Deal, or No Deal

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Mike was thirty-three, ruggedly handsome, happily married, the father or two, and trying to get his construction business up and running. He had worked construction since he was sixteen and had gotten his degree from college. About fifteen months ago Mike went out on his own, hoping to become a large, independent contractor. He worked long, hard hours but the business was growing slowly, if not steadily. Mike needed that one big break and he thought he might have it if he could get the contract for the new warehouse that was going up in his town.

The owner of the warehouse was Bradford Sykes, one of the largest entrepreneurs in the country. The word was, if you got a contract with Sykes and he liked your work, there would be a lot more work coming your way. Mike contacted Sykes’ company, got the specs for the warehouse, and was ready to make a proposal.

This afternoon at five p.m. Mike would have a private meeting with Sykes and a chance to make his dream come true.

Mike knocked on the hotel suite door at five sharp. The door opened slightly and all Mike saw was a blue eye and a partial head of salt and pepper hair. “Yes,” was all the man said and Mike replied, “I’m Mike Wayne and I have a five o’clock meeting with Mr. Sykes.”

“Come in,” came the reply and the door opened fully. Mike was now standing face to face with Bradford Sykes, one of the most powerful men in the country. Mike looked at Sykes, a tallish man, trim and fit, with salt and pepper hair. What caught Mike off guard was that Sykes was just in a shirt, boxers, and socks.

Sykes shook Mike’s hand and said, “I just had to get a shower. Sit down and relax and I will be right out. Get comfortable and make yourself a drink.” With that Sykes went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Mike mixed himself a drink and tried to steady his nerves. He went over his presentation in his mind and then the door opened. Sykes came out wearing a fluffy terry cloth robe. He made himself a drink and sat on the king sized bed.

Mike began his presentation which lasted nearly half an hour. When he was done, Sykes said, “I like what you have to say, I like your bid, but you don’t have much experience. I’m not sure I want to go with someone who has no experience.”

Mike gulped. “I may not have a lot casino şirketleri of business experience but I have more than enough contracting experience.” Sykes shook his head and said, “Business experience is what counts. You have to know how to please, and how to satisfy your clients. I’m not sure you now how to do that.”

Mike said, “I can do a good job for you and I’m willing to learn to gain the business experience.” Sykes smiled and asked, “Are you now?” Mike shook his head. Sykes continued, “Keep me pleased and you can go as far as you want.” “I’m willing to do whatever it takes,” said Mike.

Sykes sipped his drink. “Have you seen that show, ‘Deal or No Deal’?” Mike shook his head. “Well,” said Sykes, “I will make my pitch and you can say Deal or No Deal. But remember this, if you say No Deal, you will never make it in this business.” Mike swallowed hard. “Well, I guess it depends on what you want me to do.”

“I’m sorry Mike,” said Sykes, “just like the game you don’t find out what’s in the suitcase until after you decide.” Mike thought for a moment and said, “I won’t do anything illegal. That’s out. You couldn’t make me.”

“An honest man,” said Sykes, “I like that. No, it will be quite easy and it will be beneficial for both of us. All you have to do is just do what I tell you and the job is yours, along with many others.” Mike looked at Sykes and in spite of his judgment he said, “Deal.”

Sykes smiled, “Mike, I want you to take off your shirt and get comfortable.” Mike was shocked. He rose from the chair and headed toward the door. As his hand touched the knob, Sykes said, “Leave now and there will not be a second chance.” Mike paused and in that instant Sykes knew he had him. Mike turned around and took off his shirt.

Sykes smiled, “Intelligent boy. Come over here.” Mike walked slowly to the side of the bed. Sykes swung his legs off the side and sat there. He ran his hands up and down Mike’s arms. Mike was frozen and didn’t know what to do. “Relax,” was all he heard.

Sykes hands went across Mike’s shoulders on to his chest. He ran his fingers through Mike’s chest hair and said, “I like a hairy chest. Very masculine.” Mike just stood there, not knowing what to do. Then he felt Sykes’ fingertips running around his nipples. Caressing them, touching casino firmaları them, making them hard. Mike loved it but then remembered who was doing it. He tried hard not to get excited but he was losing.

Sykes lowered one hand and ran it across the lump behind Mike’s zipper. “Well, what do we have here?” With that Sykes lowered the zipper of Mike’s pants. Mike wanted to say something but the job, the money, and the feeling on his nipples kept him mute.

Sykes deftly undid the belt buckle and then the snap at the top of Mike’s pants. Sykes put both hands on Mike’s waistband and lowered them along with Mike’s shorts. Sykes smiled as Mike’s erection popped out of his pants. He pushed Mike’s pants to the floor and then gingerly reached out and touched Mike’s cock. It jumped and Sykes smiled. “Very nice. Very nice indeed.”

Sykes cupped Mike’s balls and massaged them gently. As he did that his other hand began to slide up and down Mike’s cock. Sykes looked into Mike’s eyes as he played with him and once he saw Mike lower his eyelids Sykes knew it was over.

Mike had been fighting the feeling of arousal for a while but he was losing the battle. When Sykes began to massage his balls and stroke his cock he all but gave in. Mike reasoned that if it didn’t go any further, and if Mike could not enjoy it, it would be OK. As Mike thought this through, suddenly he felt Sykes lips engulf his cock. Mike reached out and ran his fingers through Sykes hair and Mike lost his battle.

He moaned as Sykes sucked and bobbed his head up and back. With his free hand Sykes reached up and alternated caressing Mike’s nipples as he sucked and massaged. Mike let out a deep gasp Sykes broke contact. He motioned for Mike to sit down and then finished removing Mike’s shoes, socks, and pants.

Mike scooted up on the bead as Sykes removed his robe and lay down next to Mike.

Sykes began to stroke Mike’s cock again and as Mike closed his eyes Sykes lowered his lips to Mike’s. Their lips touched and Mike felt the gentle prodding of Sykes’ tongue. Mike kept his lips tight, until he gasped with pleasure at the stroking and Sykes inserted his tongue into Mike’s mouth. Now the two kissed deeply. Sucking on each other’s tongues and darting them in and out. They kissed for a while and then güvenilir casino slowly Mike reached out and touched Sykes’s erection. It felt funny to be touching another man’s cock but it felt familiar, warm, and nice.

The two men kissed, caressed, and stroked each other for quite a while. Then Sykes moved his way down Mike’s body. Kissing and licking Mike’s nipples, belly and then once again he swallowed Mike’s cock. Mike was enjoying it and then Sykes shifted and Mike was now face to face with Sykes’ cock. Mike was horrified, yet aroused at the same time. He couldn’t do it, yet he felt drawn to it. Slowly, tentatively his head moved, then he took Sykes’ cock into his mouth. It was better than he thought. Where his wife was warm, yielding, and moist. Sykes was hard and warm.

The men moved now in unison heads and hands driving each other on. Both men lost in their lust. Mike’s nipples ached because they were so taught. Both men breathed hard through their noses, blowing warm air into each others’ curls and catching each others’ scents as they inhaled.

As the men moved closer to the edge of the cliff their hips began to move. Mike fought hard. If he could make sure he didn’t cum, it would all right. He tried to reason it all out. If he didn’t cum then he knew he was just doing it for the job.

Then Sykes grunted and bucked hard and Mike was treated to the first warm, syrupy blast. It was not disgusting as he thought it might be, in fact he rather enjoyed it. Another blast of Sykes’ life giving seed gushed into Mike’s mouth and then Mike went over the edge. Reason and rationalization went out the window as his hips bucked and he shot wave after wave into Sykes hungry mouth. Both men sucked the last few drops of liquid life out of their partners and then they lay quietly. Both men lost in thought, both men contemplating the moment. Both men wise enough not to ruin the moment with words.

Sykes moved first, getting two drinks and handing one to Mike. He clinked Mike’s glass and said, “To a long and fruitful relationship.” Mike smiled and drank when Sykes did.

After their drinks the two men dressed and Sykes said he would send signed contracts over in the morning. Mike thanked him and as he was about to leave Sykes’s said, “I’ll be in here very three to four weeks and I look forward to close, personal meetings with my contractor.”

Mike smiled and before he realized what he said, he blurted out, “I hope so.” As Mike climbed in his truck he was satisfied for several reasons.

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