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Dear Dr Swan,I would like to thank you for your help on that Friday when I arrived with the pizza delivery. It was, as you said, a despicable thing for someone to have ordered ten cheese and tomato specials for delivery to the Girls Reformatory School. It was also so kind of you to pay for them, even though you hadn’t ordered them. The ten-dollar tip was more than generous under the circumstances. My boss would have been in a foul mood if I’d returned with them.Who would have thought there were so many corridors that looked the same, as I tried to find my way back to reception, after kindly letting me use the bathroom. The Matron, Miss Tuck, who was also very kind, insisted that I take a shower and the two orderlies, Bart, and Edwin, kindly helped me undress, despite me telling them that I was quite capable.May I suggest to you, if it’s not so bold, that a different soap might help? The dark green thick liquid did not make good bubbles and smelt unpleasant. In fact, it could be that this batch was faulty, as it made all my body hair fall out, and left me with a rash which kept itching. Good job I didn’t use it to wash the hair on my head.Miss Tuck was very, very insistent, and thorough as she made sure I was clean and dry. The shiny table with those handy leg stirrups certainly helped her do the job properly. She must also be commended for her hygiene with the rubber gloves. Maybe, Bart and Edwin might wait outside when the matron is helping the girls get dry. kaçak iddaa Their smirks and comments about how wet I got were not helpful, despite Miss Tuck saying it would help when she went into my rear hole. She was right; it did help, as I hardly felt a thing when she pushed her fingers in and around.The new clean clothes were very nice, but not practical for delivering pizzas on the moped. The white shirt, which was far too tight, would get covered in stains. The short black pleated skirt would fly around in the wind, as I rode the moped, exposing my naked bare thighs and higher. I did mention this to Miss Tuck as I asked for a pair of underpants.  Again, Edwin and Bart were somewhat unhelpful in this matter, as they fell into uncontrollable laughter. At least I was assured that underpants would be issued later.The Friday night entertainment you put on for the girls and staff is somewhat different from anything I have seen or indeed taken part in. I told Edwin and Bart as they escorted me to the room that I should be going as Mr Lopez, the pizza shop owner, would be wondering why I had taken so long. They said it would be rude to leave after all the nice things that the staff had done for me since I arrived. I did feel guilty at this point and said they were right.The ‘ride on the horse’ game reminded me of when I was little. I would sit on my rocking chair and ride as hard as I could. My mother took it away suddenly one day when I was home from college kaçak bahis after she caught me one bedtime doing it naked before my shower.The leather seat did smell very funny, in some ways just like the soap from my shower, and another smell that I knew but couldn’t quite recall what it was. The straps that held my legs and arms in place certainly helped me stay in place. I would surely have wriggled off when Miss Tuck began to strap me, as we played ‘giddy up horsey.’At least, I think that was what I heard someone call out. It was difficult to tell, as the pain in my naked bottom made me focus on that for a moment. Well, I suppose it was longer really as she kept on strapping me on my naked bottom. The repeated whack after whack also brought back my itching, but I was glad of the leather seat in that respect. I soon found that if I gripped my thighs and rubbed when the matron whacked me, I began to relieve it somewhat. Indeed, some five minutes later it had stopped altogether.Whilst I had my earlier reservations about Edwin and Bart, they were good enough to clean me up whilst Miss Tuck played the same game with another girl on the adjacent horse. I must admit, though, that using their tongues was a very novel way of doing it.The staff enjoyed the entertainment by all the applause and smiles I saw, but I’m not sure the thirty or so girls did. Perhaps you could introduce some different party games that more of them could be involved in, not just one or two.My illegal bahis whole weekend was spent in the company of one member of staff or another. They are all so friendly and always seemed so obliging in letting you participate in anything that they wished to do.  I made some new friends among the girls, and I can say that they are the prettiest bunch I have ever seen. It appears that they must have forgotten, even though I asked, but I never get issued any underpants. Not that they would have been on very much.I would once again like to apologise for the inconvenience I caused you and your staff last Monday. There were all the forms you had to fill out and all the release forms to do on the computer so that I could go home. Thank you for letting me use the uniform to go home in, goodness knows where my pizza uniform disappeared to.There was an incident on the way back to town, though. The moped got reported as stolen by Mr Lopez and the Sheriff and one of his deputies stopped me. The ride back to town in the back of the police car was a lot easier than sitting on the moped with the breeze blowing my skirt everywhere. I wished they had not cuffed my wrists tight behind my back. I asked the sheriff if he could loosen them. He and the deputy laughed and said that dirty, thiefin’, lyin’, reformatory girls are used to be tied up. The laugh was on him, though because I am not any of those things.Once at the police station, I was soon naked yet again, and they complimented your staff on the marks they had left on my behind. You would never guess, but they have the same soap, I think it must be from the same faulty batch because it left me itchy just like yours did.

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