Dead Wood behind Lane 40

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Dead Wood behind Lane 40This is a 100% true story that happened a little while ago and since my last stories i shared got such good reviews and comments ill share another adventure i have had! As always my stories are 100% true i just change the names to protect the not so innocent.My adventure started one night at the bowling alley i go to all the time bowling regualry. It was a sunday and this was a practice night, so i was out with a few of my friends. Only a select few friends I can trust know my secret that i am Bisexual. So the night started out as any other sunday night would we went bowling with some friends and a teammate from my league to get some practice in. Well i became friends with a good number of the workers there but this one guy who worked at the alley as the lane mechanic was damn sexy and caught my eye. I have talked to him a few times and joked around but never anything serious. That is until this one day things got real serious real quick. I had known that he was into cars and mechanic besides bowling, always working on his SUV making changes and modifications. He was always complaind about being broke! So this night out of the blue he asked me if i could get something for him because of a family connection i have. I asked him what he wanted. He asked me if it were possible to get him some LED lights for his truck. Jokingly i asked him what dose he need them for? He told me when he goes off road with his truck it would look cool to have them at night so he could night up the woods and even scare some of his friends. I told him I don’t think it would be possible to get him a set of those for two reasons, one that it would be i*****l to have, and two their not exactly cheep! He was seriously asking me to get him a set because he asked how expensive. I told I’m a set of those runs a couple of hundred bucks! He seemed genuinely interested but disappointed about it and walked away. So i thought to myself I think i could pull off getting him a set but maybe i could get him to pay for them in another way. So i made a call and asked my family friend how hard would it be to come up with a set of the lights. He explained that he had a set that were not being used but they were white. He went on further to say he can buy cover lenses to fit the color that he is looking for but no one will sell him red but he can get blue. So i asked how much he wanted for the lights and to my surprise he said since he was not using them he would sell them for sixty bucks. i even knew this was a total bargain and told him OK ill call you back in a few with a definite answer. So now i went looking for the guy to tell him the potential good news. When I found him and explained that i could get him a set for only sixty and that they were white but he could get cover lenses to make them almost any color he wanted but red. He was super excited and stoked that i could make this happen for him and get what he was asking for. Then came the bad news, he said that he would not be able to get them for a little while telling me he just put his last few bucks into fixing his truck and would not be getting paid for almost a week and a half! Bingo here was my chance to strike and see if he really wanted the lights. So I said, you know there are other ways you could pay for said merchandise. He Looked at me puzzled at first, I guess he was trying to figure out what i meant by that. So i took it upon my self to elaborate, if you want the “goods” ill get them and even give them to you FREE, but you have to let me have a turn with your goods (pointing at the bulge in his blue work pants). He turned his head to the side now processing what i had just said to him. Putting his hands on his hips he spoke, let me get this straight you can get the lights and will give them to me but you want to what? I came straight out and said it, Let me have say five minutes of your time in the back or somewhere private, let me blow you and ill give you the lights and maybe ill even see if I can throw in a set of lenses! I figured if i sweeten the deal he may bite and go for it. With his hands still on his hips he shifted his weight to his left side now and was speechless and just looking down my guess is in deep thought about my offer. My friends from the lanes we were bowling at yelled at me telling me in was my turn, i said to him while he was still looking at the floor, I’ll be right back let me go take my shot. i walked back to my lane, grabbed my bowing ball, set up and threw the ball. SMASH perfect strike. my friends congratulated me and i went back to talk to the mechanic. It looked like he had not moved an inch. Did you make up your mind yet, i asked. He looked up and said yea i guess i could do that but when will i have the lights? I can have them to you tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. What color lenses can you get me? I can get any color except red that’s the only color i cant get. What about blue? No problem, i said. He then cracked a half smile at that point and said OK cool. taking a deep breath he said when do you want this to go down? Let me finish this game and I’ll come back and meet you at the counter, dose that work? He said yea OK. Sheer excitement washed over my face and now i was super happy. So i told my friends that i was bowling with that i would be sitting out the next game and that the mechanic wanted me to help him look at something. I finished the last few frames of my game and quickly changed out of my bowling shoes and headed back for the counter where he was. He was sitting on a chair that was up against the back wall behind the counter, his head resting on his hands supported by his knees. I called his name and he looked up, you ready? He stood up and said yea as ill ever be. He lead the way towards one of the side exits of the bowling alley and we walked outside. we walked to the left and down the back side of the building. In my head I’m trying to figure out where we could be going. We come to a door on the back side of the alley, it lead into the mechanic’s office behind the lanes. When i looked around the room i saw spare parts, cans of chemicals, and a big tool chest. He went and sat down in his chair and i sat down on the desk right next to him. I could tell from his body language that he was nervous and uncomfortable. Not wanting to prolong canlı bahis the inevitable and to break the awkward silence i asked, You cool b*o? He just nodded his head yes. How do you want to do this? He shrugged his shoulders and said I don’t know. Thinking to my self how can i make this work with out making it too much effort, it came to me. Why don’t you sit on the desk here, let me have the chair so i can sit down and this what have easy access. He looked at me and again and just shook his head. Finally he said something to where i knew he was finally taking this serious. Can i just try and get hard by watching some porn on my phone first? Dude just switch places with me, you sit here so i can have the seat, undo your pants and let me just work my magic. If you want to watch porn so your not looking at me suck you off i don’t mind. Then he said what made me understand why he was so super nervous. Dude I’m really small when I’m soft but i grow big when i get really hard. So I say, OK b*o its cool I’m not going to judge you on size i mean I’m the one making the pass at you all you need to do is unbutton your pants pull your dick out and just let me do the rest. Trust me ill get you hard, I’ve done this before. i think when i said that it kind of shocked him but also brought him some comfort at the same time.He moves out of the chair and i move off of the desk where i was sitting. We switch places, so i go and sit on the chair and before he sits down on the edge of the desk he starts to unbutton his soiled blue dickey’s work pants. So let me describe the mechanic, 6″1′ stockey Italian (about 250lbs) Dark colored hair, dark skin complexion, and a nice coating of body hair on his arms. So he is unbuttoning his pants and begins to pull down his zipper. He reveals a pair of almost identical color blue Fruit of the Loomb boxer briefs. The original bulge in his pants was just the pants a guess because i could not see the outline of anything through his boxer briefs. So he starts to pull down the font of his boxer briefs revealing a nice happy trail to a nice bush of pubic hair. I don’t mind some pubic hair when i go down on a guy but as i have told friends i can trust i just don’t want to floss when I’m down there. His was just right, he also had that musky working guy type smell that alone got me super hard in my pants now! He pulls down his pants and his boxer briefs to his knees and reveals a small very soft cock. He was uncut as he had foreskin. So i looked up at him in a little bit of a surprise that he was telling the truth that when he was soft he was small. I asked him it gets bigger right? He said yea it gets much bigger when I’m super horny you almost wont believe it’s size. I took notice from the way he explained that he was now relaxed, my guess was just being nervous as what i would think seeing such a small dick. with out saying another word i reached out and started to play with it. Pulling back the foreskin to see the pick tip of his very dark colored dick. i went down for the kill. I took his dick into my watering mouth and began to suck and play with his dick and balls. His balls were very big and his sack was tight. But as i worked on his dick and balls he started to move a little and i could hear him start to moan under his breath just a little. I began feeling his dick start to grow while it was in my mouth, i just kept working on it till i felt he was fully hard. I took his dick out of my mouth and he was right, I could not believe how big he had gotten. From small and flaccid to big, long, and rock hard. He had a nice dick, Dark foreskin but a very big pick and juicy head. His balls loosened a lot as well so i decided to suck on his balls and give them some much needed attention. He really started to moan now. I continued to play with his balls as i went back to sucking on his dick. I tried but this time i struggled to go all the way down on him, i came up for some air and i went back down on him this time hard to the back of my throat. This time i got all the way down on him and i could hear him moan loudly as my nose is being tickled by his pubic hair. I come back up off from taking him deep in my throat and he says while I’m still on his dick sucking him off, No one has ever gone all the way down on me like that while I’m hard. So i take his dick out of my mouth and answered, Trust me i have may skills and my mouth is not my only one! He said, Oh yea what do you mean by that, as I’m already back down sucking him off. I come back up and off his dick again and answer him, You think I’m good with my mouth you should try fucking me. I don’t get fucked often and with a dick this big i know it might be a tight fit but i could take it, but could you handle it? I said this in a teasing manner never thinking he was going to take me up on my offer. He says, Give me the chance ill tear your shit apart you wont be able to handle this dick, let alone walk out of here. i got up off the chair grabbed his dick with my hand and said, OK your on lets see if you an handle this ass!So I step back to let him stand up off of the desk, I begin to untie the waist band of my shorts and you can see my rock hard dick pitching a huge tent in my shorts just asking at this point to be freed. He stands at my side as I begin to push down my shorts and boxers to reveal my nice Italian bubble butt. From the front my rock hard dick bounced out of my boxer shorts and he complemented me on the size of my dick. He reached out to grab hold of my dick and started to squeeze and stroke it. It felt good what he was doing, i believe he was teasing me as he knew i wanted to get fucked by him and his massive dick. Then to my surprise he bent over and went down and started sucking on my dick. I leaned back to give him total access to my member. i could tell he was super horny because he was sucking on my did really hard, to hard almost but i was just in fucking outer space. Out of curiosity i look over his back to see he also has a very nice ass very well covered with hair. While I have a thin coating of hair he has me beat. I reach over his back while he is still sucking my dick and start to feel up his super firm ass. i struggled to get my hand near his ass crack but i managed to slide my finger along it. Still sucking my dick and while I’m playing with bahis siteleri his ass he reaches behind me with his other hand and start grabbing and slapping my ass. After another minute or two he takes my did out of his mouth and stands up. He moves into position behind me, dick still hard as a rock, pushes me to and over the edge of the desk. Now i know what’s coming next so i say in a soft voice, Fuck me, take my ass! At that moment i had no idea even who i was, sounding like a total slut i really wanted him inside my ass and my wish was about to come true and quick. I hear him spit on his hand and look back to see him rubbing in on his dick, then his hand finds my hole and puts some of his spit on my hole. He moves closer to me and i can feel his dick now resting up against my crack, he pumps it back and forth a few times in my crack. I’m pushing my ass back against his dick letting him know I want it and I want it bad! He pulls back just a little and takes his dick off of my crack and now while holding his big member put the head right up against my hole. Gently he pushes it trying to enter my tight asshole, it resist his dick trying to penetrate me. He pulls back and spits again in his hand and immediately wipes it on my hole again, and again he positions his dick at the entrance to my hole. Pushing ever so harder this time i start to feel him begin to slip inside, my asshole begins to stretch and envelope his cock. I’m in so much pain i could have screamed at that exact moment, but he keeps pushing in deeper inch my inch burring his dick in my tight ass. Reaching out trying to find anything i possibly could to hold on to or just grab. But all i could reach for was the back end of the desk so i grab and hold on as tight as i could as he just keeps putting pressure getting every inch inside me. Then finally i could feel his hips come to a rest against my ass, his bis dick is now completely balls deep in my ass. He lets it sit in there for about a minute giving me a chance to adjust to his big dick penetrating me. He then says, You were not k**ding your tight as shit that was a struggle just to get me all the way inside. Answering him back in an obviously stressed voice, Yea its all the way in. He asks if i am good, i answer back yea just take it slow because he is so big. Complying he starts with drawing slow and pushing back in a slow pace. After i start to feel my ass loosen up i tell him he can start to fuck me harder. He started to quicken his strokes and fuck me at a good steady pace. He was defiantly tearing me up as promised. He was fucking me with quicker thrust, grunting and moaning the whole time. He is sweating from the work out he is giving me, and the fact that the room was also very warm. He fucked me for a good ten minutes i was super loose and wet now. Picking up the pace of his dick and balls slapping against my ass i could feel his already big cock get bigger if that were even possible. Grabbing hold of my hips he violently starts slamming into my ass it was beginning to hurt. With one final thrust he lets out a loud moan and shutters, he shot his first stream of cum deep in my ass. Thrust after thrust and shot after shot he still hammering home deep in my ass! After maybe one or two more thrusts inside me, he pulls out his still rock hard cock. Down to my knees i go and suck him off some more trying to suck out some of his hot cum! I really start sucking on his dick like there is no tomorrow, up and down, head turn with a side of deep throat. Not realizing I was going so fast and so furious that he was now throbbing in my mouth and I kinda just knew i had him inches from blowing another load, just this time in my mouth and throat. I feel him take in a deep breath and he lets out a loud grunt and moan and starts shaking very hard. At that same moment I knew to just go deep and bury him in the back of my throat. The first stream was dumped straight down my throat causing me to almost gag on his cum. I Pull his dick completely out of my mouth in time to see the second blast of cum land on the right side of my face and cheek, and go in to clean up the remaining of his cum now oozing out the tip of his pink dick head. I wipe off the small amount of cum on my face and lick it off my hand. I notice that his dick is still standing at attention and still rock hard! He reaches down to help me up off of my knees and to my feet. Both of us with our cloths and underwear still at our ankles. He reaches out and takes my still stiff cock in his hand and begins to jerk and play with my boner. After about a minute of jerking me off i begin to ooze some precum from the tip of my dick, he wipes it off with his finger and takes it to his mouth. He sucks his finger tasting my precum, he looks intrigued, what he did next surprised the hell out of me not that him fucking me was enough of a shocker. Down to his knees he went, he stood there for a second looking like he was unsure what to do, so figuring out what he wanted to do i took a step closer to him. Now basically he is eye level with my hard dick just starring at it and i said, It’s not going to suck it self if that’s why your down there. he shook his head like he snapped out of a trance and opened him mouth wide and leaned in taking my whole dick into his mouth. I could tell he has never done this before because he closed his lips around my cock and just stayed there motionless so i decided to help him a little. I began moving my hips back and forth and could now see my cock sliding across his lips in and out and i think he kind of figured out he what he was supposed to do. He began to move now on his own up and down and even started sucking a little harder and learning how give a good blow job. He was a quick learner and was not doing a bad job at all! He started to quicken his pace and i was now totally enjoying him sucking on my dick. I was still so damn horny and needed to get off that his amateur blow job skills were just not doing the trick. I came up with an idea, since i sucked him off and then he fucked me, maybe because he is sucking me off i could try and see if i could fuck him. I pulled my hips back so that my stiff dick exited his mouth, as soon as it was free i reached down and helped him up from his knees off the floor.With out much hesitation i gently pushed güvenilir bahis him in front of me and against the desk. He stood there, his nice big hairy ass just staring me in the face. I pushed him over the edge of the desk. He Squirmed a little but i was going to take his ass like it or not. He started to say something but i just ignored it and spat in my had. Rubbing it in his ass crack and on his hole getting him nice and lubed up. He reached back with his hand in which i thought he was going to block me from penetrating him, instead he grabbed his ass cheek and pulled them apart. Giving me better access to his very hairy crack and hole i moved in closer with my rock hard dick sticking straight out. I positioned my dick at the entrance to his hole and began to push in with force. I immediately felt him tense up and almost try to pull away. The desk prevented him from going to far and i just continued my stabbing entry into his ass. He began let out a long moan and sounded like he was in some discomfort, so i slowed my entry. He was taking shallow breaths and adjusting slowly to my dick invading his tight hairy ass. Finally my hips came to rest against his ass, i was all the way in and it felt like it took an eternity to penetrate him this deep. I left my dick to just sit inside him for a minute to adjust and loosen him up. When i felt him begin to loosen up and to feel so tense i began to slowly fuck him.Pulling out and slowly pushing back it, i continued this way for a minute and then began to gradually pick up the pace. He started to moan upon every stroke, I was giving him the same pounding that he gave me. The Slapping sound of my hips hitting his ass was filling the room. He was gasping for air as my assault on him continued. I reached around to find his cock was still hard and began to jerk him off! It almost felt like he was pushing back as i was pounding his ass like he was enjoying it. That’s when i could not hold back any more. I let go of his hard dick grabbing on to his hips for dear life, i started to pound his hairy ass like no other i have pounded before. Harder and harder, faster and faster I go until i was sweating bullets. With one last very hard thrust i let out the loudest grunt of the night. I began to shake violently. I began forcefully shooting what felt like a gigantic load in his ass. I just felt my self cumming and cumming it was like i could not stop busting my load. while i was still deep inside him finishing unloading my cum he leaned up from the desk grabbing hold of his still hard dick jerking it profusely. All he said was, OH MY GOD, and busted another big load all over the top of the desk. He stood there just shaking and pulling the last drops of the load he had just blown all over the desk and I’m behind with my dick still hard and in his ass. He shakes the last drops of cum from his now softening cock and i pull my cock slowly out of his ass. Once i have retracted my dick from his hole, my cum started to ooze out. He turned around to face me, we both looked at our now sweat covered heads and shirts. I cracked a smile at him and he returned it wiping the sweat off his forehead with his shirt. revealing a nice dark complexion belly covered in hair you could almost not see his belly button it was so covered in hair. He then returned the smile and chuckled, all he could say was WOW! That was just so good i did not want to stop anything, he said. After a short pause and a look he shot me he explained, I can’t believe i let you fuck me. So i commented back, Well I could say the same thing to you. I cant believed you just bent me over this desk and went to town on my ass! He grabbed a roll of blue paper towels and handed me a few, he took a few him self and reached behind him to wipe his still leaking ass. How much did you cum in me, he exclaimed. I said, Dude i have no idea but i can tell you that felt like one of the biggest loads i have ever busted in my life. He pointed to the cum still on the desk and said, You? This is the third load i busted tonight, I can’t tell you the last time i busted three times in a row with out going soft. We both laughed at his comment. As I was cleaning my self up I decided to say, Dude that was super hot, I can’t believe we took it that far! He said, Yea so much for just a blow job, but wow i never knew someone could have an ass that tight girl or guy. Shooting him a glance i said, well now you know my secret I’m Bi i like it both ways. I have always kind of had a feeling you were not straight but i had no idea you were Bi. Then the reality must have sent in because he said to me your not going to tell anyone about this are you, I mean I’m straight or at least i thought i was. Chill b*o I’m not going to say anything under one condition. He looked puzzled. Whats that? His head cocked sideways when he said that. We have to have a round two some where more comfortable, this way we can go multiple rounds because that was the hottest sex i have ever had. He looked to be in thought for just a second before saying, Deal but am i still getting my lights? Dude you can have the lights and ill even get you the lenses to make them what ever color you want! He cracked a wide smile and said, You sure can drive a HARD bargain. I laughed at the comment as we finally had pulled up or pants and finished cleaning up. As he was about to wipe his cup off the desk he took a swipe at a glob with his hand and put it in his mouth. I looked at him funny and he noticed. Hey i tried this once before and I did not like it but i guess times changed. watching him do that should have made me hard again but i was so spent my did just did not respond. After cleaning up and making sure we put everything back where it belonged we left the back office and returned to the front of the Bowling Alley and went about our business like nothing had even happened, well except for the fact that we were both walking a little funny. We tried to hid it so that no one would know what had transpired while we were gone for just under an hour. I had no idea we were back there that long but it was worth every minute! After that night me and the him talked and became real close friends. We even had that round two that was promised just last night. That’s what got me to share my first encounter with him. Never in a hundred year did i ever thing that night would transpire the way it did! You would have thought i had bowled the perfect game the way i was acting the rest of that night! Definitely one of the best nights of sex i ever had with him!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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