

In between her panting she blurted a “Yeah!”

The spermslinger watched her bodacious, mouthwatering tits swirl frantically around. He took within his eager mouth a turgid nipple and sucked at.

“Aaahhhhh, yes! Suck my tits, Frank! Suck momma’s tit. It feels sooooo good!”

He released the delighted nub, leaving a circular wet mark around it, and transferred to the other teat to afford it the same loving.

After a while he had to bring to an end the suckling due to pain at his cervical region. So he rolled his shoulders, redoubled his strength, and refocused solely on fucking. He proceeded to slam his gratifying rod faster and faster into his mother’s overjoyed muff.

This caused the spasming beauty to release her legs from around him and plant her feet on the bed. Then she arched her voluptuous body up to deepen her acceptance of his dick. Wantonly, Natalie thrust up her vagina at Frank’s bulldozing cock, mashing her frantic clit against the generous shaft to maximize her pleasure.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Ugh, ohhhh!” she moaned. “So fucking good!”

In a matter of a minute or two, her upward catching of her son’s pitching resulted in her spinning into a glorious climax.

“Shit! Ohhhhh shit! I’m cumming! Yes, Frankieeeeee!”

Looking like the cat that ate the canary, the stud child knowingly smirked. He watched her thrash her head from side to side, her brown hair flying in every direction as her ripe, juicy slit creamed all over his battering ram of a cock.

“That’s it, mom, cum!” he seductively encouraged, “Cum, baby, cum!”

It was near the end of her orgasm that Frank’s took effect. The first salvo of his thick, heavy, white cream was sent into her pussy, quickly mixing with her juices. The mixture overflowed out of the pulsating cunt into a growing puddle on the blanket.

“Aaarrrggghhhhh!” he growled as the second, third, etc. sticky rope of jizz was airmailed into her churning depths.

Even though her feral crescendo was complete, Natalie felt orgasmic and sentimental. She loved when her son fucked her, ejaculated into her, and eventually rested on her. Ultimately his wound-up heart slowed down to the rate of hers. The two hearts then beat as one, their lips pressed against one another with soft “I love you’s” as their farewell before sleep overtook them.

The cougar wrapped her thighs around him again, determined as always to squeeze out, wrench out, every drop of his precious seed into her barren womb.

“Thaaaaaat’s it, my darling boy,” she tantalized, “give momma all your lovin’! That’s it! Give it all to meeeee!”

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