Deanna and Summer Get Their Man

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Brent Daniels was busy rereading the rough draft of his latest work, preparing to make some changes to his sci-fi epic, mostly to add in a bit more sex that he thought was called with this particular character. His writing was definitely not smut, but it wasn’t clean, younger age sci-fi, either. It was sci-fi for adults, and he fully expected it to go reasonably well. It was a side job, one that paid him tolerably well, while his main vocation was screenwriting for a major horror-oriented series that straddled the line between fiction and documentary with its dramatizations. The dramatized parts were his specialty, in fact.

In any case, that work would have to wait a bit longer, as the knock at the door, on a Friday night, no less, indicated. He would have been on a date with Summer until recently, but he was in no mood for dating now, feeling a little raw, so here he was, working on his second job straight after his first. Well, at least on his side job, he could drink, and his poison of choice was a highball of Jameson and Cherry Coke (don’t even ask). Grimacing, Brent got up and went to get the door.

Opening it, he found none other than his ex-girlfriend, Summer Hardy, and her best girlfriend, Deanna Falkirk, waiting outside. If Summer was an All-American blonde beauty, platinum and whatnot, Deanna was a stately brunette, elegant, with a classy look to her. Clearly, she was there for backup, making Brent feel a little outnumbered. Even so, he was the consummate gentleman, at least for Deanna’s sake, since she hadn’t wronged him the way that Summer had.

“Ladies, to what do I owe this pleasure?” Brent asked them cautiously, “and would you care for a drink?”

“Well, actually, for this, a stiff drink sounds rather nice, in fact. It’s going to be a tough sell, perhaps. What are you drinking?” Summer addressed her ex-boyfriend, her eyes full of love, much to his shock.

“Jameson and Cherry Coke. Feel free to use a different highball or drink it neat, if you prefer. I know that my tastes in booze aren’t for everyone. Anyway, clearly, this isn’t just a social call. I ask again, ladies, what’s the purpose of this visit?” Brent watched with some amusement as Deanna took a shot, very neat, but followed it with a chaser of ginger ale, while Summer didn’t even bother chasing it down at all.

“Sorry, I needed the liquid courage, and undiluted to boot, babe. Look, Brent, it’s really quite simple. I want you back. I miss you. I want to be yours again. But, here’s the rub. I don’t come alone this time. I’m part of a package deal. Deanna and me, we’re not just girlfriends in the platonic sense anymore. We’re…lovers, and we both want you. Yes, you’d be dating both of us, if you agreed to this. I want to be upfront and clear about this, if you take me back. But before you decide, please, let us advertise, promote our cause, if you will,” Summer said, as she began arcane izle undressing, her sundress lifting above her head to show her in bra and panties.

That was a huge gesture in itself, though Brent had sampled the goods before, of course. He knew what Summer was like in bed, too, and that memory was more than enough to stir his loins. Summer, whatever her flaws as a girlfriend, was no slouch in the bedroom and never had been. He knew that others thought that she was too wild and slutty to be faithful, but Brent knew the truth. Summer had goofed up, once, but as far as he could tell, she had never cheated on him prior to this. It was a huge fuck-up on her part, but it wasn’t a pattern of infidelity.

Anyway, the sight of Deanna stripping for him, her own blouse and skirt removed to show her half-naked to him, that was…wow, at least to him. If Summer got a little sun at times, though not much, Deanna was, if not quite pale, fair-skinned and had the slightest hint of freckles to some of her flesh. Her lovely complexion matched, if not surpassed, the farmer’s tan that Summer claimed for herself. When they both took off their bras and panties, Brent almost swore he could feel the room temperature rise several degrees. These were lovelies in their prime, not spring chickens or cougars, but sexy, grown women in their late 20s and early 30s, thank you very much.

Both girls must have recently waxed or shaved down there, but they had grown out just enough of bushes to remind him that both colors were very natural indeed. Summer was a very real blonde and Deanna a true-blue brunette, down to the patches between their thighs. Brent felt his lust stirring for certain now, even as both ladies approached and started with slow, gentle kisses to his lips in turn. First Summer, and then Deanna, gave him lip locks that began chastely enough, but lingered, and then the next pair of kisses included some tongue. When they kissed each other on the mouth, there was no denying that their Sapphic passion was real, too.

“See, Brent? It can be perfect, just you, me, and Deanna. No need for others. Closed triad, as some call it. Two women and a man, two women loving their man deeply and totally, with passion and deep affection as well as unbridled lust. Two women loving each other and their man with total abandon. Three people, completely faithful to each other, and yes, I swear that this time, I will be loyal as they come.

“I know what I did was wrong before. I was very wrong to cheat. I am very sorry, dear Brent. I won’t repeat that mistake, I swear to God, Gods, demons, angels, saints, and anyone else who you wish to invoke. It’s just you and Deanna. I can be faithful this time and I will be, to both of you, but I hope…and I know that I don’t have the right to ask this, I hope that you will be faithful to us as well,” Summer found herself crying a little as Brent aşk kumardır izle surprised himself by kissing her firmly on the lips.

“You’re committed, then, to both of us? And I get both of you? Completely? But I have to be faithful? Summer, yes, you were wrong, and yes, now that I see some remorse, I can forgive you, and I can accept your apology, but don’t ever think that you don’t have the right to ask for fidelity from me. You have the right to ask, and I have the right to refuse,” Brent said, making her flinch a bit, but he put his index finger to her lips.

“I also have the right to offer my fidelity to you, as well as to Deanna. I know that she will keep us on the right path. I have every confidence in her. If I ever get the urge to punish you in the future for the past, she can remind me that you already paid the price for cheating by losing me last time around, by getting dumped over it, okay? I’m putting my faith and trust in you, Deanna, to help both of us remember, because you were the only one not either the cheated or the cheated in the past. You’re the only one able to see things from the outside, babe. We’re all equals in this, but in dealing with the past, I want to empower you to kick our asses into gear if we start into recriminations and keep us focused on the present and future. Is that good for you, Summer, Deanna?” Brent asked them.

“Yes, thank you. That works. Deanna won’t mince words. She’ll also keep me from cheating again, if I ever get tempted again. She’ll do the same for you, I just know it. If we start throwing things in each other’s faces in the heat of a spat, she can remind us that the past is not a weapon that we’re supposed to use against each other. I just know that I’m going to remember, though, for the rest of my days, that I briefly lost you and that only Deanna, my best friend, was able to get you back for me. Thank you so much, Brent! Thank you so much, Deanna!” Summer answered for her part, truly overcome with gratitude that her ex-boyfriend would take her back, whatever the cost.

“I like it, too. I just hope that you know that I’m only human and I’ll fuck up at times, too. I just hope that you’ll forgive me and let me make amends in such a case,” Deanna told them as she kissed both of them again, “and is it okay if I get the first turn, guys? I’ve fantasized about Brent for so long, and now…I get to have him. I’m eager to try him on for size, thank you very much.”

“Naturally,” Summer told her, “go for it, guys. Ride him, babe. Get that Brent Daniels lovin’. You’ll be hooked once you try him once. Trust me on that.”

Before Brent had a chance to say another word, Deanna climbed onto his lap and eased onto his cock with her very slick and wet pussy. She didn’t give him a chance to get a rubber, but she wouldn’t need one with just the three of them, would she? Besides, she wanted aslında özgürsün izle to get knocked up by the guy. That reminded her to dump out her birth control pills. She wouldn’t be needing those again. Neither would Summer, for that matter, they’d already agreed. They were going to share the motherhood job with each other and he was going to be the proud Papa to both of their kids.

All that Brent could feel right then was the wonderful warmth and wetness of Deanna on his cock, her velvety snatch enveloping his dick. He couldn’t hardly think straight, his cock and balls engulfed in such a wonderful place, lodged inside her from below. Deanna was no dead lay, either, as she showed by the furious way that she kept bouncing up and down on his dick. Her breasts constantly swayed close to his face and she made a point of letting him taste them if he wished, which he did. They weren’t large, but they weren’t tiny and they were firm. He felt her bottom and it was smooth, soft, and cool to the touch, but heating up with the rest of her as they began fucking with growing excitement.

Deanna’s juices flowed freely all over Brent’s cock as she impaled herself on him, her kisses on the top of his head driving home the extent of her adoration and affection for him. He was a great guy and she now had him, too, just as Summer did. He was THEIR great guy now and they were going to keep him, whatever it took. Just knowing that she was going to be bred by him made her wetter, and he was no mean fuck, either. He was actually pretty damn good, in fact, from what she could tell on their first lay together. The way that he fondled and kissed her repeatedly while they screwed only made that plainer to her.

At last, however, the sexual tension, high levels of excitement, lust, affection, and passion, plus just the build-up from so many years of friendship and repressed desire exploded. Deanna thus came very wetly, very messily, on Brent’s dick. The floodgates had opened, and there was no turning back, as Brent felt his balls churning and his cock spitting out their contents into sweet Deanna’s eager and awaiting cunt. He came hard, too, not having done much of late, just being in a blue funk since the split. Now, however, he was spent and he smiled at Deanna as she gasped and enjoyed the slimy feeling in her freshly fucked twat.

“Don’t worry, babe. We’ll let you have a chance to recover before asking you to fuck me again, but trust me, I will want to make up for the recent dry spell. That was my fault, not yours, since you wouldn’t be so desperately horny if I hadn’t cheated and put you in such a bad mood, not to mention forced you to dump me. Oh, but, baby, when we’re up to it again, just know how much I’m going to make you know how loved and needed you really are,” Summer assured him.

“For now, though, can we talk…really talk?” Deanna added.

“And drink,” Brent grinned.

“Oh, definitely that. I think that will loosen some tongues, won’t it? And other body parts for when we’re ready for Phase Two of our threesome,” Summer winked at her beau…their beau, she reminded herself, and that didn’t sound so bad…not bad at all.

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