Dawn and Dirty

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“Can I help you with that?”

Dawn wiped the sweat from her eyes with a gloved hand and looked up from the tree she was struggling to plant. Her green eyes met the deep blue of a pretty, blonde-haired woman wearing a Forest Warden cap. “Oh, thank you,” she replied, stepping back as the woman lifted the tree by its burlap-wrapped root ball and placed it in the hole Dawn had dug.

Dawn was one of numerous volunteers participating in the Earth Day Reforestation Project sponsored by the Forest Service, replacing trees recently clear-cut by illegal loggers on public land. She had asked her husband, David, to volunteer and help her, but his leisure interests extended only to on-line gaming and cyber role-playing.

Dawn wondered what had happened to the vigorous, athletic man she had married thirteen years ago after college. With degrees in Engineering and Computer Science, they were guaranteed high paying jobs and a secure future. They prospered and lived a comfortable life, but Dawn felt they were drifting apart. She still loved David, but his attitude toward her was so distant and indifferent. Occasionally, the man she fell in love with in college would reappear with his quirky sense of humor and his kindness, and then disappear again into his cyber world.

David had become more sedentary as the years passed, preferring to remain indoors when Dawn wanted to hike or jog. She had maintained her youthful figure through diet and exercise, while David’s once-muscular body had turned weak and flabby. Their sex life had become non-existent and Dawn had turned to her secret collection of vibrators for satisfaction. What Dawn longed for was to be kissed and held and made love to. The thought that David no longer loved or desired her left her feeling sad and unfulfilled.

“Do you need some help putting the dirt back?” the woman asked, snapping Dawn out of her reverie.

Dawn looked at the woman’s name stitched on her uniform shirt. “That would be nice, Cindy,” she replied. “I am getting tired. This is the seventh tree I’ve planted today. And please call me Dawn.”

“Glad to help, Dawn,” Cindy said, flashing a dazzling smile.


She is adorable. Such a cute figure and that beautiful red hair. I wonder if she’s with anyone…Cindy mused as she shoveled dirt around the root ball. She had been alone for several months since her lover had taken a job out of state and Cindy has refused to leave the Forest Service to follow her. She loved Kathy, but she loved her job and the outdoors more. From the moment, she had seen Dawn in her tight shorts and t-shirt, Cindy was intrigued. The red-haired beauty made her skin tingle and she wanted to stay close, hoping for a sign that the feelings were mutual.

“It was so kind of you to help me, Cindy,” Dawn said happily, pouring water from a bucket around the base of the tree. “I don’t want to keep you from your other duties, but could you help me with this last one?”

Just try and stop me, Cindy thought, easily lifting the last sapling and carrying it to the locator stake. The women exchanged smiles and casual conversation as they worked. Sitting down for a rest, Dawn removed her gloves and Cindy’s heart sank as she saw the glint of a wedding ring. Damn, just my crappy luck, getting interested in a married woman. Way to go, Cindy.

Cindy could not keep her eyes from roaming over Dawn’s lithe body. The swell of her firm breasts, her narrow waist, round ass and long legs were driving Cindy to distraction. She barely listened to Dawn’s discourse on her Earth Day volunteering and how planting the trees made her feel useful.

Cindy watched Dawn’s full lips move as she talked, shivering despite the warm sun as she imagined how they would feel against hers, sucking on her tongue as they embraced. She edged closer until their bare legs were touching, noticing that Dawn did not pull away.


Dawn’s heart began to race as Cindy’s leg touched her, the contact of their skin making her flush. From the moment she had seen the statuesque beauty, Dawn had felt the first stirrings of desire in many months. Why is this woman arousing me like this? I’m a married woman, for heaven’s sake. I’m not interested in girls. What in the hell am I doing?

Dawn found herself looking at the larger woman appraisingly. Cindy was tall and muscular; her full breasts, broad hips, firm thighs and tanned skin emphasized by the dark green shorts and uniform shirt she wore. Her uniform cap rode jauntily on her short blonde hair and her blue eyes sparkled as she talked.

Dawn began to sweat as Cindy slid even closer to her, offering her a drink from her canteen and resting her hand antep escort on her shoulder. She barely heard Cindy ask her if she would mind helping re-pot some seedlings in the potting shed. Cindy helped her to her feet and they began walking back to the cluster of temporary buildings.


The warm air in the potting shed was redolent with the smells of straw and soil as the women placed fresh planting material around the tree seedlings, carefully watering them and placing them on wire shelves for planting. Cindy could have done the work herself, but she wanted to spend more time around Dawn and this was a perfect excuse. Dawn was happy to be working with Cindy, the woman made her feel excited and alive.

Dawn finished potting the last seedling and turned to place it on the shelf; at the same time, Cindy walked behind her and reached for the watering can. They were face to face, their eyes met and a burst of desire flashed between them. Cindy took Dawn’s face in her hands and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Dawn’s eyes widened, she pulled away for a second, sighed and returned the kiss with greater passion. Cindy took her in her arms as their mouths met and their tongues danced, lips grinding together.

Kissing passionately, their hands began to roam, cupping and squeezing hot flesh through damp fabric. Never breaking contact with each other’s lips, they slowly undressed each other, caressing warm skin. Cindy eased Dawn against the potting table, lowering her head and sucking a hard nipple in her mouth. Dawn moaned as her hands gripped her lover’s blonde hair, pulling Cindy’s mouth to her other breast.

Cindy’s hand slid between Dawn’s legs, her fingers stroking the wet pussy lips. The redhead whimpered as her lover’s fingers wiggled into her gooey cunt, spreading her open and stroking the pink flesh. Dawn began to hump Cindy’s hand, wanting her long fingers deep inside her. Cindy sucked eagerly on her lover’s breast, licking the pebbled areola, filling her mouth with the stiff nipple. She thrust her fingers deep into Dawn’s juicy pussy, rubbing her clit with her thumb as her lover gasped and moaned.

Cindy could wait no longer to taste Dawn. She licked and sucked down her stomach, dropping to her knees between Dawn’s legs, her fingers still working in the slick folds. Dawn squealed as her lover’s tongue joined the fingers in her pussy, scooping out the warm juices and circling her throbbing clit. Cindy could have feasted on her lover’s dripping cunt for hours, but she knew the other volunteers would wonder where they were.

She began nipping and sucking on Dawn’s stiff clit as her fingers pumped in the soaked pussy. Dawn’s back arched as her orgasm peaked and she gripped the table with white-knuckled hands, riding her lover’s fingers and tongue. “Ohhhhhh…fuck meeee …ahhhhhh…” she screamed as she came on her lover’s face, hips jerking as she squirted her warm juices into Cindy’s devouring mouth. She continued to suck and lick until Dawn had a second orgasm, knees buckling as she fell back against the table.

Dawn shivered as she recovered, her lover brushing the sweat-slick red tresses from her forehead. She stared into Cindy’s eyes and said softly, “I want to do you.”

Cindy smiled, turned around and leaned back against the bench, thrusting her breasts at her lover. Dawn sucked eagerly on Cindy’s thick nipples, unsure what to do, but knowing what she liked.

She caressed Cindy’s belly, fingers combing through the soft pubic hair as she touched the first pussy other than her own. She skimmed the outer lips with the tips of her fingers and then dipped them inside, twisting in the soft wetness. Blood pounded in her ears as she suckled the stiff nipple and fingered her lover’s pussy. “Ogod…ogod…yes…ohgod…yes…yes” Cindy moaned, urging her lover on as Dawn began kissing down her lover’s sweaty stomach, her flicking tongue finding the soaking cunt and burrowing inside.

Cindy’s hips surged against her lover’s mouth as Dawn’s inexperienced nibbles and licks became a determined sucking. She fastened her wet lips on her lover’s sweet cunt and wiggled her tongue deep inside, her mouth filling with Cindy’s love honey, gulping and swallowing as she enjoyed her first meal of pussy. Cindy shuddered as her orgasm slammed through her. “Ohhhmygod, eat meeeeee…” she howled, flooding the redhead’s mouth with warm cum.

Dawn sucked and swallowed greedily as she went after more. Cindy came again into her lover’s eager mouth, finally lifting her from her dripping pussy into a loving embrace. They snuggled and licked their juices from each other’s faces, their sweaty bodies entwined as they caressed, never wanting to leave their partner’s arms.


Dawn stumbled into the house, dropped her purse on the hall table and sat on the stairs. She was still quivering from the exquisite sex she had with Cindy. She had never made love with a woman before, yet some instinct guided her as she returned the pleasure, the orgasms more intense than she had ever known. She rose and climbed the stairs, stopping briefly to tell her husband she was home. He barely looked away from the computer screen as he said hello.

Dawn luxuriated in a hot bath as she replayed the day’s events in her mind, her fingers busy in her pussy, coaxing yet another orgasm from her tired body. She fell into bed and immediately fell asleep. Her last thoughts were of Cindy and that they would be together again tomorrow.


Dawn drove through the early morning traffic, her mind in turmoil and her eyes wet with tears. David had awakened her when he had come to bed, his dry kisses and murmured entreaties of affection not arousing her, even as he lifted her nightgown and pushed her legs apart. His fumbling caresses barely made her wet as he thrust into her, grunting hoarsely as he sought his pleasure. She gritted her teeth and thought of Cindy somehow fucking her, not her oafish husband, and her juices flowed making the penetration easier.

Within minutes, David had groaned and cum inside her while she had barely been aroused. Two more dry kisses and he rolled away from her and went to the bathroom, leaving Dawn crying silently and unfulfilled. When he returned and she heard him snore, she went into the bathroom, sat on the toilet and masturbated into a furious orgasm, all the while imagining Cindy’s tongue.


Dawn walked eagerly to the office trailer at the reforestation encampment, anxious to see Cindy. As she climbed the wooden steps, the door opened and the beautiful Forest Warden stood there, her smile beaming at the sight of Dawn. Stepping inside, Dawn said, “I’m so glad to see you. I thought about you all last…mphhhh.” Her words muffled as Cindy pulled her close and their lips met in a deep kiss. Dawn rubbed her breasts and pussy against Cindy as they embraced, tongues twining in their hot mouths. Hands began to rub and squeeze until they heard footsteps on the stairs and reluctantly pulled away from each other.

Stepping aside to let two volunteers enter, Cindy took her cap from a wall hook and led Dawn outside. They strode rapidly to the equipment shed, went inside and closed the door behind them. Dawn embraced Cindy and they began to kiss and fondle each other. “God, I missed you,” Cindy murmured. Dawn’s hands unbuttoned her lover’s shorts, tugging at her panties, fingers dipping into the slick folds. “Mmmmmm, you learn fast,” Cindy gasped as Dawn fingered her clit.

“I have a good teacher,” Dawn sighed as Cindy pulled her lover’s shorts and panties down, fingers wiggling in her pussy. Kissing hungrily, they finger-fucked each other until Cindy squealed and came on Dawn’s hand, cum squirting on her wrist. A second later, it was Dawn’s turn to cum, uttering little cries as she flooded Cindy’s hand.

After licking juices from their fingers, Dawn and Cindy dressed and set about the day’s activities. Working happily side-by-side, they spent the day planting more saplings until the sun began to set. “Would you like to come over to the house for dinner?” Dawn asked as she and Cindy washed their hands and faces with a garden hose. “My husband will be away until tomorrow.”

“I would love to,” Cindy replied. “I’ll swing by my place and freshen up. What time? Can I bring anything?”

“Six-thirty,” Dawn said, “And a bottle of wine would be nice. How does a roast chicken and julienne potatoes sound?”

“Perfect, and you for dessert,” Cindy laughed as Dawn grabbed her butt and they kissed; then they walked to their cars and drove away.


“Can I help clean up the kitchen?” Cindy asked as they finished their meal.

“You can load the dishwasher if you want,” Dawn replied, sipping the last of her wine. “Then what do you want to do?” she continued, grinning mischievously.

“I think dessert was mentioned earlier,” Cindy purred as they rose from the table and carried their plates to the kitchen. “Pussy with chocolate sauce would be tasty,” she continued as they brushed against each other.

“I also have whipped cream,” Dawn laughed, flinging the dishtowel on the counter and running for the stairs, Cindy right on her heels.


“Ohhhhh…yessss…suck them,” Dawn moaned as Cindy’s hot mouth engulfed one breast then the other, licking and sucking on the pink nipples. They lay naked in Dawn’s bed; Cindy between Dawn’s outstretched legs. Dawn’s hands found Cindy’s breasts and began to squeeze and rub them, her thumbs flicking the thick nipples. They continued the breast play until they both were shaking with lust and eager to feast on each other.

Cindy swung her hips over Dawn’s head and straddled her face. Her head dipped between Dawn’s legs and she began to lick her pussy. Dawn gripped Cindy’s ass and pulled her lover’s hot cunt to her willing mouth, sucking on the soaked folds.

Purring and growling in a frenzy of desire, the women devoured each other’s pussies, each wanting to make their lover cum in their mouth, eager for a taste of the warm love juice. Hips surging, their orgasms blended into one glorious explosion, their shrieks of ecstasy muffled by the folds of their lover’s juicy cunt. They each came once more, sucking greedily on the salty flow, finally rolling away from each other and lying gasping for breath on the soaked sheets.

“Omigod, that was so great,” Cindy sighed, “You’re the best pussy eater I’ve ever known. I wish I had met you years ago.”

“Then we have a lot to catch up on,” Dawn replied, snuggling against Cindy.

“Now what about that surprise you mentioned during dinner?”

“Oh yes, my surprise,” Cindy chuckled. She rose from the bed and opened her satchel-like purse. “Here it is. Do you like it?”

Dawn’s eyes widened at the object in Cindy’s hand. It was a huge, pink dildo; longer and thicker than David’s cock, its lifelike head bobbing as Cindy coated it with lube. Dawn’s pussy began to flow in anticipation of her lover fucking her with the massive phallus. “Let’s do it doggie style first,” Cindy said throatily, her hands trembling with anticipation as she buckled the straps around her hips.

Dawn was on her hands and knees in an instant, thrusting her pussy and ass towards her lover in eager anticipation. Cindy knee-walked between Dawn’s spread legs, rubbing the dildo’s head teasingly along her lover’s pussy lips and easing the bulbous head between them. Dawn whimpered and pushed back, eager to feel the massive cock. Cindy gripped Dawn by the hips and buried the phallus in Dawn’s pussy with one strong thrust. Dawn screamed as it stretched the walls of her pussy wide, almost fainting from the sensation. Cindy leaned over Dawn, her breasts flattened on her lover’s back. “Are you okay?” she asked anxiously “Do you want me to take it out?”

“Not in the next two hours,” Dawn gasped, “It’s just so big, but it feels better already. Fuck me, my love, give it to me.” Cindy laughed, gripped Dawn’s waist and began sawing in and out of her with the false cock. In moments, they had developed a rhythm as they rocked back and forth, grunting and moaning as they climbed to the peak of sweet release. Dawn was in heaven as Cindy fucked her, her lover uttering sharp cries of joy as the phallus’ base twisted and ground on her aching clit. Cindy sensed her own orgasm building and wanted Dawn to climax with her. She sped up her thrusts, her fingers flicking and pulling on Dawn’s clit.

“Ahhhhh, fuck meeee, ” Dawn screamed as her orgasm lanced through her, bucking against her lover’s hips, driving the plastic cock deep as she flooded the shaft with her cum, squirting her fluids on her lover’s belly.

“Ohgodohgod…Yeeeeee…,” Cindy howled as she sprayed her warm juices on the dildo’s harness, the wetness streaming down her thighs.

“Ooohhh, fuckfuckfuck…” Dawn moaned as Cindy continued to pound her as another orgasm shook them both. Cindy whimpered as they collapsed together on the wet sheets, bodies quivering in post-orgasmic bliss. Cindy lifted herself from Dawn, the massive cock pulling out of her lover’s pussy with a soft slurp. She unbuckled the straps from her hips and laid it to one side, embracing her red-haired lover as they exchanged soft kisses.

Dawn looked into Cindy’s blue eyes, seeing the love shining there. “Let me rest for a minute,” she murmured, “Then I’m going to give you the fucking of your life.”

“I can’t wait to ride your hard cock, sweetie,” Cindy replied. “I want you to fill me with it.”


David unlocked the front door and stepped into the foyer. He had returned early from the sales conference, glad to be home to his computer and his wife. As he set his suitcase down and hung up his coat, he heard noises upstairs, the unmistakable sounds of fucking. What in hell was going on? Was Dawn up there making love to someone?

He removed his tie and shoes and crept upstairs, the grunts and the slap of flesh on flesh louder in his ears as he neared the door to their bedroom. He looked in and his eyes widened as he saw his wife and a blonde-haired woman on the bed. Dawn was eagerly fucking her with a strap-on, their gasps and moans ringing in his ears. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen. He stepped back from the doorway; his eyes glued on their naked bodies as he unbuckled his pants and pushed his boxer shorts down.

His stiff cock sprang free as he dribbled spit into his hand and began to stroke it, the saliva mixing with the pre-cum oozing from the tip. His strokes matching his wife’s thrusts into the woman, he bit his lip as cum built in his balls. He could not believe how sexy Dawn looked, her bare ass pushing against the blonde’s, her hair flying about as they fucked. Their whimpers and shrieks increasing as their trembling bodies neared orgasm.

“Ahhhhh, fuck me harder,” the blonde wailed, “Ohhhhhh…I’m cummingg…”

“Cum for me lover, cum for meeeee…” Dawn cried, their bodies lurching as their orgasms roared through them.

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